Tiny Package

Small dick humiliationI had a date last night and it was a total waste of time. At the end of the date, I invited him back to my place. He was 6 ft with huge feet, so I assumed that his package would be large, too. But after some heavy making out, we took our clothes off and I couldn’t suppress my laughter. And when I say laughter, I mean rolling on the floor with tears falling down my face laughter. He was so small that I would have had a better time with my index finger. He covered his tiny cock with his hand and turned bright red with shame.
“You poor thing, I bet you’ve never satisfied a woman with that tiny prink”, I told him.
I need a man with a huge dick. I like them long and thick like a Red Bull can. I can’t believe this tiny dick man thought I was going to fuck him. His dick could have passed for a large clit. He should have been wearing panties, not boxers. I told him to let me take a picture of his tiny package because my friends would never believe his size without proof. He told me, “no”, and rushed out of my place faster than a road runner.

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