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Finding Some Cock in this Pandemic

Fantasy Phone SexSo, this virus shutdown has caused my perusing for cock at my local establishments to dwindle.  A girl needs some big fat cock, so I had to be creative.  Since we all must be home what better time than to get to know your neighbors right?  I decided to do a little door to door action and see what prospects I had.  I had been eyeing a few so I thought I would hit up those houses first.  The college hunk down the road was my first stop.  I rang the bell and he answered in a pair of jeans pants and no shirt.  Bingo.  This would be my first.  I introduced myself and told him I had brought a 6 pack in hopes of meeting my neighbors.  He invited me in, and we had a few beers before I stood up and sat closer to him on the couch.  As we talked, I put my hand on his leg and waited for a reaction.  Nothing, so I moved it up closer to his crotch.  He then smiled and leaned towards me.  We started making out and doing some heavy groping.  His dick was nice and hard, so I unleashed it from those jeans, got on my knees and took that thing right in my mouth.  I took his big fat cock deep and hard allowing him to fill my throat with his warm cum before getting up.  He undressed me and laid me on the couch to eat my nice bald wet pussy.  We ended with him spreading my legs and fucking my pussy nice and hard.  We then finished the beers and I went on my way.  I think I will introduce myself to another neighbor tomorrow.

He Said He Doesn’t Cheat On His Wife…….

Fantasy Phone SexI stopped by to drop off some clothes to the shelter today and just happened to get a look at the director. He was a fine-looking man, so I waited around a little until I saw that he was all alone in his office. I walked in to chat with him a bit and caught him glimpsing at my gigantic tits, so I knew that his cock was mine if I wanted it. It had been a few days, so I was not going to pass up on this opportunity. He was going on about something on his computer, so I quietly walked behind him to pretend to care what it was. He went on showing me the numbers and such when I gently kissed his neck. He stopped. Complete silence. He turned to me and said he was happily married and doesn’t do these kinds of things but couldn’t resist me. We started kissing and he removed my top to play with my nipples as I bent down to take his dick deep in my mouth. Soon we were on his desk, with my legs spread wide and his bare ass in the air fucking me. His cock was nice and wide and filled my pussy nicely and his balls bounced perfectly against my clit with every stroke. He was a great fuck and I left him smiling behind his desk as I left. I kind of doubt I was his first indiscretion.

Sex with my Neighbot and his Friend

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexMy neighbor came over to my house to watch the big game. He had brought a friend with him too. I was intrigued as we always end up fucking after each game so I was wondering if he would like to include his friend in our little romp. As the game ended and my neighbor put his hand between my legs and started rubbing on my pussy, he told me that he had told his friend all about me and wanted him to join in the fun tonight. Considering I love naughty neighbor phone sex I quickly told him yes. As he rubbed my pussy, I motioned for his friend to join us. He stood in front of me as I unbuttoned his pants and pulled that nice fat hard cock from his pants and started blowing him. My neighbor removed my pants and put his head between my legs, licking my clit and fingering my sweet hole. As I continued sucking that rock-hard cock, my neighbor turned me and my side and started pounded my wet bald pussy nice and hard, occasionally squeezing my nipples as he went deep inside me. I could feel his dick start to twitch inside my tight pussy which caused me to move towards him so I could get every inch of that cock. Of course, that made me suck even harder and soon my entire throat was filled with nice warm cum. That was followed by a load deposited deep in my pussy as he orgasmed and my own pussy juices from my orgasm. They smiled as they left and said they’d be back for the next game.

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex is very popular. Many men want their wives to cheat. They want their wives to cheat with big cocks. Bigger than what they have between their legs. I have two ex-husbands who I wish were like my callers. Their egos and pride got in the way of a beautiful marriage. Cuckolding saves marriages. It doesn’t ruin them, but it is hard to get both parties in agreement. I knew that I needed bigger cocks. My husbands thought all I needed was their love. My callers know that their wives can do better than them in the bedroom, but their wives don’t like the idea of stepping outside of their marriage. That is why I offer phone sex therapy for cuckold wannabees. Sometimes, a cuckold to be just needs some advice from a size queen woman. Sam has been calling me for months. When he first called me, he didn’t realize he was a cuckold. I had to help him read the clues his wife gave him. I had him watch some cuckold porn and he called me more frequently to fantasize about being a cuckold. Now, after some advice from me, he is watching his wife fuck other men. Most wives know size matters. It is just that not all wives want to cheat. It is not cheating, however, if you give your approval. If you are there while she is fucking or right afterwards, it is not cheating. It is cuckolding and cuckolding saves marriages. Let me help you be a good cuckold for your wife.

I met the sweetest guy

best phone sexI met the sweetest guy the other night. He is tall and sexy and super into me just the way I like it best so obviously I am obsessed with him now. I went out on a couple dates with him and each time I wanted to take him back to my place and screw but he insisted on being a gentleman. Finally tho last night he came back to my place! I was so excited and all I wanted was to finally get this guy naked and let me tell you he did not disappoint at all. This man is sexy as hell, he’s ripped and that cock is fucking huge! We fucked for hours, he was definitely worth every minute of that wait I’ll tell you that for sure. He is coming back over tonight and I can’t wait! I know it is going to be another really amazing night for sure!

Fucking Father and Son

Fantasy Phone SexI like to volunteer at the local food bank. I would like to say I do it because it is the right thing to do, but while that is true the director is a hot piece of ass. Not only is he fine to look at but what he has in his pants is nothing less than spectacular. So, when I am feeling a need to be charitable and get fucked, I head on down. Today I had to do some work as they were busy. But once everything was done, I went to his office to wait. Not wanting to waste a lot of time I stripped down to just my bra and panties and made myself comfortable on the couch. When the door finally opened it wasn’t the director. It was his college age son. A normal girl might be embarrassed but I saw this as an opportunity to have a little young dick. He just stood there looking at me, so I got up and walked over to him, unbuckled his pants and removed his boxers. I knelt and put that fine young cock in my mouth and started giving him a nice deep blowjob. While on my knees the door opened again and this time it was the director. He looked at us with a puzzled look as I continued to blow his son. After a few moments he started walking towards us as he removed his pants. He pulled me up and laid me down on top of his son. His son stuck his dick deep in my ass as the director stuck his dick deep in my pussy and they both pounded me hard until they had both filled me with them cum and I squirted everywhere. They were so good at this I wonder if they have done this before.

Fucking My Shrink

Shaved Wet PussyI had a meeting with my shrink today and while I was sitting in the waiting room, I noticed that I was the only one there. The receptionist told me I was the last appointment of the day and as soon as I went in, she would also be leaving unless I needed something else. My eyes lit up and dirty visions of the doctor started entering my mind. Of course, not I told her as she led me to his office. Now the main reason I come to this guy is because he is eye candy. So, she left, and he started the normal questions and then asked what I would like to talk about today. I looked into his eyes and calmly told him I would like to talk about me riding his dick. He laughed and turned a subtle shade of pink. With that I got up from the chair and started unbuttoning my blouse and removing my skirt. His eyes grew wide and his cock started to make a nice size bulge under his pants. As he went to lock his office door, I removed my panties and bra and sat in his chair giving him a nice view of my shaved wet pussy. He walked towards me removing his clothes as he made his way. His cock was so hard and so much bigger than I had envisioned. I had him stand in front of me as I bent over and took that cock right in my mouth, sucking him hard. My cleared off his desk with one hand as he lifted me onto the desk with the other. He pulled me to one end and my legs dangled on each side. He then buried his face and licked my clit until my pussy was soaking wet. Then he lifted my legs, putting them against his shoulders and started drilling my pussy with his hard dick until we both came. I kissed his sweet face and told him I would be back same time next week. He winked and told me he couldn’t wait.

The Best Phone Sex Couples Therapy

best phone sexMy best phone sex callers have huge cocks to phone bone me properly. Sadly, it is mostly small dick losers who call me for some therapy. I had a caller last night that did a call with his wife. It didn’t go how he thought it would. These things rarely do. He found out his wife was cheating on him. I had already ascertained that she loved her husband and he loved her. She was not cheating on him because there was a lack of love or emotional connection. That left cock size. Women cheat for usually one of two reasons. Either their husband doesn’t  give them emotional support and validation or the husband has a small cock. Men cheat because they can. If they can. Women can always get laid but that is not the same for men. If they have a small dick they likely can’t even cheat on their wives who are fucking other men. I provided the couple with some much needed phone sex therapy. He was not happy with the outcome because I told him his wife had every right to cheat on him. She emailed me a picture of herself and a naked one of her husband. He married well out of his league. I told him if he truly loves his wife, he would not put up a fight. She is a hot woman in her sexual prime. She needs and deserves more than a 4-inch cock. Most women do. I told him his world now is that of a cuckold. And phone sex. Most phone sex sluts will take his money and let him beat off, but his days of real pussy are long gone. His wife thanked me and told me she should have had her husband call someone like me years ago. Cuckold phone sex therapy has been saving marriages for decades.

I’m so ready for Valentine’s Day

best phone sexI have a few dates lined up for tomorrow and I am beyond excited! I just know that I am going to get a ton of gifts and fancy dates too. I have a date for every meal of the day and they are all going all out to give me the perfect Valentine’s Day. I’m seeing Frank first, he will take me out to breakfast before he goes to work. He’s married but very generous so I know I will get jewelry from him so he is definitely gonna get some pussy after breakfast. Next up is Michael, he is taking me out to lunch, he is single but he isn’t rich enough to make me settle down with him. He is very cute tho and he has a huge cock so he will give me the best sex ever. The end of the day will go to Edward, he is a widower and he’s old as hell so we won’t be fucking but he will be the most generous of them all so I can’t wait! What are your plans tomorrow?

Shaved wet pussy waiting for you.

shaved wet pussy

My husband is out of town for work again so that means it’s my week to get wild! I’ve had my eyes on my new neighbor since he moved in a few days ago. I got his number while I was checking the mail. I know he wanted me to call him so that we could hook up but I had to make him wait a little. Now that my husband is gone, it’s time to make my move. I got in my new, slutty little lingerie set and some heels. I sent him a picture of me with my legs spread and my shaved wet pussy waiting for his massive black cock to fill it. He knew better than to even knock on the door. He walked right in and started to pull his huge cock out as soon as he saw me standing there. We fucked for hours, in every position you could think of. He had me bent over, ramming me with his BBC and making my juicy pussy squirt all over his cock. After he filled me with his thick loads of sticky cum, he made me suck his cock clean before he went back home to his family. I love getting new neighbors!

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