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2 girl phone sex in the park

2 girl phone sexHey, remember me from the park? I’m the girl who picked a bad day to go commando. My yoga pants ripped when I was doing cool down stretches, exposing my bare pussy. I know you got a good look at my sweaty cunt but you were nice enough to lend me your jacket so I wouldn’t flash the whole park on the way home. My girlfriend thought it was hilarious when I told her about you. She wondered what your dick would feel like in her pussy, and I must say I’ve thought about your dick in my pussy too. We want to return your jacket and repay your kindness. Have you ever had 2 girl phone sex before? If you fancy the thought of 2 girls going to town on your hot rod, we’ll be waiting at the park.

Great Blowjobs and morning sex

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs are your favorite. I love waking up in your arms with my head laying on your chest. I know you love waking up to pleasure, so I think there’s no harm in waking you up with your dick in my mouth, preparing it to be as hard as possible so you can stick it in my already dripping wet pussy. I decided to carefully move from your arms, uncover your dick to see that it’s half hard.
Perfect. I start to kiss your dick softly, feeling it jump as I do. I’m careful not to wake you up though. I slowly start to let my tongue wonders aimlessly over you, drooling all over you. I let you feel my tongue go all around you, up and down, around your balls and back up to the tip. I can tell you’re half awake but refuse to wake up and give up the sensation that you think is a dream.
I open my mouth very wide and stick my tongue out as far as I can. I slide you into my mouth and over my tongue and over the roof of my mouth. I feel you hit the back of my throat and then I suck you very gently into the rest of my throat. This wakes you up. I feel you hand push my head down even further and this causes more drool to build in my mouth. I start to gag and you let me up for air and all my drool flows over your dick, leaving strings of it from my lips. I breath in once and that’s enough you think. You shove my head back down and your dick back down my throat.
You feel me trying to swallow all of you and clench my throat trying to breath. You begin to move my head up and down on you as I continue to struggle to breath, using my clenching throat to massage your dick up and down. You feel the tip of your dick stroke my tonsils and feel be gag and try to move my tongue along the rest of your dick as you slide in and out. I begin to suck on you more and more, realizing it’s literally the only thing I can do with your hand guiding my head up and down your dick. You let me come up for air again. I slide you out of my mouth and immediately let my tongue run over your balls. I suck them very gently, letting them feel my tongue and cheeks suck them into my warm mouth.
You feel me licking them very slowly while they’re in my mouth. I hear you moan and realize you’re about to cum. I quickly and without warning ram your dick back down my throat until you pound into my tonsils at the bottom of my throat. I begin to suck and run my tongue back and forth under your dick. You let out a deep groan and push my head all the way down. I feel your dick jump in my throat. I start to moan on your dick, feeling it empty your cum from your balls to coat my throat completely.
Can I please have more?

I love cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sexI love cuckold phone sex. Guys think because I am young, I am stupid. I know a small dick when I see one. I may be young, but I still care about what I put into my body! I only want big cocks in my tight little coed holes.  Nothing better than that feeling of being stretched out like you’re giving birth. I had a date last night with one of my professors. He has been chasing my skirt since the first day of class. He is handsome and financially secure. He is even single. The problem was that he had a short limp dick. It was not worthy of my deepthroat blowjobs. It was not worthy of any of my holes. Honestly, I was afraid of failing his class if I didn’t blow his loser dick.  Then, I had a brilliant idea. I pulled out my camera phone and took a few pics of his broke down dick. I made it clear that he could not fail me for refusing to service his loser dick. The university frowns on student teacher fraternization. Suddenly, something surprising happened. He didn’t want me to touch his cock. He knew I looked like the kind of bad ass babe who would shame his small pecker and cuckold him. He wasn’t trying to bribe me for a good grade in his class. He knew he was a loser and he wanted a goddess to own him. My professor is the student’s pet! I am going to have so much fun with him this semester.

Sexy Babe and Neighbor Talia

sexy babeA sexy babe like me can have any man she wants. I have those cute schoolgirl looks with the girl next door charm. I have men eating out of the palm of my hand! Danny is a hot neighbor guy I have had my eye on for months. Married man but that never stops me. It rarely stops them either. The only reason I have not fucked Danny sooner is because his wife is always around. I think she knows I am a slut and that her husband would fall to his knees just to sniff my panties. She was right. She is out of town this weekend and the first thing he did this morning was pay his naughty neighbor a visit. He asked to borrow some sugar like it was 1950. I wasn’t buying his innocence act. I dropped the sugar packets on the floor on purpose then bent down slowly to retrieve them. It was a test. I had on a short skirt with thong panties. Danny had an ass fetish, which was what I was hoping for because I have a hot ass. He pulled me back on his crotch, so I could feel his pulsating cock. I managed to get his cock out of his pants quickly and in my sweet puckered asshole. He fucked me like he had not been laid in years. Biggest nut too. He has been fucking me on and off all day. I imagine in the few days his wife is gone, my pussy and ass will be worn out.

GFE Phone Sex

gfe phone sexI love being a GFE! I get spoiled. I get to travel to exotic places. I get to make men look good! I don’t know why women escort when they can be a sugar baby. The Internet is full of special arrangement sites. No need to go through an agency. No need to advertise on Craig’s List and places like that either. I am my own boss. I decide if I want to meet a potential sugar daddy or not. For the most part, I meet legitimate men with big bank accounts. Every now and then, a bad apple gets in. Harry was a bad apple. Not that he was ugly or dangerous. It was nothing like that. He was broke, however. You can’t spoil me if you have no money. And if you can’t spoil me, I won’t fuck you. He was just another broke ass loser thinking his good looks and charms would warm his way into my panties. I laughed at him. He was delusional. I have a stud boyfriend to take care of my sexual needs. I am a sexy GFE to be spoiled and pampered. I don’t need more pretty faces with big dicks. I need more men with big wallets. Is that you?


Naughty Maid Neighbor

I’ve been a very naughty neighbor and maid, and you as my employer just couldn’t help but punish me with that huge throbbing cock of yours. As your neighbor I was a candidate choice to be hired as your maid because you can not really make excuses to not come to work when you live next door. I went through the interview playing sweet and innocent. Your wife loved me because of my sweet act and my experience, and you liked me because of how hard your cock got when you thought of me walking around your house in a little maid outfit. I was hired on the spot, and started the next day. On my first day no one was home, so I took it upon myself to explore every room in the house. When I stumbled across your wife’s dildo I just knew I had to play with it, and I thought it would be so hot to do so on your office desk. I swear I was not expecting you to walk in on me, but that made it all the more fun! At first you were shocked, but when you realized that I kept playing with myself while you were there, you locked the door behind you. Quickly the dildo was replaced with your cock pumping in and out of my tight young pussy. You had me so fucking soaking wet that I was dripping on your desk before you even came. When you did cum it felt so fucking good the way you filled up my little chunky slit, and I swear I hope that I am pregnant. The only thing that could make our office time more fun is if your wife joined us next time! I am always down for some play time with my super sexy neighbors and bosses.

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Sexy Babysitting Neighbor

It was such a pleasure for my pussy and I to meet you, neighbor! Your wife needed to be rushed to the hospital, for what I don’t really care, and you had no sitter. You came knocking at my door, and asked me to babysit your little brat. I agreed because I wanted an excuse to get to know you a bit better. I mean that’s sort of a lie, I wanted an excuse to seduce you. I watched the brat for about an hour, until they decided your wife wouldn’t be able to leave the hospital until the next day, so you came home to be with your little ankle biter. Your brat was already in bed, but still, you were not expecting to walk into your living room to find me half naked, playing with myself. There was no hiding it I seen your cock instantly get hard, and I knew you wanted me too. Just like you asked me for help, I asked you for help scratching the itch my fingers just couldn’t reach. In response, you bent me over the couch and told me to bite the cushion so I wouldn’t wake your little one. You plowed into my tight bald pussy while my titties slapped against me. Then I left without a word. I hope your wife stays in the hospital, so that we can continue to help each other. Don’t you neighbor?

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School Girl Neighbors

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Me and Cj make such a sexy set of young whores, and we do have the best pussies if I do say so myself. As you may know, I just moved to this neighborhood, and was the new girl at school. I was a little nervous about it honestly until I met Cj. We became instant best friends. This weekend Cj came over for a sleepover. We were having a blast modeling our lingerie and uniforms for each other, and that’s when she noticed you were watching us. I can not really say that I blame you we are sexy as fuck. Besides, as my neighbor your window faces mine. I admitted to Cj I really wanted to fuck you anyways, and she decided we were going to have some fun with it first. We made sure you had a crystal clear view of us, and we started heavily making out. Our smooth wet tongues gliding against each other got both of us so wet. It was not long until we were finger fucking each others sweet young bald pussies, knowing that you were watching us. Right when we could tell you were about to cum, we motioned for you to come over to join us. Your eyes lit up like a young one in a candy store, and I swear you had to have ran over to my house in order to have gotten to my door as quickly as you did. We answered the door together still wearing barely anything, and with our fingers still dripping wet with each others sweet tasty pussy juices. We let you lick and suck our fingers clean, and led you up to my girly bedroom. We threw my stuffed animals to the floor, and pushed you onto the bed. Do you think you could handle both of us wild young girls at the same time?

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