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Gingers Desire

cocksucking phone sex

I want to choke on some big long cocks. Sometimes I fantasize about sucking big black cocks. I know my partner would be really turned on by cuckolding. I talked about it with him before and he said it would actually get him hard to watch me sucking a big black cock. I’ve been looking all over for a nice hung black man to suck off in front of my husband. I was at the bar the other night. I saw a man that was really tall and looked like he might have a big black dick so I invited him back to my place. he said are you sure that your partner wouldn’t mind me and you getting freaky together. I said I think it would turn him on more actually. so we decided to meet up in a hotel. my husband sat in a chair and watched as I took the man’s pants down and started sucking on his huge black dick. it was probably 10 inches or more. my husband said he wanted to watch me get fucked in the ass with that big black cock he started jacking off as he watched him ram himself deep inside of me. I started yelling out and moaning with the pleasure. we fucked for about an hour straight. And he penetrated both my holes until I came all over the sheets.

Tanisha So Tempting

cocksucking phone sexI am reaady to fuck tonight. As you all know I’m a high-class escort. I cater to the sexual needs of very wealthy men that I meet in bars. we get to talking and we have a little conversation. and before we know it we are drunk and tipsy falling all over each other. im ready to fuck. that’s when I let them drive me home and we get in my bed and we make passionate love to each other. now honey, I may be a lady on the street but a freak in the sheets. I like having my hair pulled in my ass spanked. I’m not satisfied until I get at least 1 bruise or scratch on me during sex. rough sex is best and nothing pleases me more than riding some big cock. I like the grind on the dick and I can go for hours. you can hit it from behind all night and I promise to make it the most divine experience you ever had. I’m a freak.

Mixing Buisness With Pleasure

     domination porn   Is it cool to fuck on my lunch break? I decided that I deserved a little more credit for what I was doing at the office. I’m just a secretary but I’ve heard some rumors that one of our ladies is banging the boss. That’s why she got to move up in management so quickly. As an attractive blond I’m sure that I could work my charms on the boss as well so after work one evening I went into his office. I had a low-cut shirt on and my titties were popping out of it. I closed the door behind me and I said mister Parker. What’s a girl gotta do to get a raise around here.  He turned around in his swivel chair and looked me up and down. ‘For starters you could take off your clothes’ he said the smile. I stripped down naked and one thing led to another. He had me bent over the desk in the office and I was moaning while he penetrated me with his large cock. Looks like I know how to fuck my way to the top.

Gingers Naughty Appointment

cocksucking phone sex 

  My doctor is so hot. I want to sit on his face. I had an appointment with my counselor. I was wearing a really tight dress and some high heels. I was sitting on the couch in my psychologists office. He pulled his glasses down on his face and looked up at me from his notes. Miss Ginger, please excuse me for asking, but when was the last time you had sex. Well doctor I’ve been going through a rough time with my partner we haven’t hooked up in about a month. I see, said the doctor looking at me with a sparkle in his eye. Such a shame a pretty woman like you needs some love and affection. Well doctor I wanted to express my true feelings. I’ve always had a crush on you. Do you think that maybe you could help me take care of my needs? ‘Ginger I’ve had deep sexual feelings for you for quite some time.’ I just didn’t know how to tell you but I don’t want to hold back any longer.’ Then he pulled me in close to him and reached for my buttons. He took off my dress. I spread my legs open and he put his cock deep inside of me. We ended up fucking right in his office, on the sofa.

Introducing Sexy Tanisha

cocksucking phone sexIts so scandelous how many men I fucked. In my little black book I have a long list of the married men I sleep with and they always treat me like a princess. But I get very very naughty in the bedroom with them. I have a wealthy lawyer he takes me on dates. The other night we were in his condo. And I was doing an exotic dance for him. Then I took off my clothes. We were making passionate love. He bent me over the kitchen table I enjoyed his long cock stimulating the places deep inside of me. My pussy was so wet that I could hear the juices. I I love being an escort and I wouldn’twouldn’t have it any other way. Even though I may be a slut you will never find one as classy as me. I was sucking dick on the boat i miami with my rich client. He told me he might get a private house just for me and him.


Ginger Invites A Plus One

domination pornI want to fuck both guys and girls. I decided that it would be hot if I brought a female freind into the bedroom for a threesome. She was a really sexy redhead. And my husband was very excited cuz I havent let him have a threesome to often but I was willing to a for the sake of making a relationship more provacative, plus the girl was really hot. I couldn’t stop checking her out. She came over in a really sexy black bra and panty set. My husband watched as I started to take her bra and panties off and I slowly started kissing her. Me and her were making out and we were both drunk so it was even sexier. Husband said why don’t you start sucking on her nipples so that’s what I did and before I knew it I was licking her pussy too. Drunk lesbian fucking is the best. I want to bring her over more often.

Gingers Office Fling

cuckold phone sexMy coworker obviously had a huge crush on me. He always seemed very interested whenever I had something to say. One day I sent him an email with a number he could call me at. Within an hour he was calling me and he said he wanted meet me for dinner. So we went out to a fancy Italian restaurant, it was so romantic he asked me if I was in a relationship. I told him that I was single now, because of a recent breakup. You said well would you be interested in maybe just being friends with benefits, if you’re not ready to move on just yet? I said yes I haven’t had sex in a while and I really just need some good dick. So I took him back to my place and we had some wonderful sex. His dick was really big, probably about nine inches.There’s just something about a sexy hook up from work.

Ginger Gets A Surprise

domination phone sex.It was just a typical day. I was taking my dog for a walk outside when all of a sudden I saw a very handsome guy outside moving his lawn. His muscular body stopped me right in my tracks. I had never seen him before. He must be new in this neighborhood. So I tried to get his attention while I walked by. He kind had a naughty look in his eyes. As he waved t me. I got home after my walk and was getting ready to wind down for the evening. I didn’t expect my partner to come home until about 9. I heard a knock at the door. I just assumed it was him so I came to the door in nothing but my bra and panties. I opened the door and I almost fell over. How humiliating. It wasn’t my partner. It was the hot guy I had seen earlier. “I just couldn’t let you out of my sight.” he said pulling me in close to him. Before we knew it we were fucking on the couch doggy style.

Gingers Screw On The Stairs

cum on boobsI let him fuck me on the stairs. I guess you could say that I am a bit of a wild and adventurous woman. I’ve had a fantasy about being fucked on a staircase for a while now. And waiting for it to come true. I finally got my chance the other night. One of the guys was doing maintenance work on my house working till about 5 p.m. My partner wasn’t home so I took that as the opportunity to shoot my shot with him. I said you have a very nice body. All that construction work has made you very chiseled. Your body is so sexy and strong. I bet you really know how to thrill a woman. I could tell he was interested in me too, because he said ” I been checking you out for a while and you are a sexy cougar, you got the nicest legs and ass.” So one thing led to another before we know it we were fucking on the staircase.

Gingers Affair

cocksucking phone sexI’m already in a relationship but I have had my eye on someone for a while. I have known him since college and he works in the same office as me. Whenever me and my partner are going through problems he was always a confiding ear that would listen to me. The more we talk the more we found we had a common. And one thing led to another. More recently he tried asking me out but I already have a boyfriend. So I knew it would get complicated. He said “you know what I don’t care that you’re in a relationship, I just have a strong bond with you and I want to take things to the next level.” so he took me back to his place one night, when my partner was still at work late. We ended up fucking in his king size bed. I am so glad I can keep this little fling a secret for now.

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