When The Rent Is Due

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I only have half of my rent money and rent was due two days ago. I knew my landlord would be knocking on my door anytime today and I would be ready. I put on a sexy white thong because white looks so good against chocolate skin. I sat on my sofa and waited anxiously for the knock on the door.
Two loud knocks on the door woke me from a light sleep. I jumped to my feet and answered the door in my thong and nothing else. My landlord’s jaw dropped to the floor and stammered out that the rent was past due as his eyes never left my bare breasts. I pulled him into my apartment by his belt buckle and slammed the door behind him. I dropped to my knees and freed his cock from his pants and gave him an amazing blowjob. I sucked him so good that he came after a few minutes. He told me I didn’t have to worry about paying rent anymore.

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