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Hot Sexy Woman Whitney Seduces Neighbor


hot sexy woman
I know I’m a hot sexy woman, and so do all my neighbors. Now that it’s summertime I knew it was time to start wearing skimpy clothes and bathing suits. Luckily for me one of my neighbors is a young hot stud! I’m sure he’s well hung, too. If only I was able to find out.

I tease him here and there. Flash my sweet smile when I see him out back cutting his grass or grilling on his BBQ. This summer I know I’m going to find a way into his bed, or bent over his BBQ, who knows!

I Have the Perrrfuckt Idea

I all of a sudden had an idea, maybe I could drop some hints through some sexy chat. We would text from time to time. Maybe I can send him a text and see if that will do the trick. Start it out as an innocent text, maybe ask him if he can come over and fix my leaky sink.

Although I’ll have to find a way to make it start leaking, lol! But I know I could manage to figure something out. Nowadays men his age are always on their phones anyways. So maybe with a nice picture and some sexy phone chat I can seduce him!

Maybe it’ll work just enough to be able to work my way between those sexy legs of his and get my mouth on that juicy big cock! I just want to ravage his body with mouth. I want to feel his arms around my body as he touches every last square inch of it.

Fondling my tits and getting me nice and juicy wet. Gagging on his cock, getting him nice and hard so he can bend me over that fucking BBQ and fuck my juicy hot wet pussy. Fuck this summer is going to be so much fun! 

Naughty teacher bad teacher fucks the students.

            Naughty teacher bad teacher fucks the students. Such bad, bad, sexy, naughty woman that I am. I’m sexy and I know it. Fucking my students. Intentionally wearing tight skirts, see the outline of the thong. Garter belt showing. Bending over so you can see the super big boobies. Make you drool just a little. Blink boy. A bad teacher is going to slap those fingers. Next thing you know you are in detention.

            Perhaps you need a lesson in misdirection. Look this way and you get nothing make you look to the left and you see me flashing you. Nipples erect. Poking through the red lace bra. Pull the skirt down just enough to see the red lace thong. Matching bra and panties. Floral top flipped up. Stand right beside you and make you long for some Erotic roleplaying. At the same time when it comes to student and teacher, well perhaps we need to have the fantasy to reality. Naughty teacher

            Mount my student, pushing you back in the chair. Tipping it. Teasing the cock through the panties brushing against me. Feeling the wetness. Just not there yet. Suddenly the panties are pushed to the side and the cock slips in. Deep up inside. Filling me up. Juices running down onto your cock. Knowing I want this more than you do.

            Bringing you to the brink and quickly making you cum inside of me. Standing up. Lowering my skirt. Slipping the soaked panties off and putting them in your pocket. Leaning down and whispering. Wear these tomorrow here and I will give you some more.

Femdom phone sex with Evita will have you begging for her to Drain Your Pockets!

Femdom phone sex makes my pussy so wet. My favorite Pig Sammie is so pathetic. He likes to call and all I do is degrade his worthless ass the entire time. I make him dress up in my dirty underwear and then I take pictures of him in it and send it to all of his family and friends. They all think he is their superhero, and it makes my pussy cum when they find it out, he is nothing more but a BBC loving cum whore! Sammie was so mortified he cried in front of his moron wife and kids.

Femdon phone sex

Sammie loves to hear me say shit like, “shut the fuck up you stupid whore and give me all your money” and “fuck your family, I deserve every cent you get”.  His pay days are the best days, because I make him hand over his whole check before him or his cunt wife even have a chance to see it his bank account. Stupid Sammie sometimes calls himself trying to budget his money and he won’t call me, but when he finally does, I make him pay for every day that he has missed.

I’m a black ebony queen and there isn’t a man alive worthy to even look at me, touching me would be absurd; but I love to tease Sammie with the dream of having a touch. I make him pay for the thought of even looking at my chocolate, juicy, pussy. One time I made him give me $1000 just to sniff my ass crack!

The other day I gave Sammie the honor of getting a glance at my large boobs and he was throwing his money at me left and right begging for a peek at the other one. I told him pay up, and he said I had drained him dry and begged me to have a peek at the other one. He tried to give me a sob story about how he was late on his mortgage and how his wife was threatening to divorce him because I was ruining his finances and for some reason, he thought I was going to give a fuck! I laughed in his face and demanded he Cash App me if he even wanted to remain on the phone. I made him call his 401K company and get a loan while I was on the phone and guess what? When he gets that check in the mail, it’s got my name and address on it and it’s coming straight to me!



Shaved wet pussy wants to be used

shaved wet pussy


My shaved wet pussy was begging for his cock so badly. He’s my neighbor’s husband, and he looks so fucking hot outside mowing his grass or working on his old muscle car. His wife thinks I’m just a very friendly neighbor because I’m always bringing him something to drink when I see him outside sweating.

As you know I’m a pretty big deal around here in my neighborhood. I make the wives think that I’m here watching out to make sure our neighborhood is safe, but in reality, I’m just trying to see how many of their husbands I can get to fuck the shit out of me when their wives aren’t home!

It’s really not that hard to do, honestly. All you have to do is be subtle, tease them, invite them over and let them in on your secret. They never turn me down. All of them think they’re the only one. They all think I only do this with them, and that I feel really bad about even doing it.

Little do they know though, I’m fucking several of my neighbors’ husbands, and even a few of their sons! Just because I’m a bit older, doesn’t mean that I don’t crave being fucked up against a wall every now and again. I’ve perfected sucking cock, I can get any man to cum with my mouth skills. There isn’t a man that I’ve met that I haven’t been able to get him to squirt his hot load all over my face.

What I really want to eventually do, is try and get into one of the wives’ beds. Turn her husband into a little cuck and have him watch me fuck her with a big strap on. Cuckold phone sex gets me really horny. Everything makes me horny now a days. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get that sexy neighbor of mine to come over and fuck me. But for now, I’m only a phone call away, lets cum together! 

Hot Sexy Woman Next Door

Hot sexy woman


Ever had a dream about that hot sexy woman next door? Wishing you could just walk over there one day, asking her for a cup of milk or a soda, and she invites you inside. Well that’s just what kind of neighbor I am. I’m always inviting my married neighbors over for a dinner night, or a pool party. I live in the South. Summertime is my favorite time of the year.

Pool parties, frilling and hanging out. Fucking my friend’s husband in my laundry room while everyone’s outside in the pool. You know, the normal things in life. Just last week in fact, I threw a pool party to ring in the summertime warmth. All my neighbors are pretty much in their mid to late 20’s. All have great paying jobs, mostly married.

We live just outside the city maybe 15 minutes, in a well-kept suburb. I’m pretty well known around here for everything I do for our community, but little do most wives know, I’m actually screwing their husbands behind their backs. I tell all the husbands they’re the only one, they can’t tell anyone about us or their wife would find out.

I’m literally the slut next door to almost everyone on my block and none of them know! Ha! I keep it very hush hush, I’m even sleeping with 2 wives, and their husbands, and neither of them know. You’re probably thinking, this woman is well into her 40’s. Well I just get sweeter with age, my pussy is as tight as ever, and my hunger for sexy phone chat is just as big as my hunger for sex. 


Titty fucking porn star Evita gets Titty Fucked!

Titty fucking pornTitty fucking porn is one of favorite forms of titty worship. Today you’re going to have the pleasure of exploring my juicy jugs with your cock. Kiss on my big FFF titties and suck on my big chocolate nipples. Take your tongue and glide it all over my big titties and big, oversized nipples. Now I want you to get up and get on me like you’re sitting on my stomach. Pull that big, hard cock out and start smacking it on my titties.

One by one, let each of my nipples feel that heavy cock caresses them. I look down and spit on your dick, getting it wet and ready to play. You tell me to hold my titties up with my hands, so I do as I’m told, and you start rubbing your big dick all over my big titties and watch them jiggle and shake. I can feel your dick getting heavier and heavier than I notice it’s time for the big show! You have me spit on your big cock one more time and then I hold my titties up and you slide that dick right in between my titties. You get harder the more you watch my nipples shake and jiggle as you fuck my titties so good.

You pull your cock out and shove your hard dick right down my throat. You grab me by my hair and fuck my face any way you want to. I get your dick so wet, you push me on my back and start fucking my titties once again. I demanded that you release your cum all over my black titties. I want my titties to have so much cum on boobs that they look white! You pull your cock from between my titties and spray your nut all over my robust chest. You even get some on my face and lips. I lick my lips and start playing in your creme. Titty fucking is so hot, but eating all of your cum is even better!


Naughty neighbor phone sex has me coming over a trench coat.

          Naughty neighbor phone sex has me coming over in a trench coat. You never know though what is hidden under the coat. 😉That is right I got the big bobbies, teeny tiny waist and big bubble butt. All completely bare. Saunter into the house, knowing we are cucking my husband. Grasping your cock. Mm…that is a big dick to keep encased. We should let him out to play. Save a horse ride a cowboy. Do a little reverse cowgirl. As shown above it is thrilling. Role play is a form of entertainment between neighbors.

            Feeling the dick going up into the pussy. The juices seeping down along your dick, onto your balls. You know what these Sexy breasts are good for? They are like the reins of leading. Pinch them to elicit a response. Want me to ride you faster cowboy? Give them a twist to see what way I will turn.  Naughty neighbor phone sex            Riding you, thighs that are made of solid muscle. Riding you at gallop until knees buckle, legs feel like Jell-O, still I ride you. Holding you on the brink. Going to make you pop like warm champagne and still your naughty neighbor fucks you. Do you know why I do it? Because it’s wrong. It feels so good though. Making the porn together.

            Riding you all the way until I finally allow you to cum as I gush over you. Covering you. Soaking the both of us. To be sure it is a fun ride. Deep inside. You get to feel the explosion, the pulsating. The best porn is the one you make with your naughty neighbor.

Foot fetishes

Foot fetishes

Foot fetishes are so much fun, especially when you have beautiful feet like mine. I love dressing up in fishnet stockings and sometimes even regular nylons. It feels good on my feet to even just wiggle my toes around. Yummy! I have quite a few pairs of beautiful stilettos that look amazing with these stockings. Then you can look at and admire my legs too.

                I want to be barefoot for this next exercise. How do you like my painted toenails, by the way? Are you ready to get a nice little foot job tonight? I put my toes on either side of your hard, meaty cock and I work my little toes around, up, and down on your dick. I feel you get harder and stiffer as I work my toes. I work them until you are ready to pop like a volcano.

                I can feel your cock pulse as your cum oozes out and down my toes. My feet get all covered, and it feels gooey. I put my toes in your mouth so you can suck your own cum off them.

Mutual masturbation stories a cock, a cunt jizzing together.

            Mutual masturbation stories a cock, a cunt jizzing together.  To be sure there is nothing better than mutual gratification. Watching and learning what pleases, that special place to touch. Know that in the long run both are getting off and seeing the passion flare. Fingers slick with juices. Now there are many different stories to be told but there is one that I will begin with. Mutual masturbation

            As an illustration of what the important aspects are, close your eyes and picture these high thrusting breasts, long shapely legs, narrow waist, as shown above red lacy panties, bra discarded. Fingers trace my lips. Whisper soft breath. Blue eyes looking through long black lashes as you begin to lightly touch yourself.

            As a Hot sexy woman my little pink tongue darts out as you start to grow. Fingers trail down my neck circling my areolas. Pinch the numbers until they are hard. Rolling them between my thumb and forefinger. Moaning. Watching you, watching me. Cock growing as my legs fall open. Fingers down across the belly, dipping between my labia lips.

            Nail between the ring piercing. Scraping over the clitoris. All things considered just watching you idly stroke your cock, getting harder as you are watching me teasing and playing. Deep down in my throat comes a moan. Almost like a growl. To be sure it would be fitting a fucking hot cougar like me watching as you are getting harder.

Mutual Masturbation stories a cock, a cunt jizzing together.

            Fingers delving into my pussy, parting those lips wide open. Watch as it goes deep inside the pussy. It’s pussy control. Swirl the finger around inside. Covering it in my juices. Rubbing it over my great big breasts. The nips glistening as I dip my head down eyes on you watching you as I flick some pink tongue over the nips pulling the juices off. Dipping, moaning, stroking, at the same time you are getting rock hard.

            All of a sudden, we cum together. Shouting out as we begin to jizz together. Squirting everywhere. Cum one cum all to the festival of jizz.