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Ginger Trains A Sissy

domination phone sex I have a sissy friend that I have been dominating for quite some time now. Me and him have an agreement. He wants to be sissified and dress in drag and I have him come over and I do sissy training on him. I tell him to put on a bra and panties. Once he is in his feminine attire I order him to do stuff around the house like a female. I promised him if he doesn’t do it correctly ill whip him. I tell him to do my laundry. I tell him to prepare dinner and I completely treat him like he is a female. I have a leash I put around his neck and I have him crawl up and down the stairs on his hands and knees. When I’m taking him to the bedroom I have him crawl up the stairs and I have a whip to make him go faster if he’s not going fast enough. He really enjoys being dominated though he doesn’t mind it. I think that he’s one of those people that gets pleasure from domination and being told what to do. My house is always nice and orderly after he comes over. He will do the laundry I’ll make him sweep and mop. He’s like a little housewife for a day and he loves it.  He’s just a punishment obsessed sissy

Ginger Takes Control

domination phone sex I think that I am one of the women who leads a double life on the outside I might just appear to be a stunning trophy girlfriend but when I get to the bedroom I become a whole other person a wicked dominatrix. who would know. to see me out and about you would think that I was just so prim and proper maybe an office-type secretary but I really let my hair down in the bedroom whips chains gags handcuffs you name it. strap on. I keep my toys on hand and I even have a leash I like to humiliate and take control. dominating is such an amazing experience. let’s get freaky in the bedroom today I’ll tell you exactly what I want to do to you and you can be my little slave isn’t that so pleasurable.

Naughty Neighbor Porn

Naughty Neighbor Porn I want to tell you a story about me and my neighbor that happened the other day I was feeling kind of horny and I needed to fuck I know my neighbor hasn’t been having a lot of sex lately so I decided to invite him over for a little screw I think that his wife hasn’t been giving him the sexual needs so that he will be faithful to her but I am here to step in wherever she’s lacking so I had him come over and we started to fuck on the couch I let him fuck me in the ass and I sucked his cock I really enjoy fucking my neighbor because I know that he is married but it is more fun when you know that someone is taken you know what I mean do you ever have fantasies about fucking Somebody in your neighborhood I’m sure you’ve thought about it I’d like to tell my stories because they bring the fantasy to life I know that I can seduce just about any man with my looks I am like a trophy. just gazing upon my beauty will charm just about anyone so it was easy to get him to come over I decided that we would start to fuck at least once a week that way I could fill in wherever his wife slacks off and yes of course we didn’t use any condoms and I let him cum right inside my pussy isn’t that naughty I just love naughty neighbor sex.

Naughty Teacher Phone Sex

Naughty TeacherHaving fantasies that a naughty teacher would give you sexy homework to do after class? That’s right, just picture a hot blonde teacher in your school. You are a student with a thing for older mature women. I just so happen to want some young handsome student. So lets role play you are in the classroom with me and I have you sit behind the desk. I start to take off my clothes and I’m just in heels and my sexy lingerie. I give you a piece of chalk and have you solve math problems on the board. If you get them right I have to take my bra and panties off. You go up to the chalk board and solve them all correctly. Now it’s time for you to get an A plus in sexual education. I get completely naked and you bend me over a desk and fuck me like the naughty teacher I am. You even spank me with a ruler. I just love being a naughty teacher.

Ginger’s Roleplay Phone Sex

Roleplay Phone SexWant to role play fucking a sexy prostitute? I’m that girl. I am very open minded when it comes to sex and I am not ashamed to be a whore. I fuck a different guy every week. It’s never boring when it comes to how I get freaky. I like to use toys and a like to be handcuffed to the bed. I’m very experienced at sucking dick. And guys say I do it like a pro. Nothing gets me off like having a hot little fuck in a hotel. I’ll meet up with you anytime and we can get down to business. I don’t have a problem with getting fucked in all types of positions.I like to use strap ons for the sissy boys if you’re into that sort of thing. I also enjoy having threesomes with random people. I am very naughty in bed and I’m sure I will have you coming back for more. It’s more fun when you role play with a sexy whore like me honey.

Ginger’s Great Blowjobs

great blowjobsHaving a fantasy about the best blowjob you’ve ever had? Let me make that fantasy come to life babe. I give some of the greatest blowjobs in the business. I watch porn often so I can improve my skills. I know how to deep throat. I suck balls also. So many men flock to me because I give some of the best head they have ever had. I know that I can make you cum in record timing. Lets play a game. And see if I can make you cum first. I love dick sucking competitions. Me and another girl will both suck you off at the same time and whoever gets you to cum fastest is the winner. I am sure that we already know who would win however. That’s right babe, I’m the best whore out here and of course I will let you cum on my face and tits. Sucking dick makes me happy. Ill take all the cock you got to give me.


I Give Great Blowjobs

great blowjobsEver wish you could find a girl who sucked dick like a pro? Has the head you been getting lately been below average. I hear this often from the men I fuck. They say I give head so much better than their girlfriend or wife. I heard a lot of girls say they do give head or they think it’s gross. Thats nonsense. Ill suck the fuck out some good dick. And I love taking black cock. I always hear men say they have never had a girl do it like me. I can suck a nine inch cock all the way to the bottom and not even gag. I love to suck balls too. I like to squeeze and play with them while they moan. I makes my pussy so wet. Of course I swallow as well. Its so much more fun when your fucking a girl whos a freak like me. These mediocre whores don’t stand a chance against my head game.

I Want You To Cum On My Titties

cum on boobsI have a fetish with men cumming on my breasts. My boobs are 40DD. And I get so many compliments on them. Porn star titties is what they call them. I remember a fuck I just had the other night. We were filming ourselves fucking. He recorded me sucking off his 9 inch cock. I like to deep throat. I have a really good gag reflex. My lover was moaning and begging me not to stop. Then he said he was about to cum and asked me if I wanted it in my mouth. I want it on my titties. All over my melons. He started to cum and he drizzled all over them. They were dripping with his hot sticky mess. I laughed and grabbed a T-Shirt and cleaned off my porn star titties with it. Now who’s ready for round two. I have a high sex drive and want to get freaky some more. Now I want to be fucked from behind. Let me suck it some more.

Sexy Role Play With My Nieghbor

sexy babe fuck my neighbor all the time. When his wife isn’t home and we role play in my bed when my husbands at work. It has helped both of our sex lives actually. He likes to handcuff me to the bed while he fucks me in the ass. We pretend we are in a dungeon. He loves it when I use my strap on. I also put a blind fold on him while I suck his dick. He blind folds me when he eats my pussy. Then I send him home happy and satisfied. My husband never finds out. It’s our little secret role play. I like to wear a black thong and pink push-up bra. He likes me in silver heels. I always let him bend me over the kitchen table. My naughty sexy role-play then gets very hot as he pounds me hard on the table and tells me to take it all like the little whore I am. I wonder how long I can hide our little secret. Our fantasies are always so naughty. I let him cum in me of course.

Best Phone Sex Is Sissifying Humiliation

I know how the best phone sex works for pathetic little men, they’re not even men, really. Sadly my husband is as little a man as the best of them and I do mean little. It’s laughable and I love to exploit it to the highest and bring in ladybois with much bigger dicks than him. I love tits and a cock, it’s the perfect package. I love most to humiliate my hubby over it all. Making his little pecker swell and leak, it’s amusing. I get to taunt him how even a chick with a dick is hung better than he is. I make him suck that cock while he wears the silkiest full bottom covered pink shimmery panties. A pink panty wearing sissy slut cock sucking little pecker cuckolded hubby. It’s fucking kinky. I have taken strap-ons to his manhole and helped him take a nice big black cock in that puckered cum dumpster. Best to pull them panties down and pump into that little sissy hole and fill it with cum. We pull his pretty pink panties with cum drippings in them right back up over that fucked hole and make him sit in those panties until it all leaks out and he does his best to push that creampie from his ass and soiling his pretty panties.

Best phone sex


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