I come from money and have been spoiled my entire life. I am a princess at heart, but a dirty little slut in my mind. I need to be pampered and told how pretty I am, but I also need my tight little ass spanked when I am a naughty little bitch. I am the perfect combination of an angel on the outside and a devious little devil on the inside. You want me despite yourself – you know you can’t help but crave my tight, pink, shaved wet pussy. But you also know that I need that cock and that I know how to treat you like a real man. I learned very early on how to get what I want, and I will play all the dirty games I know to get you to make my pussy throb. I know when to say please and thank you. Please swirl your tongue around my clit, and thank you for the wonderful orgasms. You can dress me up and take me everywhere, as your trophy, and then take me home and fuck me like a slutty ragdoll. You will revel in all your friends lusting after my perfect body, hair, sexy legs, and breasts. All the while knowing they belong to you and you can have them any time you want.

I need you to take care of me and satisfy all of my body’s needs. I love to tell you sexy stories in your ear while I ride your cock. My pussy drips into my fine satin panties just thinking about your sexual prowess and all of the filthy fun we will have together. The finest lingerie, perfume, and clothes are a given, and now what I need to complete this pampered life is you. I have to cum over and over to know that I am still the perfect little slutty princess I have always been. Cum and be my everything – take this little spoiled flower and show me everything that I have yet to experience. I promise to get inside your head and make you cum so hard that you start saying my name every night in your sleep… Waiting for the next time you get to ravish this sweet, beautiful body that will seem to have been made just for you. Our wealth makes everything available to you. I have no limits on where we go during our sexy chat or what we do, and no fear of your darkest thoughts. I will match them with my own and keep my handsome prince cumming back for more.


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    Naughty slut

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