We make a mess, You clean it up

Sensual phone sexJust patiently awaiting the arrival of my man to get home so that we can go rounds upon rounds tonight while we have sensual phone sex. I love making love all night long and then forcing you to get down on your knees and lick up our wet and sticky mess like the filthy animal that you are. I must admit that my pussy is quite prejudice when it comes to cocks… big dicks only! I have absolutely no problem at all with subs falling in love with me but just know that I will never ever be your girlfriend and you are just here to be my cuck bitch and absolutely nothing else. I seriously just love humiliating men, it’s a fuckin hobby that I can’t kick. My pussy is fucking dripping, i’ll be sure to leave a puddle for you to indulge in with your mouth and wet ass tongue. I grind on my man until he cums all up inside of this tight little cunt. Trust me, I don’t hesitate to throw that ass back while you watch in awe and amusement.

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