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Exhibitionist Slut Farah Flaunts Her Body To Teen Boys

exhibitionist slutI am an exhibitionist slut. Maybe you wished I was your neighbor. My neighbor’s son returned from college last month. And this sexy milf greeted him properly. We play games when he comes home. I ring his doorbell and just put my tits up to the Ring so he can see my nice boobs. He’s a tit man. But he thinks my boobs look perfect. Not too small and not too big.  Just right.

And I think his cock fits perfectly between my breasts and inside my cunt. Anytime I want to fuck him, I simply flash him outside and either he comes over to fuck me or I fuck him at his place. His parents seem to rarely be around. Not a problem for me. Gives me more access to junior.

I Love Showing My Sexy Body to Younger Men

He came over last night and did not leave until this morning. We started with him titty fucking my sexy breasts. He enjoys giving me an old-fashioned pearl necklace. I let him come quickly the first time because his rebound time seems impressive even for a young stud. When you fuck younger men, the key is to let them cum quickly the first time. They last forever on round two. Adam fucked me in all sorts of positions. Because I do yoga daily, I can get into quite a few positions.

We even ass fucked. I love a hard cock in my ass. And I have for years. But Adam’s cock fits me perfectly. Although I am not submissive, I do let him fuck me hard. At my age, I can handle a hardcore ass fuck. I am not even sore today. But Adam told me his cock appears a little raw. That’s because my ass feels that tight on a dick. And we did fuck so long I felt like an ass sex porn star. Going to be a great summer with Adam right next door to me.

His Ass fetish obsession gets dirty Jack in trouble

Let’s call him Jack, he has a bad Ass fetish obsession that gets him into a lot of trouble with the wife. I alway smell trouble when he comes around but I can’t resist his fat hard cock. I mean I am a woman with needs, it get’s a bit tired sometimes always humiliating small pricked fucks. When I get the chance to be worshipped and dominated all at once, I jump at the opportunity.Ass fetish

We met at a  risqué vacation resort, I was with some friends and he and his wife went with another couple. It wasn’t supposed to be some sloppy fuck fest but a sophisticated sensual experience. He wasn’t supposed to end up with me, he was there to “reconnect” with the wife. Too bad her ass can’t touch mine in a hundred lifetimes.

When I found out he had a thing for Exhibitionist sex, the gloves were off. I was going to fuck the stuck up bitch’s husband and if I was lucky she’ll get to watch me in action. We were by the pool when I had my moment. I took off my top and exposed my perfect breasts. His cock was at attention, and he didn’t hesitate to take in every curve, every inch of my luscious body. It sent him into a frenzy!

He totally lost himself when my mouth gripped his cock. I am a master of cock and the married men always appreciate my throat. I could feel my pussy juices drip down my legs the deeper he shoved his cock in my throat. I haven’t been faced fucked like that in a while. I couldn’t take it any longer, I bent over and he went to town on my ass.

His tongue saturated my ass, getting it nice and wet for the pounding. I know he couldn’t wait to stick it in. While he was pumping my ass, he told him he never felt a tighter hole. I made him worship it by saying I was better than his bitch wife.

It was the perfect timing. She walked in on us right when he said it. The look on her face made me squirt harder than I ever have. We didn’t stop either, he just fucked me even harder and kept saying how much hotter and better I am.

He shot his load deep inside of me and you know I was looking in the bitch’s eyes the whole time. And when I was done, I let out a little laugh and said “That’s how you make a man cum!” He always needs a taste of me now. He needs my ass and Phone sex therapy just to be in the same room with her. I love being a homewrecker! 


Sexy babe showing off for the neighborhood pervs!

Sexy babeI will always be your side piece as long as you give me what I need. Once you come over to my house I will make your wildest dreams come true. I already have my camera set up so we can create the sexiest one on one sessions together. Are you ready to watch me be a Sexy babe on film? I don’t think you are prepared or ready for all the things I can do for you. The minute you see my sexy collection with all my naughty content you will have your cock out. So I think it’s time to sit back and relax while I put on a show for you baby!

The blinds are pulled to the side just a little bit too; it’s the perfect view for someone to accidentally see what I am doing. Isn’t that how you first found out about all my nasty little escapades I have? Of course the second you come over to my place you will tell me all about your sneaky encounters too. We will share the best Mutual masturbation stories with one another until we cum hard. Well if you are hard and ready to play I am here waiting for you to connect with me!

Ass Fetish Expert Teaches You Anilingus Acrobatics

Ass Fetish Turns You Into an Anilingus Acrobat

As an expert in ass fetish fun, it’s my job to turn you into an anilingus acrobat. You never thought you would like eating ass. But you forget everything when you have a beautiful woman with her legs in front of you. Start slowly. Devour my cunt until you’re ready to slide that tongue down to that chocolate starfish. 

ass fetish

Rim my asshole with your tongue and watch me shiver. My moans get more addicting the more you tickle my asshole. Drawing circles around my asshole with your wet tongue. Your cock is still rock hard. You like the way the crinkles of my asshole tease your tongue. And you love watching my toes curl when you drag your tongue up from my tight asshole to my sloppy wet pussy. But I’ve never been a patient woman. We’re going to take your ass fetish to whole new levels. 

Eating Ass Leads To Ass Sex Porn

It’s your turn to lie down on the bed. Your cock is jumping and leaking precum. I think it deserves a little attention. I sit on your face reverse cowgirl. Your tongue is teasing my asshole again and I start stroking your cock. The more I ride your face the more my holes get hungry for that cock. You’re going to use my mouth first. I push your dick balls deep down my throat. From this angle, you can see the slippery wet asshole so much better. 

ass fetish

You don’t even hesitate. You spread my ass cheeks apart and push your face into my asshole. Your tongue pushes it’s way into my ass hole. The tip of your tongue twists and turns in my ass. Then darts back and forth. It looks like I woke up the real ass fetish pervert inside of you. 

You definitely deserve an award for your anilingus acrobatics. I climb off your face and climb on to your cock. You did such a good job of lubing up my ass it would be a waste not to use it. I slide my dick on that thick dick. My asshole is still so fucking tight, but the spit leaking from my asshole is perfect for making it nice and slippery. I can ride your dick like this all night. 

Phone Humiliation Is Perfect for Foot & Ass Licking Losers

You Beg for Phone Humiliation

Phone humiliation is for pathetic losers with little cocks. You know you deserve to be treated like you’re the dirt stuck to the bottom of my shoe. With your pathetic little foot fetish you have, I bet you wish you were the dirt underneath my shoe. How about we start there. Lay down on the floor and I’ll step into my sexiest heels.

I won’t step on you until you start begging for it. I want to hear the pathetic moaning and see that cute dicklet starting to throb. You’re going to have to lick my shoes to prove how badly you want it. Only the most pathetic little pet can take their foot fetishes that far. When I’m satisfied with the way you polish my heel, I’ll finally give you the privilege of stepping on you. My heel digs in deep, but you like the little bit of pain when I put all my weight down on you. I use my other heel to tease your cock.

phone humiliation

Mistress Mercy Satisfies Your Ass and Foot Fetishes

I laugh at how small it is. Then I laugh at how desperate you are. Your tiny prick looks so swollen> I was hoping it would get bigger at some point, but it’s obvious you’re not a grower or a shower. Since you can’t make me cum with that tiny cock, then I’ll have to use your tongue instead.

I spread my sexy legs and take a seat on your face. Then I tell you to put your filthy tongue inside my asshole. You’re lucky that you even get to do that. Clean that dirty shit hole like the pathetic pet you are. I keep teasing your cock with my heels. The moment I wrap my hand around your cock and start to stroke you’re cumming all over yourself. Tiny and sensitive. The way I like my little playthings.

Sexy dominatrix will have you drenched

Since I’m your Sexy dominatrix, you worship me in any way I want. “Tonight, you will clean me up” I say as I lay back and spread my legs. “It was a fun weekend and I got fucked very well” I tease you as I play with my cunty. “There were many loads of thick cum pumped in me and I have been saving it for you” as you hear me say that you kneel in front of me. You start to sniff my pussy as it twitches with thick cum starting to drip out of me.

It doesn’t take long for your tongue to start scooping sperm out of me. Even though my eyes were closed, I could feel you were stroking your cock hard. The slurping sounds and jerking sounds made my cunty drip. Therefore, I bend over and spread my pretty ass for you. Since you have been my bitch, you learned I have a thing for my ass getting licked. There’s nothing like a hottie with an Ass fetish. You feel my hands grab your head and push it deeper into my ass. I don’t care if you can’t breathe, it is your job to get me off.

Sexy dominatrix

After some licking, I rub my clit and my pussy tightens. Finally, I start to squirt, “Don’t waste any juices,” I moan out. So, you make sure to drink every drop. Even though your face is drenched with my orgasm, I still need to tinkle and will have you really wet. I stand over you and start to release my bladder all over you. “Thank you, mistress,” you moan as you jack off looking up to my cunty spraying you. That is what you needed to make you cum. Knowing you are used for anything by this hottie is all you need.

Naughty teacher gets dominated

I love when I get a Naughty teacher who needs to be dominated. In class you have to be in charge but with me you will not be. “Get on your knees and greet me correctly. Therefore, you get down and start kissing me feet. You work your way up and I turn around. I lift my skirt and expose my pussy and ass. “Show me how much you worship your mistress” I say as I spread my cheeks. A teacher like you is well known.

Naughty teacher

To have you on your knees licking my ass begging for more humiliation and domination gets me excited. As you lick my asshole, I grab your head and push your tongue deeper into my ass. “Lick me like a sissy bidet” I laugh as I suffocate him with my ass cheeks. “I have a surprise for you today” I say teasingly. “For your homework, you will wear these panties while you worship my cunt and make me squirt” I instruct you while I play with my cunty.


Bossing you around made me very excited. After your ass is wearing the panties that I picked for you, you get back in between my spread Sexy legs. Once you start licking my click, you know to work your way back down to my asshole. That is because my fetish is to have my beautiful booty licked while I masturbate my clit.

It is the best way for me to cum and drench you, just like I like. You follow great instructions like any sissy student needs to with his sexy dom. After some time, you feel my clench and you push deeper into my ass like a hungry slut. That is when my pussy squirts all your face. “You look better dripping in my juices” I say laughing. Now we will set up your new assignment. 

Sexy chicks always get fucked hard

Sexy chicksIt’s obvious that Sexy chicks can get cock whenever they want. Especially nice BBC because usually a nice black man loves fucking tight white pussy. Dean is one of my favorite fucks because his cock is so thick but also pretty long. When he slams his cock in me while my legs are pushed back over my head I can always feel him deep in my guts. As he pumps himself in and out me so fast I can feel my cunt walls stretching over his shaft and my cervix cramping up. It’s almost like pain mixed with pleasure and it’s wonderful. I moan and scream all at the same time while I beg for more!

One of the reasons Dean likes to fuck me so much is because I have the sluttiest mouth and give him Great blowjobs. He loves a natural woman too and I always make sure to be nice and fixed up. I love leaving some hair for him to play with but I also make sure my lips are nice and trimmed up. It makes it so much hotter to look at while he splits my hot little hole open. When he is about to cum he likes to pull out and blow his load all over my hairy mound!

My Neighbor Has an Ass Fetish and He Wanted Mine

ass fetish


So, I recently learned that my neighbor has an Ass fetish. We’ve slept together quite a few times and he’s never once tried to put it in my ass. Last night we were out back on his deck having a couple drinks because the cool air was nice and crisp around sundown. He was definitely feeling a bit frisky, I could tell.

He kept slapping my ass when I walked by or would rub up against my ass whenever I would lean up against the side railing. When we sat down on the couch, I sat between his legs. He was in a cuddly mood; I could tell the drinks were kicking in full gear. He rubbed my shoulders and slipped my bra off exposing my sexy breasts.

Nothing Better Than Being Man Handled

I loved feeling his rough hard-working hands run over my nipples. He was a construction worker, so he has calloused hands. They feel amazing when they’re gliding over my hard nipples, it sends shivers down my back. Ever since we started fucking, I’ve never left his house without being filled full of cum. He enjoys shooting his hot load deep inside my juicy wet pussy. 

As we sat there, I could feel his cock getting harder and harder, pressing up against my ass. He asked me to stand up, so I did. He lifted up my dress, I wasn’t wearing any panties like usual. My nice tight round ass was in his face. He turned me around just a little, so my ass was directly in his face. Who could resist a hot sexy woman like me anyways? 

He took his hands and spread my ass cheeks apart and shoved his face right between them. Fuck his tongue felt so good. I never knew he was an ass man. He didn’t skip a beat at all, he was tongue fucking my ass like no other. I knew he was getting my ass ready for a good pounding. If you want to know what he did next, you’re going to have to pick up the phone and call me and let’s have some sexy chat!

Ass Sex Porn Makes Young Men Want to Fuck Mature Women in the Ass

ass sex pornDo you like ass sex porn? I love watching it and making it. Younger men all love anal sex. Perhaps, that is because most of the porn today includes hardcore anal clips. I never even tried anal sex until I was in my 20s. It happened accidentally. We had too much to drink and he had the wrong hole, LOL. But I have been an anal whore ever since.

One of my boys of summer loves anal sex videos. However, he never fucked a girl in the ass before. So, I told him that he could fuck my ass. I love teaching boys more than just psychology. Sex Education needs taught to young guys too. It is how they learn to please mature women like me as they get older.

Since this student harbors a strong ass fetish, I figure no body better to teach him the joys of ass sex than me. When I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass last night he got so excited. Perhaps, in his mind he thought he won the lottery. And I guess to a young man obsessed with anal sex, he did win the lottery. Schoolgirls and coeds do not think the same way about anal sex as mature women.

This Dirty Teacher Loves Hot Ass Sex

I sucked his young cock first to get it hard, but I really did not need to give him head. When I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass, he just got super hard. After I slobbered on his hard dick, I oiled it up and asked him if he had thought about a position. He wanted me on top. The boy had put thought into it. And I made his ass sex fantasies a reality.

Since I am his naughty teacher too, I instructed him how to pleasure my pussy as he fucked my ass. We both came so hard. And he left me with a huge anal creampie. But I suspect we will ass fuck a lot more. My ass hurts so good now.