Who Doesn’t Love A Cuck

Cuckold Phone SexI love a pathetic weak cuckold who knows just how inadequate they really are. A cuck is not a real man and I want to have one wear a chastity cage and I have the key. I don’t think I would let you out, I would rub my cute pink pussy right in front of you. I would see you wince from the pain of trying to get hard but you can’t so funny. A man with a dick as small as yours can’t be free and don’t deserve to cum. You should feel lucky that a young lady of stature would even allow you in the same room as my pretty pussy. The only time you are allowed out of your cage pin prick is when you are being compared up against a real man. I want you to feed my pussy all that big cock and you will lick it as it’s going in and out of pussy. You will be back in your cage and you will take a fresh load of cum and swallow every drop and love it. I love teasing you and you don’t have the ability to get out of that cage. You will never know where I hide that key naughty boy.

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