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When you are down follow these rules

Domination porn


No matter how much it turns me on to take charge of my lover, it can be equally as hot to be the vulnerable one.  If I didn’t have any experience in being vulnerable, how would I be so good at being in charge.  You have to be able to experience both sides before you can truly excel in either.  It’s simple logic.

Building trust is of the utmost importance, because without trust, you will never push past your limits. Being more dominant, I am used to having a man drop to his knees and suck my pussy until I cum hard all over his face, but the first time I was on the receiving end was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.  Obviously the first time you do anything is always exciting because you have no expectations, but a big part of it was how forceful he was with me.

He took me by the hair at the back of my neck and pulled me into the corner. Then he told me to unzip his pants and free his giant cock, because he was going to proceed to fuck my throat for as long and as hard as he wanted. He didn’t start slowly, he just pushed it straight to the back of my throat.  It was extremely overwhelming, but something inside me let it continue and he could feel that I didn’t want to stop, so he kept pushing me.

He must have fucked my mouth for at least an hour straight, because he came 3 times.  Yes, I did come as well with his cock buried all the way down my throat. I think the most exciting part was not knowing when it would end and how I gasped for air not knowing if I would pass out. Gasping for air that way brought me to a heightened arousal I never experienced before.  I was totally in his hands, and I loved every second of it.  Now when I take charge of my lover, I keep that experience in mind to make sure his experience is just as exciting.


Phone sex therapy has me thankful to get off with you!

Phone sex therapyPhone sex therapy makes me thankful to be providing pleasure to men who put their cock in my hands. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for the men who need me to make their masturbation more pleasurable. Routine, boring masturbation sessions do nothing to make your quality of life better. But with My sensual help, many of my clients now enjoy edging, prolonged arousal, and even multiple orgasms. Let me gush at how absolutely wonderful it is to be teaching men how to explore their own bodies intimately and how to identify unexplored areas and sensations. 

Phone sex therapy has me thankful for your cum loads

Finding out I have the ability to put hardworking me at ease and provide an open and welcoming atmosphere for sexual exploration has made me one of the best Erotic roleplaying therapists. Considering I am a pro at connecting the body and mind, setting the perfect environment for all sensual and erotic exploration.

Quickly discovering that with a few tweaks, I can get aroused faster and enjoy an even more intense orgasm.  This allowed me to explore my sexuality more freely and confidently. I discovered that with the right atmosphere, I could easily reach higher levels of pleasure. I also developed a better understanding of my own needs and preferences. That’s right you help me learn more about mmy own kinky desires too! 

I can’t thank you all enough for helping give amazing sexual healing therapy. I’m learning to appreciate all the wonderful variations of masturbation and dirty naughty scenes we get off too.

I’m so lucky to have an amazing Shaved wet pussy I get to explore and share my pleasure as we both go deeper into our roleplays. This year has brought me so many crazy jerk-off sessions with all kinds of men that I just cannot stop gushing about! 

Best Phone Sex Ever With Mila

best phone sex

My footsteps took me on a journey to find the best phone sex. I’ve dedicated myself to seeking sexy endeavors and I knew I was approaching one instinctively by the beat of my heart. I took a breath, as the closet door next to me opened wide, and a big black hand grabbed me and pulled me in. A reasonable person would have searched for the light, maybe screamed; I helped him open the door further so everyone could watch, and we could feed our desires, and he showed appreciation for my cooperation by slipping my skirt up and holding my ass tight in his palms. I wasn’t wearing panties today, and he took that the only way any hot-blooded man could, as an invitation. His cock was between my cheeks in seconds, the open air taking on his smell as it had mine a few seconds ago. Lust has a way of spreading, especially during exhibitionist sex, tainting our very breath. I have a lot of it, it overwhelms me, especially when I have something hard like this pressed against me and ready to make my day. He spread my cheeks with his hands and aligned himself with my asshole. It took me a second to realize, but I pushed back, and giving him permission to take advantage of me. I’m sure he didn’t need it, but men love knowing they’re wanted, and boy did I want him. He spread my ass open with his tip, got a feeling for me, swirled his hips a little, and then pressed inwards with a throaty grunt. It hurt for a second, just one, before I found myself moaning to the beat of his heart and his thrusts. In sync I knew exactly what he was going to do, the passage of needy bucking telling me almost too much about the man invading me. “You’re, hhhhuuuu, huge!” I braved the words on the tip of my tongue and then focused on squeezing around him nice and tight to bring him the bliss he clearly sought with my body and ass sex porn.

Small dick humiliation was the only thing on my mind

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation was going to be unavoidable.  However, I was so hot that was never even thought in my mind. Hell, Stevie Wonder could see he was nervous, but I knew he was just as hot as I was.  I moved closer to him in the hot tub and began to rub his chest, which lead to a steamy make out session.  I got on him and began grinding against him. Wondering what was wrong because I was not feeling his hard cock press against my pussy, I slid my hands into his swimming trunks and got the surprise of my life.  There was no dick!  Only a Weeble toy of a dick.  All I could do was laugh. What the fuck?  I’ve seen bigger dicks when changing diapers. Change of plans.  Instead of him getting to enjoy all the creamy goodness of this Milf pussy he would officially get the small dick humiliation.

Cheapest phone sex Pumpkin ass Bitch Gets Halloween ready

Cheapest phone sexCheapest phone sex pumpkin ass Gwen is here! I love looking like a cheap slut sometimes. A big assed cheap slut at that!  Today I am out shopping for a sexy Halloween costume, something perfect for my main man. Although he says All I really need to do is paint my ass orange and I can go as a sexy pumpkin butt.

Now, I know all the squats I do are really working to get this ostentatious ass. Well, that and My Pumpkin spice Lattes! Never hurts to put a couple of pounds on my curvy frame.  I’m super excited for Halloween this year. I’m planning to make the sexiest pumpkin butt costume and rock the party! I can’t wait to show my hot ass off!

Pumpkin ass Gwen loves showing her ass

Anyway, back to my costume ideas. I am thinking of a sexy Red Riding Hood, or Bo Peep outfit. I am a witch every day of the year, so a little nursery rhyme outfit or maybe something a little more classic like a Cleopatra costume. I could even go as a Body-painted zombie bride! Now that would be super freaky. Never underestimate how I pander to my man and his Ass fetish. All I need is something where my ass hangs out and is on display.

Either way, I’m sure his dick will stay with my ass on display. I’m confident he won’t be able to keep his hands off me! Miss Gwen is so looking forward to a fun night of debauchery and showing off my skin and curves.  I’m sure he’ll be so turned on that he’ll want to fuck me all night. Yes, my ass is up for his dick pounding the shot out of my Pumpkin!  I’m looking forward to a night of passion, pleasure, and Erotic roleplaying satisfaction. 

Naughty maid phone sex : Erotism With Gwen

Naughty maid phone sex

Naughty Maid phone sex with your roleplay lover Gwen is what you need right now. How would you like me to be the newest addition to your household staff? I think your wife hired me to seduce you. She has no time for your kinky needs. She much rather be at the club hitting tennis balls with her new instructor. No, I don’t think she is fucking him just yet. But once she knows I have your attention she will go for it.

Seems as if you both have a need for some young flesh. Personally, I love fucking men in their 60’s and above. You need a woman in her twenties who is old enough to understand your fetish of being the Buffett for you. The maid who has been laid out and made into a banana split Sunday is right here! 

Let your new maid Gwen be your sweet treat!

Erotic roleplaying gets me slicker than an oil spill. Dressing up as your made and becoming a feast for your eyes and cock has me tingling. Eat your dessert right off my body and savor my sweet flavor. Your tongue has me in a tizzy and squirming with every last lick! My mouth aches to clean you up after you have slipped your cock in my chocolate sauce pussy! 

I know you are dying to add your whipped topping as a glaze all over my body after you have had your fill. Just know that I am glad to suck every last drop of your cock nectar! Every man needs a maid who is a Hot sexy woman who loves sticky sweet roleplays.

Small Dick Humiliation

small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation calls aren’t mean, they are necessary. When I see these tiny dicks in the dick pics men send, I hate having to zoom in or get a magnifying glass to find out where it is.  If you can’t see it hard, how can I count on you getting in my pussy and not getting lost. I mean, I’m not loose but a tic toc may get lost in there.

Why even bother with such a worthless appendage. It’s like a wart on your balls.  You see men jacking off with their hands but realizing some have to jack off with their pinky finger because nothing else is small enough to fit around it, embarassing. You mine as well just stick with having a pussy because you have a worthless small cock.

Vienna sausages, who needs that when we have big meaty franks everywhere? Not to sound mean, but I work too hard to work that hard to find your cock.  No one wants to get that tired before sex even starts.  You have fingers bigger and fatter than that pathetic little wiener. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, but it’s also pathetic.  Cute is for family pictures, not what I look for in a dick I want to hit my G spot and make me cum.

So here is the deal, you need to act like you don’t even have a cock from this moment on, because you pretty much don’t have one already.  Your little pussy between your ass cheeks can pleasure a real cock if you think you can be a big girl for me. What do you say?

Jerking Cock to Sister Incest and Denying Orgasm

Tease and denialI know you’ve been playing with your cock since before I walked in this room. You are very horny and need me to get you off. All you have to do is follow my instructions, and you’ll be cumming buckets in no time. I’m going to tie your hands to the chair and rub your cock myself. What story should I tell you that will keep your cock hard? I’ll tell you all about the first time I had sex with my sister. We were young teens when we started exploring each other’s bodies. First, she would touch me all over my body, from my tits all the way down to my clit. She made my nipples hard and I begged for her to lick them. Once she was licking them, I slid my hand under her skirt and —. You really are getting off to this, you nasty little pervert? You’re bucking against me, wanting me to speed up the story. I’ll come back if you become less sick or more patient. You can stay there with your cock in the air.

Erotic roleplaying as my millionaire boyfriend

beautiful ebony pussy


Beautiful ebony pussy just for you, be Mila’s boyfriend and take good care of her. Dress her up like  an ebony fuck doll. Mila came to realize that Erotic roleplaying is a way to unleash a sexual power she posses.She began embracing her unique features but non a sexy as her smooth, bald pussy. Would you even know what to do with a girl like this? Mila is more then a good fuck, It’s the sparkle in her eyes when she’s gobbling your cock on her knees looking up at you. The genuine smile she has taking large pipe up the ass in a restaurant bathroom. roleplay with me turn me on with GFE phone sex. I want to feel like I belong to you.

Sexy phone chat : MMF With Hunky Gay men

Sexy phone chatLet’s have a sexy phone chat and I will tell you all about my newest sex obsessions. You know That I am a Goddess in my own right. You know that not only do I deserve to be worshiped, but I should also serve in every way. I put in the work for this body and I’m always practicing my oral and riding skills. I know how to seduce any cock, and most pussy. If I want it I get it. And That can be dangerous but exciting.

At the gym, I spotted a sexy brother helping himself to an eye full of my tight Goddess frame. He stripped me down with his eyes and my pussy ached. Six feet of dark chocolate that I just knew would melt in my mouth. I was confused as his workout buddy grabbed his ass and handed him another weight. Now his buddy was white and my only guess was he was a bear with that Luke Combs beard. Both men were ripped and very much alpha. And I wondered if his boyfriend knew he was bi and longing to fuck me.

As the honey bear went to fill up water bottles I slipped between the weight benches. I had questions needing answers. And I asked bluntly and a bit loud if his man knew, and when a big hand came on my shoulder!  His boyfriend whispered, “We both are and we want to fuck you.” his beard brushed my neck. Tingles went through my pussy. I almost fucking melted right there on the spot. Big handsome hunks who would fuck my lil cunt and each other??? Had all my dreams just come true?

My biggest fantasy phone sex desires were unleashed. I was asked if we could go back to their private home gym to finish “working out”. Hell yes! I was going to work these cocks as they worked each other over! I’ll tell you the very graphic fuck scene and even bring you into it if you like. Goddess worship is just a click away!