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Sugar Baby Weekend Get Away With The Legendary BDK

Sensual phone sexI was finally able to get some good quality alone time with my legendary Big Daddy King. We were cuddling up together out on our yacht. My big daddy always comes up with the best ideas. He told me he wanted to throw a party and do a sugar daddy and sugar baby weekend cruise on the yacht. I love it when big daddy makes plans for us, they are always so fun and exciting. What made it even better is that my sexy Big Daddy wanted me to help set the party up. He wanted me to find ten sexy sugar babies and he was going to find 20 daddies for our sexy, fun weekend getaway. The daddies had to each pay five grand to get in, what made this even more fun and exciting is daddy had the best idea to auction off all of the sugar babies that I was going to find for the sexy getaway. Once I found all ten sexy sugar babies we were ready to have some fun. Daddy loved the babies, he told me I did a great job and that they were all very sexy. Of course not sexy as me but I still did great. I made sure to pick girls with different nationalities as I know daddy loves variety. We had such a hot and sexy time at our getaway. While I and my legendary BDK were in our private suite we were out on the deck. We could see Sugar daddies fucking their sugar babies all over the place. Once we were back at our mansion, daddy let the men get off of the yacht. He told the babies to stay longer for an after party. It was just me Big Daddy and all ten sexy sugar babies. I put my kings thrown out in the middle of all the babies. I told the girls it was time to worship our king the way he deserved to be worshipped. I put daddies thrown in the middle of the floor and told my legendary king to sit down. I helped my big daddy put his robe and crown on. While the babies were in the back I brought my friend brandy up to daddies thrown. I wanted to show daddy how much I appreciate him for doing things I never thought was possible for me. If it was not for my legendary Big Daddy King I would not be where I am today. Rich, famous and it has been an honor to be by the side of a one and only Legend. My Daddy is a King with a big, fat, thick 13-inch anaconda dick. I will always serve my daddy the way he deserves to be served.



Naughty Neighbors Cock Gets Hard For Me

Naughty neighbor phone sexYour such a Kinky perverted man and I love it. Staring at me through the window while I was having pictures taken of me in my backyard. I made sure to do extra sexy poses just for you. I wanted you to see this Latina ass and my warm wet cunt poking out at your window so you could have a really good view. I am sorry if my tight asshole and plump cunt made you make a mess on your window. I saw you wiping the window clean shortly after. Maybe in time, you will be able to stick your face between these big titties of mine. I would love to know how your mouth feels suction cupped to both of my breasts. I bet your tongue feels amazing, so slippery and warm, sliding across my nipple. I know your cock will start rising when you feel my nipple getting harder and harder in your mouth. I will make sure I take care of your fat hard cock. You can lay me down on my back. I want you to get on top of me and stick your aching cock between my big soft titties. Let me feel the hardness of your cock slip and slide between my chest. I will get it wet for you when your sexy thick mushroom head slides between my warm big titties, reaching my mouth.

Legendary BDK Is Back

Best phone sexI am so happy my BDK is back from his business trip to Europe. My Big Daddy King is always working hard to make sure his Sugar baby is well taken care of. I could not have asked for a better sugar daddy. I face timed Big daddy to tell him how excited I was that he was back and that I was so ready to finally see him. He told me he had a big surprise for me. That is just like my sexy Big Daddy. Spoiling me with all of his amazing luxurious gifts and surprises. Big daddy told me he will be picking me up soon. Since I knew he was going to be back I made sure to get ready ahead of time. I always want to look my best for the legendary king. Big daddy picked me up in his decked out black Ferrari. Oh, he looked so fine in that car. Daddy got out to give me kisses and hugs. Then he said he is going to be driving me to the surprise. He tied a blindfold around my eyes. My daddy wanted to make sure I was completely surprised. The drive was not very long, that is good because I was so ready to see my surprise! Big daddy opened the car door for me and took my hand. Once I was out of the car, he took the blindfold off of my eyes. In front of me stood a castle-like mansion. This mansion was fucking gorgeous. I thought daddy maybe rented it out for the weekend, so we could spend some time together. I looked at big daddy with excitement, asking him is this the surprise. Big daddy told me it is and asked me do I know what is going on. I looked back at him, he could tell I had no idea. Then he said, this is yours, I bought this mansion for you.  I had to have my sugar baby living in something as sexy and as big as that ass is. I could not believe my fucking wonderful Big Daddy King bought me, us, a fucking palace mansion and to top it off it was in one of the richest neighborhoods around. I had to celebrate with my Big Daddy. My big daddy walked me around to the back of the mansion and there I see in the water our own personal yacht. To top all of that off, daddy even got the yacht customized just for me. It read at the front of the boat, XX Vixon. We got on the boat right away, daddy was looking so fucking sexy I had to beg him for some good loving. I did not need a bikini this time, I wanted to stip down naked for my daddy and let him see my big ass and titties that he loves so much. I got on my knees, begging daddy to let me see his thick 13-inch anaconda that I missed so much while he was away. I kissed his pants leaving lipstick marks all over his shorts. I knew he had his sexy compression shorts underneath and I was just dying to see the imprint of my big black thick anaconda underneath them. When daddy finally let me slide his shorts down, I had to get my big thick pet out of those shorts. Damn I know my daddy missed me, the way we fucked each other on our own personal yacht felt like magic getting dipped into my warm wet pussy every time he thrust deep inside of me. Fucking the legendary big daddy king on our personal yacht ten minutes away from the ocean was more than I could have ever asked for. BDK is such a handsome, amazing, one of a kind powerful man, with a one of a kind big black dick as an added bonus. I am the luckiest sugar baby in the whole universe.

Mature Sexy Woman Car Wash Two

Best phone sexThe Hot and Sexy Car wash I had with my Sexy milf neighbor Mary Anne was talked about days later by all of the teen boys in the neighborhood. I know this because one of the boys by the name of Franky showed up at my front door. He told me he heard about the sexy show me and my sexy neighbor put on. Franky got down on his knees begging me to give Mary Anne a call so we can wash our dirty cars again. This time though, Franky wanted to be the only boy watching the show. He told me he had an Ass fetish, he wanted to see me wash more than just my car, he also wanted to see me wash Mary Anne’s Sexy Milf ass. I am always down to help any boy who wants to see some hot Milf action. I called Mary Anne, she was hot and ready to show this young son a good time. We may be mature hotties but that does not mean we do not know how to get down and dirty every now and then. It did not take us long to get dressed and ready to give this boy the show he had been waiting for. As soon as he saw our big soft Sexy breasts breaking out of our tight clothes, his eyes became wide. This boy was ready to see some hot milf action. In the end, we had a great time! I am so happy I got to have some kinky fun with a Hot sexy woman like Mary Anne. We were like giggling little school girls the whole time. Franky loved it when I pulled down Mary Anne’s shorts and her little bikini, exposing her soft ass to him. I made sure to do just as he requested. I lathered her plump bum up, bubbles were everywhere. I looked at Franky and asked him was he ready for me to blast this hose off right on Mary Anne’s sexy ass. All Franky could do was shake his head in agreement. When all the fun was over, Franky was very satisfied with the show Mary Anne and myself put on for him. He told us he will remember this hot and sexy moment for the rest of his life.Hot sexy woman

Pool Boy Seduction

Best phone sexSummer is almost here, I made it a priority to get my pool cleaned. It is already so hot, I never want to put any clothes on. The pool boy arrived early in the morning. I was just waking up out of bed when I heard my doorbell ring. I would have dressed myself up a little better if I knew how hot this pool boy was! I quickly woke up when I saw that body and those sexy plump lips. I invited him in, asked if he needed anything to drink. He was a quiet boy, not sure if he was shy or if he was trying to keep his dick from popping out of his pants Yea, I saw him staring at my fat ass and titties. My body was barely covered as I just woke up and it was already too hot for me to even think of putting anything on my body. I got him some water and walked him to the pool. I told him what I wanted to be done to the pool and he quickly started getting to work. As the sun started rising more, it was getting hotter and hotter by the minute. My cunt was also getting hotter and hotter by the minute watching this sexy pool boy put in some hard work. I could see the sweat dripping down his body. He ended up taking off his shirt and my fat cat almost lost it! At that moment I made up my mind that I am going to seduce the pool boy. It was not going to be a hard thing to do but I did not want things to be too easy. There is no fun in an easy chase. I also did not want the poor thing to jizz before he could get his dick out of his pants. I got myself cleaned up and decided to go outside to “Tan”. I rubbed oil deep into my skin, I wanted this young man to know or at least have an idea that I wanted to have some steamy, creamy fun with him. As soon as I walked out to the pool area his eyes darted to all of my womanly good.Erotic roleplaying


He turned around for a moment and that made my clit instantly fill with warm blood. I already knew why he had to turn around so fast, his young cock couldn’t handle a cougar like me. I laid down on my chair with my ass up in the air. I wanted him to be able to see my phat cunt popping out a little. I laid there for a while, soaking up the sun, I also wanted a little time to pass before I went into seduction mode. I sat up, grabbed my sunscreen and opened my legs a little wide, rubbing the inside of my thighs. I could feel his eyes staring at me the whole time. Then I started rubbing my shoulders and once I was done with that, I was ready for action. I called the pool boy over and asked him if he could get my back. He came over surprisingly fast and sat behind me. I loosened the top to my bikini as my first plan of seduction. As he rubbed my shoulders my top fell right off. I apologized and then things took a turn. This innocent pool boy was not so innocent after all. He told me there was no need to apologize and started rubbing the sunscreen on my tits. He then told me I had amazing tits and he knows I want to fuck him. He has been watching me watch him the whole time. I was so shocked by what he said I froze, I was too hot and horny for any words to come out of my mouth. At this point, it was time for my slippery cunt to do all the talking. I got up, took the pool boy by his hand and walked inside. All I have to say is, never judge a book by its cover. This pool boy took me to places some of the more mature men I have been with have not gone. The way he dug deep inside my cunt and delicately licked up all of my juices that were flowing out of me was amazing. I could tell I am not the first woman to come onto him at his job. I will tell you, my pool won’t be the only thing this pool boy will be cleaning up when it is time for him to return.

Teasing You

Best phone sexTeasing you is something I will always enjoy doing. I tease you because it turns me on to watch how hard your cock gets for me. I know you see these big titties and ass staring at you. I am also sure you know I want nothing more than to feel your cock fill every inch of my cunt. If you don’t know I am sure you have a slight idea. I want to tease you until you see me in your dreams. I want your nice handsome cock to get rock hard while your asleep. I will make you feel like a little boy again, cumming on yourself while you are fast asleep, dreaming about my waterfall pussy. All you want is my cunt to get wet for you. I know you see the way I look into your eyes, hypnotizing you, making sure you see my eyes travel down to the bulge that is growing in your pants. Remember the other day? I passed by you in the office, my big soft titties rubbed your back. You heard me moan a little in your ear, didn’t you? Yes, that really happened, you were not going crazy. I did get really hot and horny watching you walk to the men’s bathroom. I had a pretty good idea of what you were about to do. Since I knew you just blew your load in the toilet, I decided to come over to you again. I wanted your balls to get tightly filled with your cum one more time before the day was over. This time my ass was gently pressed up against the side of you while I acted interested in something on your computer. This time you took in a deep breath and I instantly knew what that meant. I want you to know, watching you hold that folder over your pants while power walking to the bathroom one last time had my kinky cunt dripping for you. Do not worry, one day you will get to feel what it is really like to fill every inch of my cunt up with your handsome cock. One day all those wet dreams of yours will come true.

Freak In The Sheets But A Lady In The Streets

Best phone sexWhen I am out in public, you would never guess how much I like to get my ass oiled up, have a tongue lick around the crease of my begging asshole, then tongue fucked with your wet, long tongue. That is the fun of it all. I am a freak in the sheets but a sophisticated lady in the streets. That is because not everyone deserves a hot piece of ass like mine. My sweet cunt, big sexy soft titties, and tight asshole are too good to throw out like leftover food. If you do get a piece of me, it will be worth it. Yes, I want your face buried deep inside of my ass crack, wrapping your arms around until you reach my big plump titties. Your cock will get hard instantly and that is when you will thrust deep inside my asshole, stretching my hole out inch by inch. Your hands will be feeling on my phat ass, as you grab on tight pushing me down on your cock. If I let you have me, I want you to make me take it balls deep. Show me how much of a freak you can really be with me. Oh and this is just the beginning. When I give up my goods, I love going all day. I can be a big freak or a little freak. If I let you have me, the rest is up to you. I am game for anything.

Sugar Baby & Sugar Daddy Photo Shoot

Best phone sexI am the luckiest sugar baby alive. I got to spend yet another weekend with the Legendary BDK. He has been in Denver on a business trip. I had to call him, I missed him and his big 13-inch black anaconda. I just couldn’t take being away from him for so long. I told him how much I missed him when we got on the phone, and that I need his big black dick asap. My Bid Daddy King gave me some exciting news as well. He told me he got a call from a guy who runs a sugar baby, sugar daddy website. They saw all of our past photos together and think we are the perfect sugar daddy and sugar baby couple and the best news is, they want to do a deal with us! Their offer was a good amount of money but my Big Daddy King is the best businessman around, he called his office and told him our terms and in the end, BDK got us a way better deal! That is why he is the one and only BDK, there is no other man out there like him. After our amazing talk, BDK told me to pack up because I am flying out to meet him in Denver as soon as we got off the phone. Oh, I love my Sugar daddy so much! I was on the way to see my sexy king on his private jet. He told me when I arrived, I will be taking a limo to one of his homes in the Colorado Rockies. He took me to some of the dispensaries he owns. Then the people from the sugar baby, sugar daddy website came to meet us on the third day of my visit. We were getting ready for a photo shoot. We walked up to his loft and there was money everywhere! Big daddy king is the richest man I know. He even surprised me with a special outfit he had professionally made for me. It was a black bikini top with a black pair of spandex booty shorts. On the back of the shorts, it said, world-class fat ass. On the front going across my pussy, it said Sugar life with BDK on it. He also bought me new diamond jewelry. Daddy had on sexy white compression shorts, they looked so good against his chocolate skin. It said Bid daddy sugar stick going across the front. We had a sexy photo shoot with the company. So sexy in fact at the end of the photo shoot I was begging Big Daddy King to let me have a taste of his big black anaconda. He had some warm oil he used to rub on my big sexy titties. He was teasing me so much with his big anaconda. He told me to watch him as his big thick black dick flexed right through his compression shorts. We had the best time together. I always have the best time in the world when I am with the one and only Legendary Big Daddy King. I can’t wait to see what he has planned for us next time.



Sexy Fantasy Phone Sex Call

Best phone sexI love rubbing on my Latina love box every chance I get. When I am on a call with a horny man, pleasuring myself is always ten times better. I spoke with a new guy the other night. We had such an erotic time together. The roleplay was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it. He got down to sexy business right away. I love when a man handles his business and plays no games. He told me he was in a chair completely naked, stroking his cock. I asked him if it was hard, he told me it was getting there. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. Erotic roleplaying“Let me make your cock nice and hard” I want the sound of my voice to make your cock rise like a snake rising out of a woven basket. He told me he will do anything I tell him to, all while hinting what he really enjoys. To cut to the chase, I had him down on his knees, sticking his 6-inch vibrator up his ass, while he was rubbing his hard rock cock. His moans had my Latina pussy so wet and horny, I wanted more and more of him. I cannot tell you how many times a man has made my pussy explode just by hearing the sound of his moans. When a man cums and he is vocal enough to let me hear him, I go insane! When I am alone, I like to lay in bed, put my hands between my legs inching down to my wet pussy and fantasize about the men I have talked to. I love all my men. When a new one comes along I am the happiest Latina around.

Good Training From My Personal Trainer

Best phone sexLast week I met with a personal trainer at my home. I love my body very much there is no doubt about that but I wanted to tone some areas of my body. I am so glad I made the decision to do it. When the personal trainer got to my home I saw him before he saw me. This man was fit and fine. I opened the door to greet him and when he saw me we locked eyes instantly. His eyes were telling me he wanted to work out more than just my body. We had a quick chat about the area’s I wanted toning. My inner thighs and arms. We set up things up In my backyard and started stretching. I told him I don’t know the primer way to stretch. I wasn’t lying but even if I did I would have still said that. I wanted this mans strong hands and body on mine, stretching me out really good. He didn’t seem to mind at all to help me stretch. The more stretch positions we did together, the closer his hot sweaty body got to mine. The last pose was on my hands and knees, by this time the sexual tension was thick, even though we were outside in the fresh air. His body was behind mine. He leaned down, almost touching my back with his chest. He took his hand and lifted my chin until I was looking up at the sky. I let out a little moan of pleasure. He had my back nice and stretched out. His reply sent powerful sensations straight to my pleasure box. He said, if you like that we should go into the house, I can put you into positions that will make you moan ten times louder than that. Then he said, I can stretch out other places of your body real good. In less than a minute we were in my room and for the next three hours, every single inch of my body got the best workout a woman could ever dream of. My new sexy personal trainer stretched me out in ways you couldn’t even imagine. At this rate, my body will be toned in no time

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