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Forced Crossdressing Cuckold

I had a date with this guy, he was pretty hot and fit, long hair and a great smile. I enjoyed looking at him, mostly. When we went back to my place for a night cap as they call it, things really took a turn for the hilarious. We were getting pretty heavy making out and when it came to that point and he took his pants off… well… I was far from impressed! I was completely disgusted he had the smallest cock ever! I was mortified then laughed at him and I could not stop. I told him I’m not up to lesbian sex tonight and that he really needed to start dressing the part as he has a clit, not a dick. I made him put on some panties and a pretty slip. I called one of my stud neighbors over and showed him a real man. Made him feel what a real cock feels like and hold it while I forced him to suck it. That’s what he gets for thinking he’s such hot shit it doesn’t matter that his cock was to pathetic to even consider as being pleasing to me. He was a joke of a man and I made him my bitch.

Forced crossdressing


PE Therapy Edgeplay Phone Sex

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a problem for many, big dicks or small clits, it’s a thing. Edgeplay phone sex can be a good form of therapy to help a guy suffering with PE. This kind of play is also referred to as tease and denial. Granted tease and denial is really exactly that teasing to the point of nearly ejaculating but then stopping all stimulation and denying the sensation. Tease and denial is a great thing to practice when you are always cumming so quickly. I’m always excited to discuss your desires and learn about the issues you run into. I find it quite intriguing. It is problematic to cum to soon with your partner and that’s why you need to practice some techniques. I love doing mutual masturbation calls and offering the option of tease and denial.

Edgeplay phone sex

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

It’s true that I love naughty neighbor phone sex calls. I won’t deny the fact that teasing the married men and older men is extremely exciting for me. I became a sex therapist because I truly love the psychological aspects of sexuality. It’s what fuels how interactions, thoughts and emotions. We are sexual beings and to group everyone in just a few categories and done, well that is just flawed. You crave the aspects that you do in sex because it’s just how you are wired. I am very turned on by having men that are unavailable or out of my reach becoming vulnerable by my presence. Sometimes I come off as very intense and that makes men nervous. This appeals to me. So the other day while I was in some extremely revealing yoga pants and a thin midriff t-shirt for my morning jog I had an encounter with an older married neighbor of mine. He was just checking his mail after returning home and wanted to converse. I know he has been watching me for some time. I have even put shows on for him. Like tanning and removing my top and rolling over revealing my breasts. I sometimes gave him little flashes and once I even finger banged my pussy as I lay there on my chase by the pool. He was always very nervous around me. Today he was curious if I would watch his house while he and his wife went out of town. I of course agreed to it and I gave him his monies worth. I knew he was the tech freak and his wife was very non tech. I knew he likely had a camera hidden and gave him a show. I would love to tell you about it, and about the hot phone sex call we had as he viewed his live feed cam.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

Sexy Feet Femdom Therapist

I love to have a slave worship my sexy feet and bring me his foot fetishes to indulge in. My feet are soft, pretty and pedicured. It’s enticing to me to have a man jerk off to my pretty feet in sandals when at the beach. Running around barefoot in the sand and letting the wet sand squish under my feet. It’s the best way to soften feet and it’s sexy to get gooey cum on them. I will sit and part my legs while I wrap my soft soles around that throbbing hard dick and give you a view to my perfect pussy as I stroke that cock. I know you just want to shoot all over my feet and make them gooey with that hot cum load. I love to feel your lips around my toes and that tongue licking between my warm, moist sweaty feet after taking off my leather boots and stockings.What sort of things would you do to my feet?

Foot fetishes

Sexy Dominatrix Therapy Sessions

Sexy Dominatrix

You like a sexy broad that smokes and spreads her legs while talking to you? I’m a sexy dominatrix that loves to entice and make my slaves beg for my attention. They lap at my pussy while I give sessions over the phone. I love to use your fucked and gaped ass as an ashtray while you clean cum off of my feet. The thought of you being in full servitude to me is a wonderful thing. It’s a win / win situation my dear. You pay me to serve me and for my approval and kindness to you. I get taken care of in every way that I desire inclusive of financially. You follow me? You pay for the chance to be in my control, you pay to sniff and lick my pussy, you pay for me to humiliate you, and you pay me to tell you how pathetic you are.

Forced Feminization Therapy

Go get your body smooth and rub some oil in that skin. Put on these hot pink silky and ruffled panties. How’s it feeling to start your Forced feminization therapy? You will be a cock sucking Sissy in no time when you keep to regular sessions with your Femdom Therapist Rebecca. I am here to support and guide you into your new life. Let go and enjoy the ride. Train that pussy with those special training toys that suit you best. I like the pump anal plug or the multi sized butt plugs that you slowly train that man pussy with. A nice suction cup cock is awesome for getting more of a cock feel in that pleasure place. Make sure to have those balls nice and smooth and tuck them in those panties. We are ready to start whenever you are.

Forced Feminization


Phone Sex Therapist For Submissive Sluts

I know that so many men love the idea of being a completely submissive slave to a dominant and controlling woman. I see it every day these little meek men that are with outspoken and controlling women. Married to their mother, in a sense, not literal. Many mommies boy types need the certain kind of nurturing and approval of a domineering female. I see so many that just wanna be feminized and babied like young sweet things. These types were rather overlooked in getting the nurturing they needed and it has escalated into them needing to just let go. I understand this. There are some that need to be cuckolded and some that just need to be led to suck their first cock. It’s what I am for baby. I can roleplay as your therapist, wife, sister, mother, or the femdom Mistress. I’m Rebecca and I am here to help you.

Phone sex therapist

Mutual Masturbation Stories Shared

There are definitely going to be some sexy mutual masturbation stories you need to share. I love to get off with my guys and we have some of the hottest mm together discussing a naughty taboo fantasy of yours that gets me all excited. Like my caller the other day wanting to pump into his pocket pussy as I slid my nice yummy big dildo in my pussy. He told me about his naughty desires and I found it pretty hot and played off that to give us both such satisfaction. Sometimes I have a caller that will sit with me for a good hour and watch pornhub together sharing what turns us on. I love watching that girl on girl on guy action. The scenes with two girls making out and getting all kinky and stripping each other is hot. I love when the guy comes in on them making out and starts to stroke his big raging hard cock. He gets closer and the girls reach for that nice big fuck meat and start licking on it together. Then next thing you know they are all fucking and sucking each other is a hot juicy little threesome. That gets this kinky therapist of a sexy dominatrix so tingly and wet. What really turns you on to masturbate too?

Mutual Masturbation Stories

Busy Phone Sex Therapist

phone sex therapistThis phone sex therapist has been busy seeing patients. The holidays bring out the fetish men, the sissies, the cuckold wannabes, the small dick losers, and the mommies’ boys. I am happy to talk to anyone with a kink or fantasy they just can’t tell anyone else, even their best friend. My last client was unlike most of my clients. That was because my last client was a young woman. Not to sound sexist, but it is usually men who need my help. She heard that I was very open-minded and discreet. I sat her down and listened to her. That is my number one job, listening. She wanted phone sex therapy because she thinks she might be a lesbian.  All women are at least bisexual. I always encourage girls to explore their sexuality however they want. I asked a few questions and decided she needed a more interactive approach to therapy. I stripped down naked to see her reaction. She immediately stood up, undressed herself and came over to kiss me. I told her she didn’t need therapy. She just needed good pussy. I have good pussy. She had never been with a woman before, so I had to teach her how to eat cunt. She was a natural.  I made her cum harder than any guy had before. She left my office smelling of my pussy and acceptance of the fact that she is a lesbian.

Swapping Mutual Masturbation Stories

I really enjoy swapping some sexy mutual masturbation stories with my lovers. You get me so turned on as you tell me about how you and your friend started to masturbate together. Shared with me how it turned into your friend stroking your young cock while you stroked his bigger hard dick. You watched each other stroking then would take turns stroking on another off. You both came so much and giggled about it. That was hot, but I found it even hotter how things got naughtier and you started to suck your friend’s dick. You were captivated by how it grew and how good it felt to stroke. It didn’t take much persuasion from your friend to get you to suck it, now did it? I loved the way it progressed even into you taking your friend’s cock in your ass. You let your friend fuck you anally and you loved it. You became a little dick faggot at the desires two friends grew to have for their sexual exploration or even exploitation if you wish. I find it exciting, I find the stories about this kind of sex just as exciting. I love our sexuality.

mutual masturbation stories

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