Hello boys, i’m your kinky goddess Lena. You better be prepared to bow down to me while you empty your wallet for your sexy princess! I was raised in a very affluent family and I have always loved all of the finer things in life, especially my men! My standards are high and I expect them to be met, you better be prepared to handle a woman of my caliber, not many can! I am a queen and I am proud of it! My financial domination over you drives you fucking wild and you love every moment of it! You better feel lucky and blessed to even be in the presence of such an ethereal goddess such as myself, I’m very picky with who I give my precious time to. If you’re not up to my liking with your sexual skills then I’ll be sure to make use of you in plenty of other ways. After all, the only thing you’re good for is catering to my wants and needs like a good little pay pig. Drain your bank account to make me happy and show how appreciative you are to even be talking to me! I’m always wanting a new cuckold too, I need a bitch boy who’s ready to lick up all of that warm and gooey cum that the real gentleman shoot deep inside of my tight little fuck holes. If you’re a good cuck, I may even allow you to sit in the corner and watch me get fucked while you pathetically hump a pillow. I love the amusement that I get from humiliating you little dick losers while you get off on how fucking sexy I am! Let me take your fantasies and fetishes to new levels that you have never experienced before, the high of the thrill will drive you wild! What can I say though, I am the addiction that you can’t stop, the forbidden fruit that you love to indulge in! I’ll have you feeling certain ways that you never even imagined were possible! Be a good boy and show me how much you want to worship my perfect body! I love my brat life and I love how weak you are for me! You intensely crave me and you know that my happiness is all that matters!

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