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So you practice a rather compulsive love of internet porn and spend hours jacking off, edging and getting high. Some will try to convince you that it is unhealthy and treat you like you are cheating. Well, watching porn, jerking off and getting high are not cheating, even if you call a ton of Phone sex girls to get off with, you’re still not cheating. Sometimes your lover just isn’t doing it for you all the time. Well, of course your lover can’t fulfill all those kinky desires, especially if you begin to have fixations like those of big black cocks fucking young sweet pussy, or big tits jiggling around that cock… maybe your lover is flat chested and you get fixated on these porn actresses with DD or greater sized breasts and need to see them wrapped around a cock and really titty fucking it good.

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I am here to console you, assist you and let you know it’s all good. You are welcome to invite me to join in on these perversions of yours so I can adequately help you. But you must know, well, I will only be able to play accomplice in this addiction as I have a bit of an addiction myself. I love to masturbate to porn, all kinds really.

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