Women In Charge

Sissy Maid Stories

I am part of a highly exclusive club where things are a little turned around. Here, it’s the boys that drop to their knees at the command of a woman. The ladies get the VIP life, while the men are collared and leashed to serve the women. We keep a few of the buff bodied sissies up on the stripper poles, doing sexy little dances for some of the femdoms who are chatting with their friends, of course, using the men to sit on or as foot rests. Sitting at the bar to order a drink, one of the sissy boys dressed in a little maid’s uniform came up to talk to me, as was customary when a femdom walked in and was not already accompanied by one of the girly boys.

I kicked off my shoes. I had spent a long day on my feet, so I ordered him to massage my feet through my stockings. The bartender brought me a drink as I moaned from the tension slipping away from my body. Opening my legs, I signaled that he should now begin to please me in a different way. He kissed up my thighs before licking my clit. I pushed his face deeper into my pussy as I came on his face. After catching my breath, I dismissed him. I didn’t need him getting attached and trying to get me to take him home as my permanent pet.

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