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I made him a girl

best phone sexMy friend’s son is a weak little young man that always seemed to be more girl than boy to me. He dressed all flamboyantly and I could see him checking out boys but she just refused to believe it. She wanted me to make him a man, you know, fuck him and suddenly give him a lust for pussy but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. He was clearly more interested in my clothes than in me so I turned the tables and dressed him up instead of fucking him. He loved it! I made him look like a sexy little whore and he was so happy that he almost cried. All that was left was to get him a man. So I called up a friend and had him come over and share his giant black dick with my little sissy friend and let me tell you that little sissy was so happy! He sucked that giant black dick like a pro and when it came time to popping her lil cherry she was eager and took it like a champ! My friend wasn’t very happy to have a sissy dick loving son but she is just going to have to get over it and accept that he loves sucking dick!

A Halftime Fuckfest

Fantasy Phone SexThe YMCA down the road has pickup basketball games on Thursday nights. I love to go and watch those men run up and down the court and getting all sweaty. There is one particular team I am passionate about and never miss a game. It is full of firefighters. One time I hadn’t been fucked in a while and was exceptionally horny. So, I decided to great them at halftime in the locker room. I would be there halftime snack. The made their way in and there I stood wearing only heels. They are pretty young and their dicks started standing to full attention. I didn’t even have to say a word. I got on my knees and started giving blow jobs, when suddenly I felt my self being lifted and then rammed in my sweet little pussy hole by a big, fat, hard cock. I continued blowing the guy while being fucked from behind. It was fucking hot. They took turns fucking me in all my holes, my mouth and my tits. I can’t even tell you how many times I orgasmed during this halftime fuckfest. Finally, a referee came back to see why they weren’t back on the court. His eyes grew wide as he witnessed this sight. Not wanting them to get a penalty I blew him too. Everyone went back to the game with smiles on their faces.

Naughty neighbor porn

naughty neighbor porn

The hot little fling I had with my sexy neighbor was amazing, as I expected it to be. He had no idea that I secretly recorded him sliding his huge hard cock into my tight little asshole. He’s going to find out soon. That’s how I’m going to get him to keep fucking me and being my sexy little fuck toy. I’m going to threaten to show his wife our naughty neighbor porn video that I took, if he doesn’t do exactly as I say. He will have no choice but to be my personal little fuck doll. My own little toy to fuck and use as I please. I have so many things that I can’t wait to make him do to me. If he dare say no then his wife will see the video and his perfect little family will be destroyed. It won’t matter to me. After they divorce and move out, another young family will move in and I can continue to be the sexy milf next door. I can always get a new toy to play with.

Sexy legs spread open

sexy legs

I was taking a nice hot bubble bath earlier and made sure to leave the bathroom door wide open so that my step son’s friends could catch a peek as they walked by. One in particular has been catching my eye. He’s such a sexy young stud, I can’t help but check him out every time he comes over. I called his name and asked if he could close the door for me. I knew this was my chance to tempt him into something he couldn’t resist. No boy could resist these big perky tits and tight milf pussy. By the time he made it to the bathroom door, I was perched on the edge of the tub with my silky, creamy sexy legs spread to expose my perfect pink pussy. He stopped and gasped as his jaw fell open. I motioned for him to come into the bathroom with me. I could tell his young cock was rock hard and ready to explode at the sight of me naked. Once he stepped inside and closed the door behind himself, I got on my knees and looked up at him. I pulled his cock out and began to suck it gently at first. He was already oozing precum for me as I teased his head with my mouth and caressed his balls at the same time. I took his whole cock deep in my throat over and over again. I could feel him tense up as he got close to cumming. He had no idea just how freaky of a milf I am. I held his cock in my throat and let him pump every drop of cum as I swallowed it all up. I was loving the feel of that young hard cock filling my mouth with that sweet cum. Maybe next time I will give him some of this perfect pussy.I 

Perusing for Cock

Sexy Phone SexSome days I like to dress up and go peruse for cock. I put on a nice, tight, low cut black dress and a nice pair of heels to match. I do my hair and makeup complete with a nice shade of red, dick sucking lipstick. I wear no panties or bra because if I find a nice cock, I like easy access for a quick hit it and quit it. I had walked the mall, the grocery and even the convention center. Not a worthy cock was to be found until I stopped to fill my car up with gas. While at the pump I saw this man eyeing me from across the way, with his wife or girlfriend in the car. Hmmmm…. So, I caught his eye and smiled sweetly. I was finishing up and went into the store. I waited at the door for the gentleman to enter the store. He walked in and I smiled and motioned him toward the restrooms. He followed me into the ladies’ room, and I turned and locked the door behind us. I took him in a hard embrace and his dick immediately stood at attention. I unbuttoned those pants, pulled up my dress and rode that cock until we both came. It was a real quickie, but I felt better. I cleaned up my cum filled pussy, washed my hands and walked out with him following. As I exited the store I made eye contact with his lady friend, smiled and got in my car to head home. I never did catch his name, in fact not a word was spoken.

Domination phone sex

Domination phone sex“Please, my queen… goddess I beg you.” His whining was useless, in fact, it only made me feel more vicious as I used my high heels to carve my initials into his skin. It’s required to be cut by my heels for branding or have my true brand burned onto them. I have to keep them in line, no one will ever leave me. I make him cry and scream but somehow he is still hard, which amuses me. I bring him to the back where I start giving him a few things to distract him from this pain. First I put on 2 lb weights on his balls. He is moaning and moaning now. I put his face in front of the machine that’s got a cock on one end, it just fucks your mouth and throat exactly how a real dick would. He’s getting overwhelmed, the pressure is building. The only real question is will he cum, will he cry or maybe even both?

Cuckold phone sex

cuckold phone sexI have a sexy surprise for my husband when he gets home tonight.My pussy has been wet and waiting for him to get home. We’ve been having cuckold phone sex while he has been away. I have been a busy slut, taking BBC all day long from different guys that I’ve met online. He doesn’t know that I have really been getting fucked and stuffed with cum from random strangers. He’s going to love coming home to his wife’s stretched out whore pussy, oozing with all of those sweet creams. He’s going to want to go down and lick up every drop like the little cum eating slut he is. He’s such a good little cum eater and he absolutely loves to fuck me while I am already full of cum. Something about sliding his cock into my warm, cum soaked pussy and fucking me hard just drives him insane. I have to admit that last time, seeing him that hard and feeling his hard cock slam into my cum filled pussy over and over felt amazing!! I love being his little cum slut!


Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sexEvery now and again I will catch some loser obsessing over my panties. He will call me while my panties are in his hands, the panties that I sold to him. He can smell my juices, and it is crusted with cum from the real men I fucked. They always become addicted, they love getting off to hearing what I did with these panties to get them this way. I always make sure to get them nice and soaking before sending them off, always overnighting the panties so they arrive just as juicy as they left. I always masturbate with them and get them nice and creamy with my own juices. I follow that with getting fucked raw with a huge monster cock. He will leave me full of cum, and my pussy gaping and dripping. The panties will catch every last drop of his warm sticky treat mixed with my creamy horny cum of my own. My my my, it looks like I have another pair of panties to send out!

Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanI bet you’ve got a few things about me that have you hooked. Is it my perfect body? My in control voice? My shaved wet pussy or even my cute little feet. Do you love a woman that takes control? Humiliates and only takes cocks that are made for breeding? Well, you already know it’s all those things and more. It doesn’t take much for me to wrap you around my finger. Once I do that, you are hypnotized. You can’t help but be drawn to me forever and for always. You’re addicted to me and you just can’t get enough. Pleasing me, making me proud, and being the pathetic sub you are is what your purpose has now become in life. How could you ever have gotten so lucky as to serve a queen like me? You’re a peasant, and you’re are nothing to me but another body to use as I please. You’ll just have to see.

Shaved wet pussy

shaved wet pussyI have had the best week ever. My husband is gone for a  work conference so I have been able to have my sexy little boy toy stay over and play with me! I know he’s a good bit younger than me but he can fuck like a porn star! He treats my pussy like royalty. He makes me moan and cum for him every single morning. I wake up to him licking and sucking my clit until I cum all over his mouth. Then he slides his big fat young cock in my shaved wet pussy and fucks me like you wouldn’t believe. He loves to make me cum and doesn’t stop until his balls are soaked from my dripping wet pussy. I love to grab a handful of his hair and use it to hold on to, as I bounce on his cock. He loves the feel of my juicy wet pussy grinding up his cock and driving him crazy. I always end up squirting all over him this way. Of course there is a mess to take care of after we get wild like that. He loves for me to lick my sweet and sticky pussy juice and his cum off of his cock and balls after he fucks me. I love the way his huge hard cock feels sliding down my throat and pumping cum into me. I took the whole week off of work so that I could just stay home and get fucked and filled with cum the entire time my husband is gone. When he gets back, I will have to go back to getting fucking in the same position for all of 2 minutes before he cums and passes out. He has no idea that a kid, even younger than his own, can please his wife’s pussy better. 


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