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GFE Call Made Me So Horny

I did my first girlfriend experience call and it was fucking hot. All the hot horny sloppy sex and non of the hassle.  we started out on his couch where he ate my bald pussy and I sucked his dick. That was just the appetizer. we must have fucked on every surface of the house. We fucked while I was bent over the couch with my ass and pussy fully on display. My pussy lips were peaking out and my little tight asshole was open and ready for the taking. He fucked the living shit out of me and bent over the couch. When he was done pounding my fuckhole he moved on to my shithole. He did not stop till both holes were overflowing with cum.  After the living room, we moved on to the bathroom where we continued the fucking marathon in the shower. He slammed me against the shower wall and I put my legs around him and we fucked hard and fast under the hot water.  That was hot as fuck. when we finally made it to the bed I wanted his cock in my mouth and he wanted to eat my pussy. I had his dick in my mouth while I was grinding my pussy into his face.  We both came, but we were not done. I got on top if him and rode him like a fucking horse. I bounced on his cock so hard and it went so deep in my pussy. My boobs were bouncing on his face and he was squeezing them. Bouncing on his dick felt so good it touched my g spot each time. Can you imagine having that kind of sex and not having the drama of a real girlfriend? I think it’s awesome!  So who is y next fuck toy…..I mean boyfriend?

Coed phone sex for summer time beach fucking

Coed Phone sex

Coed phone sex for summer time beach fucking with Miss Gwen and friends! The sand is hot and so are my friends as we head down to Mexico to grab some Piña coladas and let our hair down. All Three of us have heard about those wild Mexican cabana boys and the things they will do for a five dollar tip. A perfect opportunity for three young, horny college girls to fuck some brown cock.  The hotel manager was so nice he checked us in himself, almost drooling over our lithe American Hottie bodies. He must enjoy perfectly slender young ladies from the states! So far so good as we ask where the nude beaches are, he almost faints right there. Coed Phone sex

Our coed phone sex trio gets help from the hotel manager on where to buy condoms, and he is just about shitting his pants as he directs us to his favorite nude beach! We each giggle as he helps us to our room with our luggage. What happens next is no surprise to you, I’m Sure! He offers to take us himself in his jeep for a day of frolicking nude in the white sands. Of course, with no thought about our safety as young as we are, we let him. He’s very dark, tall and so charming. Plus, a couple of us have pointed out that he must be packing in his pants. The poor fellow has been hard since we stepped foot in the hotel lobby.🩴Coed Phone sex

Coed phone sex for summer time beach fucking with My friends in Mexico

Well, this Coed phone sex vixen couldn’t let him drop us off without at least a nice blowjob. I had to see his meat and it was nice and fat. It did taste a little different when he came in my mouth. Must have been all that beach air and spicy food! Soon we were running around nude looking for a nice looking cabana boy to fuck us as he fed us more and more fruity drinks. On the sand it was hot on my back and my friends pussies were sandy, but I don’t care! Fucking Mexican cock on the beach in the summer time was worth every grain of sand!

Sexy babe working the married neighbors cock!

Sexy babeYou need a Sexy babe like me around the corner from you so you always have a place to drain those balls. I feel like every single town should have a designated whore for use for all the men who need a release. As a woman I feel like it’s our job to make a mans cock feel good drain that heavy sack of his. So why not get yourself nice and ready and be a slut for cock and cum. I promise you will feel so much more useful once you feel that hot sperm unload inside all of your holes. 

Not only would it be good to have a public use slut but it would be even better if you had some Tease and denial sessions too. A real naughty whore would make sure to have you so worked up that the second your cock entered a hole you’d cum so quick. If your side bitches can’t work that cock up all day long; that means shes not a good enough bitch for you. So I say you should call me so I can tell you all about the married men I fuck all the time. They are obsessed with wet holes and can’t get enough of me once they feel how good my holes are!

The Sissy Switch: When Roles Reverse

 Sissy maid training

I stood beside my husband, watching our guest, his eyes downcast, anticipating my instructions. The role reversal was a thrilling twist, as I, the sissy trainer, prepared to transform another man into a submissive slave.

The sight of my husband’s chiseled physique, contrasted by the submissive male’s slender frame, ignited my desires. I began the training, my voice firm and commanding.

The submissive’s eyes widened as I presented him with a skimpy maid’s outfit, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment. I ordered him to change while my husband and I shared a mischievous glance.

The new sissy emerged, his small cock peeking out from the lacy maided panties. I smiled, relishing my power, as he blushed, aware of his humbling situation.

I made him work for his pleasure, starting with some cuckold fantasy roleplay. I had him clean the entire house—vacuuming, dusting, and mopping—with his tongue and tiny sissy hands.

Then came the moment I’d been waiting for. I straddled the submissive’s face, forcing him to worship my husband’s and my cunts. He licked and sucked, his nose buried in our steaming folds, as we moaned in delight.

But the true test was yet to come.

I instructed him to take a huge dildo, penetrating his willing ass, while we watched, masturbating to his humiliating performance.

He pleaded for more, and I granted his wish, riding him hard, dominating his body as my husband cheered me on.

The night ended with us satisfied, the sissy remains a quivering mess, and I, proud of my sissy training skills.

Naughty maid phone sex with a show off whore!

Naughty maid phone sexI got a side job just cleaning my neighbors houses for some extra cash. This is what made my mind go wild when it came to Naughty maid phone sex. I started cleaning bedrooms and saw all the sexy outfits that all these wives wore. I started getting wet thinking about trying them on and playing with myself. It started off with just playing with myself and lead into taking pics, uploading them and talking to men. Eventually it went into being fucked in the marital bed by strangers wearing these innocent wives sexy clothes. I mean how naughty and perverse would it be if a married woman put on her lingerie that her maid wore? She would be all over husband in a sexy outfit that has another woman’s and man’s juices and scent on it.

It turned me on so much each time I did it; I began thinking about being caught by their husbands and making them fuck me too. I know I am a fucked up but at least I am a Hot sexy woman. I guess it could be a lot worse; maybe not once I get their husbands loads blasted inside my slutty wet little fuck hole. Oh well, maybe they should have hired a more professional woman. I am way too horny and curious for this kind of job. I can’t wait to get back to cleaning more houses this weekend! 😉

Coed Phone Sex With Rebecca and a Naughty Coach

Coed phone sex is one of my favorites because the hot memories it brings back. I used to love being a cheerleader because it meant getting super close to the players. And let me tell you, our football coach was one fine specimen of a man. He had this way about him that just made me want to be naughty around him. One day after practice, I decided to wear my skirt without any panties underneath – just for kicks (pun intended). As we were leaving the field, he caught me adjusting myself and gave me this look that said “I know what you’re up to.”

That night, he invited me over for some extra tutoring or something lame like that. But as soon as we got in his car, things started heating up fast. We started making out like crazy and before I knew it, we were pulling over on the side of the road so he could give me head while I rode him! It felt so good having his tongue inside my wet pussy through my tiny little skirt; it drove us both wild with desire. Afterward, we went back home where he fucked me senseless under the bleachers at school until dawn broke – talk about an intense workout!

From then on out, every day after practice found us meeting up in secret places around campus where we would continue our illicit affair: under tables in empty classrooms; against lockers during lunch breaks; even once behind home plate at a baseball game (talk about risky!). He couldn’t get enough of me and neither could I.

But then one day, things took an even dirtier turn when he called me into his office after school hours. As soon as the door closed behind us, he pushed me against it and started grinding his hardCoed phone sex cock against my ass cheeks – fuck! It felt so good! Without saying a word, he lifted up my skirt and slipped off my panties before bending me over his desk. He slammed into me from behind; it hurt at first but then that pain turned into pleasure as he filled every inch of my tight little hole with his massive cock. We must have been at it for hours because by the time we were done, we were both covered in sweat and cum stains on our clothes (and probably each other too).

From that moment onward, our encounters became more frequent – almost daily if possible – always ending with him filling either my pussy or ass with his hot seed while whispering dirty promises about how much more naughty fun we would have together soon enough…

Voyeur Beach Sex Makes Me a Horny Exhibitionist Slut

voyeur beach sexNasty voyeur beach sex makes your girlfriend so fucking horny. I love wearing the skimpiest bikini to the beach. I know every cock out here would rip off the tiny bikini and fuck the shit out of me. You know it too, because I won’t stop teasing your cock. Whenever we’re near people I grab and tease your cock through your trunks, or whisper in your ear how much my pussy misses you. You didn’t think I was serious about fucking on the beach until I asked you to put some sunscreen on my back. While you rubbed my shoulders, I pulled my bikini to the side and started rubbing my clit.

Hot Girlfriend Mercy Begs for Voyeur Beach Sex

You warned me that people might see. But I just moaned that exhibitionist sex is even hotter. Your cock gets hard watching me play with my pretty cunt. I can feel it rubbing against my back. You’re trying to hold back, but I turn around and grab that hard cock. Your dick jumps when I wrap my hand around it and I giggle. Then pull you into a kiss. I’m pumping your cock against my bare stomach and begging you to fuck me right here on the beach. You know better, but your dick is making all the decisions now. 

Fuck My Shaved Wet Pussy Oceanside

You push my hand away and push me back on to the blanket. Then you spread my legs apart and force your fingers into my cunt while you stroke your own dick hard. I pull the string so that the bikini bottom falls off and then do the same with top. You pull my thighs towards you until your horny cock is rubbing against that shaved wet pussy. Your dick sinks in so deep to that wet cunt. I moan loud enough for anybody near buy to hear us and beg you to fuck me harder. I want you to creampie my cunt while they watch.

My Boss’s Cock Servant: A Oral Servitude Story

Cocksucking phone sex

Working late nights has its perks, especially when your boss has a penchant for oral fixation. I wasn’t the type to complain about my boss’s unusual requests—as long as his wallet was fat, I kept my lips sealed.

There I was, bored out of my mind, when he dropped the “blowjob” bomb. I knew the drill. Under the desk I went, mouth wide open, ready to swallow his every pump.

He never missed a beat, pounds of pleasure pulsating in and out of my throat. I’d mastered the art of deep-throating him, earning me boasting rights among my friends.

As he thrust, I imagined myself as the office whore, a mere cum dumpster for my superior’s delight. The thought sent shivers down my spine, making me even wetter.

His cock felt like a piston, going in and out with force. I gripped the desk for dear life, taking each thrust like a champ. The way he rough-handled my mouth made me feel like the dirtiest girl alive.

When he finally released, it was like winning the sexual lottery. His warm, thick load flooded my mouth. I savored the moment, his praise ringing in my ears.

“That’s what a real woman’s made for,” he’d say, smacking my ass.

I smiled to myself, thinking about the tonight’s payday and how I’d spend his hard-earned dough. Such a lucky girl, eh?

It was a mutually beneficial relationship. He got his rocks off, and I got my fix of kinky office sex.

My Neighbor Has an Ass Fetish and He Wanted Mine

ass fetish


So, I recently learned that my neighbor has an Ass fetish. We’ve slept together quite a few times and he’s never once tried to put it in my ass. Last night we were out back on his deck having a couple drinks because the cool air was nice and crisp around sundown. He was definitely feeling a bit frisky, I could tell.

He kept slapping my ass when I walked by or would rub up against my ass whenever I would lean up against the side railing. When we sat down on the couch, I sat between his legs. He was in a cuddly mood; I could tell the drinks were kicking in full gear. He rubbed my shoulders and slipped my bra off exposing my sexy breasts.

Nothing Better Than Being Man Handled

I loved feeling his rough hard-working hands run over my nipples. He was a construction worker, so he has calloused hands. They feel amazing when they’re gliding over my hard nipples, it sends shivers down my back. Ever since we started fucking, I’ve never left his house without being filled full of cum. He enjoys shooting his hot load deep inside my juicy wet pussy. 

As we sat there, I could feel his cock getting harder and harder, pressing up against my ass. He asked me to stand up, so I did. He lifted up my dress, I wasn’t wearing any panties like usual. My nice tight round ass was in his face. He turned me around just a little, so my ass was directly in his face. Who could resist a hot sexy woman like me anyways? 

He took his hands and spread my ass cheeks apart and shoved his face right between them. Fuck his tongue felt so good. I never knew he was an ass man. He didn’t skip a beat at all, he was tongue fucking my ass like no other. I knew he was getting my ass ready for a good pounding. If you want to know what he did next, you’re going to have to pick up the phone and call me and let’s have some sexy chat!

Foot Fetish Fun: A Sexy Woman’s Delight

 Foot fetishes


Alright, alright, listen up, foot fetishists, ’cause I’ve got a story that’ll make your toes curl (no pun intended).

I’m a sexy AF woman, and I know exactly what you foot lovers crave. My feet are my best asset, and I keep ’em pampered, polished, and damn right sexy. I love the power they hold, the way they can drive a man wild with desire.

Picture this: I’m sitting on the bed, legs crossed, letting my feet do the talking. They’re rubbing against your bulging pants, teasing and taunting you. You’re mine tonight, and I’ve got plans for those lustful eyes and that hard cock.

I uncross my legs, giving you a glimpse of my creamy thighs and that bald, wet pussy. Your cock twitches in anticipation. I stroke it with my feet, massaging and teasing, while my fingers work their magic on my clit.

Your breath quickens as I sliding my feet up and down your shaft, giving you a foot job that’ll blow your mind. But the real fun starts when I wrap my sexy legs around your head, pushing your face right into my juicy pussy.

You devoured it, tongue-fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. And while you’re at it, I command you to suck my toes, worshiping my feet like the good boy you are.

When you’re done, I want your cum. All over my feet, dude. I want to feel that warm, creamy explosion, coating my toes and making them glisten. That’s the sign of a good fuck.

So, keep those eyes down there and worship my feet, ’cause this sexy woman is in charge tonight!