Well guys I think it’s time to retire

Cocksucking phone sex





I think I’ve had enough of parolees and punks and shit heads that don’t know how to fuck. So I think it’s time to move on, but I really think that I would be better off just being in the sex industry full time. I love you guys and how horny you are, so I think I should put all of my attention on you. So, this will be my last blog as a PO officer and onto my dick sucking career. But I think first, I want to know what you guys would do to me in this cell. If it was locked and us in it and they told you, you could do anything you want to me or with me, what would you do? *Whispering… I really love having my tits slapped. I think we should talk, tell me what you would do to my body.

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