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Sissy humiliation and My VIPS

sissy humiliation

Taking things to a whole new level recently with sissy humiliation and a wonderful caller who I fell in love with instantly.  His sissy little voice was so ready to please.  I loved hearing him talk about my favorite topic, pleasing me in every way.  I had to tell him our rules being one of my VIP sissy’s.  We will take things to the extreme as my VIP sissy.  What do you mean exactly.

I want the humiliation to sting for my VIPS.  I want to know your biggest fears and expose them.  Some call it evil,  I call it making your pussy wet.  I know what I’m doing, don’t second guess me.  I dont do things out of spite, I do things after finding out what will get to you the most.  For this sissy, he wanted me to expose him secretly to everyone in his life. So I decided that I would do just that.  I started taking notes throughout the call. Here was the plan I came up with.

This is what this sissy expressed would humiliate him and what he wanted so no, I won’t go exposing everyone else. But the plan we came up with was I would write a letter to his landlord for him. Let his landlord know that he was a sissy and we would be calling him by his sissy name from now on, let’s just say that name is Becky.  So I told his landlord we need to change the name on the lease to Becky. I got in touch with more at his apartment complex so we could have them walk by his window and laugh at him while he was changing into his sissy outfits.

I also contacted his ex wife and told her the divorce agreement would need to be changed.  The person she divorced no longer exists. Becky needs to be on the agreement instead. I also let her know Becky would be leaving all her money to me because I controlled him finances now.  Some may say this was unnecessary but I know what my sissys want, trust me.  I would never do it otherwise.  The way Becky’s little pussy creamed up over all this, it was amazing. Wet wet is the nickame I gave my little sissy girl.

I plan on sending my little wet wet sissy some panties from her favorite therapist, dirty and used of course.  And we even talked about getting tattoos for each other to represent our sissy/sissy dominatrix relationship.  I only take on a few select VIPS as my services book up fast, but just a little taste of something different we do for phone humiliation for my very special sissy clients.

Small dick humiliation is what a micro-dick loser deserves

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation makes me giggle so hard! Especially when watching the worthless slave slut perform live for me on Skype… It never fails, guys always cup their little winky and try to hide their shrinkage… Well, that only makes it even more obvious that they’ve barely got a cock. A man with a big dick couldn’t just cover his cock with a hand and it vanish, hahaha! It must suck to be you… Especially, when you have me on the line and not even your money gets me whipping my clit. You are so pathetic that little dick of yours couldn’t please me even if you gave it your all. Little dicks like yours struggle with hitting the back walls.

Tease and denial is all you will be getting out of me, Loser!

There is no way I will even be wasting my time on your pathetic cock. You, as a worthless little dick loser should know your place! Well, if you don’t I don’t mind refreshing that memory of yours. Guys call me up with their 5 incher in hand ready to wank, lol. You might be an inch or two bigger than the last guy bud, but that dick of yours won’t be pleasing me. I always make sure to put those fuckers in chastity and have them attach a strap to their waist. Straddle me like a good boy, if you behave I might let you suck my pussy cream off of the dildo when I get through orgasming.

It must suck smelling the sweet aroma of my Shaved wet pussy and not being able to put your small cock inside of me.

 (You are not a man; you will forever be a boy… Oh hush, you aren’t a late bloomer either honey… That’s it, not even a dick enhancement pill will fix that little problem of yours.)



Sissy humiliation from a Sexy babe like is what you need

I love when a sissy bitch comes to me for Sissy humiliation fun. A hottie like me laughs and gets a tickle seeing how pathetic you look in panties and stockings. You pay me because you are a little dick bitch, who could never please a sexy chick like me. Instead, you get fucked by big cock with my help. First put on your sluttiest outfit, you have to match my swag to be around me. Then we will go out to lure big dicks to come use you.

“We will use my pretty face and sexy body to tease them”. Since they are drunk, they think you are just an ugly bitch. “Get on your knees and suck their fat dicks” I say when we get back to my place. “Oh yeah, the ugly bitches better know how to suck dick very well” one of them says as we all laugh. Then your mouth takes their hard cocks one after the other. As they have their eyes rolling to the back of their head, I say “she sucks good dick for a sissy dude”.

Then I laugh as I see their eyes open up. “This is a sissy whoreboy sucking our dicks?” “Yes, it is, look her pathetic dicky is hard from eating your cock meat” I respond.  After you both hear those words, you get up and push my sissy slut trick on the ground. “Get down on your knees like a doghoe” they say as her sissy panties are being ripped off. It was fun to watch you getting fucked by them in both your holes and knowing you paid this Sexy babe to make you do it.

Phone Sex Therapist Farah Stays Busy with Small Cocks

phone sex therapistBeing a phone sex therapist keeps me busy. So many men want to talk about their dick or their wife cheating on them. However, dick size corresponds to cheating. If a husband’s cock is small, the likelihood of a wife cheating grows. Especially among mature women. After we give birth to our offspring, we need something bigger. We passed a bowling bowl out of our cunts. Stands to reason we would want more.

I’ve been married twice. Divorced twice too. I got wise to cock size after the birth of my daughter. I no longer felt husband number two inside me. He noticed too and it hurt his ego. But my sexual satisfaction mattered more than his delicate ego. At least it did to me. It became easy to cheat on him because he would not accept the fact that he needed to work harder to make me cum. Like many men, my ex-husband thought all he had to do was slide his cock inside me and I would spontaneously orgasm.

Cock Size Matters

When he discovered I cheated, he wanted a divorce. He thought I would give up my boy toy lovers for him. Although I loved my husband, I kicked him to the curb. Now, he tries to get back together all the time. I’m wiser now. I know all about cuckold phone sex. A woman does not get a big cock and go back to a little one. My days of fucking tiny dicks are in my rear view mirror.  Perhaps the same holds true for your wife.

Do not be like my ex-husband. If your cock does not satisfy her, let her have lovers. Or at least try to compensate for your short comings by eating pussy or using a toy in her cunt. I can save your marriage. But you need to admit that the problem with your cheating wife is you. She’d never stray if she experienced satisfying orgasms. Truth. Women cheat for different reasons than men. Your small dick does not need to be a deal breaker. However, you just might need some phone sex therapy to help you work it all out.

Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation calls aren’t mean, they are necessary. When I see these tiny dicks in the dick pics men send, I hate having to zoom in or get a magnifying glass to find out where it is.  If you can’t see it hard, how can I count on you getting in my pussy and not getting lost. I mean, I’m not loose but a tic toc may get lost in there.

Why even bother with such a worthless appendage. It’s like a wart on your balls.  You see men jacking off with their hands but realizing some have to jack off with their pinky finger because nothing else is small enough to fit around it, embarassing. You mine as well just stick with having a pussy because you have a worthless small cock.

Vienna sausages, who needs that when we have big meaty franks everywhere? Not to sound mean, but I work too hard to work that hard to find your cock.  No one wants to get that tired before sex even starts.  You have fingers bigger and fatter than that pathetic little wiener. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, but it’s also pathetic.  Cute is for family pictures, not what I look for in a dick I want to hit my G spot and make me cum.

So here is the deal, you need to act like you don’t even have a cock from this moment on, because you pretty much don’t have one already.  Your little pussy between your ass cheeks can pleasure a real cock if you think you can be a big girl for me. What do you say?

Small Dick Humiliation Where Is It At?

small dick humiliationI don’t always mean to engage in small dick humiliation, sometimes it just happens. That little tic tac looked to me like a wart so I kept spreading his legs forcefully as he desperatelly tried keeping them closed. I was horny as all get out and he had fingered me so hard and well.  His huge muscular physique made my little clitty tingle hard. After our first date, I was so into him, but trying to portray the good girl image so I held out not fucking him that first night.  I went home and fucked my neighbor instead because the date had me all hot and bothered.

So we are in his house on the second date.  I wore my shortest skirt, no underwear, a white little cropped top t-shirt with no bra. I didn’t. want my intentions to be in question.  I wanted this man, standing at 6’4″ to pound me to the ground and not be able to walk for weeks. I just knew, he must be good in bed with that yummy chisseled body.

We started making out on the couch, I would reach down outside his pants to feel if he had gotten hard, and I didnt feel a thing.  It had been a few hours since I had felt a cock so maybe I was out of practice. He kept insisting on playing with me. He sucked my tits, licked my little cit sucking each ike his life depended on it.  He went down on my shaved wet pussy and went to town, fingering me at the same time.

When I finally forced his pants off after many attempts of him pulling back. Finally, I understood.  I was in complete denial at first. I pulled his legs apart asking “Where is it?” as he teared up in embarassment. “Is that a wart on your cock, is that why you are acting this way?” he started relinquishing to me he would have to show me. “Oh no sweetie, were you born a female? ” I pointed to my clit as it was around the same size.

I’ll continue this next time and hear about the humiliation I put this pathetic soul through that night. It includes some big black cock to give you a hint.  Stary tuned.

I Got You Addicted to Sissy Humiliation

sissy humiliation
Deep down you want to be a little sissy bitch. It started with being a complete simp for me. You feel so right letting me use your money for whatever I want. You feel important and special and you want to do anything and everything you can to make me happy, don’t you? Then I caught you a cuckold phone sex call. If that’s what you were cumming to, how could I deny you? First, it was me dirty talking to you about how much bigger and better other men were. Making you say that you were lucky to fuck me and being put in chastity when I wasn’t in the mood.

You were perfectly trained when I brought home the first BBC. You sat there pathetically and watched his cock completely destroy me.  it was letting me go out and fucking other guys. Then eating their cum out of my pussy every night. It was only a matter of time before you were watching guys fuck me, and then sucking the taste of my cunt off their dicks. You realized you love the taste of black dick. That you feel a lot more comfortable on your knees. And now sissy humiliation is the only thing that makes your pathetic cock hard.

I helped you realize you’re not really much of a man. That your cock is basically useless. It looks better in a cute pair of panties than it ever did inside of a pussy. You’re better used as entertainment. So now I force you to dress up for me. You are an adorable little maid. And now you’re addicted to dressing up and being my little bitch boy. If you behave yourself, I might even take you out of your chastity cage.

cuckold phone sex

Naughty Teacher Farah is Itching to Get Back in the Classroom

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher knows what she likes. I do prefer younger men, but if they do not have a big cock, I will not fuck them either. Some mature women might be desperate, but not me. I met a cute younger man at the beach. The mother fucker stuffed his swim trunks with some sort of prosthetic, and I am the horny cougar who fell for it. To say that I was disappointed is an understatement. I wanted some young dick.

I miss my students. The beach has always been a good place to pick up young men.  I fell for the first cute boy to smile at me. Maybe, I am desperate to fall so easily for a young man’s attention. School starts again next month. I am itching to check out a new crop of young minds. Can you tell, LOL?

Now, back to this poser who thought he could catfish his way into fucking a sexy milf. After I discovered the disappointment in his swim trunks, I asked him if he had an ass fetish. I knew he thought I was going to give my ass up to him. However, I had other plans. His cock was 4 inches too small for my ass. He thought I was a desperate milf. Cute, yes. But not cute enough for me to forgive his dirty trick. I thought he had an 8-inch cock and he sported 2-inches tops.

I took my frustration out on his ass. No way he got the ending he thought. He took his punishment. I tricked him into it though. One good trick deserves another, right? I am a dominant woman and a size queen. He messed with the wrong cougar. I love pegging men. This dude deserved it. Likely, the youngest guy I have pegged. My strapon in his ass got him erect. Still nothing would have changed the night for him. You trick a mature sexy babe into thinking you are twice the man you really are, your ass pays the price.

ass fetish


Mature Phone sex with this naughty teacher

Mature phone sex

Mature phone sex with this naughty teacher is sure to get you off. Whether its tease and denial phone sex or small dick humiliation. I’ll be sure to teach you. Do you enjoy watching sexy women masturbating? Let me teach you with your small dick. All these women are here to masturbate while you sit in your chairs and watch them.

You see your cocks are too small to satisfy them. You may not masturbate yourself. You are allowed to have them out so that we may have a good laugh at them. I will be walking around inspecting, getting close, blowing on them. That is it keep watching all those mature sexy women masturbating. You may look but not touch. Look at this tiny little cock. So very small. Not something that will please a woman.

Vibrators, fingers, dildos all do the work that you aren’t capable of doing. Some of these women are getting close to fulfillment and I understand this is the first time that your small attachment is able to see this much cum and what it looks like to please a woman. Even hard you are still a laughable size. No, don’t finish. You aren’t allowed. You will not learn otherwise.

Be sure to come back for your next lesson.

Femdom Phone Sex Sessions Mean I am In Charge

femdom phone sexFemdom phone sex sessions are something I offer as a dominate woman. Guys ask me all the time what femdom means. It means I am in charge. The rest is anything we want it to be. Roleplays, ass worshiping, sissy training, or cuckolding. When Travis called me this morning, he was clueless that I was a domme. He found out the hard way that it pays to read blogs and bios before you call a woman and assume she is okay with your humiliation call. No one force fucks me. No one calls me names either. I was not letting this man’s disrespect go unchecked. I let out a litany of small dick humiliation insults. The only men who try to shame women are guys who are insecure about their manhood. They have tiny dicks, and it makes them feel like big men on campus, to dominate and shame women. Well, I have zero use for men like that. I am a sexy confident woman. I have earned the right not to be any man’s bitch, especially not some loser with a small dick. This guy who called me quickly realized that I am no bargain bitch who takes whatever he doles out. After I verbally assaulted him, I put on a strapon and fucked his pansy ass. I mean he could have hung up on me anytime he wanted, but he hung in their trying to fight me back. He never got the upper hand though because I never let a guy get control. Never. He extended with me, so at some point he started enjoying a boss babe in charge of his ass. I convinced him to look for his wife’s dildo. All wives with husbands with tiny dicks have a dildo somewhere. I found his wife’s dildo and had him shove it up his ass. He never met a woman like me. But I think he will always want a sexy dominatrix now. Wouldn’t you?