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Sexy legsMy Fuck buddy’s roommate wants me! He overheard me sucking his roomies cock but I swear, I had no idea he was even home. I was sucking Sean’s dick in the parlor and he had walked on me completely naked with my Large boobs bouncing up and down. I was so embarrassed but I didn’t stop, it’s not like he stood there and watched he sort of just went to his room. But, after I got through sucking Sean off I went to knock on his door to apologize to him only to walk into him jerking his cock off to porn. I know he was turned on from walking in and seeing a hot girl like me naked with my ass up in the air.

I walked in when he was just finishing up with cum overflowing out of his cock and leaking down his hand. I walked into his bedroom and closed the door behind me acting as if I hadn’t even noticed what he was doing. After teasing him for a bit by squeezing my tits together in my white cotton crop top with no bra underneath. I knew he could smell the scent of my Shaved wet pussy lingering from the freaky sex I had just had. I made sure to sit on his pillow so my pussy juices could leak out and stain his shams. I even checked back the other night to see if he even bothered to change them. He hasn’t, it’s obvious he is enjoying the scent of my sweet bliss. I kicked a pair of my dirty panties underneath his bed, I could only imagine how bad he would love to taste my pussy. I am thinking to moan so loud next time I have sex with my fuck buddy that he loses his shit and barges in so they can both fuck me at once.

Sean and his roommate are completely clueless and have no idea how badly I want to spread my Sexy legs and get fucked hard by the two of them!

Exhibitionist sex, Mila can’t get enough of being watched

Exhibitionist sex


Hot Exhibitionist sex, Mila can’t get enough of being watched while she sluts herself out for you. Anywhere or anytime Mila is down to get it on, she loves to be watched and observed while pleasing or receiving pleasure. sexual pleasure from the act of exposing their genitals or engaging in sexual acts in front of others can have legal and social consequences but Mila doesn’t fucking care. Her Small boobs don’t stop her from taking her top off instantly when she has an audience. Getting banged from the back over a public railing while construction workers watch is so exhilarating Mila came twice. It’s such a thrill getting off and being watched while you do it. 

Small boobs – Tight Pussy – Perfect ass

Small Boobs

Small Boobs are so sexy. More than a mouthful is really such a waste. My girlfriend Candy has the perfect little A cups. She shares my nudist qualities and that makes for a great outside fuck. Her nipples are so sensitive as soon as I start nibbling them she moans loudly. In five seconds flat she is out of her swimsuit and spreads her legs wide. That perfect pussy tastes amazing and sucks my fingers in hungrily. I see her boyfriend peeping out of the sliding glass windows.

I smile at him and push in harder to his woman. Her moans echo off the sides of the pool deck. I do not invite him to play. I shake my head and hold a hand up. He better stay right where he is and watch. I know a little secret about him. And I laugh as I bend down and begin to eat his woman out right in front of him. I love how her little ass tastes as I rim her between sucking her clit.

Small boobs for femdom Sapphism

I pick up the wine bottle and use it to pour wine all over her sweet little pussy. I know he wants to cum outside to play. But This sexy bitch is not letting him near us. I make a jerk off motion with my hand but he shakes his head no. Oh my god,  how I can’t help myself by teasing him by fucking her. Against my better judgment, I’m yelling for him to get naked.

Man, Candy is right his coc is much too small to make her happy. “Go ahead jerk that shrimp dick bitch!’ I command. I know his woman deserves the best Lesbian phone sex I can give her. I know my strap-cock makes her scream and moan so fucking good. She is my fucking woman now mother fucker! 

Throat Fucked Whore

Cocksucking phone sexThe way his cock was pulsing in my slutty mouth was turning my slick runny cunny up even more. He’d bought a blow job from me, but this was turning into more than a face fucking. His hand was wrapped up in my hair as I gasped for breath around his monster cock. I didn’t know how long he’d been fucking me in the throat, but I knew I didn’t want it to end until he blew a big fat load in there. I love the taste of cum and I always have! It’s just something I can’t help and I don’t want to either! Being a cum slut is half of my personality. How do you think I got into this situation, anyway? He had no interest in my well fucked little cunt and instead was dead focused on making sure I couldn’t speak or swallow for a fucking week. I was slurping and sucking while face fucking myself. I’d come out to walk the lizard lot for some extra cigarette money, but what he paid to destroy my throat is more than enough for the bender I’m going to need to get myself through. He was getting close to letting me swallow his load, but for the third time, he pulled out and nutted all over my teary-eyed face, and laughed. I was just a fucking whore, and nothing more at all.

Coed phone sex with Bad girl Gwen

coed phone sexCoed phone sex lets you know how it feels to have my pussy stretched tightly around that cock! See how my luscious lips grip your cock? Daddy, I know you need to put your hands on the back of my head! Just force your cock down my whore throat! Deepthroat this bitch! Make me submissive to you and your sex! Let me get you so aroused that you toss me around like a rag doll. Because bad girl Gwen knows when you grab me and bend me over you fuck me so hard! 

My fingernails are spreading my ass for you so you can see my rosebud asshole too. I love making that cock Twitch as I spread my pussy apart. Can you see how tight and little my kitty is? I am begging you to empty heavy balls in my womb. I just want to feel you dripping out of me for hours after we make love. Daddy, shove your fuck stick down my throat, pussy, or ass. Hell for the best phone sex use all my whore holes! Fuck me big daddy and take control!

Be my vacation boy toy

“You must be Mila.” He said. He had a deep rich voice.
“I am.” I replied. He walked in the room and gently closed the door behind him.
roleplay phone sex

He walked towards me looking me up and down. As he got closer he undid his
belt, and unbuttoned his pants. He then unzipped them and pulled out this long black
hard as dick. My eyes slightly bulked when I saw this fine specimen. It hung there with
the utmost majesty. It was calling me. He stopped right before me.

“Suck it good Ma. Like the good little cunt you are.” He demanded. I didn’t need
no one telling me how to suck dick. I gobble dicks for fun. But I was in the moment with
“Mmm hmm.” I replied with a mouthful of dick.

Milf Phone Sex Gwen

Milf Phone sex

My sweet young wife of a girlfriend set us up in a nice motel for the weekend. A milf phone sex slut needs relaxation with her girl every once in a while. Yes, professional sugar babies do get into romantic relationships, and for me, it’s a nice sexy 20-year-old who needs my expert guidance. While we are here I have my sights set in on a sexy young man who is helping us carry our luggage in. My lovely little lady has done well in serving me and I want to play with both of them. It will help create a Mommy experience for us if we can seduce him into a little ageplay session. 

 My girlfriend that has perfect Small boobs and a body to share with the Bellhop and I think he might just have some meat under those uniform pants.  Room service gets ordered and I give the Bellhop my number and ask him to text me when he gets off shift. Until the main playtime, this nympho enjoys the feast of my long-legged honey pot. Would you like to share in my feast, you can be the bellhop or the Daddy who called us up here this weekend. 


Perverts Love My Small Boobs!

Small Boobs

It’s no secret I have pretty small boobs; they are only a handful at best but older men have always loved them! I remember being fresh out of middle school when I realized I’d probably never have big tits like the girls in porn movies. When I went to high school, I stopped wearing a bra because I wanted to show off my hard nipples since I didn’t have much else. I definitely caught the attention of any older man around me; they loved staring at my nipples poking through any little top I wore. I didn’t realize what power my small sexy breasts gave me until I secured a passing grade by letting my naughty teacher jack off all over my flat chest. He said it was the hardest he ever came because I looked like a sweet barely legal whore doing titty fucking porn!

I Made My 1st BF Titty Fucking Porn!

Titty Fucking PornI got my first boyfriend addicted to titty fucking porn so he would cover my tits in his delicious cum! My first older boyfriend loved my small boobs but he never let me slide his fat cock between them. I think he was always underestimating how fun it could be to cum on boobs like mine. I took it as a challenge to make him see that my sexy breasts could be just as fun as the large boobs in porn. I started sending him sexy girlfriend porn of me with my dildo between my bouncing tits, of course he couldn’t stop jerking off to it! It only took a week before he was begging to have fantasy phone sex with me before coming over to cover my tiny titties in his steaming hot load!

Small Boobs Big sexual appetite

small boobs

I might have small boobs, but they are super sensitive and I have a huge sexual appetite. I often wonder if I will ever be satisfied enough to stop masturbating as much as I do. But then again with hunger as large as mine, it needs to be fed often. Many times it is hard as hell to juggle a career and life and have a good cock available to pound your holes until you cry. That’s where my toys come in handy.

My body has always loved the sex toy industry. They understand that getting yourself off is important in a busy society.  It’s important to have an online girlfriend that understands how much you just need to bust a nut and have no strings attached! I actually prefer if men just fuck me and go, much easier here with all my toys!

That’s why I always suggest to my men that they get a cock sleeve that is remote. Why remote? So while we are playing that can give me control of that cock and lay back and enjoy Sexy women masturbating while that cock gets worked over hands-free. Not that I wouldn’t love to stroke your cock and play with my pussy at the same time. But with my voice and my “hands,” I promise your cock will never know you weren’t balls deep in some sexy pussy!