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When you are down follow these rules

Domination porn


No matter how much it turns me on to take charge of my lover, it can be equally as hot to be the vulnerable one.  If I didn’t have any experience in being vulnerable, how would I be so good at being in charge.  You have to be able to experience both sides before you can truly excel in either.  It’s simple logic.

Building trust is of the utmost importance, because without trust, you will never push past your limits. Being more dominant, I am used to having a man drop to his knees and suck my pussy until I cum hard all over his face, but the first time I was on the receiving end was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.  Obviously the first time you do anything is always exciting because you have no expectations, but a big part of it was how forceful he was with me.

He took me by the hair at the back of my neck and pulled me into the corner. Then he told me to unzip his pants and free his giant cock, because he was going to proceed to fuck my throat for as long and as hard as he wanted. He didn’t start slowly, he just pushed it straight to the back of my throat.  It was extremely overwhelming, but something inside me let it continue and he could feel that I didn’t want to stop, so he kept pushing me.

He must have fucked my mouth for at least an hour straight, because he came 3 times.  Yes, I did come as well with his cock buried all the way down my throat. I think the most exciting part was not knowing when it would end and how I gasped for air not knowing if I would pass out. Gasping for air that way brought me to a heightened arousal I never experienced before.  I was totally in his hands, and I loved every second of it.  Now when I take charge of my lover, I keep that experience in mind to make sure his experience is just as exciting.


Phone sex therapy has me thankful to get off with you!

Phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy makes me thankful to be providing pleasure to men who put their cock in my hands. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the men who need me to make their masturbation more pleasurable. Routine, boring masturbation sessions do nothing to make your quality of life better. But with My sensual help, many of my clients now enjoy edging, prolonged arousal, and even multiple orgasms. Let me gush at how absolutely wonderful it is to be teaching men how to explore their own bodies intimately and how to identify unexplored areas and sensations. 

Phone sex therapy has me thankful for your cum loads

Finding out I have the ability to put hardworking me at ease and provide an open and welcoming atmosphere for sexual exploration has made me one of the best Erotic roleplaying therapists. Considering I am a pro at connecting the body and mind, setting the perfect environment for all sensual and erotic exploration.

Quickly discovering that with a few tweaks, I can get aroused faster and enjoy an even more intense orgasm.  This allowed me to explore my sexuality more freely and confidently. I discovered that with the right atmosphere, I could easily reach higher levels of pleasure. I also developed a better understanding of my own needs and preferences. That’s right you help me learn more about mmy own kinky desires too! 

I can’t thank you all enough for helping give amazing sexual healing therapy. I’m learning to appreciate all the wonderful variations of masturbation and dirty naughty scenes we get off too.

I’m so lucky to have an amazing Shaved wet pussy I get to explore and share my pleasure as we both go deeper into our roleplays. This year has brought me so many crazy jerk-off sessions with all kinds of men that I just cannot stop gushing about! 

Sexy chicks Love fucking and fisting each other

Sexy chicks

Sexy chicks love fucking and fisting each other every day of the year. But when the candy and spooky spirits come out to play we tend to get a little more crazy. Halloween is a hall pass to get crazy for girl-on-girl fun. Now if you know me at all it’s just not other young ladies that make me crazy. But they do help and I consider threesomes to be my sexuality at times. Giving a young beauty to A man while I eat her out or ride her face is too hot to handle. 

Sexy Chicks fucking each other are perfect for multiple dicks

I have to say that my OG Sugar daddy is the one who started this all. He would have a buddy or two over to play poker and I tried my best to serve him and his friends. But one night he asks me to bring the little bitch I have been fucking. And this happens to be Halloween night. My sexy Elivira costume and her Alice in Wonderland costume make the men so horny. We are kissing each other and bouncing on the laps of men with money. Hard cocks and strip poker lead to us 69 and fisting each other before we get to take their poker winnings and cock! 

Now me and my sweet sugar have a standing Halloween night date. All because we worked it like there was no tomorrow. My sugar daddy was so impressed he flew us to Vegas the next day to meet with some high-stakes rollers. Rolling around and eating pussy while getting fucked is the best Halloween tradition for a Shaved wet pussy cumming and a cunt full of cum.  We both agree it was the best Halloween ever. Oh, and we love winning big and spending the night in the penthouse the next morning! 

sexy babe want you to beg

sexy babe

Do you want to know what gets me off? What gets me excited, well, it happens to be when a man begs like a boy, like a bit of beta. A sexy babe like me wants to see it!

Show me that you will do whatever I want. My ultimate goal is to keep someone in a chastity device and to submit for life. The urge you have to please me is much more important than anything. You will only think about my perfect body from head to toe you want to submit.

There’s something new I want to do, and it’s given. You never have to live without such a powerful Goddess that takes control and makes you feel like you must devote your entire life and energy to it.

Whatever I have, any slave that obeys it makes everything go smoothly. If you want to have the privilege of kissing my feet, you must kneel and beg.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah Stays Busy with Small Cocks

phone sex therapistBeing a phone sex therapist keeps me busy. So many men want to talk about their dick or their wife cheating on them. However, dick size corresponds to cheating. If a husband’s cock is small, the likelihood of a wife cheating grows. Especially among mature women. After we give birth to our offspring, we need something bigger. We passed a bowling bowl out of our cunts. Stands to reason we would want more.

I’ve been married twice. Divorced twice too. I got wise to cock size after the birth of my daughter. I no longer felt husband number two inside me. He noticed too and it hurt his ego. But my sexual satisfaction mattered more than his delicate ego. At least it did to me. It became easy to cheat on him because he would not accept the fact that he needed to work harder to make me cum. Like many men, my ex-husband thought all he had to do was slide his cock inside me and I would spontaneously orgasm.

Cock Size Matters

When he discovered I cheated, he wanted a divorce. He thought I would give up my boy toy lovers for him. Although I loved my husband, I kicked him to the curb. Now, he tries to get back together all the time. I’m wiser now. I know all about cuckold phone sex. A woman does not get a big cock and go back to a little one. My days of fucking tiny dicks are in my rear view mirror.  Perhaps the same holds true for your wife.

Do not be like my ex-husband. If your cock does not satisfy her, let her have lovers. Or at least try to compensate for your short comings by eating pussy or using a toy in her cunt. I can save your marriage. But you need to admit that the problem with your cheating wife is you. She’d never stray if she experienced satisfying orgasms. Truth. Women cheat for different reasons than men. Your small dick does not need to be a deal breaker. However, you just might need some phone sex therapy to help you work it all out.

Shaved Wet Pussy Putting a Spell on Men Everywhere

shaved wet pussy

What is it about a shaved wet pussy?  It does this thing to cocks almost instantly without much effort at at. The first time I realized the power of a pussy, especially a shaved one, I was at school. My girlfriends were giving me a hard time and told me it was time to shave down there.

So 5 naked cheerleading girls, got into the gym shower dripping wet from sweat and with a razor in tow. My best friend took the razor and started teasing my clit with it.  Before I knew it, my hairy bush tingled as they passed it around like candy. Meanwhile the hot steamy water dripped down our not fully developed breasts and underage little bodies. I was a late bloomer so I was the only one not yet shaved. I was ready to be smooth and bald again like my young girl self.  Before I knew it, my friends took over my hairy wet pussy.

Shaving, fingering, licking and being passed around like a hot potatoe.  My sweet friend, let’s call her J, she told the other girls that they needed to keep sucking and touching my clit while my friend, S, did the dirty work shaving.  I watched as the hair I had become accustomed to kept falling from in between my legs down on the shower floor and really all over my friends mouths that were still attempting at pleasuring me in midst of this chaosl

As we finished, one of our hot teachers came in the locker room thinking everyone had gone home for the day.  We stood there, 6 smooth as a little ones bottom in between our legs, and his jaw dropped to the floor.  Instantly, his cockshot sraight out through his gym shorts he had on from working out after school. J, being the extrovert that she was, went and grabbed his hand and brought him over to us.

“Now remember as we did for Rebecca, we need to do this for Mr. K. now.”  Like the little slut servants we were, all 6 sexy hot women got on our hands and knees treating Mr. K’s cock like it was our last meal. Boy was that meal yummy.

Lions gate portal

tease and denial

Happy Lions Gate portal to all! I hope you’re making those wishes and taking a leap. Hmmmm, it may be a magical manifesting day for all but don’t think you can have me with all your desires. A tease and denial babe like me likes to make men beg.

Overall, I enjoy having you worship me from head to toe. The Venus energy and Leo energy truly exude every part of me. Everything I want, I make it happen, all with a touch.

Now get down on all fours as I use you as my furniture. You look great at a coffee table. My hot friends and I enjoy as you rub each of our feet and submit to being our slave.

Sorry, you can’t taste me or basque in my sensual scent, but you can serve me and clean my house like a sissy maid. After all, you know, I will always be the type of girl you will want to worship for life. Dreams do come true when you service A true goddess like me.

Sexy legs open wide for you, Mila’s been waiting all day.



sexy legs


Sexy legs open wide for you, Mila’s been waiting all day. Don’t you dare keep a hottie like this waiting for too long. Sexy Mila is definitely fucking hot, do you have experience with sexy hot women? If not, then welcome to the world of MIla. Her beautiful breast, ebony skin, and tight twat will make you drool all over her. Lay back and imagine those sexy ebony lips sliding up and down your cock with ease. With those pretty eyes looking up at you as you push her head further down on your cock. Mila knows she’s sexy as hell and uses it to get what she wants, could you blame her? Everyday she’s in high demand for her sexy phone sex, come get your turn.

Latina phone sex with lots of control

latina phone sex

Latina phone sex is the perfect spice to your day, papi. Sit back, relax, and listen to this ideal Spanish seductress challenge you in ways you didn’t think possible. 

You may call the shots in your career or business, but when it comes to controlling your cock that’s all me. There will be no hesitation when you give me complete control. You will be giving it to me with a smile on your face. It may seem scary at first to hand over power to someone else. After all, that’s not something you’re used to, so I can’t fault you.

All in all, you will do as I say, and you will play with your cock only when I give you the green light, and you will stop when I say so, and you won’t be able to rebuttal a single thing goddess envy tells you. If I want you to stall for days, you will do so. I am the one that calls the shots, and you will be meeting a nice cage for your pathetic peepee if you don’t follow the rules.

Mila’s Ass fetish will have you wide open.

Ass fetish

Mila’s Ass fetish will have you wide open. If Mila can get you brick hard with a steamy ass pic, image what a sex chat with her could do. Mila won’t stop until you fill her every hole, she loves to roleplay so be her Naughty teacher and teach her a lesson in breeding. 

Spreading Her luscious ass is what gets Mila everything she wants. She knows that her asshole is perfect and her pussy is tight, that’s all she needs to provide for herself although she rather have your money. Sex is never work for her, She simply loves being made to cum over and over again. Money loving Mila enjoys only two things in life, Orgasms’ and riches!