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Naughty Teacher Farah Has a New Favorite Pet

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah rings in every new semester with a teacher’s pet. Sometimes, I even select a few. And I did this semester. My male pet does not need any tutoring in the pussy eating department. He proved himself more than worthy in that department. However, he does need some tutoring to maintain his athletic scholarship and keep playing baseball, which I am more than willing to do. Ricky comes from inner city LA. Avoided gangs getting into baseball.

His arm appears to be as golden as his tongue. Although I will never give a student a passing grade if they do not earn it. I will help them earn it with extra tutoring outside the classroom. Ricky appears to want to learn too. I only select pets who do. His issues are not his fault either. High school teachers passed him because he brought folks to high school baseball games, and he won his school three championships in a row. However, they never told him until it was too late that he had not really passed his classes.

I Love to Tutor Boys in Sex Ed and Other Subjects

Ricky appears to have a soft spot for mature women too. He calls me mamacita, which means hot mom in Spanish. I guess the equivalent of MILF in English, LOL. I am a phone sex mommy. Why not give the boy some mothering along with the hot sex and tutoring? So, he came by last night for a tutoring session. I decided to help him with his history and English courses too.

After tutoring, I rewarded him with pussy. I motivate boys with my cunt and ass. And my great oral skills. The right motivation works wonders on a boy’s ability to focus. After two hours studying, we fucked for four hours. He can eat pussy for a solid hour with no break needed. So, I am just as lucky this semester as him. Never has a boy his age licked me that long and appeared to enjoy every second of it too. But Ricky is an all star athlete and cunt licker.

Although I showed him my great blowjobs skills for about 30 minutes, the rest of the time we fucked. His arm may need iced after a 3-hour game, but his cock bounces back better than his arm. However, today, my legs still feel like Jell-O. So, he might be my favorite pet yet.

Coed Phone Sex Mature Women Can Enjoy Too

coed phone sexMature women crave coed phone sex too. I am a bisexual professor. My teacher’s pets can be either sex. Although I do usually select a young, buff stuff who could benefit from some private sex education teachers, this semester I selected one of each. I need more than one student to service me all semester. This dirty professor could never be satisfied with just one anyway. Perhaps, that explains why I divorced two men. I do not know how to be monogamous.

Personally, I believe people overrate monogamy. One pussy for the rest of your life? I bet that does not sound fun to you either. So for this year, I plan to rotate between pussy and cock. Maybe one night my frat boy comes over to fuck his naughty teacher. And the next day my cute coed visits to eat the teacher’s pussy. However, last night, I mixed it up. I invited them both to dinner. I wanted a threesome. Although my cute coed seemed reluctant, but my stud wanted in.

I Enjoy Pussy and Cock Simultaneously

Cannot blame him either. A mature pussy and a young pussy simultaneously? That might be every man’s wet dream cum true, LOL. When I pulled out my young frat boy’s stiff cock and began polishing that knob, my coed got behind me and ate my pussy.  Sucking a young cock while experiencing a tongue lashing feels like heaven to this babe. I came on my coed’s face while my frat boy filled my tummy with his sperm. This mature woman swallows every drop.

My coed appeared to be coming around to the notion of a sexy threesome. However, I know she prefers to have the teacher all to herself. I like girl on girl action too. Just sometimes mature phone sex babes like me want a cock and a pussy at the same time. And I felt that way yesterday. We spent the night in bed as a throuple. Have you tried two chicks in bed or even another guy for your wife? You should. Trust me.

Naughty Neighbor Ready To Fuck

GFE phone sexIt has been so long since I got my pretty hairy cunt fucked with a nice cock. I have been staring at you since you moved in next door for months now. I have rubbed my clit and thought about how nice your cock would feel in every one of my holes. It feels so surreal now that I am finally spread open on your couch milking that dick while your wife is at the store. I come over every single day now when she is gone so I can be a whore for your cock. I love how you use my body to make yourself cum. I will be your cum bucket whenever you want to play. Naughty neighbors are the best when your both horny fucks. Call me so I can tell you all the fun stories!

Fantasy phone sex of the fat teacher who loved sailor moon

Fantasy phone sex Fantasy phone sex Of the teacher who popped my fat man cherry. High school was where I shined. I had all the boys and teachers eating out of my hand. There were subjects I excelled at and subjects I dismissed. Of course, I relied on my body to ace those classes. I was not going to let anything derail my quest for a business degree. I planned to open my own brothel in the Nevada desert. These are the goals of a young slut. I had one teacher in history who I detested. He was fat, and bald and would bore me to sleep. My feminine wiles had no effect on him whatsoever. Gay, Just my luck.

I would find out his cosplay kink soon enough

I knew I had to think fast and figure out how to change classes or make him pass me. I had taken on too many extracurriculars and my energy was down. I began to snoop on old hog-face. I had my girls run background checks and began stalking him. I soon found out he was into comic conventions and very lonely. So I showed up at his house one weekend dressed as Sailor Moon with tickets to Comic con.

Now he bucked and screamed at me in his doorway. Typical lonely old gay man, I thought. But I pushed my way in his door and told him that I just wanted to see him happy. And what did I see? That man had a boner for me popping out of his boxer shorts.

A fat teacher with a big tasty cock, who knew?

A nice meaty boner from the looks of it. He pushed me against the wall his garlic breath on my neck. He said that he loved Sailor Moon! As I looked over his home, I saw shrines of the comic princesses all around. Somehow I had targeted the one thing that got this naughty teacher aroused. Women’s intuition, or my stalking? You decide. And that day I did the unthinkable for a hottie like me. I sucked a sweaty fat man off with my blonde pig-tailed wig flying. He was rough and mean too! I vowed to never tell anyone about this, until now.naughty teacher

I’m older and I know that all men deserve to have that fantasy relieved. No matter what size or shape you are, or what gets your boner going, I am here for you. I was that teacher’s Sailor moon porn star weekly for the rest of his class. I passed with an A+ too. No homework other than cocksucking and cosplaying! Plus fat men have some yummy sperm!

Great Blowjobs Can Leave You Drained Dry with Me

great blowjobsMature sexy women give great blowjobs. I consider myself an expert cock sucker. Normally, I fuck younger men. They just got the stamina I need. Plus, their cocks feel like a stiff board. I enjoy fucking and sucking. One of my colleagues on campus complained that he cannot cum. It happens with older men. Every guy can get backed up. Usually, a man only needs me. Or some other great cock sucker.

Now, I rarely shit where I eat. If you do not understand that phrase, it means I do not fuck colleagues. It can get messy. But this guy will not say a word. Nor will he get addicted to me. Not only is he my boss, but he appears happily married too. I offered him a blowjob. A no strings attached blowjob. I think every man would agree to one of those, right. You would.

A Mature Woman Can Drain You Dry

Mature phone sex babes drain your balls dry every time. My colleague sat in his office chair, and I knelt in front of him to give him some much needed release. After about 5 minutes of my lips on his cock, he exploded. Because he came so loudly, I had to put my hand over his mouth. However if my other associates find out I blew the chairman of the department, they will want head too. Or they will assume I got tenure on my knees. I earned my tenure.

And I also earned the title “Blowjob Queen” from my boss. However, I was not finished yet. Only one cum would not suffice. When a man has not cum in several months, he needs me to bring him back to life for round two. And he thought the first orgasm was the best over. Perhaps, it felt that way. But round two had his body shaking because I included a prostate massage.

Need cocksucking phone sex? I can drain you dry. But only if you have a cock worthy of my skills. No

sexy babe want you to beg

sexy babe

Do you want to know what gets me off? What gets me excited, well, it happens to be when a man begs like a boy, like a bit of beta. A sexy babe like me wants to see it!

Show me that you will do whatever I want. My ultimate goal is to keep someone in a chastity device and to submit for life. The urge you have to please me is much more important than anything. You will only think about my perfect body from head to toe you want to submit.

There’s something new I want to do, and it’s given. You never have to live without such a powerful Goddess that takes control and makes you feel like you must devote your entire life and energy to it.

Whatever I have, any slave that obeys it makes everything go smoothly. If you want to have the privilege of kissing my feet, you must kneel and beg.

Plow Your Skanky Teacher

Oh fuck yes! Plow your teacher baby! I love spreading my whore legs for you on my desk after class as you pump yourself into me every day. A naughty after class session for one of my favorite students are the best. Nothing is better than feeling a throbbing hard cock slam inside my mature pussy. You know you will get an A+ on every assignment as long as you cum inside your whore of a teacher. Your favorite part of class is when you get to fuck me for a great grade and tell me how much of a fuck slut I am. So call me and let me make you cum so hard to thought of me taking your loads after class daily. You will blow over and over again as you think about my cock sleeve cunt milking you dry every single day! I will be waiting for you.
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Shaved Wet Pussy is Not Just for Young Girls Anymore

shaved wet pussyMy shaved wet pussy surprised my latest teacher’s pet. Because I am a mature woman, he expected me to have a hairy pussy like his mother and aunt. This student might be my most skilled one yet. Good looking boy and smart too. Honestly, he does not need much help. His only problem appears to be his focus. But like many young men his age, I think his dick controls his brain. He only has one thing on the brain.

That may be true for most men LOL. Anyway, this semester’s pet seemed legit upset when he ate the teacher’s pussy for the first time the other day. He is from Minnesota, so he has yet to experience a California girl. Most of us keep our pussies shaved. However, he had never experienced a bald cunt on any woman. Not even his high school girlfriend. He thought only porn stars or celebrities sported the bald look.

I May Be Mature But I Keep a Shaved Pussy

I schooled him on how great a smooth pussy can be. Much easier to lick and finger and fuck too. This naughty teacher never minds playing mommy. The thought occurs to most mature women fucking much younger men that part of her lure to her lover is that she reminds him of mommy. The same is true of young girls dating much older men. Just no one looks twice at a young girl with an older sugar daddy.

Someone taught my new pet to eat pussy like a champ. Although he denied any kind of relationship until me with an older woman, I had my doubts. Young schoolgirls do not know how to please themselves, let alone tell a boy how to please them. But I did not challenge his assertion. I let him show me his many talents including tossing my salad. Even though I knew in my heart some mature woman likely trained him to eat ass, I kept my mouth shot.

This phone sex mommy just relaxed and let him worship her pussy and ass. I am not sure which he was better at: eating pussy or eating ass. Although I might not have much to teach this student this term, I am keeping him as my teacher’s pet.

Naughty Teacher Season Has Begun

naughty teacherNaughty teacher season has almost begun! I have been on campus getting prepared for the start of classes in a week. Meeting the college freshmen arouses me. I get to check out the potential next round of teacher’s pets before they are in my classroom. Although I am not sure which ones will be in my course, I can still look around. Move in day for the new recruits occurred this past weekend. And I was there to lend a hand.

I met Paul in the student union. A tall drink of young water on a hot day best describes him. Get this. The boy wore a T-shirt that said, “Cougar Lover.” He checked me out when I walked by. But it was my second trip past him when he spoke to me. He thought I was the hot mom of a freshman girl. Nope. I told him if he takes “Introduction to Psychology” this term that I might be one of his professors.

Hot for Teacher

The boy almost died. He scrambled to pull up his schedule to see if he would be in my class. Lucky boy. And lucky me. I will be his psychology professor. He requested an early meeting, so I took him home with me. I wanted to fuck him in his dorm room, but I follow some of the rules, LOL.

However, this mature sexy babe will never stop fucking students. Not if the college freshmen continue to look like Paul. Lord have mercy on me for I am weak around young, buff studs like Paul. He is a California boy. That means I might be able to fuck him during school breaks too. The boy can eat pussy. I sat on his face for hours. We 69’d some too. But mostly I rode his face until he glistened from my cunt juice.

He fucked my pussy for as long as he ate it too.  This boy’s stamina amazed me. He told me he fucks mostly older women. I can see why too. His cock is huge, and he can last in the sack. Perhaps, he will not need my sex education help, but I am going to make him a teacher’s pet anyway. This teacher is hot for a student and school is not even officially in season yet. This mature phone sex babe is excited for what the new school year will bring.

Sexy women masturbating are what my new play guy likes

My professor had something for Sexy women masturbating. I found out because I caught him jerking off to it after class on his phone. I didn’t say anything until I saw he was about to blast his load. Are you about to cum professor? The shock hit your body and the adrenaline rush made your cock shoot your load all over your face. Naughty professor did you cream all over yourself. Pick your mouth off the ground, I won’t tell your secret.

Sexy women masturbating

Just give me good grades and give me an allowance. Then in return I will help you bust a big load whenever you need to. You really must like a pussy being finger banged. Nothing comes out of your mouth as I climb on top of your desk. Come on professor, don’t be scared lick my cunt. You already got to cum hard, make me cum too. I bend over and spread my Sexy legs and round ass cheeks. After that your tongue was deep in my ass. My fetish involves my ass getting licked.

Since you like watching pussy being masturbated you can get a close up look, while tongue fucking my ass. “Wiggle wiggle your tongue baby, I’m so very close”. That shit made you go harder and harder. Finally, I started squirting all over your face. Swallow me professor! The sounds of my juices slurping in your mouth is exactly what I love to hear. Now professor, let’s talk about my allowance that I want every week.