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Sissy maid stories from My countryside estate orgy

Sissy maid stories from a mistress such as I who has worked hard to build her empire, But Now Have to deal with getting the best sexy sissies as my maids and servants! Oh, I have a special plan for the bitches of my household staff. See, I have penchant for little dicked men, and love using them as personal housekeepers and ‘fluffers.’ You know I have assembled a team of sissy maids, all of whom are more than happy to serve their mistress in any way! 💋

Sissy maid stories from My countryside estate orgy

My favorite among them is a man named Tim. Tim has a natural submissive streak and loves nothing more than dressing in frilly maid outfits and doing chores around the house. He is also more than happy to service Mistress Gwen’s other male guests, acting as a ‘fluffer’ to get them ready to fuck Miss Gwen with big hard hung cocks!  Tim is always eager to show off his cocksucking talents and is always willing to be a cum catcher!  He is also more than happy to Lick a big load off his Mistress’s face as a sign of his devotion.🧚Sissy maid stories One day, I decided to throw a wild Sex party at my countryside estate. Inviting all of Sissy Whore Tim’s favorite hung men! It was time to put all of Tim’s Sissy maid training on display! I put him in his best sissy maid dress and put him on the floor. Queen of the sissy maids has a reputation to hold up, after all! The best sissy maids were on hand to serve and entertain.

Sissy maid training for Tim Shows at My Orgy!

Tim was especially busy, darting between guests with a tray of cocktails and offering his cock ‘fluffing’ services to anyone who needed them. The party soon turned into a wild and steamy orgy. Mistress watches with delight as her guests paired off and began to explore each other’s bodies. How proud I am as I saw Tim on his knees, eagerly deep throating one of the other 9-inch cocks! 🍆💦

Naughty Neighbor’s Wet Adventure

 Naughty neighbor phone sexI’m that girl—the slutty neighbor every guy drooled over. My petite frame clad in revealing dresses drove them wild, and the thought of their lusty gazes turned me on.

One day, leaving the building, I noticed a certain neighbor staring—his eyes fixated on my cleavage. I smirked, knowing the effect I had on him. Little did he know the effect he’d soon have on me.

As I stepped into the elevator, a naughty idea struck. I slipped a hand into my soaked panties and began finger-banging my hungry pussy.Unbeknownst to me, he’d followed me in. And there he stood, a lustful smirk on his face, his massive cock out and ready.

The elevator doors began to close, and I had a choice: be a good girl or embrace the slut within. Fuck it, I thought, going straight for his constitution.I stroked his meaty pole, coating it in my juices. Then, I begged him to bend me over and impale me. He had me against the wall, my back arched, my ass pointed at him.

But this horny neighbor had a kinky side. Instead of my pussy, his thick cock found my tight asshole. He stretched me out, making me moan and whimper. My fingers never stopped working my clit, and the feeling of his rod in my bowels was heavenly.His balls slapped against my wet cunt, and I could taste his desire as he held my head and thrust into my mouth. We were making our own naughty neighbor porn, and the only sensible thing to do was to ride that cock until neither of us could stand.

I came hard, my juices dripping down my thighs. He grunted, releasing his load—a warm, thick blast that left me satisfied and basking in the glory of our taboo tryst.

Small dick humiliation is the cruel reminder you deserve

Small dick humiliationHello, mortals. Looking for Small dick humiliation? Good thing you found me, the illustrious and sultry Mistress Lena. You are lucky to have me grace you with my presence! I know, I know, you’re probably trembling in anticipation, wondering what filthy secrets I’ll reveal about my life as a hot, sophisticated domme. Well, wonder no more, for I am here to share with you the ins and outs of being a goddess among men.

Let’s start with the object of your desire, my perfect, heavenly ass. I can feel your eyes devouring it as I walk past you, your tongue begging for just a taste. But alas, you will never have the pleasure of touching or tasting something so divine, for I am far out of your league. My ass is a masterpiece, a work of art that deserves to be worshipped from afar. Bow down, mere mortal, and show some respect.

I know you can’t help but stare at as I saunter by with my Sexy legs!  They are long, toned, and strong as hell. The perfect complement to my round, irresistible ass. I can see the jealousy and envy in your eyes, the way you wish you had legs even half as amazing as mine. But no, you are stuck in your weak, feeble body, while I continue to strut around in my stilettos, flexing my powerful muscles.

And speaking of weak and feeble, let’s talk about your tiny, worthless dick. Yes, I know, I can see the embarrassment and shame on your face, the way you try to hide it when you’re around me. But there’s no point in denying it, for I can see right through you. Your pathetic excuse for a cock is no match for any pussy, I mean how did you become such a lame fucking loser?

You’re style is totally basic, its completely fucking pathetic. You try to play off like you’re a real man but in fact you are just a teeny weeny, short dicked sucker. Good thing you have enough cash to burn for my attention. my fiery, dominant personality will show you how small you truly are pig. 

As your new role as my Sissy humiliation slave, you will have to serve whatever cock I give you. No matter what the grith of the meat, it goes deep in your slutty sissy hole. I know, I know, it sounds like a dream come true for you, doesn’t it? 

You need to be at the mercy of a hot, sophisticated mistress like me, doing my bidding and worshipping my every curve. And believe me, I will make sure to take full advantage of your weakness and obsession with me. I will be sure to dress you in the pinkest, frilliest outfit just to add to the humiliation. And of course, I will make you bend over and take it like the worthless sissy you are, All while I laugh and mock you and your clitty will be begging to bust.

Don’t worry, my dear sissy, I will be fair and just in my domination of you. I will give you the chance to prove yourself to me, to show me that you are worthy of my attention and affection. And who knows, if you’re lucky, I might even let you touch my perfect body, as long as you worship it properly. You need to show the proper amount of respect and devotion. Bow down slave and submit to my will!


Phone humiliation for the teeny-weeny penis.

            Phone humiliation for the teeny-weeny penis. Going to show humiliate you over the phone telling you just how small of a dick you have. At the same time knowing that you are being cucked by every woman in your life. Going to make you watch. The reason for this being that no one wants a teeny-weeny penis. Normally your penis is supposed to be three times larger than your thumb when hard. Yours never grew from the time you were born and now no one wants a three-inch penis. That isn’t worth anything. Phone humiliation

            Balls need to be shaved. Pushed back. Turning you into a sissy. After all something that is so very small you already are in line to humiliated constantly. In fact, Cuckold phone sex is what you get when you have a teen-weeny penis.

            Sing with me now. Inni weeny teeny weeny shriveled little, short dick man. Admit it. Dead eye dick was right on the mark when they wrote this song. You are not a doubt one of the reasons that this song was written. Being forced into crossdressing is not a leap. You are a sissy after all. Tiny small dick means you don’t have the nerves that a clit has but you are not a man either. You are an abomination.

            In summary take what you are offered for you will suffer the indignity of being cucked by your partner. Made to wear her clothes, suffer the indignation over the phone. Finally, you will be subjected to the Small dick humiliation for the icing on the cake.

Sissy humiliation is what this hottie will give you

I love when I get a married daddy who just needs Sissy humiliation. he knows his little white cock could never please me. Therefore, I had a friend over with a big black cock. “You see how big his fuck is? ” I say to him teasing and grabbing the big cock. “Yours isn’t near as close to this black cock” I laugh and say. Then I get close to you and start pushing it down my throat. After a bit I look at him and say “suck his balls”.

Sissy humiliation

Right away you suck his balls and your man clitty starts to twitch. “You are such a pathetic sissy; his cock made your clitty wake up” I laugh and humiliate. I then take my panties off and right away sit on his cock. After that I grab your head and push it down to his balls. “Lick his balls and ass too, that is what a little dick bitch has to do” I moan as I ride his bbc. My just drip down to your for head as I bounce hard. Then you moan ” I need to rub my clitty”.

“That’s all you can do with such small white cock” I laugh and fuck. “Rub your clit like I do mine” I say spreading my Sexy legs even more. As I fuck his bbc, you lick ass and start to rub your clitty too. The hard I rub my pussy clit the closer I get to squirting. When I finally do, your clitty squirts all over your hard. “You made a bigger mess than I did” I laugh as I grab the bbc out my cunt. “Now suck his load out and drain him too” I demand of you as I walk away. You are here for me to dominate and humiliate you like a sissy bitch. 

Sissy humiliation trains your tongue for the whore Olympics!

Sissy humiliation

Sissy humiliation trains your tongue for the whore Olympics! I have an eye for sissy sluts. They love to pretend to be so manly, but I know what’s packing in between your legs. A little clitty just begging to be abused. 

I’m not afraid to push the limits. I’ll make your tongue work non-stop, and your bussy won’t be spared either. I’m here to train you to be the best whore you can be, and I won’t settle for anything less.

My sessions are not for the faint of heart. I demand obedience and submission from my sissies. You will do as you’re told, and if you’re a good little slut, you might just earn my praise. But don’t worry, even if you’re not the best, I’ll still make sure you’re thoroughly humiliated.

I expect Great blowjobs by that slutty mouth. I want tears streaming down your eyes and snot pouring out. Your makeup will be smeared all over your face when those cocks shoot you up with splooge. You’ll eat out my cum filled ass while I torture your sad little clitty. So tiny, may as well turn it inside out!

But what sets me apart from other dominatrixes is my attention to detail. I’ll make sure every inch of your body is soaked in cum and humiliated. From your toes to your clitty, nothing will be spared. I take pride in my work, and I’m not satisfied until I see my sissies broken and begging for mercy.

You’re a whore who needs extreme Forced feminization, you have no choice. I’ll make you dress up in the most embarrassing outfits and parade you around for all to see. And don’t think you’ll get mercy from me, I’ll make sure you’re the laughing stock of the entire town.

I’ll make every sensation and emotion come to life, and you’ll be left begging for more. You will be pushed to your limits and you’ll see just how far you can go. So come on, sissies, call for me and let’s get started. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.


Sexy legs spread for fat wallets and nasty daddies

A spoiled princess won’t spread her Sexy legs unless she gets what she wants. My sugar daddy knows and takes care of me so well, so I feed him everything he wants. Sometimes he gets more than what he pays for but always loves it. As long as it comes from me. His little cock could never get a hottie like me but his wallet can. Therefore, he uses it to keep me happy. Last night I got fucked by a big dick bull who wanted to fuck all my holes.

Especially my ass. It is perky and I can’t take fuck like a nasty bitch. Even though I’m sophisticated and taken care of. I can’t spread my ass and do what I need to like any nasty hooker can. He has a big Ass fetish. So when he is over, he licks me until my cunt drips. Then he uses my juices to make his big monster cock lubed up. After a bit he was deep inside my ass.

Sexy legs

As he fucked me, he played with my clitty. That made me squirt. Now you are licking up the leftover sperm out my ass. “You love to spoil your sexy princess with anything, even your tongue” I say teasing you. Like a hungry puppy you lap up every drop of jizz I saved for you as you stroke your little cock. “Can you taste how I was fucked, better than you could fuck me” I laugh as you clean my ass up.

“Yes, I taste it all” you moan as you eat my ass. “Can I please show you how much I love it?” You ask like a whimpering bitch. I wait a bit before I finally let you cum. “Fine show me how your little pathetic cock lobes eating left over cum out of me” I say laughing. Then you spray all over your hand. After that you know to clean up that mess too. Before you go you spoil me more by sending me lots of gifts.

Sexy dominatrix uses you

A nasty Sexy dominatrix will have you submitting to me. “I’m yours mistress, do as you please with me” you say as you hand over your wallet. You pay to have me boss you around while you lick my cunt. “Kiss my pretty and suck on each toe lick you are milking cock” I demand of you while I count the money out of your wallet. I grab you by the hair and pull you up to my asshole.

“Lick that asshole and taste all of me” I moan as I start to smother you with my ass. You moan as you lick me like a fat boy eating cake. “I bet you’re hungry for some juices” I say to you as I tease you. Then I stand up and you watch me put a trap right on. Before I let you feel me cum juices down your throat, I will pound you.

Sexy dominatrix

As I lube up, I tell you to bend over. Once I see you bend over, I push inside you. “Tell me who you belong to. I demand of you. “I belong to you mistress” you whimper as I fuck you. Hearing you submit to me makes me pound you harder. Even put my foot on your back so I can jack hammer my strap inside you.

“Mistress can cum” you beg. I wait a bit before giving you permission. “Cum all over and show me who you belong to” I say laughing. After that you knew to clean my strap. “Now time to eat again” I say as I bend over. I have an Ass fetish, so I love when you lick me.

Femdom Phone Sex Goddess Rebecca Will Have You O Your ?Kees

Femdom phone sexAs a femme dom, I love femdom phone sex of course.  Which means, I love  nothing more than toying with men’s emotions and reducing them to nothing but submissive sissy sluts. My allure was undeniable; dressed in the finest lingerie, my body perfectly accentuated by each curve and crevice on display for all who dared look upon me – Mistress Peace! With every step taken in those six-inch stilettos came an air of dominance that commanded respect while simultaneously breaking down any remaining shreds of masculinity left within their core.

I enjoyed watching as they squirmed under my gaze filled with both desire and fear knowing full well what lay ahead if they were lucky enough (or unlucky depending how you looked at it)to catch my eye tonight… Their pleas for mercy fell upon deaf ears as I pushed them further into submission time after time again proving just how little worthless cocks truly meant when compared against powerful women like myself who knew exactly how get what we wanted without hesitation or remorse!

My friends, all beautiful black men themselves, would often join in these little games helping me fuck our sissy boys harder than they ever imagined possible. The sight of their asses being pounded by not one but two (or even three!) cocks at once never failed to bring a smile to my face or turn another head towards us as we dominated yet another pathetic excuse for manhood right before everyone’s eyes!

Femdom phone sex with Evita will have you begging for her to Drain Your Pockets!

Femdom phone sex makes my pussy so wet. My favorite Pig Sammie is so pathetic. He likes to call and all I do is degrade his worthless ass the entire time. I make him dress up in my dirty underwear and then I take pictures of him in it and send it to all of his family and friends. They all think he is their superhero, and it makes my pussy cum when they find it out, he is nothing more but a BBC loving cum whore! Sammie was so mortified he cried in front of his moron wife and kids.

Femdon phone sex

Sammie loves to hear me say shit like, “shut the fuck up you stupid whore and give me all your money” and “fuck your family, I deserve every cent you get”.  His pay days are the best days, because I make him hand over his whole check before him or his cunt wife even have a chance to see it his bank account. Stupid Sammie sometimes calls himself trying to budget his money and he won’t call me, but when he finally does, I make him pay for every day that he has missed.

I’m a black ebony queen and there isn’t a man alive worthy to even look at me, touching me would be absurd; but I love to tease Sammie with the dream of having a touch. I make him pay for the thought of even looking at my chocolate, juicy, pussy. One time I made him give me $1000 just to sniff my ass crack!

The other day I gave Sammie the honor of getting a glance at my large boobs and he was throwing his money at me left and right begging for a peek at the other one. I told him pay up, and he said I had drained him dry and begged me to have a peek at the other one. He tried to give me a sob story about how he was late on his mortgage and how his wife was threatening to divorce him because I was ruining his finances and for some reason, he thought I was going to give a fuck! I laughed in his face and demanded he Cash App me if he even wanted to remain on the phone. I made him call his 401K company and get a loan while I was on the phone and guess what? When he gets that check in the mail, it’s got my name and address on it and it’s coming straight to me!