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Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation calls aren’t mean, they are necessary. When I see these tiny dicks in the dick pics men send, I hate having to zoom in or get a magnifying glass to find out where it is.  If you can’t see it hard, how can I count on you getting in my pussy and not getting lost. I mean, I’m not loose but a tic toc may get lost in there.

Why even bother with such a worthless appendage. It’s like a wart on your balls.  You see men jacking off with their hands but realizing some have to jack off with their pinky finger because nothing else is small enough to fit around it, embarassing. You mine as well just stick with having a pussy because you have a worthless small cock.

Vienna sausages, who needs that when we have big meaty franks everywhere? Not to sound mean, but I work too hard to work that hard to find your cock.  No one wants to get that tired before sex even starts.  You have fingers bigger and fatter than that pathetic little wiener. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, but it’s also pathetic.  Cute is for family pictures, not what I look for in a dick I want to hit my G spot and make me cum.

So here is the deal, you need to act like you don’t even have a cock from this moment on, because you pretty much don’t have one already.  Your little pussy between your ass cheeks can pleasure a real cock if you think you can be a big girl for me. What do you say?

Sexy phone chat : MMF With Hunky Gay men

Sexy phone chatLet’s have a sexy phone chat and I will tell you all about my newest sex obsessions. You know That I am a Goddess in my own right. You know that not only do I deserve to be worshiped, but I should also serve in every way. I put in the work for this body and I’m always practicing my oral and riding skills. I know how to seduce any cock, and most pussy. If I want it I get it. And That can be dangerous but exciting.

At the gym, I spotted a sexy brother helping himself to an eye full of my tight Goddess frame. He stripped me down with his eyes and my pussy ached. Six feet of dark chocolate that I just knew would melt in my mouth. I was confused as his workout buddy grabbed his ass and handed him another weight. Now his buddy was white and my only guess was he was a bear with that Luke Combs beard. Both men were ripped and very much alpha. And I wondered if his boyfriend knew he was bi and longing to fuck me.

As the honey bear went to fill up water bottles I slipped between the weight benches. I had questions needing answers. And I asked bluntly and a bit loud if his man knew, and when a big hand came on my shoulder!  His boyfriend whispered, “We both are and we want to fuck you.” his beard brushed my neck. Tingles went through my pussy. I almost fucking melted right there on the spot. Big handsome hunks who would fuck my lil cunt and each other??? Had all my dreams just come true?

My biggest fantasy phone sex desires were unleashed. I was asked if we could go back to their private home gym to finish “working out”. Hell yes! I was going to work these cocks as they worked each other over! I’ll tell you the very graphic fuck scene and even bring you into it if you like. Goddess worship is just a click away!

Sissy Maid Rewarded With Chastity

Sissy maid trainingYou have been such a good sissy maid. Your feminine touch is found in every part of my home. You make sure that all of my laundry is washed, dried and folded.  You dust so well that I haven’t had allergies in ages. The problem comes when I have male friends over. While they are there, you are to make yourself available to them at all times. If they want to fuck you or need you to give them a blowjob, your job is to do what they say. I have noticed that you have become very clit-focused, rubbing your clit constantly when giving head, sometimes pausing to rub it, and being reluctant to service my guest because your clit isn’t hard. I am rewarding you with lifelong chastity. Once your clit is locked up, you won’t have any distractions. You’ll be the whore I want and the slut they deserve. Being a submissive cock whore will be the best service you ever give to my guests.

Real Hot Sexy Woman Wants Cock!

Hot Sexy Woman
It’s true a hot sexy woman like me wants only one thing and one thing only; hard daddy cock! I’ve been using my tight fuck sleeves to get what I want from men ever since I got these perky little titties. I realized the best way to make money and satisfy my shaved wet pussy was to have sexy phone chat with my sugar daddies and get them addicted to playing with me all the time. Men love being financially drained by a beautiful woman like me, I make it my mission to be like a real girl friend to them. My sexy rich sugar daddies take care of me and I take care of their hard cocks any time they want to cum all over me!

Erotic Roleplaying the Sensual GFE with Seductive Renee

Join me in some erotic roleplaying phone sex fantasy fucking. My sensually naughty and mature woman’s mind is full of perverted fantasies. Let’s make love under a starry night sky on the beach baby.

My last couple of weeks I have been spending time at the beach. I love some surf and sun. But what I love more are the young studly Lifeguards and water sports guys. Buff, tan and many interested in a hot mature woman like me.

Yesterday I managed a little fun with two on duty Lifeguards up in their watch tower. I was blowing them as they watched the water. I may have caused some trouble if the place was crowded. But I am a trouble maker. Left their balls empty just in time for interruption.

Erotic roleplaying

Teased By a Teen Stripper

Tease and denial

I’m a young teen that loves to strip in the club for older guys like you. I see you staring at my tight sexy body, mesmerized by my erotic dancing and wishing I would hop on your dick right now and ride it until you cum. That’s too bad, because I love being a tease. Shaking my ass in front of you is so fun knowing that I won’t ever fuck you. Don’t you like how my tits are in your face, bouncing up and down as I grind on your cock? Don’t you just love when I turn around and rub on your hard cock with my ass? I hump your leg, getting myself off using your body. When you touch me, however, I leave you with that hard cock. I know it’s mean to leave you with a boner but it turns me on so much to know that I could get you that hard and leave you with blue balls.

Femdom phone sex exposure for BBC


Femdom phone sex

Femdom phone sex brings exposure for BBC cock sucking cum eaters like John  He is a cum craver that loves having his fetish of eating strangers’ cum and having his mouth fucked exposed to the word. Is this just a complicated Grinder situation? I guess you could say it’s a long game of exposure and a Mistress wanting to be the trigger that leads a new and thick BBC his way. Johnny the BBC Homo even has a bit of info up on one of those pay-for-exposure sissy fag sites. You pay to post and pay even more to get it removed.

My financial domination side really loves that aspect. Besides the Black cock worship adds a nice sexy aspect I can not deny. I have posted blogs and been paid to take them down all at my client’s whims. Sometimes that BBC cock sucking phone sex gets you in a place where you just can’t help but agree to things you shouldn’t. 

And if This blog sends you to text him I really hope you have pictures taken of your cock in his white boy faggot mouth. I love a man who jerks his cock telling me about his cum eating and BBC worship during Domination phone sex.  

cocksucking phone sex

Cuckold Client Eats Therapist Out

Phone sex therapist


What brings you here today? Oh, so your wife is fucking other guys and you don’t know what to do about it? I see now. As your therapist, I have to give you the best advice possible. You are not worthy of your wife. In fact, you are not worthy of any woman. The most you could possibly do is lick the cum out of a woman’s pussy after a real man has cum inside of her. I bet your cock is small, isn’t it? Of course it is. That is why she is getting her back blown out by other guys in the first place. The most I could do for you is teach you how to eat pussy and how to empty your wallet to any woman who asks. You are worthless as a man besides being used as a cum rag for women. Go ahead and start licking my cunt right now. Lick my clit and tongue fuck my pussy. Your only purpose in life is to pleasure women in any way they ask. 


Exposure cocksucking phone sex

cocksucking phone sexIt’s time to exploit and expose during cocksucking phone sex! My favorite cum whore John from Oxnard CA needs a cum and cock and Mistress Gwen wants to bring him more and more! He looks so much sexier with something in his mouth. Cum drunk John M Rogers drinks used condoms and pays per each used prophylactic. The local massage parlor mistress is making bank on a fags cum thrist. He wants all of my clients and web page visitors to know he is always looking to be a whore for a big black cock. That’s why he likes to have his address and phone number in our blogs! Are you a hung black man near the Oxnard area? Call 820 345-4138 for a whiteboy cock sucker who will drain your balls.

Even better if you like to have that BBC photographed in a white boy’s mouth. I need more pictures of this cum eating cocksucker homo to my collection! What I love about this domination phone sex is that John Michael Rogers needs his address posted as well. He is using the WBMT sites to snag him some cum. Dirty condom eating gets him off for a while, but what he really wants is a uber eats delivery of black cock to 746 Janet wood dr apt 1 93030! My pussy was slick the last call when he told me he has actually had a couple of live cocks to suck from His mistresses blogs!

Humiliating Tiny Dick Losers

Femdom phone sex


I love dominating guys who come to me looking for pleasure. I know they find pleasure in following my instructions and leading them down a path towards orgasm. My favorite kind of femdom lover is those who have a humiliation kink. I love making them feel worthless, like dirt beneath my feet. I can make them feel 1 inch tall and they enjoy it. There was one guy who wanted me to bring his entire self-esteem down to the ground. I talked about how no matter how much money he made, how good he dressed, and how much money he spent he could never get a woman like me because of his small dick. I said that there is no woman on this Earth that would go near such a small dick unless she was a lesbian, and even then she would rather have a woman with a sweet pussy than a man with a tiny dick. I kept telling him he was a tiny dick loser and every girlfriend he ever had cheated on him with bigger cocks. He came so hard in his pants and I humiliated him for that too.