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Erotic Roleplaying for Discreet Lunch Breaks of Ecstasy

Erotic roleplaying is something I would like to entice you with. As my secret lover, and due to us both being married, let’s keep it exciting. Discreet meetings in cheap hotels over lunch hour. The ones on the Hwy that take cash and no questions asked. 

Ultimately you come to the room and I will be waiting for you in nothing but my silky thigh high stockings and my heels. Come in the room and undress for me lover. 

Finally we have our hour together to explore each other’s body. Kiss me deeply as my hand wonders to your stiffening cock. You will kiss my neck first as you caress my breasts. Then down to my breasts with your lips. 

Subsequently and without hesitation you start to lick, suck and nibble at my nipples. Moving down you dive right into my cunt. Slipping your tongue inside me. Sucking on my clit and just devouring my cunt. 

At this point my hands are in your hair as I hold your face in place. Make me cum all over your mouth. My body starts to shake and my cunt releases all over your tongue. 

Come on up and kiss me. Share my sweetness with me. Let me take your cock deep inside my cunt now. Slide it inside as I beg you to fuck me hard and deep.

Erotic roleplaying

Piggies with Foot Fetishes Make Me Squirt!

Last night, I went out on this date with this dirty little foot piggy. I didn’t even know about his foot fetishes until it was too late. I’d been wearing these tight 6 inch heels to dinner and now my feet were all swollen and sore. I had them resting on his lap and I noticed there was a tent in his pants. “Do you think you could massage them for me?” He had my shoes off and on the floor in seconds and he was absolutely worshiping my feet. I just had to tease that horny cock with my pretty toes.

foot fetishes

Your Foot Fetishes Make You a Sick Piggy Pervert

I pushed my foot against his cock and massaged him softly. He groaned and humped up against my feet. I pressed the ball of my foot down on his cock and giggled when he groaned. My new little piggy was groaning and sweating and I could tell he was so fucking close to shooting his load of cum in his pants. Nothing makes a foot perv harder than serving a pair of sexy feet attached to a hot sexy woman. I wanted to make him cum for me. I pushed my toes in his mouth and massaged his dick and he exploded for me.

My new favorite foot fetish perv was so thankful for the foot job that I gave him that he spread these legs and dove face first into my cunt. He licked my snatch like it was his favorite meal and was still massaging my feet. It was so hot seeing him worship me like this. I couldn’t help but squirt all over his face. My sexy legs were shaking and pushed his face deeper into my cunt. I made him clean up the mess he made. I think I have to go on a second date!

You’re a sugar daddy with nasty Foot fetishes

I will spread my legs and have you lick my pussy while you play with my pretty feet. I know you have Foot fetishes. “Lick my pussy and spoil your princess with your tongue”. After you already spoiled me with your wallet, now you can use your mouth. You are the guy who was never able to get a hottie like me. Therefore, when you got money, you became a sugar daddy. I am your sugar princess, and you worship the ground I walk on.

Foot fetishes

“Don’t forget to lick my asshole too”. Once you heard that your tongue wiggled harder and faster. It is fun to be your dominant sugar baby, you give me money so I will let you be my financial slave. “Don’t stop and jam that tongue deep in my holes” is what I ask of you. After that you do it like a good slave sugar daddy. Then you start kissing down my inner thighs. “ I want to taste all of you”. You didn’t stop until you got to my feet. The way you make out with my feet is just like you were licking my wet cunt.

Then your mouth started sucking on my toes hard like you were trying to milk a cock. I can feel the motion of you stroking your hard dick. Since you spoil me, you can lick and suck me anywhere you want. After that you stand up and shove your cock in between my toes. You hold on to my Sexy legs and fuck my feet. Finally, your cock starts squirting all over my feet. The load you had was so big you creamed up my feet so much. “Rub it in like lotion sugar daddy” I say while pulling money out of your wallet.

Phone sex therapy is Dr. G.’s specialty and making you cum.

Phone sex therapy

       Phone sex therapy is Dr. G.’s specialty and making you cum. Stretch out on the couch. Get comfortable in the plush chair. Now if I am seeing you for some sort of fetish, well there are many. Pantyhose, feet, food, or perhaps something even kinkier. We then get into the whips, chains, erotica area. In due time we will cover one if not all of these topics.

        First, I want you to get comfortable. You know you are welcome to be stroking your cock. At the same time, I may just tell you no if you have a small one. In my professional opinion it is not wise to laugh hysterically at something so small. Hence you will be keeping that in your pants.

        Small dick humiliation is an art.

        To begin with I will help you with this problem. Keep it in your panties. When you have something so very small you aren’t allowed to have it out in public until you are ready to have the whole world know that you have a three-inch little toy in your pants. Dress it up any way you like but, in the end, it is all the same that you have a small penis and while I enjoy a good laugh at something so small it should be known that you aren’t packing a weapon. The opposite in fact.

        Right along with have a small little pecker is the fact that you will watch your wife/girlfriend fuck a big dick and no you aren’t allowed to touch that tiny little thing. Welcome to have it out and listen as your wife berates you for having such a small thing. Her lover will show you have to fuck her properly.

        You will of course sit and watch every time that she wants to get fucked. It will satisfy her. In conclusion when you have such a small dick, and your wife/girlfriend has needs then allow her to get laid and you will definitely get off on watching her cum.

Female domination porn while you cum on my feet

I love watching Female domination porn when my younger sugar daddies come over. I want them to know that I am in control. “Everything about you belongs to me, especially your wallet” I say as I grab your pants and pull your wallet out. “Everything in here will be for me tonight” I giggled as I pulled all the money out of there. First, I will financially dominate you.

Female domination porn

Then you will be licking every inch of me. “Start at my pretty feet and kiss me” I say as I point to my pedicure toes. Then you start sucking on my toes like a dick would get sucked by a pretty bitch like me. “Sugar daddy, you will pay me to be your princess dom won’t you?”. “As long as you pay me you will get anything you want from me just, I do with you” I say as I giggle from you sucking on my toes.

Since I have an Ass fetish, I always make my sugar daddies lick my booty hole. Since I am the hottie, they always wanted, they will pay anything I want. Plus, they do anything I want them to do, and I get paid for it. Once you kiss my feet, you work your way up my legs to my spread ass cheeks.  “Lick me more daddy” I say to this young cock money man.

He doesn’t stop licking me until my pussy tightens up and starts squirting all over. Then you stroke your cock on my pretty feet and say, “my wallet and I are yours to use as you want, just be my girlfriend”. “As long as you keep spoiling me, I will be your girlfriend”. Once I say that you start spraying your nut all over my pretty feet.

Phone Sex Therapy For Foot Fetishes

As she started massaging my calves, your hands down in between your legs, and looked over at me and winked. Out of nowhere, her mouth begins putting a toe at a time in and bobbing up and down as if she was sucking a cock.

We go into a back room to finish up. This was new to me but willing to see what this room was about. She has you sit foot fetisheson the big, long massage table lowering it to the ground. She tells me to put my toes over you in your mouth. At the same time, she starts unzipping your pants. Before I could process any of it, your hard cock was down her throat. I started teasing you with my feet. You licked in between my toes, I smacked you around with my feet, knowing you love that. “Lick my feet!” I bolted out not realizing how turned on I was getting by this Coc sucking special we were getting.  Her spit was now running down to your balls as I kept teasing you with my feet. When she started tasting pre-cum, she called me over and told me to shoot it onto my feet. You blew the biggest load I had ever seen. That was the start of me knowing how big your foot fetish really was.

Domination porn is the key 2 my secret fetish 2 be dominated

Domination porn I cannot stop helplessly rubbing my silky smooth Shaved wet pussy! I woke up from a wet dream this morning and have not been able to shake the urge since. I dreamt that I was being forcefully fucked by five well-hung, handsome black men. OMG, they had no fucking mercy! I was stumbling down a dark alleyway after getting belligerently drunk at a local bar downtown. When I got to the middle a group of hooligans approached me and asked where I was headed.

I tried to run and that’s when I was snatched by my hair and forced to my knees. They ripped me out of my clothing and took turns forcing their huge dicks in and out of me. Not one of my holes was left untouched… At one point I had one down my throat, another up my ass, and two huge black cocks rubbing dicks inside of my pussy.

I think the dream had something to do with the Domination porn I had masturbated to before I had gone to sleep last night… I do have a fetish for being dominated and taken advantage of. I tend to enjoy being called filthy degrading names while having my fuck-holes stretched. I woke up to a spool of cunt juices beneath me and my pussy pulsing.

I tried getting in the shower to wash it off but that only led me back to my bedroom with my phone to my ear whipping my clitoris with a horny pervert who was talking about his urge to fuck his youngest daughter. I didn’t hold back one bit! I attached my suction cup dildo to my foot reel and slid my Young bald pussy down to the base.  He could hear my Large boobs clapping together as I slammed back and forth off my 10-inch dildo.

Ohhh, I squirted so hard and here I am still wanting more.

Nympho visits FL for Exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex

Since I lost my v card, I have always been adventurous in the bedroom, but recently, I’ve been craving more Exhibitionist sex. With winter coming, I figure, why not head to FL where gloryholes are plenty, and cum is flowing.

However, there are many more places in Tampa than just the gloryholes. I figure parks after dark are a great place to have sex in public. Of course, I brought one of my playboys along to escort me.

When they arrived at the park, we found a secluded spot and began to get to fucking. My partner was excited but a bit nervous. My pussy was all for it, though. My sissy partner had to make sure to keep an eye out for anyone who might be passing by.

Once we were both naked, the fucking proceeded. I couldn’t help but feel both exhilarated and scared, but the thrill was undeniable. My partner was just as into it as I was after we started, and the onlookers heightened the arousal of the situation.

When we noticed a crowd of park men gathering around, my cunt began to drip. Once 15 men surrounded us, I blacked out into that state only nymphos experience when sex is all there is. I felt like I had ultimately let go. I had become a bitch in heat, and my partner was the dog mounting me. The ecstasy of the experience still makes me touch myself.

Femdom Phone Sex with my New Favorite Pay Pig

I’m hot and horny and need my cunt fucked. Lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun with you pathetic little cucks. Femdom phone sex seems to be getting really popular. Men with tiny cocks flock to me so that I can tease and humiliate them. They let me do absolutely anything I want. Do you know why I get what I want? The hot wet box between my thighs. Those tiny dicked cucks would do anything to get anywhere close to that pussy. Even if it means cleaning someone else’s cum out of my cunt.

femdom phone sex

Femdom Phone Sex Goes Best With Small Dick Humiliation

My new favorite pet is a sick and depraved little loser. He’s perfect. He has a tiny cock, a huge wallet, and an addiction to female domination porn. My favorite types of subs are ones that know their fucking role. I use them for entertainment and money and they fucking love it. I found the perfect little pay pig. That dirty bastard is obsessed with panties and socks. For months he’s been emptying out his bank account buying pair after pair of my used undies. I’ll soak through them after hours on the phone with real men and he loves how they smell and taste.

At this point I don’t even ask him what he wants to talk about. I teel him to shut the fuck up and shove my dirty panties into his mouth and then give him the small dick humiliation he always asked for. He has a pathetic 3 inch cock. No woman would ever touch that micro peen, so he has to sit there and play with his tiny dick while I humiliate him. I laugh at that tiny cock and ask him if he likes getting to taste a pussy. And do you know what this pathetic beta cuck does? He tips me more! As he fucking should!!!

Foot fetishes are why you spoil this sexy princess

When you have pretty toes, guys pay you for their nasty Foot fetishes. I have an old daddy that comes to me and wants to worship my pretty feet. “While I count the money you brought me daddy why don’t you kiss me feet”. Then you pucker up and start French kissing me like I asked you to. Your hard cock poking out your pants tells me you love this.

Before you get ready to cum you must spoil your princess. “Sugar daddy please lick my holes and spoil me even more”. I ask as I wiggle my toes in your mouth. Whenever I do that, you will do anything I want. First, I stand up and I pull my panties down. Then I bend over and spread my pretty ass cheeks for you. “Come on show me how hungry you are daddy”.

Foot fetishes

Your tongue wiggles up and down my slit and it always makes me cum in your wealthy old man mouth. I just spread my Sexy legs more so you can get right into my spit and boom! “Swallow all of my juices and I will let you fuck my pretty feet. That did it for you, you licked all my juices up. Finally, you got what you wanted. You stroked your cock in between my toes until you coated my feet with semen.