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Blessed And Kinky

fantasy phone sex divinaWhen church was adjourned I hurried to the door and couldn’t wait to get outside. If my friends or pastor only knew of the thoughts that raced through me and my pussy that drenched every second wanting attention. I was a sex addict and there was no denying that. What few pleasures I could get from my boyfriend were not enough for my thirst. The meetings I attended regular for my addiction were not doing any good and my pussy was on fire to be touched by one person who knew how. I thought of his strong ridged cock along the side of my clit rubbing against extinguishing the flame that was inside. But it wasn’t enough I had to have him take those beads, rope, and dildo and shove it far up my ass when we fucked. It wasn’t the most pleasurable experience anymore and I found myself getting bored.
I prayed at dinner that these urges would go away to give me normal needs but the ache was too much. I needed to be fucked and I needed it bad. I got up from the table and went to my closet grabbing my best fuck me to death outfit and headed out the door. Not far going down the road a cop pulled me over and asked to see my registration and drivers license. With my need to be filled by cock I had left my purse on the table so I braced myself for a ticket. What came next was anyone’s guess instead of taking me in he wanted me to suck his cock and put the baton up his ass double fucking him. I couldn’t resist and soon he was fucking this tight little pussy and I was eating out his ass. Paying careful attention to his ass I flickered my tongue in and out and couldn’t wait for that load to cum in my mouth. But he restrained and turned me over spreading my cheeks and placing the baton in my ass. The cum dripped from my pussy and I shuttered into oblivion.