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Coed phone sex is more fun when it’s two girls, one college.

Coed phone sex        Coed phone sex is more fun when it’s two girls, one college. As your confidant, your trusted Doctor, I will highly encourage in my professional opinion that this is something that you need to do. Now the reasons for this are simple and I will explain why I feel that you should have a threesome.

        First of all, it is good for your ego. Stroking your ego, is a major plus that we must do. That is to say it is good to have two women vying over you. Fighting for you attention and with one being a hot young miss with a nice tight behind, small waist, leading up to some very nice breasts that are big and very perky. At the same time, you have me wanting your attention as well, my attributes being a big bubble butt and large boobs. So very big. Both of us wanting to have you cock. Knowing that you can please two very hot women at the same time will swell your ego and you cock at the same time.

        Second of all, it will increase your stamina. Knowing that you are going to be keeping up with the two of us will have you dripping pre-cum, but it will also have maintained control to keep up with us. If you do happen to cum before we are both done with you, you may be assured that one or both of us will lick, suck, and massage your cock and balls until you are hard once more.

        Finally, we will make you cum harder than you ever have before. In conclusion, when you have some coed sex, it will a thrilling ride ending with everyone getting off.  

Mutual masturbation stories are meant to be shared

Mutual masturbation stories

            Mutual masturbation stories are meant to be shared. The best way to share them is with a personal touch over the phone. Next, we are meant to be masturbating at the same time as the story is being told. In fact, you need to be pull out your dick and start stroking it as I use my rose. Turning it on, letting it rub over my clitoris.   

            Voice lowers, eyes closing, bringing up the memory of the last time that I had a session of an exceptionally erotic session of the three of us. Let me start at the beginning.

            With attention to detail, he was rather large. About 10 inches. Using to fingers on his cock he started to play as I slipped a finger between my labia lips. Head falling back down onto the couch. Sliding down. Legs parting some more. Opening those up. Letting him see as I took the clit between my fingers and began to roll it back and forth.

            Looking through my lashes; I could see him getting harder as my fingers became wet with my own moisture. First one finger goes up inside. Then a second one follows. Thumb stroking over my clit. Moaning, shifting.

            Now, as your phone sex therapist I suggest you keep stroking as hard as I am pushing these fingers up into my pussy. Seeing how far I am able to get my fingers in and feel the walls of my vagina.

            He is stroking as fast as I am. Now picture your cock in the place of my fingers. Delving deeper, coming in from behind. Just picturing it has one hand moving up to cup a breast. Getting cum on a nipple. Making it glisten in the light.

            Finally, we need to cum at the same time. It heightens the experience. When you play, we will cum together.

Cocksucking phone sex: when your therapist gets you off.

Cocksucking phone sex            Cocksucking phone sex: when your therapist gets you off. As soon as you set the appointment, I will be sure to give my patient a blow job that you will be sure to remember. First, you need to relax back on the couch. I need you to completely relax. Tell me what you fantasize about.

            Besides of course the blow job. Would you like to take me from behind? I know you would like it. On my knees between your legs perhaps looking up at you as I suck on your cock.

            Otherwise, I could crawl across the couch and have my tits brushing on your thigh as I am taking your cock deep down into my throat. Running my tongue down your length. Pulling your balls into my mouth. At the same time, I am stroking your cock with my hand. My saliva covering your cock, hand applying pressure. Squeezing around your cock. Tongue running up the length.

            Coming to the top of your mushroom head. Sucking out your pre-cum. Letting it sit on the tip of my tongue. Finally, the only answer you need to give is do you want to cum on my boobs or have me swallow all your cum down my throat.

Best phone sex getting you off after getting your cock hard.

Best phone sex

            Best phone sex getting you off after getting your cock hard. As can be seen I am big into public sex. Then again being in charge and dominating over you is something you and I both can get into. By all means, I want you to stroke your cock.

            Have some public sex with me. Have me dominating over you. Let’s get erotic. You know you are going to want to cum all over the place. Between my tits, pressing around your cock. Feel you throbbing. Licking down the length of your shaft. Pre-cum on my tits. Lifting them up and licking it off.

            Showing everyone what we are doing right in a restaurant or perhaps on a public beach. A point often overlooked is that when you are being dominated by me in public is very erotic. Feeling your cock up inside of my pussy. Legs wrapping around you. At the same time pressing your face into my breasts, commanding you to suck on them.

            Letting everyone see your cock getting covered in my juices. As the run down along your balls. Moving up and down slowly on your cock. Gripping your hard and tightly. Thighs tightening. Heels digging into your behind.

            Urging you to fill me up with your cum. Finally, we orgasm together. Shouting out our ecstasy so that everyone will know how we have fulfilled one another.  

Ass sex porn needs to be watched now and often.

            Ass sex porn needs to be watched now and often. There are many very good ways to watch porn. You may be with someone, like me, your partner, or even by yourself. It must be remembered that there is no wrong way to watch porn.

            Ultimately the absolute most important thing to remember is what once you have chosen what you are going to jack off too that you’re prepared. First you need to have everything within easy access. Second you need to have your cock out for some intense stroking.

            Another key point to remember is if you are going to watching with someone, like me then it is very important that we both get to cum at the same time. A point often overlooked is the amount of porn that should be watched.

            Your cock needs to be hard and stroked. The more you stroke, have me stroke, or anyone else even giving you a blowjob is that cumming later will cause you to have a bigger a load. After all, really getting your cum to fly all around the place is a thrill and see just how far you can shoot it.

            Watching porn really should be on your schedule for at least once a day. That is the minimum that it should be watched. Your dick should cum at least twice in a day. Learn it, love it, and live it.

Ass sex porn

Ass fetish; most notably the art of worshiping a perfect ass

Ass fetish

          Ass fetish; most notably the art of worshiping a perfect ass. The first thing to remember is to be sure to begin stroking your dick slowly.

          Now, a nice ass like mine is nice and big. Take a closer look, come on. In fact, you should run your free hand down over the curvature of the ass.

          Be sure to give first one cheek a good firm squeeze before moving over to the other. You must pay equal attention to both cheeks.

          Next, you should get a really good sniff. Hey there now, I didn’t tell you stop stroking your cock. At the same time, you are to sniff this firm ass.

          You have to know what it smells like. Get between those ass cheeks with your mouth and nose. By all means run your tongue along my ass crack.

          In fact, you should make it a daily habit to worship my ass. If not my ass, then watching some ass porn is in order. To put it another way, you need to in my professional opinion pay extra close and special attention a nice, big, and firm ass.

          All in all, it’s perfectly normal to love an ass. Smelling it, touching it. Pinching it, finally cumming on it or even in it is what you have to do.

          Cum while are looking at an ass.


Voyeur beach sex is happening now, you need to watch them

Voyeur beach sex is happening now, you need to watch them. See how he is slowly working his way down her body. Kissing her ear first. Before more down to her neck. Damn hair falling back as the waves move in, then receding. 

The strap of her bikini bra faVoyeur beach sexlls, exposing her large lush breasts. Fingers threading into his hair; pulling him tighter to her breast. Teeth biting down onto her nipple. Hips lifting beneath him to press into his hard erection. 

In the background the ocean is crashes, waves smashing into rocks. In the distance you can hear the seagulls. To the right of you the couple is now naked. Her legs spread wide open as he is licking her pussy, along her ass crack. 

Her elbow digging into the sand as she takes his dick deeper into her mouth. You see his length and know she must be gagging on his cock yet you aren’t able to hear it. On the bright side your own moans are drowned out. 

From time to time you look down at your dick, as you watch them. Bodies melding together right in front of you. Long legs wrapped around his waist now as he plunges his dick into her shaved wet pussy. 

Suddenly you hear them shout and scream. Realizing they have orgasmed together. You finally reach your release.

Foot fetishes are erotic, ever have a foot job?

Foot fetishes are erotic, ever haFoot fetishesve a foot job? By all means take a look at my long legs, down to the perfect arch of my foot. Shoe slipping off. Toes walking up your leg before tickling the tip of your penis. 

Training your eyes on my foot. Watching it, spreading my toes to take your shaft right behind your head, running the length. Toes inching down. At the same time the inside of my other foot running up your leg. Hence making your already stiffening member grow harder.

What we have here is most compelling evidence that you like my two feet wrapped around your cock. Stroking the length. Sandwiching your hot dog between the two of them. Pumping you quickly, pre-cum starting to drip on my feet. 

Bracing my arms, boobs jutting up, your cock between my soft supple feet. Vein popping, feeling the pulse in your cock being the middle of my these feet you can’t take your eyes from. Without delay making you cum, sperm shooting onto each foot. Collapsing down. Drained. 



Naughty teacher takes away your toys.

Naughty teacher takes away all of your toys. You want to play with your pencil, twirling it between your fingers? I will take this ruler and whap your knuckles. Perhaps I will dress as a nun being your teacher. Hide these big beautiful tits under a garment. You have seen them. Sucked on the perky nubs. Laved your tongue along the underside of them. 

I didn’t give you permission to shift in your chair. Bending over your desk to peer under. Are you getting hard? Should I teach you how to cum without touching. Let’s let it spring free. Standing proud and at attention. Pursing my lips I blow softly over the head, suppressing a smile as it quivers. Let me hot breath fan along the length of your quivering member. 

Mmm…the vein is more pronounced. Letting my outfit fall. Black stockings, garter belt, and heels. No panties. Straddling your lap I hover just out of reach or your throbbing cock. Letting my wetness drip onto you. Rotating my hips. Nipples poking close to your mouth. Now, now, no touching your teacher. You will cum without touching. 

Spinning, hands resting on the desk. Gyrating hips, twerking. Look at that pre-cum gushing. Arching my back, fine blond hair tickling your tip. When you cum like a good student I will give you your reward. I know you are close. 

Facing you. Foot braced on either side of you. Lifting my hips to let you get a good whiff of my vagina. Hmm…look at it gleaming with my own wetness. Smell the sweetness. That is cum for me.

Naughty teacher

Exhibitionist sex is an absolute favorite of mine.

Exhibitionist sex is an absolute favorite of mine. In the park; broad daylight. Letting everyone see my full perfectly formed orbs, jutting up, begging for you to take them into your mouth. Teeth grazing the outer edges of my areola as you bite down on the nipple. Tongue laving down over my stomach, arching my back. Long legs wrapping around you. Heels hooking into your belt loops, pulling your pants down.

Skirt falling away. Crotch less panties, garter belt, black thigh high’s and heels are the only garments left on. Pussy aching to entered. Rising to meet your thick massive cock. A gasp escaping from someone watching. Your purple mushroom head, leaking pre-cum, my juices coating your cock as you stretch me, fingers slicking over my clit. Fingers digging into your hair, pulling you down as I buck up onto your cock. Grinding into you. Pelvis rotating. Bringing your lips back to my tits.

Heels digging into the soft earth as I propel into you, rolling you on your back. Straddling you, rocking back and forth on your cock. Feeling you pulsating inside of me. Faster I ride your cock, letting everyone see my juices covering your cock as I move up and down. Nails scratching down your chest. Bringing your hands up to grips my breasts.

Flexing my muscles around your cock. Tightening you in a vice making you cum. That is it feel it filling up my uterus. Bouncing off the walls, hitting the back of my cervix. Look around and see all the looks of astonishment on their faces. Never believing that someone would have sex in the park. Exhibitionist sex