Teasing the Neighbor

mutual masturbation storiesI hope this leads to some hot mutual masturbation stories. My neighbor likes to sit out on his porch and watch me mow the lawn or wash my car.  He’s always out there staring at me. The way his wife glares at me, I know it pisses her off. That makes me want to do it more. I wear the tiniest little bikini, leaning way over to scrub the rims. I make the lather fly, looking up to shoot him a wink now and then. Why don’t you come over here and give me a hand? I bet you have something that needs a good lathering too. I know that whiny bitch of yours can’t give you a hand wash like this. I hear her yelling at you for looking at me. It gives me a sudden urge to pull out your cock and give you a spit shine right here in this driveway.

You’re smiling now as if you’re reading my mind. I bend down, pick up the hose and let the water soak the front of my shirt. You can see my nipples for sure. Why don’t you come over here and do something about it?


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