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Femdom phone sex Forbad boys who need correction

Femdom phone sexFemdom Phone Sex for bad boys who need a little discipline in their lives. I know carrying the weight of being a provider and family man has weighed you down alot lately. That’s why you call me up so you can just submit and lose yourself. You love it when I take control, don’t you? Your deep breaths on the other end of the line tell me everything I need to know. Your voice, usually so commanding in the boardroom, now reduced to a whisper, begging for my guidance. I can almost feel the tension melting away as you surrender to me completely. And oh, how you need this release.

Femdom Phone Sex for bad boys who need a little discipline

I instruct you to kneel, to close your eyes and just listen to the sound of my voice. You obey without question, eager for whatever punishment or pleasure I may bestow upon you. With each crack of my metaphorical whip, I feel your devotion grow stronger, your desire more urgent.

“Who are you?” you ask, still kneeling, eyes closed. “Who needs to be punished?” 

“You,” I whisper, my voice low and seductive, just as you like it. “You need a good spanking from a Sexy dominatrix, Slut boy!  I’m just the perfect mean bitch to give it to you. Now, open your mouth wide and let me see your tongue.” Your response is immediate, obedient. The sight of your tongue licking your lips, begging for attention, sends a thrill through me. I order you to lift your shirt, exposing your smooth chest, and then to touch your dick. You do as you’re told, fingers quickly diving under your belt and into your pants. I can almost hear the sigh of relief escape from your mouth as you find the release you’ve been craving.

Tonight you will get lost in my Erotic roleplaying to become my sex slave. You are a bad boy and I will make Sure you cum as I manipulate your brain and your dick!

My Boss’s Cock Servant: A Oral Servitude Story

Cocksucking phone sex

Working late nights has its perks, especially when your boss has a penchant for oral fixation. I wasn’t the type to complain about my boss’s unusual requests—as long as his wallet was fat, I kept my lips sealed.

There I was, bored out of my mind, when he dropped the “blowjob” bomb. I knew the drill. Under the desk I went, mouth wide open, ready to swallow his every pump.

He never missed a beat, pounds of pleasure pulsating in and out of my throat. I’d mastered the art of deep-throating him, earning me boasting rights among my friends.

As he thrust, I imagined myself as the office whore, a mere cum dumpster for my superior’s delight. The thought sent shivers down my spine, making me even wetter.

His cock felt like a piston, going in and out with force. I gripped the desk for dear life, taking each thrust like a champ. The way he rough-handled my mouth made me feel like the dirtiest girl alive.

When he finally released, it was like winning the sexual lottery. His warm, thick load flooded my mouth. I savored the moment, his praise ringing in my ears.

“That’s what a real woman’s made for,” he’d say, smacking my ass.

I smiled to myself, thinking about the tonight’s payday and how I’d spend his hard-earned dough. Such a lucky girl, eh?

It was a mutually beneficial relationship. He got his rocks off, and I got my fix of kinky office sex.

Phone Sex Therapist Rebecca Shares How She Works Through Client Issues

As a sexy phone sex therapist, I would start by setting the mood. I’d ask my client to describe their current surroundings and then guide them through visualizing a more sensual environment. Maybe they’re in a candlelit room with soft music playing Phone Sex therapistor maybe they’re on the beach at sunset. Whatever image comes to mind, I want them to feel comfortable and aroused.

Next, I would begin touching myself suggestively over the phone while describing what I’m doing. My voice would be low and seductive as I tell you how my fingers are tracing along my skin, teasing my nipples until they harden under my touch. Then, slowly sliding down between my legs where there is no underwear on beneath this skimpy nurse uniform… “I can feel how wet you make me,” *moans* “Your cock is already hard for me isn’t it?”

I continue rubbing myself as if it were him doing it instead before asking him if he wants some help getting even harder for me. If he agrees then we both play along together; our hands exploring each other through our clothes over the phone line. A ll leading up towards one goalmaking sure that when we finally meet up in person (which could be arranged), nothing will stop us from having wild passionate sex right there on your desk!

I’d ask Baby to touch himself too, guiding him through the sensation of his own arousal. “Tell me how it feels when you rub your cock through your pants,” *purrs* “Is it getting harder for me baby?”


As we both become more turned on, I would start giving explicit instructions on what I want from him. Maybe he should take out his cock and stroke it faster or maybe even cum for me right then over the phone… “I want to hear every moan that escapes from your lips as you cum for me baby.”

If he agrees, then together we’ll push each other closer and closer towards orgasm until finally… BOOM! We both explode in a wave of pleasure – our voices echoing across the line as we scream out our release together. It might be messy but who cares? This was just another amazing session with my favorite patient/lover!

Cocksucking phone sex whore sucks off boss!

Cocksucking phone sexOnly the best whores who have Cocksucking phone sex know how important it is to lend their mouth out for the men in their life. Especially when it’s your boss or any kind of superior figure. I like my job and the money I get. So I knew it was very important to keep on track when it came to proving myself to my boss. When he wanted to blow a load I knew it was time to crawl underneath that desk and open my mouth for him. I have gotten so good at taking his prick down my throat hole too!

He always says how good my mouth feels as he pumps his cock in and out of my mouth. I love listening to him groan as he drops that load in my mouth. He smiles, smacks me on my face, squeezes my ass and says “This is what a Hot sexy woman is made for”. Yes, he is a misogynistic prick but he has a deep wallet and nice tasting cum. Plus, he keeps me around instead of hiring a man to do the job for half the price. So as a woman and a whore; I pick and choose my battles. 

I look at it as a blessing; whatever pays the bills and gets me a cum load a few times a week. I love getting attention for my sweet holes!

Best phone sex hottie guides you to release

Best phone sexBest phone sex Hottie takes you to delicious heights of arousal. Skilled hands and toys accompany me on our sexy journey of Mutual Masturbation. No matter how big or small that dick is, we can both guide each other into incredible orgasms here on the phone. 

Best phone sex to stoke your cock with!

Rodney and I experienced this last night as he had me set up a personal masturbating session just for him. He wanted specific toys, such as 2 butt plugs and a super powered Wand. He dove into my bisexual side and wanted to know how two women played with their pussies and asses while seated next to each other. I had a plan for Rodney cock as well, and found out he had a few cock rings and a mini butt plug of his own.

Mutual masturbation stories with me and you!

It is surprising what a little tease can do to an orgasm for me and you. Let me guide that dick and you guide this pussy into some blissful releases. 

He even had a remote cock stroker that I took control of during our session. I enjoyed getting my pussy off to his skilled instructions and having to collect myself to make his dick spurt for me as well. For more Mutual masturbation stories like this, maybe you should cum see me! 

Erotic roleplaying brings out my darkest side

Erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying brings out my darkest side and exploring the darker, more taboo aspects of human sexuality is my passion. But there’s a certain kind of hunger that gnaws at me, a deep burning desire that can only be satiated by a very specific kind of filth. The burn starts at the lips of my pussy, it spreads like wildfire, crawling up my body until it reaches my perfect nipples. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of desperate men at my beck and call, eager to tend to my every need, licking my boots and cleaning the loads of cum from my pussy. And while they are quite good at what they do, they lack the flavor I crave. They are already broken, and when that fire starts to burn within me, I know that I need something fresh, something new to destroy.

That’s where these seedy little porn shops come in, the ones tucked away in the shadiest corners of the city. The dingy back rooms filled with the scent of sweat and desperation, and overwhelmed with the moans and grunts of horny strangers. It is here that I can truly be myself, let my Exhibitionist sex demons out to play. My slaves are higher on the totem pole than the fucks who haunt these sordid shops.

I can ruin several victims in a single night. These sad, pitiful men are too stupid to realize their own insignificance. They are easy to spot, it’s the look in their eyes when I enter the room. The slack jawed wallflowers with their sad cock in their hand and drool coming down their chins. A lot of them are still attached to their Mommy’s tit. And my God are they delicious to devour.

As I make my rounds, crushing souls and draining energy, I revel in the absurdity of it all. I watch as these men, these losers, think they are about to have the time of their lives. They are confident that they will experience the best orgasm ever, and yet, time and time again, I destroy their expectations with a single laugh.

The sounds of disappointment are absolutely hilarious. The groans and whimpers as I mercilessly tease their cocks, bringing them to the brink of ecstasy and then snatching it away, are music to my ears. Hahaha, there was this one guy who even cried “Mommy!” The poor bastard poured out cum with zero twitch in his pathetic meat stick. 

There’s an art to it, a certain flair that I take pride in. It’s the way their eyes glaze over with lust, the way their bodies tremble with need, the way they call out my name like a prayer. And then, at the very moment they are about to succumb to the sweet release, I let out an eruption of laughter that shatters their world.

It’s a beautiful thing, really, the dumb look on their already dumb faces. To watch as the light fades from their eyes, to see the realization dawn on their faces that they are nothing but pawns in my game. It’s empowering, intoxicating even, and it helps me sleep at night like a baby. There’s a thrill in the chaos, in the madness of it all, and it’s something that I just can’t get enough of.

These sad little men, so eager to please, so desperate for a piece of me, they don’t stand a chance. And I love every moment of it. Their weakness, their vulnerability, their utter and complete submission, it feeds me, fuels me, and drives me to ever greater heights of depravity. Experience devilish Fantasy phone sex with me.

Naughty teacher bad teacher fucks the students.

            Naughty teacher bad teacher fucks the students. Such bad, bad, sexy, naughty woman that I am. I’m sexy and I know it. Fucking my students. Intentionally wearing tight skirts, see the outline of the thong. Garter belt showing. Bending over so you can see the super big boobies. Make you drool just a little. Blink boy. A bad teacher is going to slap those fingers. Next thing you know you are in detention.

            Perhaps you need a lesson in misdirection. Look this way and you get nothing make you look to the left and you see me flashing you. Nipples erect. Poking through the red lace bra. Pull the skirt down just enough to see the red lace thong. Matching bra and panties. Floral top flipped up. Stand right beside you and make you long for some Erotic roleplaying. At the same time when it comes to student and teacher, well perhaps we need to have the fantasy to reality. Naughty teacher

            Mount my student, pushing you back in the chair. Tipping it. Teasing the cock through the panties brushing against me. Feeling the wetness. Just not there yet. Suddenly the panties are pushed to the side and the cock slips in. Deep up inside. Filling me up. Juices running down onto your cock. Knowing I want this more than you do.

            Bringing you to the brink and quickly making you cum inside of me. Standing up. Lowering my skirt. Slipping the soaked panties off and putting them in your pocket. Leaning down and whispering. Wear these tomorrow here and I will give you some more.

Sexy dominatrix uses you

A nasty Sexy dominatrix will have you submitting to me. “I’m yours mistress, do as you please with me” you say as you hand over your wallet. You pay to have me boss you around while you lick my cunt. “Kiss my pretty and suck on each toe lick you are milking cock” I demand of you while I count the money out of your wallet. I grab you by the hair and pull you up to my asshole.

“Lick that asshole and taste all of me” I moan as I start to smother you with my ass. You moan as you lick me like a fat boy eating cake. “I bet you’re hungry for some juices” I say to you as I tease you. Then I stand up and you watch me put a trap right on. Before I let you feel me cum juices down your throat, I will pound you.

Sexy dominatrix

As I lube up, I tell you to bend over. Once I see you bend over, I push inside you. “Tell me who you belong to. I demand of you. “I belong to you mistress” you whimper as I fuck you. Hearing you submit to me makes me pound you harder. Even put my foot on your back so I can jack hammer my strap inside you.

“Mistress can cum” you beg. I wait a bit before giving you permission. “Cum all over and show me who you belong to” I say laughing. After that you knew to clean my strap. “Now time to eat again” I say as I bend over. I have an Ass fetish, so I love when you lick me.

Eveylyn’s Edgeplay phone sex fun

This edgeplay phone sex will rock your world. I’m going to take you home, strip you down and tie you to my magnificent king-size bed. When I’m done with you, I will bring you to the edge, but not let you fall. You will feel tortured and begging for more!

                I take an electric stick and shock you a few times with it, placing it on your inner thigh, right by your balls. Every time I shock you, I see your cock twitch. I know how bad your dick wants me. I slide my soaking wet pussy on your dick, balls deep, and start riding and grinding on you. When I hear you moan and groan and feel your dick about to cum, I stop. I’m not ready for you to bust yet.

                I turn around with my ass in your face, ready for you to lick my pussy and suck on my clit. As you start licking and sucking, I fill my mouth with your hard fat cock. I deepthroat it like a pro. I can’t last long at this point, and before I know it, I squirt all over your face, but I know you love it. I get faster with your cock so you can cum in my mouth. I work you up enough, and there you go.

Edgeplay phone sex

Femdom Phone Sex Goddess Rebecca Will Have You O Your ?Kees

Femdom phone sexAs a femme dom, I love femdom phone sex of course.  Which means, I love  nothing more than toying with men’s emotions and reducing them to nothing but submissive sissy sluts. My allure was undeniable; dressed in the finest lingerie, my body perfectly accentuated by each curve and crevice on display for all who dared look upon me – Mistress Peace! With every step taken in those six-inch stilettos came an air of dominance that commanded respect while simultaneously breaking down any remaining shreds of masculinity left within their core.

I enjoyed watching as they squirmed under my gaze filled with both desire and fear knowing full well what lay ahead if they were lucky enough (or unlucky depending how you looked at it)to catch my eye tonight… Their pleas for mercy fell upon deaf ears as I pushed them further into submission time after time again proving just how little worthless cocks truly meant when compared against powerful women like myself who knew exactly how get what we wanted without hesitation or remorse!

My friends, all beautiful black men themselves, would often join in these little games helping me fuck our sissy boys harder than they ever imagined possible. The sight of their asses being pounded by not one but two (or even three!) cocks at once never failed to bring a smile to my face or turn another head towards us as we dominated yet another pathetic excuse for manhood right before everyone’s eyes!