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Exhibitionist’s Delight: A Story of Public Indecency



Exhibitionist sex

Age has brought me confidence, and I thrive on showing off my body. The nude beach is my playground, where I can flaunt my assets and admire the viewers. On a recent trip, I met Matt, a hung young buck who couldn’t take his eyes off me.

His penis told me all I needed to know, so when he invited me to his condo, I jumped at the chance. An exhibitionist’s dream, I displayed my talents on the balcony, giving him a blowjob that left him breathless. Matt was a eager lover, and an impressed one at that.

I initiated a wild fuck on the balcony, letting him pound my pussy then sneak into my tight ass. He didn’t even realize he’d gone anal until I guided his hands to my soaking cunt. It was a first for him, but he took direction well.

I feasted on his manhood, giving him a deep-throat blowjob, and swallowed his load with glee. It seemed Matt was savouring many firsts with me, and who was I to deny him? We fucked nonstop for days, exploring each other’s bodies and pleasures.

Now, he’s heading back to Arizona, but the memory of this mature exhibitionist will keep him aroused for the long ride home. He’s hooked, and I know our paths will cross again soon.

Being an exhibitionist slut has its perks, and Matt’s week-long vacation was a wild ride I’ll relish forever. There’s no better high than sharing my body with willing strangers.

Evita’s PayPiggy

My boss at my corporate job is my pay piggy. I get whatever I want out of him. My favorite thing to do is humiliate him in front of all of our coworkers. Today, I guess he called himself trying to give me a task, he should have known better. No one tells Evita what to do!! I knew I was going to make him pay with his money and his pride and I was waiting for the best moment. It’s time for lunch and all of our office staff was in the lunchroom. When he walked in, I begin to put pictures of him wearing his favorite dress and heels all over the table. I also put pictures of me ass fucking him with my big black cock dildo all over the walls. He was mortified!sissy humiliation

I made him get on his knees and apologize to me for trying to tell me what to do. The whole room was shocked, all of my coworkers were laughing at him. I then ordered him to strip and show us his pretty butt plug that I make his sissy ass wear at all times. I noticed a few of the guys seemed to be turned on by this encounter. I then made my boss suck all the dicks in the room. The guys proceeded to give his pathetic ass all the big cock he wanted and then they came all over his bitch ass. One of the guys put his foot on my boss’ neck and made him clean up some of the cum on the floor.  When they were done, I made him pay me for my troubles and ordered he give me his black card so I can go shopping. I also made him handover the keys to the brand-new Audi he got so I can ride in style. Stupid bitch, bet the whole office knows who is really in charge!!

Small dick humiliation Phone sex with Mistress Loretta




Small dick humiliation is what men with little baby dickies deserve! If a man has the nerve to whip out his cock and it turns out to be a little clitty of course im gonna laugh. A small dick man tried to deceive me a few nights ago. I met him on Fetlife he told me he was hung like a horse and from the pictures it seemed to match up. He sent his address and I got in my sluttiest outfit and made my way over there. One thing was very clear I was going over there to get my world rocked i was expected him to be rock hard and ready to go.

As soon as I walked into the house my pussy was purring and ready to go. I fell to my knees in front of him and began pulling down his pants and my jaw dropped. This fine specimen of a man had a little clit he claimed was a dick. I was in shocked and devastated in that moment all i could think about was Forced feminization! I pinched his little baby dickie with my two fingers and tugged on it a bit while i giggled and said “awe how cute”. I made him drop to his knees and suck this pussy since i knew I wouldn’t be able to feel that baby dick.

Sissy Maid Training With Rebecca

Sissy Maid TrainingAs a therapist myself, sometimes forcing some sissy maid training to get your small cock sissy’s in line is not only fun (for me) but necessary for your pathetic little loser selves. I mean, you are existing to serve because we all know you are not serving anything with what’s between your legs. By the time most sissys come to me, they’ve accepted that they are nothing more than little sluts that need their holes to be used and abused.  Some still struggle with thinking they have some self worth, which is far from the case and I need to take them down a few notches to make sure they know where they stand.

So after you come into my office, we will strip you down to nothing.  Your little worthless cock dangling right there in front for me to laugh at.  I will proceed to give you your little maid panties and little maid dress with the strappy heals that you must do all your tasks in. The tasks you will do will range from using your little pussy to dust my enter office.  I will make you clean my bathroom with your tongue making sure you get all the nasty little crevices all around the corners.

I will then make you have madatory dildo sucking and fucking to practice with my dildos because you never know when it will be needed to take a huge cock for me.  Sometimes I need sissy’s t suck big black cocks to get them hard before they stretch my pussy out.  Sissy’s seem to love this part of their maid duties. Sometimes, I will even let you come up to cunt and clean the cum out. I love watching your slurping ap=sssa

s ==

Forced feminization leaves you open to being pegged in heels.

        Forced feminization leaves you open to being pegged in heels. You deserve to be in heels. Mini Skirt. Little panties. Teaching you how to walk and talk. The first thing you will be made to do is get the proper attire. Next you will be taught how to be feminine in clothing. You will of course be humiliated into doing it properly.

          First the shopping. Now you are not nearly as beautiful as real woman. You are only a sissy in training and a bad one at that. Thinking you learn from very bad movies that you think talking like a little tyke is sexy. It is the opposite. Men real men not you, like women. Grown strong women who look like a woman. Hence the clothes. Some lower cut of course. Some nice tight dresses. Stocking in all colors and when in the mood for sassy and naughty you will of course have the slut stocking.

          It must be remembered you will never be a woman. Not in the least. You have a penis. Sissy humiliation on being laughed at for thinking you could ever be a woman is the closest that you will ever get to be. You want to talk like a little tyke. Next, we will put a brace on your back to straighten your posture. Stick those little tits of yours out. Head up. Shoulders back. One foot directly in front of the other.

          Now it must be remembered you don’t have hips, so you are going to really need to sway your hips. You may have to cross over slightly the foot as you step forward to give the appearance of hops. Once we have this part done, we will move onto the next step. Trust me.

Forced feminization

Forced crossdressing wear corset, panties, and stockings.

          Forced crossdressing wear corset, panties, and stockings. That is to say you don’t have a say. You will do as you’re told. Now as long as that is understood. Then the rest of your travels into being made to look like a sissy slut whore is going to be much easier. To be sure we could go with the stereo typical colors of pink, red, and purple. Since little boys have blue. Little girls have pink but hence forth I do believe black lace is what you will wear.

          On the negative you will have the cum stains that will be obvious. On the positive side like the pink and red you won’t be able to see the blood from those huge cocks that rip you apart. In due time it will be much harder to make you bleed.

          In the long run you will come to see that being a sissy slut whore is because you have a tiny dick and needed the forced feminization to become the bitch that you are going to be. All in all, you will be forced into tight clothes. You will learn they aren’t at all comfortable. That is why they are frilly and sexy looking. Anything but.

          Given these points the last thing you will learn before going out into the world is how-to walk-in stiletto heels.

Forced crossdressing

Sissy humiliation for a fag hubby who needs trained

Sissy humiliationSissy humiliation at my hands means that little bitches get their Just deserts. Not only am I known for my excellent pussy pounding skills, I fuck a tight ass just as well! I’ll leave you in a blur as I take your wife and bust a nut with my silicone cock. Oh, did you think your ass would be safe from the priestess of anal whore fucking.


I have humiliated my fair share of small dicks! You are not the first, but it will feel like the first time as you confess the sin of not having enough penis for me or your wife. Soon you will be pressured to be the best fembot around with a smidge of Forced crossdressing! 

You will never be able to forget me and the pleasure I gave you. You will learn your place and be grateful for it. Your life will never be the same.

Sissy humiliation for a small dicked married little bitch in panties!🩲

Your wife Sarah hairy ginger pussy sure does love how I fill her to the brim with my strap-dick! Look at her hollering and begging me not to stop.  You will learn to love me and to serve me. I will be your Teacher and your goddess.

Sissy bitch💫

I will be the one in control teaching your wife how to fuck you properly. It takes nothing to have you dressed in her dirty panties, stockings, and bra. Next, I help her harness herself up and come at you with a big swinging dildo. I hope you are ready to be fucked you little pathetic bitch boy! Mother fucker you better take every inch of it, and enjoy it!

Your wife and I will make sure you never forget this fagging out night! Now get down on your knees and worship me, BITCH! Get ready for the best Forced feminization of your life!!!

Forced crossdressing will help you embrace your inner feline

Forced crossdressing Most men try to blame me for Forced crossdressing but I know that’s exactly what they came for… Guys want me to dress them up like sleazy sluts so they can join me for a girl’s night out. They know hot girls have more fun and I am a black cock magnet! Black men just can’t keep their eyes off of me and Sissy white boys would do anything to get the attention I receive. Well, my latest slave slut is a guy I was once dating… He is a subscriber to my camgirl account so he knows firsthand of my great service of Big black superior cocks.

He catfished me… He sent me photoshopped pictures of himself with a huge dong…

I mean the depths this loser went just to get a taste of my Shaved wet pussy. He is so good at oral I didn’t think twice the first few times he came over and enjoyed my sweet pussy.. It was when my foot brushed up against his cock through his denims that I noticed he wasn’t packing what he said he was… I didn’t say a word, instead, I waited for him to get in the shower and barged into the bathroom while he was butterball naked.

To my finding, he was standing in front of the bathroom mirror with my bra and panties on… When he turned his face I noticed my sheer pink lipstick coating his lips. I wanted to be upset but I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.. He dropped to his knees and begged to be me! Well, that was the first night I dressed him up as a Sexy babe and we took on the night together… Now, he takes cock in his sissyholes and gives me all the money he makes.

What a good sissy slave slut he is.

Sissy maid training is the gift that keeps giving.

Sissy maid trainingSissy maid training makes you more female overall and creates a better life for a lowly beta. Why be the bottom of the barrel fuck when you can be sought after? Your mistress always has your best interests at heart. First, let’s get some things out of the way, shall we? You no longer have any say over your body. So now you dont have to think about sex, clothes, or trying to fit in anywhere. The only place you fit in is where I say.

Be forced into a female role

The fewer decisions you have to make the better. You will be spending your free time obsessing over your training.  Starting with sissy porn meant to keep you in the perfect state of mind.  You will learn to worship me and anything else that I deem worthy. I will mold you into the perfect sissy slave.

Sissy maid training betas into fembois

Next, you will learn to love being degraded for every masculine thing you have ever tried to be. Shaving is now for complete hair removal. You cock is now a clit and can only cum when I say. It was too small to be called a dick anyway. Therefore, I have no understanding of why you are crying. Small dick humiliation turns into sweet, clitty cummies before too long.  You will learn to crave my approval and adoration. Your only purpose in life is to worship me and make me happy. You are nothing but a toy for my amusement.

Sexy babe Art of seduction of Financial Domination Phone Sex

Sexy babe The best thing about Financial Domination Phone Sex is I get paid just to humiliate my fans… A gullible man like you would do anything to be owned by a Sexy babe like me. It feels good waking up every day to have all my bills paid and having the overall financial support you have no other choice but to give me.

If you want attention you’re going to have to earn it, my time is of value!

There is desperation from you wanting a response from me, you are aware the only way to keep my attention is by keeping that wallet of yours open. Those good morning texts better come with great tribute. Spending every dollar on me is your kink, you know that you will never get anything in return. My Sexy breasts are not for show…

These Big tits of mine are how lured your wandering eyes…

I knew just what pictures and videos to post to be that mysterious girl you seek. I always make sure you lose complete control and it doesn’t stop until that bank account of yours is down to zero. The eagerness to speak to me again makes you work even harder… You better aim for that fucking promotion! My Seducing sensual voice puts you on edge time after time, even with an eviction letter in hand you can’t help but reach out again and spend every dollar you’ve earned week after week…

That’s a good Pay piggy, after all, I am the Best phone sex slut you will ever come across.