Watch Me Cum, But Don’t Touch

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

In your backyard pool, you admire my sexy body in my white swimsuit. I know what you want, but I also know what an incredibly small dick you have. It’s quite ridiculous, honestly, I can’t even feel when you’re inside me. Since I don’t have the patience for disappointment today, you aren’t allowed to touch. I think I’ll torture you with my lustful moans as I make myself cum right in front of you. Slowly, I pull down my swim suit and rub my big titties. Sticking one hand down my suit, I play with my clit, loving how all you can do is watch. Getting completely naked, I finger my wet slit, moaning loudly. In between moans, I gasp out to keep that tiny cock away from me, and seeing the shame on your face only makes me wetter. Flipping around, I finger my asshole, because I know how much you want to fuck that perfect rosebud ass. It’s the only way you can feel like it’s a mildly tight fit, because your itty bitty pecker couldn’t even pop a hymen. I use my other hand to rub my clit, and it sends me over the edge, making me squirt all over your nice chair. Still shaking, I put my swim suit back on and act as if nothing ever happened.

Small Dick Humiliation

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