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Fucking My Shrink

Shaved Wet PussyI had a meeting with my shrink today and while I was sitting in the waiting room, I noticed that I was the only one there. The receptionist told me I was the last appointment of the day and as soon as I went in, she would also be leaving unless I needed something else. My eyes lit up and dirty visions of the doctor started entering my mind. Of course, not I told her as she led me to his office. Now the main reason I come to this guy is because he is eye candy. So, she left, and he started the normal questions and then asked what I would like to talk about today. I looked into his eyes and calmly told him I would like to talk about me riding his dick. He laughed and turned a subtle shade of pink. With that I got up from the chair and started unbuttoning my blouse and removing my skirt. His eyes grew wide and his cock started to make a nice size bulge under his pants. As he went to lock his office door, I removed my panties and bra and sat in his chair giving him a nice view of my shaved wet pussy. He walked towards me removing his clothes as he made his way. His cock was so hard and so much bigger than I had envisioned. I had him stand in front of me as I bent over and took that cock right in my mouth, sucking him hard. My cleared off his desk with one hand as he lifted me onto the desk with the other. He pulled me to one end and my legs dangled on each side. He then buried his face and licked my clit until my pussy was soaking wet. Then he lifted my legs, putting them against his shoulders and started drilling my pussy with his hard dick until we both came. I kissed his sweet face and told him I would be back same time next week. He winked and told me he couldn’t wait.

Fucking the PA

Fantasy Phone SexI felt a little bit of this flu like stuff coming on, so I made an appointment with my doctor and headed to his office. I waited patiently in the waiting room until my name was called. The sweet nurse asked if I minded seeing their new PA so that I could be done quicker. Of course, no problem I assured her. I then undressed to only my panties and bra and waited. The door opened and in walked this gorgeous piece of young meat. I almost creamed my panties looking at him. There was no way I would be leaving this office without a little taste of him. I could see him staring at my nice, big tits as I climbed onto the table. He started the normal routine and the smell of this young stud was too much for this horny broad. I immediately stood up and removed my gown, pushed him against the table and stuck my tongue deep in his throat. He reciprocated and his cock started to grow in his pants. I unbuckled his pants, got on my knees and sucked that PA’s cock. Not wanting to miss out on this fine dick, I stopped short and hopped up on the table. He came over, spread my legs and buried his face deep between my thighs, licking my clit and asshole in one swift movement. He then put my legs on his shoulders and went right for my pussy. Entering it hard and pounding it relentlessly as he pinched my nipple with his other hand. I moaned and arched my back and pushed my pussy towards him, feeling his balls beating against my ass. I felt his hard cock tighten and he shot his load deep inside me. The feel of his cum brought me to orgasm and it started running out of my pussy onto the table, in a little puddle. We cleaned up, he wrote me a prescription and told me he needed to see me back in a week. I made sure to stop and verify that appointment with the receptionist before I left.

GFE phone sex

GFE phone sex

” Bitch get on your knees! “, I do what I am told. My hairy cunt gets so moist and juicy when you talk to me that way. Every once in a while I do not mind being dominated by you. After all, you are my professor. I hang onto your every word during your lectors. Now it is time for me to hang onto you every word as you demand I put that hard white cock into my mouth. I deep throat that stiff wood like no other bitch has ever done before. I see your eyes roll to the back of your head. Next thing I knew a load of your hot sticky cum dripped down my slippery wet throat. I can drink your cum every day. It taste just like buttery cream. I find myself in your office every day after class. You ask me to be your girlfriend. It caught me by surprise. After all you fuck  me and eat my black wet pussy as if I am all yours. I want all of your cum inside of  me is I am to be yours and only yours is what I tell you. You agree with no hesitation.

Fucking My Daughter’s Friend

Milf Phone SexSometimes my college age daughter brings home some of her friends for dinner. Last week she brought a couple of girlfriends, her boyfriend and his friend. Damn that friend was a fine piece of eye candy. I caught him checking me out throughout dinner, but I didn’t do anything so as not to upset my daughter. However, when the conversation turned to laundry and the lack of facilities in their dorms, I quickly offered up my washer and dryer to all of them. I saw a little sparkle in his eyes and knew he would be back soon. Sure, enough this young stud showed up at my door, laundry baskets in hand. I helped him start his laundry and “accidentally” spilled some detergent on his pants. We laughed and I told him I was sure I had some pants that he could wear and to follow me. We entered my bedroom and I told him to take those pants off and we would throw them in the wash. Of course he did and of course his young cock was peaking out of his boxers. Never to be one to let a hard cock go to waste I walked up to him, took his face in my hands and planted a long kiss on him. He reciprocated and soon our clothes were coming off and we were laying naked in my bed. I could tell he had never been with an older woman before and was unsure of himself. To put his fears to ease, I took that hard cock right in my mouth and gave him a blow job that only a Milf can do. He moaned with delight before shooting his load deep in my mouth. Not finished with him yet, I laid back and motioned him to between my legs. That college hunk licked my clit and sucked my pussy until he brought me to orgasm. By then his dick was rock hard again and I spread my legs and he mounted me and pounded my pussy nice and hard. We enjoyed each other for the afternoon, fucking, doing laundry and then fucking again. My daughter called to tell me how thankful he was that I let him do my laundry at my house.

I Want You To Cum On My Titties

cum on boobsI have a fetish with men cumming on my breasts. My boobs are 40DD. And I get so many compliments on them. Porn star titties is what they call them. I remember a fuck I just had the other night. We were filming ourselves fucking. He recorded me sucking off his 9 inch cock. I like to deep throat. I have a really good gag reflex. My lover was moaning and begging me not to stop. Then he said he was about to cum and asked me if I wanted it in my mouth. I want it on my titties. All over my melons. He started to cum and he drizzled all over them. They were dripping with his hot sticky mess. I laughed and grabbed a T-Shirt and cleaned off my porn star titties with it. Now who’s ready for round two. I have a high sex drive and want to get freaky some more. Now I want to be fucked from behind. Let me suck it some more.

Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanBeing submissive for my Dom boyfriend is my favorite thing to do. I love to feel his touch on me and I love it when he gives me the pain that I crave from his touch, and he loves having a Hot sexy woman. I get really freaky for my man because it’s what he wants and satisfying him gets me off. He loves to stick his big fat cock in my tight little asshole. And then as he’s ramming away he’ll spank my ass over and over, harder and harder, leaving big red handprints on my ass cheeks. Then he turns me around for missionary and keeps his dick in my ass as he chokes me and slaps me in the face. Just from feeling him in my ass I shudder in pleasure over and over again, orgasming from all the feelings he gives me. He starts to pound a little faster and I get close, and then all of a sudden he pulls out. He takes me by my hair and shoves my mouth onto his cock and starts to fuck my face, almost harder than he was fucking my asshole. His dick jerks and spurts as he cums down my throat, and I swallow it all for my man like a sexy and hot woman would.

My ass likes to get fucked

Hot sexy woman

Let me feel that hard rod grow inside my tight black asshole. I know this fat ass turns you on. You slap it every time you see me. Especially when you bend me over to fuck me from the back. You love the way this big black ass jiggles when it hits against your stomach. I love the way your cock feels ramming in and out of my tight asshole. I can practically feel you stretching my asshole as wide and  as thick as your cock is. I just want you to cum inside my asshole and let that cum drip out onto the floor. Like a nasty whore I am going to bend down and lick it all up for you. Then I am going to crawl over to you and start sucking your cock until it is hard again. I look you dead in the eyes while I am pleasing that cock with my wet warm mouth. Cum all over my fucking face daddy.

Our Little Fuck Toy

Domination Phone SexMy bestie from my hometown was in and when we get together, we are very, very naughty. So, we spent the day drinking, shopping and getting our sweet little holes waxed. We got home and got ready for our night out. We were going to have some big fun. We hit up a bar and were throwing back shots when this guy sat down to join us. I could see the sparkle in her eye, so I knew she had a plan. We drank and danced all night long. At closing time, we called a Lyft and asked him if he would like to join us. He didn’t even hesitate. We got out of the Lyft and entered my apartment, drank some more and put on some tunes. I grabbed my friend and started kissing her, peeking out of the corner of my eye to see his reaction. I could see that dick getting hard already. We motioned for him to join and we all took turns dancing and kissing. I then grabbed his hand and led him to my room, took off his pants and boxers and pushed him onto the bed. My friend climbed on top of him and I quietly and quickly tied his hands and feet to the four corners. We then went to work, making him are little fuck toy. I sat right on his face and he licked my clit while my friend sucked on my nipples. We changed places and he licked her clit while I stuck my tongue deep in her mouth. Then we both got between his legs and she sucked his dick while I licked his balls. It was so much fun watching him tied to the bed, moaning in delight as his toes curled. We teased him relentlessly until finally she sucked that cock so hard and so deep that he exploded in her mouth. I then took her mouth and kissed her so deeply that I could taste his cum. We fucked him for hours before untying him. I can’t wait for her to come back.

Roleplay phone sex

Roleplay phone sex“Ready Ramona, I would just love to enjoy Roleplay phone sex with you tonight.” He purred over the phone, I was intrigued by what he had in mind and told him to tell me more about what he wanted to talk about, what he wanted to roleplay. He continued “I was really thinking that you could be my best friend’s hot sexy wife, and you catch me wanking off hard one day to a pair of your purple lacy panties and you confront me about it.” He trailed off waiting to hear what I had to say. “I would love that! Perhaps you stayed the night because y’all were drinking the night before and now he’s been called into work.” He was so excited to continue the fantasy, we went into detail describing the panties and everything. Now it was time for my confrontation! “What in the hell do you think you’re doing with my panties?!” I exclaim as he holds my dirty panties up to his face sniffing hard. “I just have always had a thing for you, I get so turned on by your smell, I want to just make you cum like this.” What do you think happens next? It’s up to you. Call me and tell me the next step.

Fantasy phone sex

fantasy phone sex

The only thing I love more than steamy, hot fantasy phone sex, is getting bent over and fucked from behind. The best feeling ever is having a hard, thick cock slide into my dripping pussy from behind. I love when a guy grabs my big luxurious breasts and plays with my hard nipples while he’s fucking me. I met a guy at the grocery store today and brought him to the bathroom to fuck him in the stall. The minute we made eye contact, I could tell I was going to fuck him as soon as possible. He was sexy as fuck and I was already wet and wanting a hard dick inside of me. I walked past him and watched as his cock grew hard while he was staring at my ass. I looked back over my shoulder and winked at him. I nodded to him to follow me and left my entire cart sitting right there on the aisle. As I made my way to the back of the store, I kept looking back at him and winking. It was obvious that his cock was hard and huge! I couldn’t wait to get to the bathroom and get fucked by him. As soon as the door closed behind us, he had my skirt pulled up and panties pulled to the side. He wrapped his arms around me and reached up my shirt. He grabbed my huge sexy tits and started to play with them as I guided his cock into my already soaked pussy. He fucked me hard right there in the bathroom stall. He didn’t even stop when someone came into the bathroom and knocked on the door. He made me cum over and over on his rock hard cock! Once he filled my juicy milf pussy with his hot sticky cum, we went back to shopping like nothing ever happened. When I passed him in the parking lot, he winked at me. Knowing I was full of his cum made his cock hard again so he followed me to my car to get my number. This is my all time favorite grocery store.

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