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Foot Fetishes with Sexy Vixen Rebecca

You tell my about your longtime foot fetishes Well, I’m glad you like my feet! I’ve gotta say, they are pretty damn sexy. And since

But hey, why stop there? Why don’t we take things up a notch and get a little more intimate? Maybe I’ll straddle your lap and grind against you harder this time – only instead of focusing on hips or asses moving back and forth mindlessly like most girls do these days… guess where else is gonna be in constant contact with your dick? That’s right: those sexy feet of mine! As they slide up and down along its length each time we move together in rhythm, imagine how turned on both parties will become as our skin slickens from sweat mixed with anticipation… It won’t be long before neither one can contain themselves anymore!

And when things really start heating up (which let’s face it – they will), maybe I’ll surprise you by wrapping one leg behind yours while keeping the other pressed firmly onto your crotch area; then leaning forward so our chests are touching as well. With every thrust forward into me ,my foot presses down harder onto your throbbing member causing unbearable pleasure coursing through both our bodies . The sensation alone should be enough drive either one (or both)of us over the edge but if not… Well then maybe it’s time for some extra help from yours truly… Like using my mouth to take care of business. Imagine how hot it would be if I started sucking on my own toes while simultaneously using my foot to stroke your cock? The combination of saliva mixed with sweat and the sound of slurping will only add fuel to the fire burning inside both our pants lines! And trust me, once I start moving faster and harder with that talented tongue, there’s no telling what kind of noises are gonna come outta either one (or both)of our mouths…foot fetishes

Exhibitionist sex for bent over slut

I love a trick who loves Exhibitionist sex. Especially when it means I can bend him over anywhere. See this hottie is very dominant and you love that about me. That is why you spoil me and keep me happy. You are always in control at work. So, with me you need to submit. Our first session was magical. “Worship my feet and tell me you are my toy” I said to you as I stuffed my feet in your mouth. ” I am your toy to do as you please with me” you mumble as you suck on my toes.

It makes me happy to hear you say it. Therefore, I am going to reward you. I pull out my biggest strap, using it on a guy always makes me so powerful. Especially one who normally dominates. After I put it on, I open my windows. That way anyone passing by will see you bent over getting pegged by a hottie like me. Knowing you could be seen being used, excites you. “Bend over in front of the window” I instruct you to do.

As you bend over and spread your man pussy, people walk by. A few get a glimpse of you. Your clitty starts to stiffen up. Even though you have a nice size cock, I still call it a clit because you are my bitch. As I lube up, I make you beg for me to fuck you. “Please my sexy mistress, fuck me” you whimper like a slut. After you beg for a bit and some people walk by, I get in between your legs.

Exhibitionist Sex

Then I ram, inside you hard and deep. “That’s let everyone see you get fucked. Knowing anyone can catch you getting rammed really gets you off. That’s when your clitty starts to leak everywhere. It was so much cum that it splashed all over my pretty heels. “Clean up your mess,” I say as I point to my strap and my feet.

Phone Humiliation Is Perfect for Foot & Ass Licking Losers

You Beg for Phone Humiliation

Phone humiliation is for pathetic losers with little cocks. You know you deserve to be treated like you’re the dirt stuck to the bottom of my shoe. With your pathetic little foot fetish you have, I bet you wish you were the dirt underneath my shoe. How about we start there. Lay down on the floor and I’ll step into my sexiest heels.

I won’t step on you until you start begging for it. I want to hear the pathetic moaning and see that cute dicklet starting to throb. You’re going to have to lick my shoes to prove how badly you want it. Only the most pathetic little pet can take their foot fetishes that far. When I’m satisfied with the way you polish my heel, I’ll finally give you the privilege of stepping on you. My heel digs in deep, but you like the little bit of pain when I put all my weight down on you. I use my other heel to tease your cock.

phone humiliation

Mistress Mercy Satisfies Your Ass and Foot Fetishes

I laugh at how small it is. Then I laugh at how desperate you are. Your tiny prick looks so swollen> I was hoping it would get bigger at some point, but it’s obvious you’re not a grower or a shower. Since you can’t make me cum with that tiny cock, then I’ll have to use your tongue instead.

I spread my sexy legs and take a seat on your face. Then I tell you to put your filthy tongue inside my asshole. You’re lucky that you even get to do that. Clean that dirty shit hole like the pathetic pet you are. I keep teasing your cock with my heels. The moment I wrap my hand around your cock and start to stroke you’re cumming all over yourself. Tiny and sensitive. The way I like my little playthings.

Foot Fetish Lovers, Come Play With Rebecca’s Feet

Since you have a thing for foot fetishes andFoot fetishes sex, I’m more than happy to tease the hell out of them for ya. Here’s what we can do:

First off, let me start by slipping off these bad boys from my sneakers and giving them a little wiggle in front of your face. My toenails are painted this super cute shade of pink that matches my lipstick perfectly – it drives guys wild when they see it. As I wiggle them around, I might even give you a little peek at the rest of my toes curling up in anticipation or tickling your nose just to drive home how fucking irresistible they are.

Next up? How about some gentle rubbing against your hard-on? You know those scenes where girls grind their asses on dudes while dancing or something? Well, why not try that with my feet instead? Slowly but surely, I’ll start moving closer and closer until our bodies are pressed together tight as fuck; then all bets are off as far as self-control goes because once those soft soles make contact with your throbbing cock… well let’s just say things will get real interesting real fast!

Now imagine if instead of grinding against just any old thing though – imagine if every time our hips met there was this delicate yet firm pressure applied directly onto the head of your dick through thin fabric only held between us by fate itself… That would be enough to make any man lose his mind! And trust me, I’m not above using that little trick to my advantage. In fact, I might even start rubbing circles around the tip of your cock with the ball of my foot just to see how long it takes for you to explode all over yourself.

Foot fetishes get your cock hard? Looking for love? call me

Foot fetishes Foot fetishes get your cock hard? Looking for love? If you’re reading this, then you’re probably looking for some excitement and release in your life. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I’m here to give you all that and more.

 I’m the woman who’s got men drooling and begging for more. I’m the one who knows exactly how to take control and make you feel things you never thought possible. And if you’re someone who likes to play footsie, then you’re in luck, because I happen to love showing off my perfect feet. Just the sight of them will get your cock hard in an instant.

I know you’re looking for love, sweetheart, and I’m here to give it to you. When you call me for GFE phone sex, you’ll feel like I’m all yours. You’ll get to do all the things a good boyfriend would do – like planting your face right on my pussy and working your tongue like a pro. Trust me, I’ll let you know exactly how I like it.

GFE phone sex

And when you make me cum and I mean really cum, then you’ll be rewarded. I’ll let you feel my tight, wet pussy, boo. And as we continue to play, I’ll make you fall in love with me, baby. I’ll be your everything, your reason for living.

If you spoil me with money and gifts, I will let you do anything you want. I am sure you have a lot of needs and nothing makes me blush. I can even switch it up and make you feel like the big man. 

Just imagine my tight ass up in the air for you. I will be your good girl, allowing you to pound me hard. However, if you want to fuck my tight beautiful holes, you will have to impress me. I just don’t get into Erotic roleplaying with any Joe. You will have to worship me, spoil me, take care of me so I never have to worry. 

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and experience something truly extraordinary, then give me a call. I promise you, you won’t regret it. And who knows, maybe we’ll end up being more than just phone sex partners, maybe we’ll be soulmates, connected for life.


My Neighbor Has an Ass Fetish and He Wanted Mine

ass fetish


So, I recently learned that my neighbor has an Ass fetish. We’ve slept together quite a few times and he’s never once tried to put it in my ass. Last night we were out back on his deck having a couple drinks because the cool air was nice and crisp around sundown. He was definitely feeling a bit frisky, I could tell.

He kept slapping my ass when I walked by or would rub up against my ass whenever I would lean up against the side railing. When we sat down on the couch, I sat between his legs. He was in a cuddly mood; I could tell the drinks were kicking in full gear. He rubbed my shoulders and slipped my bra off exposing my sexy breasts.

Nothing Better Than Being Man Handled

I loved feeling his rough hard-working hands run over my nipples. He was a construction worker, so he has calloused hands. They feel amazing when they’re gliding over my hard nipples, it sends shivers down my back. Ever since we started fucking, I’ve never left his house without being filled full of cum. He enjoys shooting his hot load deep inside my juicy wet pussy. 

As we sat there, I could feel his cock getting harder and harder, pressing up against my ass. He asked me to stand up, so I did. He lifted up my dress, I wasn’t wearing any panties like usual. My nice tight round ass was in his face. He turned me around just a little, so my ass was directly in his face. Who could resist a hot sexy woman like me anyways? 

He took his hands and spread my ass cheeks apart and shoved his face right between them. Fuck his tongue felt so good. I never knew he was an ass man. He didn’t skip a beat at all, he was tongue fucking my ass like no other. I knew he was getting my ass ready for a good pounding. If you want to know what he did next, you’re going to have to pick up the phone and call me and let’s have some sexy chat!

Foot Fetish Fun: A Sexy Woman’s Delight

 Foot fetishes


Alright, alright, listen up, foot fetishists, ’cause I’ve got a story that’ll make your toes curl (no pun intended).

I’m a sexy AF woman, and I know exactly what you foot lovers crave. My feet are my best asset, and I keep ’em pampered, polished, and damn right sexy. I love the power they hold, the way they can drive a man wild with desire.

Picture this: I’m sitting on the bed, legs crossed, letting my feet do the talking. They’re rubbing against your bulging pants, teasing and taunting you. You’re mine tonight, and I’ve got plans for those lustful eyes and that hard cock.

I uncross my legs, giving you a glimpse of my creamy thighs and that bald, wet pussy. Your cock twitches in anticipation. I stroke it with my feet, massaging and teasing, while my fingers work their magic on my clit.

Your breath quickens as I sliding my feet up and down your shaft, giving you a foot job that’ll blow your mind. But the real fun starts when I wrap my sexy legs around your head, pushing your face right into my juicy pussy.

You devoured it, tongue-fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. And while you’re at it, I command you to suck my toes, worshiping my feet like the good boy you are.

When you’re done, I want your cum. All over my feet, dude. I want to feel that warm, creamy explosion, coating my toes and making them glisten. That’s the sign of a good fuck.

So, keep those eyes down there and worship my feet, ’cause this sexy woman is in charge tonight!

Foot Fetishes- Sexy Feet To Match My Sexy Pussy

Foot fetishes turn me the fuck on. I love to take care of my feet, always have a perfect pedicure, and love keeping my feet nice and soft. I want it to feel good when I rub them all over your body. I love to take my feet and rub them all over your dick and balls and jerk you off with my nice sexy feet. Then it is time for you to eat my nice sexy wet bald pussy. The whole time I will have my sexy ass legs wrapped around you just to make sure your head and tongue are right where they should be, deep in my pussy. After you are done with my pussy I want you to suck my toes. I want your cum all over my sexy feet. I want you to rub your cum all over them!

foot fetishes


Sexy Babe Ready To Play

Sexy babe promises the best phone sex you have ever had. I like to take my time and get myself off with each call.

sexy babe

Do you like the sound of a sexy babe rubbing her shaved wet pussy and then cumming? When I start getting horny on the phone I cum so much that even my legs get soaked with cum. I am a squirter! I also love to enjoy your cum, I give great blowjobs. I like to be thorough and slow. I will drain every bit of cum from your cock with my tongue.  I love cum on boobs, deep in my pussy, in my ass, and down the back of my throat. I love the taste of cum! I have cute little feet and love to jerk off your cock with them. Foot fetishes turn me on. I love to have my toes sucked and worshipped.

Foot fetishes

Foot fetishes

Foot fetishes are so much fun, especially when you have beautiful feet like mine. I love dressing up in fishnet stockings and sometimes even regular nylons. It feels good on my feet to even just wiggle my toes around. Yummy! I have quite a few pairs of beautiful stilettos that look amazing with these stockings. Then you can look at and admire my legs too.

                I want to be barefoot for this next exercise. How do you like my painted toenails, by the way? Are you ready to get a nice little foot job tonight? I put my toes on either side of your hard, meaty cock and I work my little toes around, up, and down on your dick. I feel you get harder and stiffer as I work my toes. I work them until you are ready to pop like a volcano.

                I can feel your cock pulse as your cum oozes out and down my toes. My feet get all covered, and it feels gooey. I put my toes in your mouth so you can suck your own cum off them.