You Don’t Need Your Wife, You Need Me

Fantasy phone sexI fucking love having fantasy phone sex with you, trust me, i’m going to ride that big ass cock of yours much better than your wife ever could. Look at me, i’m fucking perfect and you are so damn blessed to even be able to have the opportunity to touch my body, let alone penetrate me deeply! I need a good spanking, i’ve been a very bad girl! Ruining a man with my perfect pussy makes me feel so warm inside! Whether you want to keep me your dirty little secret of a mistress or flaunt me in front of your stuck-up cunt of a wife, i’ll be there to suck and fuck you like a real woman should! I’ll show you a few things that you’ve never done before, I know that my perfect, wet little pussy slit will have you daydreaming about me non-stop, making your dick hard as fuck no matter where you’re at! Shoot your big load of cum all over my large boobs, that’s so sexy! Fuck me good and i’ll fuck you even better!

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