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Best Phone Sex Surprise for Me Meant Two College Cocks at Once

best phone sexGive yourself the best phone sex for Valentine’s Day. I have a theory about women like me. We take care of men better than wives or girlfriends. But I only take care of men with big cocks and stamina. Even in my personal life, I only want big cock. I married and divorced twice. First husband had a small cock. I was young and married for love. Second husband had a big cock. But as he got older that big cock became worthless to me because it could not get or stay hard enough to fuck me properly.

Now, I am single with lots of lovers to fuck. And they are all young and hung. Even though I am not married, I have had a busy week of young bucks wanting to fuck me for Valentine’s Day. However, all I need to do is schedule them. Sometimes, even a naughty teacher can encounter scheduling mishaps. So, two young frat boys showed up at my door today within minutes of each other. One had flowers. The other had chocolates. And both had stiff cocks for me too.

A Sexy MILF Always Prefers Younger Studs to Fuck

I apologized. But they did not care. Honestly, one of the reasons I like younger men. They never freak out about sharing a woman with a friend or a stranger. Coincidence. Both boys belong to the same frat. One boy is a freshman in my current Intro to Psych course. And the other is a senior in my advanced human sexuality course.  They laughed and said it would just be the first of many more girls they would share. But the freshman added that it would likely be the only time they shared a mature phone sex babe. That was likely a true statement.

But most mature women are not as liberal in the bedroom as I am. We did a coin toss to see who got my ass and pussy first. Since I fucked up the scheduling, we had plenty of time for them to bounce back and switch holes. Both boys enjoyed getting to know each other better, as a pledge and upperclassman. And I enjoyed getting pounded by two college boys at once. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

Ass Fetish Explored with a Sexy Blonde Coed

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? This new cute coed I met on campus does. A sexy blonde goddess who looks more like a porn star than a coed. She has the rode hard put away wet look. But I never mind a trashy little coed. Compliments this sophisticated mature teacher. I met Tamara in the student union building. She is not a current student of mine. But she can still play with me.

She hit on me for the record. Perhaps she has mommy issues. Or maybe she just likes mature sexy women like her male collegians. Either way, I did not care. It’s no secret that I am a bisexual woman. Although I lean slightly more for cock, I can eat pussy until the cows come home. And so can Tamara. So, I brought her home with me.  My first coed of this semester. Might be the only one I need if she eats pussy like this all semester long, LOL.

Men love coed phone sex. And so does this sexy MILF. Tamara is 19 with perfect tits and a heart shaped ass. I have no doubt that she was a sexy little schoolgirl fighting off all the DILFS and teachers not long ago. She pushed me against the wall as soon as we walked inside my house. Aggressive, but I made sure she knew I was in charge. Regardless of how hot I think Tamara looks, she will never dominate me. No one will ever dominate me.

You Don’t Need to be My Student to Be the Teacher’s Pet

She quickly apologized and told me she just wanted my ass that badly. I was flattered. So, few younger ones seem eager to eat ass. But it is something I enjoy. And I think any young girl or man with good ass licking skills, should eat my ass. My clothes fell to the floor quickly. And before I could take my panties off, she was pushing them to the side to get to my asshole. I loved her initiative. Her tongue wiggled right up my asshole as her fingers found their way inside my shaved wet pussy.

If she was one of my students, she would have received an A+ in ass eating and finger banging. Although as a sexy mature woman, I could have been hedonistic, I licked her ass and cunt back. Now I think she wants to switch majors so she can spend more time with me. Silly girl. She doesn’t need to be my student to be the teacher’s pet. And neither do you!

Sexy Women Masturbating in Public Grabs Your Attention

sexy women masturbatingDo you enjoy looking at sexy women masturbating? I love to be watched. It is no secret that I enjoy being an exhibitionist slut. Yesterday, I took a break from teaching to get some sunshine. The day was beautiful. Perfect weather to enjoy some outdoor naughty antics. I found a secluded part of campus and started to rub my pussy. I could feel the warmth of the sun beating down on my body.

And I got lost in the porn fantasy I had going on in my mind. So, I did not realize I had a peeper. He stood far enough away that his shadow would not block the sun. When someone interferes with the sunshine I am basking in, I always open my eyes. However, I did not open my eyes until I felt something warm and sticky on my foot. I opened my eyes and saw a college boy with his dick out.

I am a Naughty Professor Who Likes Foot Jobs

Foot fetishes are common. But usually, I do not see that fetish in a college boy. But this lad stared more at my sexy feet than my exposed pussy. I am an educated woman. So, I knew my feet mesmerized him. I started rubbing his hot seed into my feet. And since I can cater to all sorts of fetishes, I knew what he needed to see. I put my foot to my mouth and licked his cum off each toe. Mature women are often flexible like that.

And like magic, his cock sprung back to life quickly. Since we were alone where no one could see us, I gave him a foot job. My freshly pedicured cock wrapped around his young hard cock. Exhibitionist sex is so hot to me. And this young stud clearly did not care that anyone could walk around the corner and find us. I love risky sex. He gave me a second load of cum on my feet.

He scurried off before I could get his name. Maybe he was embarrassed or late for class. But I do hope I see that lad again. His cock is perfect for my feet, my mouth, my tits, my pussy or my ass. I went back to teaching with his cum dried on my feet.

Great blowjobs get my pussy soaking wet, baby!

Great blowjobs Great blowjobs get my pussy soaking wet, baby! I couldn’t help but notice your wandering eyes every time you see me walking out of my house or watering my plants in my backyard. And let’s be honest, I love the attention. I know you’re a married man, but let’s not kid ourselves, there’s some serious chemistry between us.

I’ve been watching you too, from the corner of my eye, fantasizing about what it would be like to have you in my bed, caressing every inch of my body. And let me tell you, thinking about it gets me all hot and bothered. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help it. You’re just so damn irresistible.

I know you’ve been wanting to make a move, but you’re holding back because of your wedding vows. But let me tell you, there’s nothing wrong with a little harmless fun. And trust me, I can guarantee you a night of unforgettable pleasure. I’ve been told I give the best blowjobs, and I’m not afraid to say it. They have a way of making my pussy soaking wet, baby. And I want you to experience it.

But don’t just take my word for it, come over and see for yourself. I want you to feel my soft, plump lips around your cock, slowly gliding up and down with my tongue, until you can’t take it anymore and release all over my nice, big tits. And after that, we can move on to the main event, where I’ll show you just how much I want you, all over my body.

I know what you’re thinking, what about your wife? But let’s not dwell on that. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right? And besides, I’m not looking for anything serious. I just want some good old-fashioned fun with a handsome, experienced man like yourself.

So what do you say? Are you ready to let go of your inhibitions and give into our desires? Pick up that phone and give me a call for some Naughty neighbor phone sex. I’ll be waiting with my legs spread wide and my fantasies running wild. Trust me, it will be an experience you won’t regret.


Sexy Chicks Share Cock Together

sexy chicksSexy chicks love to play with younger men and each other too. School is back in session again, and I have a new crop of young studs to select as teacher’s pet. While I mulled over all the candidates, my girlfriend came over last night for some fun. And she brought her boy toy lover who wanted a threesome with another sexy milf.

Sherry knew just who would be game for a threesome with her 19-year-old stud. She picked a winner too. This boy is in great shape. The body of a Greek god and the cock of a porn star. Wonderful combination. She met Christopher at the gym. For mature phone sex babes like us, the gym is a wonderful place to score boy toys.

Before the threesome began, we drank wine and got to know each other. Although there is always some awkwardness with threesomes, I managed to get things started without any of that. I ate Sherry’s wet pussy while I stroked her boy toy lover’s massive cock. I can multitask. Once I guided Christopher’s cock into her pussy, I sat on my friend’s face so she could lick me back.

This Mature Babe Loves Pussy and Cock

Although I love threesomes, they do not happen enough in my life. My favorite kind are just like this one. Why? Because I love pussy too. I might be known as a naughty teacher with my male students, but I pick coed pets too. Sherry made my pussy squirt with her tongue. That meant I was super wet for her stud’s big cock. He could not believe he was fucking two mature sexy women. However, dreams do cum true.

I let him fuck my ass too. None of my holes are off limits. Sherry might not be the anal whore that I am, but she sucked his jizz out of my asshole. We snowballed his load while he watched and recuperated. Sherry and I managed to bring him back to life a few more times last night. Yeah, I need to make more time for threesomes in my life.

Mature Phone Sex Women Appreciate Great Pussy Lickers

mature phone sexMature phone sex women are what young men in their sexual prime need. And if you ask me, those young bucks need me. I am a cougar. Being a professor has its perks. For years, I have seen young studs come and go in my classroom. Younger men appreciate older women for their knowledge, skill and experience in the bedroom. When I select a pet, they become better lovers under my skilled tutelage for a semester. And they always remember me. Hell, even students I did not have an intimate relationship with remember me too.

A couple nights ago, I ran some errands. I decided to pop into my favorite restaurant and enjoy a meal someone else cooked, LOL. I ran into Tanner. About 5 years ago, he took my intro to psychology course. However, he was never a teacher’s pet. I remembered him. He came across as a socially awkward teen boy. But nothing appears awkward about him now. I thought maybe a late growth spurt or perhaps he found himself another naughty teacher who shaped him up.

My Students Always Remember This Hot Teacher

Tanner approached me and called me ma’am which I hate. He asked if I remembered him. I did. I just did not remember him looking so strapping and delicious. That part was a monologue in my head, LOL. He appeared to be on a date night with an age-appropriate girl. But I gave him my card with my addy and phone number on it. Told him he could come by later and catch up if he wanted.

He wasted no time showing up at my place either. He must have dumped his date. We spent about an hour catching up on each other’s lives. He graduated in the spring of last year and has a teaching gig at a nearby high school. I was happy to learn he was local. So many students leave the area after graduation. When he admitted his crush on me, I told a little fib. I told him I always wanted him, but I could not cross that line. The truth is I cross that line every semester but at the time Tanner did not catch my eye.

A Mature Sexy Woman Always Appreciates a Good Cunt Licker

However, now he did. He told me unabashedly that he was the best pussy licker in town. He had me at pussy licker. A mature woman always appreciates a good cunt licker. As I kissed him, I felt his hands slip under my dress. His fingers found my pussy and disappeared quickly inside me. My shaved wet pussy felt wetter than ever. He fingered my pussy for 20 minutes while I stroked his big, hard cock. If I had known he had a cock this big, I would have fucked him sooner.

The 69-position led to fucking for hours. Tanner spent the night. He did not lie. I do not know who taught him to be such a good cunt licker, but I owe that person a world of thanks.

I get to be a Naughty teacher for young sugar daddy

I love when I can be a Naughty teacher for a young wealthy entrepreneur. “Teach me to make you cum with my tongue,” he begged. “Since you spoil me so well, I will teach you everything”. First you always need to learn to start by worshiping a hottie like me. Since you can afford me to teach you, tonight you will learn how to lick my pretty little rosebud. Therefore, I started to undress.

“You will follow my instructions and if you do well, I will reward you” I say, teasing him with my ass in his face. After I spread my sexy ass cheeks I said, “take your tongue and start flicking and teasing my asshole” I instructed him. Right away you do as I say. “Good job” I moan as I wiggle my ass in your face. My favorite part is that you need a teacher.

Naughty teacher

You aren’t experienced but have the money to do whatever you want. Plus, I have my own needs. I have an Ass fetish and I drip when I get my ass licked. “Push your tongue up inside my asshole” I said over and over. Finally, your tongue pushed inside me.

“Fuck my ass with your tongue!” I screamed as my pussy clenched and started squirting everywhere. “Wow I could make your pussy squirt if I just fuck you with my tongue?” You asked as you stroked your hard cock. “Yes, and I will show you how you can come from just me touching you” I teased him with my hand on his young rod. I spent the whole night roleplaying and teaching him all I wanted

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Enjoy Big Cocks on Young Studs

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts like me enjoy ringing in the New Year with a young stud. Even though I am on break from teaching for another couple of weeks, I still have access to young barely legal boys. Younger men appear attracted to older women because of our experience. They know we can mold them into good lovers. I am a teacher after all.

Although most of my regular lovers went back home for the holiday break, I go to the gym or the mall or for a run on the beach, and some young stud catches my eye. Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble, picked up the Britney Spears autobiography. And I picked up a young stud too. Believe it or not, Barnes and Nobles is a great place to pick up a cougar if you are into mature sexy chicks.

Carmine informed me he had just turned 21. Legal to drink. Legal to fuck. So, I had no qualms about bringing him home and giving him a beer. Once back at my place, we toasted to the new year and his 21st birthday. The boy’s body looked like a work of art. Chiseled in all the right places. Plus, his cock resembled a horse dick in size. He informed me college and high school girls cannot handle his cock. Well, he was in the right place. I am no schoolgirl. I am a seasoned big dick lover.

Mature Sexy Women Can Handle Your Big Cock

Never trust a young girl to understand how to drain a big cock properly. It is all in the positions. And I know how to swallow a big cock with minimal gagging, and I know how to take one up my pussy too. Carmine stretched my pussy, and made me gag a little, but I worked through all of it. He hurt so good in a great way.

This guy’s stamina amazed this naughty teacher too. Even though he was young, he knew what he was doing. He needed no help from me. He only needed my naughty teacher fuck holes. Best New Year’s Day celebration ever. Since I rang in the new year with a big cock, I expect to get a lot more big dicks in the future.

Naughty Teacher Farah Enjoys Being a Three Hole Whore

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher had a nice holiday with her daughter. But now that my girl went back home, I need young cock. Well, younger cock. Since I am a size queen, I need my lovers to be old enough to have a cock big enough for my pussy. School gives me access to young studs itching to sink their big dicks into a mature pussy. Although I am enjoying my Christmas break from school, I do miss my students. When I return to campus in January, I will have a new pool of teacher’s pets.

Not sure where to go to pick up a young stud, I went to the mall arcade. I played a mean game of Ms. Pac-Man as a teen girl. High school and college boys enjoy a mature sexy babe. As the only woman in the arcade, I attracted some odd looks at first. But they quickly realized I was no typical adult. I was just a horny woman who needed some young cock.

Mature Babes Can Get All Sorts of Younger Cock

Instead of picking up one boy, I picked up three. I rarely do that. Two boys at a time occurs a few times a month, but three only happens once in a blue moon. All three boys belong to a frat. They attend my college but live locally. One boy knew of me because I fucked a friend of his a few semesters ago. He knew of me as the hot teacher. Have you ever been hot for teacher?

Since I ate too much for the holidays, I needed to work off some calories anyway. I am not a submissive woman, but I let those boys turn me into a three-hole whore. All of their cocks felt big in my fuck holes. They felt good too. Just what I needed to get over that slump. I lucked out. All three boy cocks measured over 8-inches with decent girth too. A mature phone sex babe can find young cock on and off campus.

Shaved Wet Pussy Needs Eaten for Christmas

shaved wet pussyA mature shaved wet pussy will not eat itself, LOL. At least that is what I tell all the young men. As a mature sexy woman, I need to teach younger men the art of cunnilingus. You even say cunnilingus to a young boy, and they get this perplexed look on their faces. That’s because they do not know the term. But they do know what pussy licking means, luckily. Still, few men even lick pussy until you demand it from them. And I blame porn. So few porn movies show a man worshiping a woman’s cunt properly if at all.

So when I picked David up at the mall for some last minute shopping, I had to teach him. Great blowjobs are a given with me. I never give bad head. But if you want to experience an amazing blow job, you better get to town on my pussy. Poor David could not find my clit with a GPS. So, I helped him. I gave him an anatomy lesson right from my living room. I am a teacher, after all. David picked it up quickly. But I knew he had never fucked a mature woman before, or he would have known what he was doing.

If You Want Head You Must Dine at the Y First

David started licking a Christmas song on my clit. And he did that unprompted. So, I was writhing around on my couch like a cat on a hot tin roof as he wished me a Merry Christmas. I ended up squirting on my young ingenue’s face. However, he did not mind. He kept telling me to make it rain. And I rained down on his face. After a few climaxes on his young face, I showed off my cock sucking skills.

I impressed him with my deep throat capabilities. And I was so happy that he loved what I did to his cock. He told me no one could ever take him balls deep. That’s because he never fucked a mature naughty teacher before. I am an expert cock sucker, especially with a worthy cock. If he was a day over 18, I would have been surprised. Cute and hung? Yeah, that might be the best combination. And now he can eat pussy like a champ. So, I guess that makes him a triple threat. What can I teach you, honey?