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Hot Sexy Woman Whitney Seduces Neighbor


hot sexy woman
I know I’m a hot sexy woman, and so do all my neighbors. Now that it’s summertime I knew it was time to start wearing skimpy clothes and bathing suits. Luckily for me one of my neighbors is a young hot stud! I’m sure he’s well hung, too. If only I was able to find out.

I tease him here and there. Flash my sweet smile when I see him out back cutting his grass or grilling on his BBQ. This summer I know I’m going to find a way into his bed, or bent over his BBQ, who knows!

I Have the Perrrfuckt Idea

I all of a sudden had an idea, maybe I could drop some hints through some sexy chat. We would text from time to time. Maybe I can send him a text and see if that will do the trick. Start it out as an innocent text, maybe ask him if he can come over and fix my leaky sink.

Although I’ll have to find a way to make it start leaking, lol! But I know I could manage to figure something out. Nowadays men his age are always on their phones anyways. So maybe with a nice picture and some sexy phone chat I can seduce him!

Maybe it’ll work just enough to be able to work my way between those sexy legs of his and get my mouth on that juicy big cock! I just want to ravage his body with mouth. I want to feel his arms around my body as he touches every last square inch of it.

Fondling my tits and getting me nice and juicy wet. Gagging on his cock, getting him nice and hard so he can bend me over that fucking BBQ and fuck my juicy hot wet pussy. Fuck this summer is going to be so much fun! 

Hot Sexy Woman Next Door

Hot sexy woman


Ever had a dream about that hot sexy woman next door? Wishing you could just walk over there one day, asking her for a cup of milk or a soda, and she invites you inside. Well that’s just what kind of neighbor I am. I’m always inviting my married neighbors over for a dinner night, or a pool party. I live in the South. Summertime is my favorite time of the year.

Pool parties, frilling and hanging out. Fucking my friend’s husband in my laundry room while everyone’s outside in the pool. You know, the normal things in life. Just last week in fact, I threw a pool party to ring in the summertime warmth. All my neighbors are pretty much in their mid to late 20’s. All have great paying jobs, mostly married.

We live just outside the city maybe 15 minutes, in a well-kept suburb. I’m pretty well known around here for everything I do for our community, but little do most wives know, I’m actually screwing their husbands behind their backs. I tell all the husbands they’re the only one, they can’t tell anyone about us or their wife would find out.

I’m literally the slut next door to almost everyone on my block and none of them know! Ha! I keep it very hush hush, I’m even sleeping with 2 wives, and their husbands, and neither of them know. You’re probably thinking, this woman is well into her 40’s. Well I just get sweeter with age, my pussy is as tight as ever, and my hunger for sexy phone chat is just as big as my hunger for sex. 


Ass sex porn is what my sugar daddy wants

When I get spoiled so much, I’ll do anything my sugar daddy wants to do. Like film Ass sex porn. “You know I love that perky sexy ass of yours” he says as he gives me my money bag. After I kiss him to show how lucky he is for me to be his sugar baby, I start to undress. Once I am naked, I can see his mouth watering.

Ass sex porn

“Are you hungry for me baby?” I ask as I tease you with my hot body. I know I remind you of the hottie you couldn’t have. She was too green and young or too popular. But now that you have all the money to spend you spend it on a fuck barbie like me. “I want to make a special movie with you” he says as he sets his camera up and turns it on.

“Bend over for daddy and spread that sexy ass open” you instruct me to do. After I am spread open for you, your tongue dips right into my rosebud. Since I have an Ass fetish my cunt reacts to your lapping. I start dripping down my thighs. “Get ready for this cock” you say as you start to push your dick inside my ass. I bounce my ass back on your cock as you film it.

“Your asshole looks good swallowing my cock” you moan as you film yourself fucking my ass. Finally, I feel your cock starting to pump in my ass. Then you moan out “take every drop”. My ass just dripped with your sperm as you filmed with pride. “I can’t wait until I get to rewatch you being a filthy slut” you say as we get ready to shower.

Sexy Phone Chat Makes Whores Like Rebecca Squirt

Sexy phone chatI’m always down for some sexy phone chat time. Oh lover, I’m your cum dumpster and I live for this shit. The way you fill me up with your raw cock is all I need to get turned on. It feels so good when you pound my tight little asshole until it stretches out wide enough to take every inch of that thick meat. And let me tell ya, nothing gets me going more than hearing those dirty words coming out of your mouth while you fuck me senseless.

I love the feeling of being used like a piece of trash – knowing full well that my only purpose in life is to please men like yourself by taking their big dicks deep inside my hungry holes again and again without complaint . My pussy gets wet just thinking about how much cum we could make together; squirting uncontrollably onto our bellies as we both reach peak satisfaction .

So come on over here, big boy , give it to me hard and fast until neither one of us can stand anymore! Let’s see who can last longer under the intense pleasure-pain threshold we’ve created between us . Maybe then ,we can collapse into each other’s arms covered in sweat and cum –the perfect end to another wild night filled with lustful desires fulfilled under one roof called home sweet home (or maybe just ‘fuck pad’).

I’ll be here waiting, eagerly anticipating the moment when your cock slides between my lips or fills up my tight asshole once again . Until then , I’ll just keep dreaming about how good it feels to be used by someone who knows exactly what they want from me…and takes it without hesitation. Cum have a good sexy chat with your favorite therapist, Rebecca soon!

Foot fetishes are awesome with my perfect feet!

Foot fetishesFor as I know foot fetishes have always intoxicated a certain type of man. My own Boyfriend has always been fascinated with feet. From a young age, I have been playing with my own toes and feet.  Yes, I often spend hours admiring my perfectly pedicured feet. As I grew older, men’s fascination clued me into this full-blown fetish. Do you love the feeling of feet on your skin? I know the way they bring pleasure and arousal in ways that nothing else will! 

Foot fetishes

It’s true, I adore the attention my feet receive. The way men can not seem to get enough of them. This is for all the men who need my perfect feet to fulfill their fetish desires.

Tease and Denial

Yes I hold a power over these men, the way they worship my tootsies and beg for my touch. Often teasing them, dangling my feet in front of their faces, knowing they won’t resist. I do love a bit of Tease and denial when it comes to my pedicured Perfect Pads and toes. And when they finally give in, I let them pleasure themselves with my  feet, watching as they moan and groan, their eyes rolling back in ecstasy. 

Cum on my tootsies!

Nothing compares to the feeling of a man’s cock between my toes! MMM,  the way it throbs and pulses as I rub it against soft skin. My feet are the sexiest in the world. I will always be determined to share them with as many men as possible. That’s why I post pictures of my feet online, attracting a devoted following of foot fetishists. And each time I met a new man who shares a foot passion the hotter my feet are to me

I long for the feeling of your cum sticky between my toes!

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a man cum on my feet, knowing that I have given him the ultimate pleasure. And as I  lay in bed, feet still tingling from the last encounter, I can’t help but smile, knowing that I am a living fantasy every day.

Small dick humiliation turns you on because you are a sissy!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation turns you on because you are a sissy! Hey there, you little sissy bitch. It’s your favorite hot sophisticated whore, Lena, here to give you a taste of what you crave the most humiliation. I know you love it when I mock your tiny dick and make you beg for my attention. And let’s be honest, what else do you really deserve?

You’re just a pathetic excuse for a man with that little nub between your legs. I mean, how do you even function in the bedroom? Do you just lay there and let real men take care of me while you stroke your sad excuse for a ‘cock’? It’s honestly hilarious how you try to act like a man when we both know you’re just a little sissy in disguise.

The thought of a hot woman like me laughing at your inadequate manhood gets your little clitty hard, doesn’t it? The smaller the dick, the more I enjoy it. It’s like a game of hide and seek, except your dick is so small that it’s impossible to find. But don’t worry, I’ll still give you all the attention you crave because I love to see you squirm and beg for more.

Tease and denial is your punishment and I’m the queen of it. You don’t get to cum until I say so. And even then, it’s not guaranteed. I love to keep you on the edge, blue balls and all, just to remind you of your place in this world. And if you dare to cum without my permission, well, let’s just say your holes will be begging for mercy.

I’ll be waiting for you to beg for my attention while I make you feel like the little sissy bitch you truly are. Oh, what’s that? Your little clitty is throbbing and wants to cum? Sorry, not happening, sweetheart. This is my world and you’re just living in it. Now get on your knees and worship your Queen Lena.


Phone sex therapy

Phone sex therapy


Do you need some phone sex therapy today? I am here for you, for whatever you feel you need to talk about. Whatever you say to me always stays between the two of us. Tell me all about your deepest darkest fantasies that you don’t think you could tell another soul. I love hearing the crazy and wild stories.

                If you don’t want to tell me your crazy stories, you can confide in me about anything. I’m here to listen. You can tell me all about your day, with all the happy moments or even the sad, scary moments of your day, or even your life.

                I can also be your sexy, seductive therapist. Tell me your secrets again, baby. Only this time, why don’t you whisper them into my ear. And while you’re by my ear, I want you to nibble it and lick on my neck. I’ll unbutton my blouse to expose my large, firm breasts while you take a taste of that as well.        

Real voyeur sex makes me squirt hard outta my perfect pussy!

Real voyeur sex

Real voyeur sex makes me squirt hard outta my perfect pussy! You, me, and a bunch of your buddies, Daddy, we always have a great time. I love when I spread my legs wide open for you getting fucked really hard. I can feel all your eyes on me and it makes my clit throb. I start to thrust my hips harder and harder into that cock because I want you to be proud of me Daddy. 

You know you own this pussy. You always spoil me rotten throwing tons of money at me, I mean, I know I am worth it but it still warms my heart and soaks my panties. He takes me on wild adventures and makes sure to capture every moment of our hot and steamy escapades. I love being a real voyeur, watching myself get fucked in ways I never thought possible. It makes me squirt even harder, knowing that others are watching my wet and wild performances.

Yes, please, Daddy I am more than willing to let you fill it up with your hot cum as much as you want. I crave it like a thirsty bitch in heat. I want to wrap my perfect lips around your thick cock and taste my ass on it. I want you to pump me full of your delicious load until I am completely full and satisfied. 

Nothing turns me on more than feeling your cock throbbing inside of me as he releases his hot cum. I want it all, Daddy. I want you to spoil me, fuck me, and fill me up with your hot cum. Because being a sexy spoiled slut named Lena is the best damn feeling in the world.


Ass sex porn makes me so fucking horny and craving cock!

Ass sex porn

Ass sex porn makes me so fucking horny and craving cock! am a woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. And right now, all I want is you. I want to feel your body pressed against mine, to taste your lips and to have you take me in every way imaginable.

I can’t help but fantasize about all the dirty things I want to do to you. I want to tease and please you with my mouth, slowly making my way down your body until I reach your throbbing cock. I want to take you deep in my throat and make you moan with pleasure. Force my head all the way down your hot hard cock, I wanna gag on it till I can’t breath. I want your hot sticky loads of cum choking me.

I want to feel your fingers sliding inside me, making me wetter and wetter. And when you can’t hold back any longer, I want you to take me hard and fast, showing me who’s in charge. Just stuff my ass with your hard cock and make me scream. I want you to plow into me so hard I walk funny for a week.

I guarantee that once you experience my skills, you’ll be coming back for more. Just give me a call and let me show you just how much of a horny whore I can be. Trust me, you won’t regret it. If you need to cum into a hot slut call me for the Best phone sex!


You don’t mind paying me for Great blowjobs

When you pay for the hottie of your dreams you get Great blowjobs. Since I’m the hottie you have dreamt about since your high-school days, you will pay me anything so I could be yours. “You are so hot I just want to taste you” you say as you transfer money to my account. After that you say, “I love spoiling you even with my tongue”.

Once I notice the money in my account, I bend over in front of you and spread my ass. “Lick my asshole if you are hungry” I say to you with a smile on my face. Therefore, you start licking me hard like you are starving. Then I feel your tongue slip into my asshole. What I love doing is rubbing my clit while you lick my ass. It makes me drip and be so wet.

Great blowjobs

“I’ll give you anything you want just let me fuck you” you say begging into my ass.  Therefore, I ask for triple my allowance. Once I get it, I lay back and spread my legs. You start kissing my pretty feet and work your way up my Sexy legs.

After you lick my cunt for a bit, you eagerly stuff me with your dick. Then your balls tighten up and you start shooting your cum inside me. No wonder you have to pay for me to let you fuck, is all I can think of. At least I have much more money.