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Foot Fetishes Encouraged

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common and nothing to be embarrassed about. I had a college boy in my office hours last week who needed some therapy. At first, I thought he had some esteem issues. He could not look me in the eyes. He could not even look me in the boobs. Usually for a college boy, that is the only place they look lol. I quickly realized that it was my feet he was staring at. My pretty, freshly manicured feet were the object of his affection. He followed my feet around like he was under some hypnotic spell. I sat him down in a chair and put my feet up on my desk right in front of him. Cruel I know, but it was a test. A good phone sex therapist diagnoses the problem before treating it. His eyes glazed over as he stared at my pretty feet. I saw his posture change. He started shifting around in his pants to hide the boner my feet gave him. I let a shoe drop and he stood up. He had a tent in his pants. He grabbed my foot and caressed it. That was soon followed by kisses. I ordered him to pull his cock out of his pants. He couldn’t get his dick out fast enough. We finished our session on my couch. I was laying down with my feet up in the air giving him a foot job. He came all over my feet. Thanks to yoga, I can eat the cum off my toes. My student couldn’t believe what had just happened. Turns out he came to my office hours for extra credit not therapy. He was just a student with a foot fetish he didn’t even realize he had. Now that he does, I suspect he will get hard every time he sees pretty feet. I just unleashed a foot fiend.

Sexy Feet Femdom Therapist

I love to have a slave worship my sexy feet and bring me his foot fetishes to indulge in. My feet are soft, pretty and pedicured. It’s enticing to me to have a man jerk off to my pretty feet in sandals when at the beach. Running around barefoot in the sand and letting the wet sand squish under my feet. It’s the best way to soften feet and it’s sexy to get gooey cum on them. I will sit and part my legs while I wrap my soft soles around that throbbing hard dick and give you a view to my perfect pussy as I stroke that cock. I know you just want to shoot all over my feet and make them gooey with that hot cum load. I love to feel your lips around my toes and that tongue licking between my warm, moist sweaty feet after taking off my leather boots and stockings.What sort of things would you do to my feet?

Foot fetishes

Foot Fetishes & Pussy Licking

foot fetishes

He had major foot fetishes and I wasn’t going to deny him my feet and pretty tight long legs. I was a little curious when he said he would love to suck the cum off my toes. Would it be his cum or any man who jazzed on them? I do know that before I gave him my pretty feet, he asked me to walk in my heels barefooted for an hour and gave me shopping money on top of my regular escort charge. I had no problem making my feet stinky and when I returned to him one sniff of my heel and he was licking my pussy like a man on speed. I squirted on his face and he pulled back and pulled my hells off and jacked his cock off all over my feet.  I even gave him a foot job with my cute little piggy toes! The way he sucked the toes after like they were ten tiny dicks was amazing. I knew this man had some cock sucking skills that this coed needed to groom. I bet I would have him eating cum right out of my pussy before long.

Sexy legs

Cummy NYE Party!

cum on boobs

The New Years Eve party was the best I’ve been to yet! There were so many sexy men and women there. The fun we all had almost can’t be relived through my words, but there were a few moments throughout the night that stand out predominately. It was just after ball had dropped and the countdown had finished. I decided to ring in the new year by sucking as much cock as I possible could. I offered blow jobs to every man in the place. Which was too many to count. I kept to my word and they all got a nice wet cock sucking all from me. One by one. There was so much cum rushing through my digestive system. So much cum all over my face and cum all over my perky little tits. Dripping all over my body. All down my thighs. I was completely drenched by the time the sun came up. I only took a few breaks between cocks and cum. Only to catch my breath and maybe drink some champagne to wash down that gooey thick goodness. Where’s your favorite place to cum when you’re face fucking a slut like myself? Is it to cum on boobs or give her a nice wet, much needed facial? Or right on the tongue so you could make sure she swallows every last drop.
I’d love to hear about a time you face fucked a nice little cock sucker.

Ebony phone sex

Ebony phone sex

As I rub and tease my fat juicy clit I watch you jack that hard cock off with your hands. That type of shit makes me want to shove it in my mouth as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you make with wait with anticipation. You have always been a dominant type of guy that likes things to go your way. I love to follow your lead because I know the end result its always a nice good nut. You tell me to rub on my clit and playfully tease my clit with your tongue. You don’t allow me to cum. My pussy is dripping wet and tingling inside I want to feel your cock so fucking bad. Right before I cum you shove your hard stick into my fuck hole and ram that hard cock back and forth four good times and we both explode a nice good creamy nut. I love that shit! Make me wait to cum again baby.

I’ll Treat You Like Royalty

GFE phone sex

Hi baby. Are you looking for the perfect GFE experience? You’ll be happy to hear that you’re in the right place. I’m the perfect woman to make you forget about all the things that are going on in your world. I know you need to get all of that stress out of your body and there are many ways I can help you do that. And all you need to do to get exactly what you need is to pick up the phone and tell me. I’m a great listener and you can always count on me to give you the thing that will make you feel better.
Maybe just venting about what happened during your day is what would help you. I am right here to listen to you and if you want, I can give you my opinion. But you might just be the kind of guy who needs to fuck the stress right out of your system. A phone girlfriend like me is exactly what you need. I can be soft and romantic with you or i can bend over and let you fuck the daylights out of me. Take your hard day out on me with your hard cock. So call me and let me be your GFE girl.

I’ll Treat You So Good

GFE phone sex

I am the perfect GFE phone sex girlfriend for you. See, I will never nag you like your wife or girlfriend in real life does. I just love it when you call to spend time with me. Instead of telling you that you should be calling me more often, I just enjoy the time we DO get to spend together. It’s so much fun to talk to you about anything and everything. If you just want to tell me how you’re feeling, I’m here to listen. Do you want to talk about that bitch at work who just gets on your very last nerve? Tell me all about her. Or maybe you’d like to talk about a cool movie or TV show you saw. I’m here for it all.
But I’m also here for all of the sexual things you need. I have no limits like the woman in your real life. Whatever you need, I am absolutely going to give it to you. No matter how nasty it is, you can consider it yours, baby. All you have to do is say the word and I’m here to give you every single thing you need and then some. I’ll be waiting.

The Glory Hole

Fantasy phone sex

The feel of that unknown cock entering into my mouth made me cum so hard. My cunt juice was practically running down my legs like I peed myself. I was bored one night and decided to go visit a sex store and ended up exploring the glory hole in the back. Once I saw that hard white cock sticking through that hole ready for me to suck the life out of it. I just could not resist putting my big full juicy lips around his thick mushroom head and then slurping in a circle. That’s when I shoved my face all the way down to his shaft and gurgled with my tonsils and then came back up for air. I did that about five more times and next thing i knew I could taste that salty texture running down my fucking throat. I’m such a cum eating slutty whore.

Foot Fetishes For Christmas

foot fetishes

All his cock wants for Christmas is my two pretty feet. His foot fetishes are all he thinks about when it comes to this hot little tramp. I keep my pretty red polish and my ties perfectly manicured for his dick. I love watching how he slides that cute little cock between my toes.  His candy cane is Elf sized, not to say I haven’t met tripod Elves with dicks as long as they are tall. Now getting pounded by Santa’s little helper while he makes sweet love to my feet is quite the experience. Little midget Elves of the chocolate variety tend to pack a hard punch when fucking a bald tight cunt. My moans and sweet feet have my tiny dicked man in heaven. I guess I really should say all he wants for Christmas is My pussy pounded by dark-skinned elves with a big dick as he fucks my toes! Merry Christmas my sexy men big-dicked and small, check out our specials for some HolidayCuckold Phone sex Fun!cuckold phone sex

Freshly Pedicured Foot Fucking

foot fetishes

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys out there have foot fetishes. Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about it a lot until I started on this site, but now I think about it all the time. I always make sure my feet are well pedicured with painted toenails because I KNOW men are looking at my feet whether I notice it or not.
I love it when a guy calls me and tells me that he’d love for me to jerk him off with my gorgeous feet. There’s something so sexy about wrapping them around a throbbing cock and being able to look right at him and see what it’s doing to him. Seeing his cock twitch as I slide my feet up and down is just magical to me. And if he’s a really good boy, then I might even be nice and let him shoot his hot load all over my pretty feet.
Are you turned on by feet, too? Do you dream of shooting your sticky load all over a pretty girls painted toenails? It’s okay! It turns me on, too.

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