Two is Better than One

best phone sex

For several days in a row, I’ve had a visit from my new biker friend. I love fucking him. Today, he brought some friends over so that we could all go for a ride. After the ride was over, he and his friend, Ben stayed in the garage checking their bikes out. Riding on the back of that bike had me so turned on and I started thinking dirty thoughts about having both of them. I started taking off my clothes there in the garage, and both guys were immediately hard and knew what I was up to. I quickly got down to my bra and had my panties off. I sat in the garage playing with my pussy while they both watched. Ben was about to explode, he wanted me so badly. So, I went to him, got on my knees and unzipped his pants. I began to suck his cock while my friend started stroking his cock. He quickly moved in and put that hard cock of his in my ass while Ben mouth fucked me. Both men left very happy!


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  1. Frank D

    I love a little hair on a puss. yummy,

  2. James

    Oh fuck was that a hot call!

  3. Bob

    Damn you sexy I wanna fuck that pretty little mouth too!

  4. Doug

    I’d love to be in that garage with you

  5. David

    You are the best cocksuckerr!!

  6. Jack

    so fucking sexy

  7. chris

    fucken yummy

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