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Mila’s Ass fetish will have you wide open.

Ass fetish

Mila’s Ass fetish will have you wide open. If Mila can get you brick hard with a steamy ass pic, image what a sex chat with her could do. Mila won’t stop until you fill her every hole, she loves to roleplay so be her Naughty teacher and teach her a lesson in breeding. 

Spreading Her luscious ass is what gets Mila everything she wants. She knows that her asshole is perfect and her pussy is tight, that’s all she needs to provide for herself although she rather have your money. Sex is never work for her, She simply loves being made to cum over and over again. Money loving Mila enjoys only two things in life, Orgasms’ and riches!


open my sexy legs

sexy legs

I spot them; I got them. Whenever I find the perfect human specimen, I get all worked up and ready to get the kind of sex I’m craving. The smell of vodka soda fills the ambiance. The strobe lights got me eyeing you and turning away from club madness but evoking myself to the man I see in front of me. My cunt begins to drip with wetness. I know my kitty cats are getting some loving tonight. A tall, dark and handsome fellow makes his way over to me. A soft giggle comes from my pretty face. He’s trying to ask me for my name, but the music is downing us out. A deep look into each other’s eyes, and none of that mean anything.

A hot tryst affair begins to unfold. My husband is upstairs, but I have this boy toy in our garage. I let him fuck me in the garage leaning on the wall. My sexy legs spread for him and let him fuck me wild.

Great blowjobs are a treat

“Give me one of your Great blowjobs.” Is what he’d said, and it took me a moment to comprehend his request, what with the endorphins flowing through me and my heart pounding in my ears after the glass-shattering orgasm he’d just given me. It took me out of commission for a moment, I’ll admit shamefully. “Suck, my, cock.” He pat my head, an odd display but not an unwelcome one. With a simple nod I slipped over onto my knees, palmed his thighs, and began to drool a little as I took in his thick fuck meat. I wanted it, needed it, and I took in a single hint of his smell before opening wide to come down and slurp up the tip like the obedient slut who’s already been paid I was. He was ready for me to suck at this – no pun intended – he thought I was going to be all Sexy chat, but I knew better. I wasn’t a whore because I was just another pretty face. I was skilled, have always been skilled, and that’s what makes me better than the cheaper sluts. I slurped him down, tongue rolling in a pleasant state and treating him to a height of luxury he hadn’t guessed at. Before, with a sudden start, I bucked down and stole half his dick, pulling back up before doing it again with a titter and a throaty moan at the taste of his gushing precum. My cheeks squeezed flush with him and pounced on their new prey like a prize. He leaned back and enjoyed my mouth, pleasantly surprised, and I took offense to that surprise. I bobbed up and down, enamored by his great big black cock and reached down to squeeze his dark balls. I rolled them between my fingers and massaged them with an intensity that was only matched by just how hard I was sucking and how much attention I was giving him. working my lips around his shaft while loudly slurping and enjoying him like a cum straw, eager to prove I wasn’t just another one of those Sexy chicks that doesn’t know her tongue from her cheeks.

Sexy Latin Phone Sex

latina phone sex

One of my clients wanted to bring a slutty escort to his salsa dancing class. I enjoy dancing so I put on the sexiest outfit I could find and joined him at the establishment. When we got there, there were so many Latina phone sex sluts there that I had a tough time following the instructions. All I could think about was setting my lips on some Latina titties. I went to the bathroom to get my mind right but when I opened the door there was a sexy Mami toying with her clit. Her legs were spread far apart and her glistening coochie was dripping down her crack. we maintained eye contact as I inched my way over to her. Each step I took I shed another layer of clothing. Once I got to her, I started sucking that sexy pussy until it had a genuine spin shine! I wanted to feel her cunt up against mine. We started to scissor and moan loudly as we brought each other to climax. My date knew I could not resist a sexy chick with an accent, so he just smiled as he watched me stumble out of the bathroom with my new sexy Mami.

I’m a sexy Ass fetish party girl

Ass fetishMany men have an Ass fetish, and I make damn sure to strut my stuff and bounce my hips when I walk so that men like that can get a big look at what they’re going to be bouncing their balls off and fucking deep later that night. I’m a slut, a kinky, sexy, elegant cum slut with an experienced cum slit and a stretched-out back door for anyone to test to their liking. I’m ready for fun and I’m already bending over at every opportunity just to show off and tempt a man into taking hold of this thick ass and start pounding deep and hard. Just last night I was bent over a table during dinner because the man just couldn’t wait, and unlike a normal chick, I raised my ass and jiggled it back and forth for his hungry gaze. I moaned when he slid his dick right into my crack and started to open me up and push his tip deep into my soon to be gaping anal fuck hole. Anal sex with me is Ass sex porn quality and I made sure to squeeze him hard and let him start to rapidly fuck my hole like a dream come true. My insides are a soft expanse, held together tightly by my strong core and powerful fuck muscles. Smooth, tight, and ready for a pounding that might make a normal girl raw. He sawed around inside, curious to find my sensitive places and was surprised to find there’s not a spot in me, pussy or ass, that can’t make me moan if given enough attention and consistent rubbing with a thick cock deep inside. My face twitched in glee at his efforts, and I lifted my legs to wrap around his waist, looking back to make sure I got a nice lock while holding him deep so that the moment he was ready to cum inside my tight asshole he’d leave every drop inside this ready to fuck anytime Sexy babe.

Teased and Denied by Bridgette

tease and denialHave you ever called a bratty girl for a proper tease and denial phone sex session? Guys always call me up and say they want to be teased beyond belief and then denied an orgasm, but most of them are weak. They end up having an orgasm anyway because they can’t be bothered to stop and do what they’re told. So, if that’s the kind of weakling you are, you’re probably going to want to call me for something else. But if you’re truly ready for tease and denial, then I am all ears and I am ready for you.

I want to tease you with stories about the things I’d do to you. But you’re NOT allowed to touch your cock until I tell you that you may. Of course, I won’t let you stroke it right away, even when I do allow you to touch yourself. You can rub a little through your pants, maybe even squeeze it. But stroking? That’s not going to happen for a while. But it’s going to be so much fun for me to torment you and hear you beg me to let you cum. Are you ready to be teased, and most importantly, denied? 

Hot Foot Fetish Story

Foot fetishesMy new client loves my sexy brown toes. He has a sexy foot fetish and came to me for assistance. The first time we met he walked into my office and commented on how cute and tiny my feet looked in my sandals. I took off my shoes and put my feet on his lap while we talked. He rubbed them as his thick cock hardened. Ten minutes into the session, he started licking and sucking my toes. His dick was hard as a rock. I used my other foot to massage his hard cock while he sucked. He unbuckled his pants and released his fat dick. I stuck my other foot into his warm, wet mouth. He moved his head back and forth on my pretty feet, treating them like they were a cock and he was a professional cocksucker. I moaned with pure delight. As he sucked my toes, he jerked his veiny cock with his right hand. He jerked faster as I pushed my feet deeper down his throat. He kept licking and sucking my feet until he shot his creamy cum load all in his hand. We wrapped up our session and set an appointment for the following week. I made a mental note to set a pedicure appointment too. End of session.


bdk makes me a star

sexy babe

BDK is the legend of all legends. I’m so thrilled to be acquainted with him and anaconda. Again the haters drinking that haterade talking smack, but the only thing Big Daddy King is doing about it is cashing checks. Securing the bag and ultimately being able to solidify his legacy. No one can come close to papi king. The thing is, when you are such a great specimen, you are a freak of nature in the best way humanly possible. My sugar daddy is literally a god. That cock gets bigger and better every time I get it, and I am forever owned by the living legend of all time. Big daddy king puts all other men to shame. My compassionate, loving God loves to make me his sweet sugar baby forever. I love to jet off with him to the islands or make our way over to Europe. The skies are the limits, and my following keeps growing. The big daddy king lifestyle is often imitated but never duplicated. I love being papi kings sexy babe.

Sex On The Beach

voyeur phone sex

First once we get to the beach after our long walk in the sand I want you to start off my rubbing my clit through my panties as I whimper in your ear. Then when I’m wet enough I want you to take my panties off and slowly start to eat me out holding my legs so I don’t pull away. I want you to keep going until I start shaking as you continue to eat me out. When you feel like I’ve had enough I want you to grab my face and spit in my mouth and then slap me and tell me I’m a good little girl. I want you to start to finger me while looking me in the eyes and hearing me whine and whimper from pleasure. When I cum all over your fingers I want you to put your dick inside of me and go slow while putting your fingers in my mouth making me taste myself. I want you to gradually go faster and harder as I moan for you and scratch your back because it feels so good. I want you to flip me over and pull my hair telling me I’m your little slut and making me moan even louder. When you’re ready to cum I want you to pull out and turn me around shoving your dick deep in my throat until you cum and I gag on it. That will be our perfect night out baby. 

Spit on it

Great blowjobs

I remember pledging for a sorority in college. Needless to say once I saw the my pledge sister’s boyfriend. I became more interested in fucking him more than pledging anymore.

I was determined to have his cream spread all over my face like a facial mask from the spa. I wanted to be soaked and covered in his hot creamy sauce. I finally caught him at a sorority party. Like the bold bitch that I am i cornered his ass in the bathroom. I kneeled down and pulled out his dick right then and there and begin to suck the skin off his bone. All the while I am playing with my pretty black pussy. I knew he wanted my ass just as much as I wanted him. I could tell by the way he kept grabbing the back of my head and shooving his dick into my mouth. He must of fucked my face until I could no longer feel my tonsils. He exploded his hot cum all over my face and I was deeply satisfied. I wiped my face with my hand licked my fingers as if I was a sly cat giving herself a bath with her tongue. I gave him a wink. His secret was save with me.I want dare tell a soul. Me and you should have a secret of our own as well. I would love to lick your cum off of my face or off of your dick. Which ever you choose