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Naughty teacher Ms. Lena will teach you a hard lesson!

Naughty teacher

Naughty teacher Ms. Lena will teach you a hard lesson! I am here to grace you with my presence and offer you a chance to cum. it’s kinda funny, I know you don’t have a lot of options and I am just gracious enough to even think of your cock. Shit, I mean if that is what you want to call it. From my experience, a cock is attached to a man and to me you look more like a little bitch. All the guys can’t resist me, and I love it. I love it when they beg for my attention and I love it even more when I make them suffer for it. 

I am a high-class, classy bitch, who demands nothing but the best. My sweet ass has expensive tastes, and it takes a real man to keep up with me. So, when I am not out shopping or getting pampered, I spend my time educating little bitches like you how your small dicks are nothing, that you are nothing. 

Don’t think for a second that I am some kind, caring teacher. Oh no, I am strict and demanding, and I don’t tolerate any bullshit. If you try to push my buttons, I will put you in your place so fast, you won’t know what hit you. And don’t even think about trying to say no to me that would be a big mistake and you will get extra punishment!

But that’s not the only way I get my kicks. No, no, no. I am also a phone humiliatrix, and let me just say, I am damn good at it. Of course I know all your dirty little secrets, and I will use them against you, making you feel small and pathetic. And if you are one of those losers with a tiny dick, well, then you are in for a treat. I will laugh at your puny member and make you suffer Small dick humiliation like you have never experienced before.

So, boys, if you think you can handle this hot, sophisticated cock tease, then give me a call. But be prepared to submit to my every command and suffer the consequences if you don’t. Because my pleasure comes from your pain, and trust me, I am always in the mood to play.


Ass sex porn is what my sugar daddy wants

When I get spoiled so much, I’ll do anything my sugar daddy wants to do. Like film Ass sex porn. “You know I love that perky sexy ass of yours” he says as he gives me my money bag. After I kiss him to show how lucky he is for me to be his sugar baby, I start to undress. Once I am naked, I can see his mouth watering.

Ass sex porn

“Are you hungry for me baby?” I ask as I tease you with my hot body. I know I remind you of the hottie you couldn’t have. She was too green and young or too popular. But now that you have all the money to spend you spend it on a fuck barbie like me. “I want to make a special movie with you” he says as he sets his camera up and turns it on.

“Bend over for daddy and spread that sexy ass open” you instruct me to do. After I am spread open for you, your tongue dips right into my rosebud. Since I have an Ass fetish my cunt reacts to your lapping. I start dripping down my thighs. “Get ready for this cock” you say as you start to push your dick inside my ass. I bounce my ass back on your cock as you film it.

“Your asshole looks good swallowing my cock” you moan as you film yourself fucking my ass. Finally, I feel your cock starting to pump in my ass. Then you moan out “take every drop”. My ass just dripped with your sperm as you filmed with pride. “I can’t wait until I get to rewatch you being a filthy slut” you say as we get ready to shower.

Sexy Phone Chat Makes Whores Like Rebecca Squirt

Sexy phone chatI’m always down for some sexy phone chat time. Oh lover, I’m your cum dumpster and I live for this shit. The way you fill me up with your raw cock is all I need to get turned on. It feels so good when you pound my tight little asshole until it stretches out wide enough to take every inch of that thick meat. And let me tell ya, nothing gets me going more than hearing those dirty words coming out of your mouth while you fuck me senseless.

I love the feeling of being used like a piece of trash – knowing full well that my only purpose in life is to please men like yourself by taking their big dicks deep inside my hungry holes again and again without complaint . My pussy gets wet just thinking about how much cum we could make together; squirting uncontrollably onto our bellies as we both reach peak satisfaction .

So come on over here, big boy , give it to me hard and fast until neither one of us can stand anymore! Let’s see who can last longer under the intense pleasure-pain threshold we’ve created between us . Maybe then ,we can collapse into each other’s arms covered in sweat and cum –the perfect end to another wild night filled with lustful desires fulfilled under one roof called home sweet home (or maybe just ‘fuck pad’).

I’ll be here waiting, eagerly anticipating the moment when your cock slides between my lips or fills up my tight asshole once again . Until then , I’ll just keep dreaming about how good it feels to be used by someone who knows exactly what they want from me…and takes it without hesitation. Cum have a good sexy chat with your favorite therapist, Rebecca soon!

Foot fetishes are awesome with my perfect feet!

Foot fetishesFor as I know foot fetishes have always intoxicated a certain type of man. My own Boyfriend has always been fascinated with feet. From a young age, I have been playing with my own toes and feet.  Yes, I often spend hours admiring my perfectly pedicured feet. As I grew older, men’s fascination clued me into this full-blown fetish. Do you love the feeling of feet on your skin? I know the way they bring pleasure and arousal in ways that nothing else will! 

Foot fetishes

It’s true, I adore the attention my feet receive. The way men can not seem to get enough of them. This is for all the men who need my perfect feet to fulfill their fetish desires.

Tease and Denial

Yes I hold a power over these men, the way they worship my tootsies and beg for my touch. Often teasing them, dangling my feet in front of their faces, knowing they won’t resist. I do love a bit of Tease and denial when it comes to my pedicured Perfect Pads and toes. And when they finally give in, I let them pleasure themselves with my  feet, watching as they moan and groan, their eyes rolling back in ecstasy. 

Cum on my tootsies!

Nothing compares to the feeling of a man’s cock between my toes! MMM,  the way it throbs and pulses as I rub it against soft skin. My feet are the sexiest in the world. I will always be determined to share them with as many men as possible. That’s why I post pictures of my feet online, attracting a devoted following of foot fetishists. And each time I met a new man who shares a foot passion the hotter my feet are to me

I long for the feeling of your cum sticky between my toes!

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a man cum on my feet, knowing that I have given him the ultimate pleasure. And as I  lay in bed, feet still tingling from the last encounter, I can’t help but smile, knowing that I am a living fantasy every day.

Great blowjobs by me is, twirling your glans & push it deep!

Great blowjobs

Great blowjobs by me is, twirling your glans & push it deep! When I get my hands on a beautiful, throbbing cock, I can’t help but twirl my tongue around the glans, teasing and taunting it, making it even more eager for what’s to come. And when I finally take it all in my mouth, I push it deep, all the way to the back of my throat.

I am a cock fiend, a cock lover, and I will do anything and everything to please that magnificent piece of manhood in front of me. I love sucking off anyone, and I mean anyone. Black, white, tall, short, fat, thin – it doesn’t matter to me. As long as you have a nice, hard cock, I am more than willing to fuck it with my throat.

But that’s not all. See, I have a special talent. I know exactly how to hit that sweet spot, right on the tip of your cock. I will use my tongue, my lips, my hands – anything at my disposal – to make you tremble with pleasure. And when I have you on the verge of exploding, I will slow down, take my time, and savor every inch of that hot cock.

And when I finally get it all the way down, my chin touching your balls, I will gag and slobber all over it, because that’s how much I love it. And if you’re feeling adventurous, I will even let you fuck my tits, my perfect, perky tits. I love watching you thrust into them, feeling your hard cock rubbing against my soft skin. It’s a sight to behold, I assure you.

I also have a Tight shaved pussy that needs some serious attention. I am a tight slut, and I need to be fucked, hard and fast. I will moan and scream, my walls clenching around your cock, urging you to go deeper and harder. And when it’s all said and done, I will be begging for more.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate sexual experience, come find me, my darlings. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I am everything you could ever want or need in a whore. And I will leave you satisfied, drained, and wanting more.

Shoot Photos of Sexy Chicks, and then Shoot Inside Them

sexy chicks

You love sexy chicks, and you love taking pictures of them even more. You sent me a message and told me you wanted me to be the next model for your photo shoot. I looked at your profile and thought you looked sexy, so I wore something nice and sexy. When I showed up to the photo shoot all you could think about was spreading those legs apart and getting in between them. Especially when I stripped down to my sexiest lingerie and posed for you. Every inch of my body is incredibly sexy and the lust is overwhelming.

Sexy Chicks Spread Their Legs for You

When the shoot is done I come to flirt with you. I’m still in that revealing lingerie and you’re still staring at those smooth, sexy legs. I catch you staring and ask you if you’d like to touch them. Of course you would. That’s when the fun really begins. It’s clear that we both want each other and I’m not shy. I press my lips against yours and let your hands rub all over my tight body. Your hand grab my ass and give it a tight squeeze and then a nice hard slap. 

My Photographer Has an Ass Fetish

I bend over to show that ass off and pull those panties down. You dive right into that asshole and push your tongue in deep. It looks like someone has a filthy little ass fetish. You spit on my asshole and start pumping your dick for me. Come slide it inside baby. You line up that thick meat pipe with my tight as. It slides in so slow. Letting you milk your cock with that grippy asshole. I love when your balls hit my clit from behind. Your hands are in my longer hair. Pulling me backwards and making me take your cock even deeper. Fuck I need a load of cum inside of me.

Small dick humiliation turns you on because you are a sissy!

Small dick humiliation

Small dick humiliation turns you on because you are a sissy! Hey there, you little sissy bitch. It’s your favorite hot sophisticated whore, Lena, here to give you a taste of what you crave the most humiliation. I know you love it when I mock your tiny dick and make you beg for my attention. And let’s be honest, what else do you really deserve?

You’re just a pathetic excuse for a man with that little nub between your legs. I mean, how do you even function in the bedroom? Do you just lay there and let real men take care of me while you stroke your sad excuse for a ‘cock’? It’s honestly hilarious how you try to act like a man when we both know you’re just a little sissy in disguise.

The thought of a hot woman like me laughing at your inadequate manhood gets your little clitty hard, doesn’t it? The smaller the dick, the more I enjoy it. It’s like a game of hide and seek, except your dick is so small that it’s impossible to find. But don’t worry, I’ll still give you all the attention you crave because I love to see you squirm and beg for more.

Tease and denial is your punishment and I’m the queen of it. You don’t get to cum until I say so. And even then, it’s not guaranteed. I love to keep you on the edge, blue balls and all, just to remind you of your place in this world. And if you dare to cum without my permission, well, let’s just say your holes will be begging for mercy.

I’ll be waiting for you to beg for my attention while I make you feel like the little sissy bitch you truly are. Oh, what’s that? Your little clitty is throbbing and wants to cum? Sorry, not happening, sweetheart. This is my world and you’re just living in it. Now get on your knees and worship your Queen Lena.


Phone sex therapist Gwen Majors in Hedonism

Phone sex therapistPhone sex therapist are often tasked with finding out why your cock gets so hard at unusual things. But there is a different side of my therapy that I think you will enjoy. Here is an intelligent woman who loves to read erotica. Priding myself on hedonism studies and working my body to make her living, my duty is to your cock. I owe my men some great mutual masturbation. I am devoted to the art of pleasure and believe that a good life is marked by letting yourself experience very pleasure known to men. 

Phone sex therapist Gwen is Majors in Hedonism

This sex pot becomes what you need. 

Have too much money sitting in your bank account and need to give it away and goon? Enhance my pleasure by buying me a Cruise for my birthday then! 

You will earn tenfold of the money you spend on me. Have some nasty fantasies that you think will be too much for me? I highly doubt that! Yes, my worldview has been expanded by men who delve deep into erotic experiences, paid for. But that doesn’t mean our time has to be vanilla. We can get buck wild. 

Although I do warn you some types of my phone sex therapy can be addicting. Just as some of my clients become addicting. 

You manifest your life, there is nothing you or your cock cannot have!

Better believe I am an expert at teasing and pleasing and I can’t wait to make your fantasies come true. Find me now and let’s explore your and my deepest desires.

Phone sex therapy

Phone sex therapy


Do you need some phone sex therapy today? I am here for you, for whatever you feel you need to talk about. Whatever you say to me always stays between the two of us. Tell me all about your deepest darkest fantasies that you don’t think you could tell another soul. I love hearing the crazy and wild stories.

                If you don’t want to tell me your crazy stories, you can confide in me about anything. I’m here to listen. You can tell me all about your day, with all the happy moments or even the sad, scary moments of your day, or even your life.

                I can also be your sexy, seductive therapist. Tell me your secrets again, baby. Only this time, why don’t you whisper them into my ear. And while you’re by my ear, I want you to nibble it and lick on my neck. I’ll unbutton my blouse to expose my large, firm breasts while you take a taste of that as well.        

Hot sexy woman uses my asshole and pussy!

Hot sexy womanHot sexy woman uses my asshole and pussy! They say blondes have more fun and I agree. Something about a blonde bitch fucking me hard and taking no mercy on my ass hole has me submissive to her!

The couple I am partying and playing with has a sexy Blonde who loves to dominate other females for her husband. In order to get pussy and cock needs met with these two I get my ass hole wrecked by her sexy little fist! Is there a pain slut hiding in me? Well, yes sometimes she needs to be freed and women are often the best at making me submit. 

Hot sexy woman dominates my asshole and pussy!

Having her man watch as she devours my boy, gets them that much more aroused. I love the power it gives a woman to be able to perform like this for him. Making his dick happy by making her own cunt happy with me is so fucking erotic and kinky!  Something about a hot femdom that makes me weak in the knees, truly!  This bisexual can’t get enough of hot females topping me for their men. I know how addicted to sex and pleasure I can get! Fucking Domme couples is hot, pull us a Top bitch and use her to make me your submissive slut!

For The ultimate girl-on-girl femdom with two bitches worshiping your cock it’s time for a wild Sexy chat with me!  My pussy and ass belong to you and your woman! Hot me up, I am always looking for new ways to get fucked. I’m a hot piece of ass and I’m always in demand for couples therapy.Sexy chat