The Neighbor Boys

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

I needed help cleaning out my garage, so I hired my neighbor’s son and his friend. They were both strong, young men who I had seen checking me out plenty of times before. I had even over heard his friend exclaiming he couldn’t believe such a sexy babe lived right next door. After they had been working hard for a while, I called out into the garage saying I had cold drinks in the kitchen whenever they needed a break. When they came in, I was only wearing a pink top with both my pussy and tits exposed. They stopped in their tracks when they saw me, and when I gave them a sly smile, they knew it was on. Both of them came up and surrounded me. Holding me in the air, they each shoved their throbbing cocks into my holes. My tits bounced up and down as they thrusted up inside me, harder and harder. One had his mouth on my nipple while the other kissed my neck, and it was all so much I couldn’t help but have a screaming orgasm right there, suspended in the air. Getting onto my knees, I opened my mouth and squeezed my boobs as they both milked out their fat loads onto my face and tits. Now, those boys are always finding excuses to come over and help me out!

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