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Hello there horny boys and men. My name is Farah. I am a retired Health Education teacher. Do you know what that means? I’m a sex education teacher, a sort of sexpert. I worked in a school full of horny boys and girls who told me all sorts of wild things. Plus I raised four offspring of my own. Two boys and two girls. As a single mother, I had to be the one to have the birds and the bees conversation with my sons and daughters. And because I was a hot MILF sex education teacher, I had to have that talk with a lot of other folks too.

I owe my school teacher days to making me the knowledgeable, open minded, classy cougar I am today. Are you a chronic masturbator? Well, I can teach you all sorts of guided masturbation techniques for self control. Even instruct you on how to best pleasure yourself. I’ll throw in for fun a few lessons on how to better pleasure me too! Are you a premature ejaculator? I have all sorts of cock control tricks to make you last like edge play and tease and denial games. Perhaps you struggle with your sexual identity? If you are bi-curious, a cross dresser, a sissy boy, a panty boy, even just a closeted homosexual, I can provide you with a safe, nurturing environment to explore your hidden desires. I offer phone sex therapy a little on the twisted side. Your secret life is safe with me. I may even be able to help you embrace your true self; teach you to be proud of what ever kinky fetish you may have. Perhaps you have a small dick and worry if your wife is satisfied? I can help you become a cuckold; instruct you on how to procure cock for your wife, maybe even teach you to be a good fluffer boy. Trust me it will be the best cuckold phone sex you have ever experienced!

Although I am a sexpert, comfortable with a wide array of sexual fetishes and kinks, I am still just a mature woman in her sexual prime who likes to fuck. I can be a sophisticated hottie you wine and dine; the kind of woman you can have an intellectual conversation with then make love to all night long. Or, I can be a dirty whore you fuck against the wall in a dark alley. I’m also a naughty switch depending on my mood. So, I can be a sensual dominatrix who smothers you with my pussy while laughing at your tiny pecker, or a submissive whore you make gag on your cock and fuck in the ass.

I promise you this. We can talk about anything; explore anything. From the vanilla to the kinky, this sexpert cougar enjoys it all.

Just a few of my favorite things include:

Roleplay Phone Sex
Sissy Training Phone Sex and Sissy Phone Sex
Sensual Domination sexy chat
Cuckold phone sex


  1. LYDIA


  2. Rod

    HI I need sissy boy training to be puplic humilled I been very nateey. I shot cum all over a window in front of a few teenage girls they told me to like it off or they would tell on me .then gave me a warm cup of the boyfriends piss I had to drink that to

  3. Rod

    Right now I’m sitting on the bed girls next door want me to dress up sissy my friend called and told me said if I show off enough they might pay me

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