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Best Phone Sex Is Sissifying Humiliation

I know how the best phone sex works for pathetic little men, they’re not even men, really. Sadly my husband is as little a man as the best of them and I do mean little. It’s laughable and I love to exploit it to the highest and bring in ladybois with much bigger dicks than him. I love tits and a cock, it’s the perfect package. I love most to humiliate my hubby over it all. Making his little pecker swell and leak, it’s amusing. I get to taunt him how even a chick with a dick is hung better than he is. I make him suck that cock while he wears the silkiest full bottom covered pink shimmery panties. A pink panty wearing sissy slut cock sucking little pecker cuckolded hubby. It’s fucking kinky. I have taken strap-ons to his manhole and helped him take a nice big black cock in that puckered cum dumpster. Best to pull them panties down and pump into that little sissy hole and fill it with cum. We pull his pretty pink panties with cum drippings in them right back up over that fucked hole and make him sit in those panties until it all leaks out and he does his best to push that creampie from his ass and soiling his pretty panties.

Best phone sex


Domination phone sex

Domination phone sex“Please, my queen… goddess I beg you.” His whining was useless, in fact, it only made me feel more vicious as I used my high heels to carve my initials into his skin. It’s required to be cut by my heels for branding or have my true brand burned onto them. I have to keep them in line, no one will ever leave me. I make him cry and scream but somehow he is still hard, which amuses me. I bring him to the back where I start giving him a few things to distract him from this pain. First I put on 2 lb weights on his balls. He is moaning and moaning now. I put his face in front of the machine that’s got a cock on one end, it just fucks your mouth and throat exactly how a real dick would. He’s getting overwhelmed, the pressure is building. The only real question is will he cum, will he cry or maybe even both?

Phone Humiliation For Cum Slut Sissy

He called me and needed phone humiliation. I gave him a girl name and made him go out and buy pretty lingerie and to send me pictures. I wanted selfies of him becoming a she as he was told to go to Victories Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood and try on pretty things and take selfies. I made him become the she that she needed to be because that thing they tried telling her was a penis was really a joke and just a big ole clitoris. She wasn’t a man, she was just a little sissy that needed to come out. She is married and cannot fulfill her duties as the man and has to have other men please her wife and he is torn down to being a cuckolded little cum eating Sissy that will be sucking cock really soon. We have just started with her transformation but she is on her way to being the Sissy that is demanded of her because she was a pathetic dickless he before he met me.

Phone Humiliation

Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanI bet you’ve got a few things about me that have you hooked. Is it my perfect body? My in control voice? My shaved wet pussy or even my cute little feet. Do you love a woman that takes control? Humiliates and only takes cocks that are made for breeding? Well, you already know it’s all those things and more. It doesn’t take much for me to wrap you around my finger. Once I do that, you are hypnotized. You can’t help but be drawn to me forever and for always. You’re addicted to me and you just can’t get enough. Pleasing me, making me proud, and being the pathetic sub you are is what your purpose has now become in life. How could you ever have gotten so lucky as to serve a queen like me? You’re a peasant, and you’re are nothing to me but another body to use as I please. You’ll just have to see.

You Will Do As I Say

forced crossdressing

You need a strong woman in your life, but you are terrified of a strong woman , aren’t you? You like your women to yield, submit, obey and stand down, don’t you? Well Mr. Stepford you can take that dream elsewhere. What you’re getting from me is forced crossdressing. Yeah, I’m going to make sure that you wear each and every uncomfortable piece of women’s clothing, panties, shapewear and feminine hygiene products that I can find. We will start with my placing a tampon up inside of you and then trap it inside with restrictive Spanx panties right over the top.

Did you think it would be a sexy game of me punishing you with making you wear a lacy thong? It’s so not about your panty fetish, you perverted little troll. It’s about discomfort, domination and the force of a powerful Goddess dishing out forced cross dressing on your helpless ass. There isn’t any way around it, you will submit, obey and yield to me. I will make your pathetic ass stand down. Your inferior male body will be held in the confines of women’s clothing of my choosing. You wear for my entertainment, not yours. Am I making myself clear?

Sissy Humiliation was Needed

sissy humiliationHe needed sissy humiliation. He was about 5’2. I towered over him. He was a small man. He was not handsome or rich. He had nothing to offer me but amusement. He wouldn’t go away, so I made him work for my  attention. I had invited him over but he lied to me. He was a Tinder date but it was not his picture he used. He duped me and thought it would be no big deal. I had him put on the panties I was wearing. The loser didn’t even question it. He just put on the panties. So, I told him  to dance for me too. OMG. He gave me the white man’s overbite dance. He was pitiful. I couldn’t stop laughing. He didn’t realize I was laughing at him. He thought this was foreplay or something. Shameful pathetic loser. I put a wig on him. I put makeup on him and I even made him wear a dress. It was forced feminization that made him realize this was not some sort of weird foreplay. I thought he was going to cry. I almost felt bad for a moment, then I was like this loser thought he had a shot with me. This loser lied to me.  I told him if I was mistaken about his cock size, I would fuck him. That was how certain I was that he had a small dick. I told him if he measured over 5 inches soft or hard, I’d fuck him. No way he was even close. He seemed really confident that he had what I needed. He pulled the panties down, and I measured a 3-inch hard dick. Pathetic. Loser. I just laughed and laughed and he cried and cried. I kept his clothes and sent him home in his new sissy outfit. He is someone else’s problem now.

Sissification Training

sissy humiliationHey there, my sweet little sissies. Welcome to my fun and wild little kingdom of pleasure! I have all kinds of pretty, frilly dresses and panties that your little sissy heart could ever desire. But they aren’t for me, no I would never be caught dead in anything frilly.

No, these pretty little things are all for you. My playthings, my slaves, my beautiful little dress up dolls. I will forcefully, yet lovingly, dress you up in the most innocent, elegant, promiscuous little outfits. But, for us to play, you need to follow all of my rules.

One, you must always do what I say. No questions, no if’s and’s or but’s. So, if I command you to pee in the street, in front of a crowd, you better do it. If not, you are a waste of my precious time.

Second, there is no complaining. The more you complain, the more extreme I will become, and you won’t like me when I do that. I turn from loving and nurturing, into a demon spawn from hell itself.

I won’t just push your little buttons and boundaries. No, I will pound, and destroy them. If you don’t do as you are told, mommy gets very angry. Trust me, no one likes mommy angry.

Last but certainly not least, you must send me pretty little pictures of our play. I like my toys to do exactly as I say, and I make sure you do it. If you would prefer sending me a video via email, I am happy with that too.
See all of your pretty outfits and caged up cocks makes mommy a very happy woman. When mommy is happy, everyone is happy. So, my lovely little sissies, send until your heart is content. I’ll be waiting.

Sissy Slut

sissy maid training

Do you want to talk to a woman who can turn you into the best sissy whore around? Well, I absolutely love sissy training calls because I love molding ugly men into sluts. I’m not the kind of woman who will just turn you into a sissy who kind of looks feminine. No, when I am done with you, nobody is ever going to know that you were born an ugly man. If you just decide right now to trust me, I promise you that you’re going to have everything you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll look like a woman and by the time you’ve gone through sissy training with me, you will even be acting like a woman.

When I say you’ll be acting like a woman, I don’t just mean the way you carry yourself or the clothes you wear. No, it’s going to take more than heels and makeup to sissify you. You are going to have to learn how to suck cock. I would bet everything I own that you’ve been thinking about sucking cock for a really long time now. It’s time to put all those thoughts into action and do what you were meant to do. Call me for sissy training and let me transform you.


Dress Up Time

sissy maid training

 Let’s play dress up.

I have always loved playing with dolls as a little girl and well, I guess I never really got over it. I have a gigantic walk in closet full of every piece of clothing a sissy like you could ever hope to wear. So many sexy panties, lingerie, dresses, pantyhose, make up and most of all shoes! Soo many sexy heels to choose from. We can dress you up really elegantly, slutty or even super girly. That’s my personal favorite to be honest. Putting your wig up in pigtails and bows. Adding some pink lipstick and of course a frilly pair of panties. Doesn’t it make you feel ever so precious and beautiful? Don’t tell me that you don’t have an outfit already picked out, because I know a sissy slut like you thinks about it daily.

We could even make it a themed party or something. Like sissy maid training.


Sissy Humiliation For The Confused

Sometimes guys want to be humiliated about their confusion on who they are and this is a perfect goal with sissy humiliation calls. You never really sprouted a proper penis and your really more feminine than the average male that were blessed with proper testosterone levels, therefore a much manlier cock and masculinity. You personally crave to be in the company of women, and wish to be like us. Your desire goes so deep that you wish you could be a lesbian and only have lesbian sex, or you crave cock and need to be humiliated about your size. Whatever the mixed bag is that is you, I am here to assist you in sorting this out. One way is to try out some sex therapy porn and get you fixated on either servicing cock like a good little sissy faggot, or learning how to masturbate your clitty and eat pussy like a good lesbian carpet muncher. I would love to help you figure out your place in society and encourage your new found self with sending you out to buy the girly things you so desire to own. I want to make you my pretty little Sissy and whether you crave cock or pussy is really not so big a deal as I am more than comfortable assisting you in any way that fits.

Sissy Humiliation


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