You going to let me fuck you now?

Hairy wet pussy

Normally I don’t drink to excess. I love the sensations of everyday life, physical and mental…but today was exceptional. Just a strange day that deserved drunkenness. I went to my friend’s son’s soccer game. I was pretty hammered by then, but I think I did a good job of not letting on. At the end of the game, I saw a neighbor boy of mine. Hot young guy and it looked like he was packing some nice man meat. I walked up to him and said: “You know who I am right?” He smiled and nodded and said “I’ve heard about you from the guys in the neighborhood. “You going to let me fuck you now?” I told him I would meet him at his place and we arranged a time. I was still sipping my adult beverage when I got to his place. I think I paid my uber driver way too much, but that is the perils of being wasted I suppose. His parents weren’t home, and when he opened the door he was totally naked and stroking his nice big cock. My mouth watered and I didn’t even step in the door, I started blowing him right there in the doorway. He was getting even harder and I wanted that cock in my pussy. So I got up and said, “Take me to your room and fuck the hell out of me.” He smiled…”Gladly, ma`am.”
That boy fucked my hairy wet pussy hard like a jackhammer pounding on some concrete, it was amazing. The drunken buzz I had enhanced everything. We ended up cumming together and he slumped over onto me. “Are you drunk?” he asked and I burst out laughing. “Yeah.”

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