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Gfe phone sex as real as it gets

What do you know about Gfe phone sex? This stands for girlfriend experience and it’s a call I’ve grown to love as it is sensual, mature, sweet, and sexy at the same time. As a phone sex therapist, sometimes, we need our clients to learn that it’s not about having all the women you can get, it’s about fighting to have a real girlfriend that you treat with kindness, love and respect. I am that girl for you.

We do get down and dirty. I’m a sucker for sucking cock but here, we get to know each other.  I genuinely am interested in being yours. For you to treat me like you’ve wanted to be able to treat someone. We can do whatever we need to to make sure the call feels 1000% like the real thing. You are my guy and I am your girl.  We can make love back at your place then turn over and wake up and do it again.  We can netflix and chill.

Maybe we can go to the store and you can see how I forget to put panties on and when I bend over in the aisle at home depot, I give you and maybe some of the other guys a show.  However, I am going home with you baby. When we go to dinner with your parents, I may just reach over and give you a handjob just to see if I can without you letting on what I’m doing.  You may have to scold me later when we get home, but that’s OK, I kind of like that!

It can go like this or completely different. I listen to what you want and we go from there.  That’s what the girlfriend experience is all about.   If you are looking for a mature phone sex option, definitely save my number boys!gfe phone sex

Throat Fucked Whore

Cocksucking phone sexThe way his cock was pulsing in my slutty mouth was turning my slick runny cunny up even more. He’d bought a blow job from me, but this was turning into more than a face fucking. His hand was wrapped up in my hair as I gasped for breath around his monster cock. I didn’t know how long he’d been fucking me in the throat, but I knew I didn’t want it to end until he blew a big fat load in there. I love the taste of cum and I always have! It’s just something I can’t help and I don’t want to either! Being a cum slut is half of my personality. How do you think I got into this situation, anyway? He had no interest in my well fucked little cunt and instead was dead focused on making sure I couldn’t speak or swallow for a fucking week. I was slurping and sucking while face fucking myself. I’d come out to walk the lizard lot for some extra cigarette money, but what he paid to destroy my throat is more than enough for the bender I’m going to need to get myself through. He was getting close to letting me swallow his load, but for the third time, he pulled out and nutted all over my teary-eyed face, and laughed. I was just a fucking whore, and nothing more at all.

Shaved Wet Pussy Putting a Spell on Men Everywhere

shaved wet pussy

What is it about a shaved wet pussy?  It does this thing to cocks almost instantly without much effort at at. The first time I realized the power of a pussy, especially a shaved one, I was at school. My girlfriends were giving me a hard time and told me it was time to shave down there.

So 5 naked cheerleading girls, got into the gym shower dripping wet from sweat and with a razor in tow. My best friend took the razor and started teasing my clit with it.  Before I knew it, my hairy bush tingled as they passed it around like candy. Meanwhile the hot steamy water dripped down our not fully developed breasts and underage little bodies. I was a late bloomer so I was the only one not yet shaved. I was ready to be smooth and bald again like my young girl self.  Before I knew it, my friends took over my hairy wet pussy.

Shaving, fingering, licking and being passed around like a hot potatoe.  My sweet friend, let’s call her J, she told the other girls that they needed to keep sucking and touching my clit while my friend, S, did the dirty work shaving.  I watched as the hair I had become accustomed to kept falling from in between my legs down on the shower floor and really all over my friends mouths that were still attempting at pleasuring me in midst of this chaosl

As we finished, one of our hot teachers came in the locker room thinking everyone had gone home for the day.  We stood there, 6 smooth as a little ones bottom in between our legs, and his jaw dropped to the floor.  Instantly, his cockshot sraight out through his gym shorts he had on from working out after school. J, being the extrovert that she was, went and grabbed his hand and brought him over to us.

“Now remember as we did for Rebecca, we need to do this for Mr. K. now.”  Like the little slut servants we were, all 6 sexy hot women got on our hands and knees treating Mr. K’s cock like it was our last meal. Boy was that meal yummy.

Sexy legs open wide for you, Mila’s been waiting all day.



sexy legs


Sexy legs open wide for you, Mila’s been waiting all day. Don’t you dare keep a hottie like this waiting for too long. Sexy Mila is definitely fucking hot, do you have experience with sexy hot women? If not, then welcome to the world of MIla. Her beautiful breast, ebony skin, and tight twat will make you drool all over her. Lay back and imagine those sexy ebony lips sliding up and down your cock with ease. With those pretty eyes looking up at you as you push her head further down on your cock. Mila knows she’s sexy as hell and uses it to get what she wants, could you blame her? Everyday she’s in high demand for her sexy phone sex, come get your turn.

Hot Sexy Woman

Hot Sexy WomanHot sexy woman that is me. Put me on the pedestal that I belong on. I am a Grecian goddess in looks. My hair cascading down my back in waves from a waterfall. My tits are large. No touching, but you may watch as I cup my breasts, pressing them together. They are silky to the touch. Skin like satin. 

Flat stomach, that is highlighted by a diamond navel piercing. My pussy is trimmed, shaved, wet, and tight.  That’s it, watch as I stroke this pussy. Holding the lips open so that you may gaze upon the light pink pussy. A maroon fingernail dips into my pussy. Stroking along the inside of me. Making me moan. Head rolling back as I continue to finger myself. A little faster, deeper, and harder. Feeling the pressure building. 

Head falling back. Yelling out. Wave after wave sweeping through my body. Cum coating my fingers. Soaking, running down my long shapely legs. Ahh! That felt good. Standing on my pedestal you may continue to gaze upon this glorious body of mine. Not many women look as good as I do but there are hot sexy women. Revere us all. 

Jerking Cock to Sister Incest and Denying Orgasm

Tease and denialI know you’ve been playing with your cock since before I walked in this room. You are very horny and need me to get you off. All you have to do is follow my instructions, and you’ll be cumming buckets in no time. I’m going to tie your hands to the chair and rub your cock myself. What story should I tell you that will keep your cock hard? I’ll tell you all about the first time I had sex with my sister. We were young teens when we started exploring each other’s bodies. First, she would touch me all over my body, from my tits all the way down to my clit. She made my nipples hard and I begged for her to lick them. Once she was licking them, I slid my hand under her skirt and —. You really are getting off to this, you nasty little pervert? You’re bucking against me, wanting me to speed up the story. I’ll come back if you become less sick or more patient. You can stay there with your cock in the air.

Foot fetishes: I am selling pictures of my beautiful feet

Foot fetishesI am Daddy’s Princess phone sex slut, he always gives me American express gift cards so that he is able to pay for my manicure and pedicure every two weeks. Daddy loves pictures of my cute piglets painted his color of choice; this week he picked a cherry red! He requested I send him pictures and videos of my bald pussy with my toes peeking into the camera. He loves when I mail him my sweaty gym socks after a 60 minute run… They smell so sweet; I put them in a sealed zip block bag so they can hold the stench and hopefully arrive moist for him, some days they do and some days they don’t.

Daddy loves the scent of my piggies either way they fulfill his Foot fetishes.. Especially since I massage my pretty feet in Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret body lotion that he bought me; it’s his favorite fragrance.. The mix of the two, a womanly scent paired with the scent of my sweet sweat makes daddies’ cock rock hard.. He calls me to guide him through masturbation and describe to him how soft my feet are from being dipped in a water-basin full of Garra rufa fish at my last pedicure session that he paid for. Daddy loves the mystery of my sexy voice and the thought of my arches stroking his veiny cock… It’s the Tease and denial that sets him off, knowing he paid but cannot touch. He closes his eyes and cums all over my used socks!

Tease and Denial from Mistress Mercy

Tease and Denial

I know that tease and denial might be hard for you, but it’s worth it to get to watch me spread my legs and dildo fuck my pretty pussy. Usually, I make you just watch and listen to me fuck myself. You’re not allowed to touch me or even yourself no matter how hard your cock gets. I can brush my legs or feet against you, but you can’t move to touch me. If you manage to be patient until I cum, you get a reward. It might be me letting you clean up the mess from my dripping wet cunt and thighs.  Tonight I want to do something different than usual. Or I’ll use my feet to rub your throbbing prick until you cover my feet with your cum. And have you lick them clean. Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, I’ll lay my head on your thigh while you stroke your dick and give you soft kisses and encouragement until you explode on my face. But you’ve been good lately.

So this time I want you to take my new toy and slide it in my pussy. You can do any and everything you think will make me cum. Ram the dildo in whichever hole you like. Indulge in our anal and foot fetishes. Kiss my feet and gape my tight puckered hole. My body is all yours. You still can’t touch your cock, but such a hard challenge has an amazing reward. If you can make me cum within 15 minutes, then you get to through aside the dildo and use your dick instead. I will be your little fuck toy. Think of it like an audition. If you do good, we might do this more often.

Sissy maid stories have to begin somewhere


sissy maid stories g

Sissy maid stories are some of the most fun for me. Call it a gift if you will, but it involves me seeking out the most effeminate men and pushing all the right buttons. The date from a few weeks ago is working out well as my personal maid and entertainment so far. We only have had a couple of training sessions, but it was the first where he put his first pair of panties son that will forever live rent-free in his head. Edgar has always suspected he was a little queer. Imagining what it would feel and taste like if he ever had the opportunity to suck a nice fat dick. He said he had always been attracted to dominant women and longed to tell his past girlfriends that they liked to play with his ass hole and even had bought a couple of toys to fuck his boy pussy with. Born with a smaller-than-average penis he always hoped his girlfriend would cheat on him, and that the cock they got was much larger than his.  Every relationship was short-lived and he knew It was because he was too soft and too small “down there”. He hated his penis, sometimes wondering why he couldn’t have just been born a female instead. But he still dates and gets off on the disappointment of Sexy hot women due to his dick size.  You can’t help but be attracted to Edgar as a strong-spirited woman. It just takes a seductress like me to draw what you really are out of you!

Naughty neighbor phone sex for Bad boy

Naughty neighbor phone sex

My neighbors son skipped school so I had to go get some material for my Naughty neighbor phone sex sessions. He’s young and kinda dorky but I’m older and kinda horny. So when I noticed he came back in the house when he was supposed to get on bus, I took my bust over to investigate. He answered timidly thinking he was in trouble. I couldn’t help but being dominate and push open the door and pushing him up against the wall. It was interesting to see how he responded.