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Hot Sexy Woman Rides Teases Your Cock in the Dressing Room

Your Hot Sexy Woman Keeps Teasing Your Cock

A hot sexy woman needs to be filled with a gallon load of cum and then pampered. Today you decided we were going to do both. You decided to take your beautiful girl out shopping. You bought me this slutty dress that showed off these sensual curves. Everyone can see these perfect perky tits and soft shapely ass. Seeing me get all that attention makes your dick hard. You’re grabbing me and kissing all over me in the store. It’s making my cunt wet too. You know how much I love people watching me be a dirty little whore. 

I grab a pair of shoes and drag you into the dressing room. Then I spread my sexy legs apart and gesture for you to get down on your knees for me. It looks like I’m not wearing panties under that brand new dress. I place my foot on your lap, right next to your hard cock, and hand you the new pair of shoes. Your hands are on my feet immediately and taking off those shoes. You start with kissing my feet and toes. Sucking on each of those pretty piggies while I rub my other heel against your cock. 

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Mercy Encourages Your Foot Fetishes in the Dressing Room

I’m not just teasing you with these pretty feet. You deserve to have that cock taken care of, but I don’t want to ruin this pretty new dress with spit or cum, so you get to live out one of your dirtiest foot fetishes. Then you undo the second pair of shoes and pull out that horny cock. You line that dick up with the sole of my foot and start to thrust. I slide my hands down to my cunt and tease my pussy while you fuck my footsie.

 Your face is turning red and I pull it into my pretty cunt. Now both of my feet are wrapped around your cock. You squeeze those feet together and pump into them. The horny panting and moaning makes my cunt soaking fucking wet. I want you to drown in a pool of my cunt honey. I force yoru tongue deeper into my pussy and beg you to cum for me. You give me everything that I ask. The cum load shoots all over my toes leaving a dirty sticky mess

Such A Sissy

fantasy phone sexI know that you will do what ever I say exactly when I tell you to do it. So when you needed me last night while your wife was there I knew just what to do. I new you were sitting right next to her but that didn’t stop me from getting you all nice and hard. You have such a tiny little fucking cock that I don’t even think she would notice. But you new what was going to happen next didn’t you? You knew that I was going to make you go into that closet of yours and put on a short little skirt, a matching red thong and bra set, high white stockings, and a sexy pair of high heels. I watched you walk out and made you do a twirl like the little fucking sissy you are right in front of me. I watched your tiny little ass bounce while you did it and I made you get on your knees. I took out a huge thick black strap on that I know you couldn’t wait for me to use on you. I didn’t even have to tell you to open that pretty little fucking whore mouth and suck on it, getting it all nice and fucking wet. You did such a good job that I thought you were ready. I stood you up, lifted that little skirt and shoved the big fucking cock into your tight little asshole. I fucked you so fucking hard and fast until I watched you cum all over her fucking pillow.

Nympho whore stalks biker for his cock.

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I wanted to feel his dick inside me, I wanted to feel his throbbing cock penetrate my slippery wet slit and stretch out my hole to take all of his erection, bottoming out inside my cunt. It was wrong…I knew it, this was some random dirty biker that I couldn’t help but stalk thru the grocery store as soon as I saw him wearing the cut of the MC.

Damnit why do I fucking have a fetish for bikers I say to myself?

But its too late now, I’ve already offered myself up to him like the nympho whore I am and he’s all for it

His cock so hard and hot against my thigh as he’s got me pressed up against the front door to my apartment the whole time he followed me home I felt my pussy moisten my panties and I couldn’t help but rub my clit with one hand and steering wheel in the other,

I was so fucking turned on my gash was just screaming for his thick rod to impale the fuck out me …

.his  hands move from the outside of my clothes to the inside within seconds and he lifts my dress over my head  and I’m tearing at his belt buckle fumbling g a little my hands shaking in anticipation of getting fucked and licked and violated in all the ways iv e been needing to be for so long.

His hot mouth his pressing against mine and his tongue his thrusting in my mouth and my hips are bucking against his crotch. He grabs me by the naked ass cheeks cupping them in his big, calloused hands and drives his cock deep inside my pussy and I let my body take all of him all of his huge veiny fat rod as he pushes inside me my lips are grabbing his shaft and he breathes heavy and hot I and I feel it on my neck and ear and more juice leaks out of me and coats him with my slippery sex.

He’s thrusting and fucking me hard now, he grabs my throat and his fingers curl around it and he starts to choke me and I feel m y box trembling with anticipation.

He takes me by the hips and lifts me over his shoulder and lays me down on my back his muscled body slick with sweat he’s wearing nothing but his cut and I’m pawing at his chiseled chest and fingering his six-pack trailing down to take his whole cock in my hand and I start stroking his erection, he grunts deeply but says nothing.

  He then takes me by the ankles and spreads my legs as far wide open as they will go and dips his thick rod into my cunt, and I immediately coat his sex with my juices and feel the orgasm rise deep within my body.

His body tenses and he is thrusting rhythmically and welcoming each in aching anticipation and I feel him deep in side my slit is glistening with his pre cum and I am weak as i squirt all that has been building all over his beautiful cock and he delves deeper in my hot gash fucking me like the whore I am.

His Favorite Teacher

Naughty TeacherI love fucking my nasty little students. These boys have such dirty fucking mouths and I need to teach them a lesson. Jarred loves to talk out in class about my ass so today in detention I’m going to show him how much of a bad boy he has been. I walk up to jarred and tell him to get on his knees and he looks at me confused. I tell him to get on his knees and pull my skirt down for me, I could see just how big jarred is from his hard cock in his pants and my pussy got so fucking wet. Jarred pulled down my skirt and panties and I pulled his face right into my pretty cunt. I told jarred to lick my pussy since he doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up and be a good little boy. Jarred is good at eating pussy but my cunt wanted his hard cock in it, so I told him to get up and pull his pants down while I got down on my knees. I shoved his cock in my mouth and sucked his cock getting it all wet for my pussy. I let him fuck my face hard until he was about to cum and then I got up and pushed him onto my desk. I climbed on him and rode his cock good, letting my ass clap on his balls. He was about to cum, and I got up and let him cum all in my mouth and kissed him, making him swallow his cum too. He was beyond shocked, but I told him next time he will be a good boy in class if he wants more.

Cock Sucking Princess!

Cocksucking Phone Sex

When I get all stressed out I love sucking a thick cock to relieve all my tension! Being a cock sucking princess is so much fun, I love seeing how hard guys get for me and my sweet little mouth. They look at me and see a perfect little angel but really I’m a naughty cum slut with a thirsty cunny. When I bring a guy home to suck him off, my pussy gets so fucking wet. I get on my knees and suck on that dick until it is rock hard in my mouth, circling my tongue around the head and slurping all the way down to his balls. I’m the best little cock sucker you could ever talk to, nothing tastes better than a hot load of cum down my tight little throat!

Nick Makes My Panties Wet

Sensual Phone Sex
I got me a sweet little honey who loves it when I soak my panties for him. I’m talking to you, Nick baby! Love me some of that hot cock! He gets me all comfortable, slides two fingers up inside my tight, waxed pussy, and then starts to play with my G spot. As if that isn’t enough to make me writhe and moan, he eats my kitty cat like no other man. I start bucking up almost immediately, and sweet lover boy has to hold me down.

I simply just can’t help it! The way he uses my hot, young body is just absolutely too good to resist. I’m completely addicted to his touch, the way he works my body all the way up and then shoves me off the edge into some of the most earth shattering orgasms I have ever had in my entire life. Here’s to you, baby. Cum by again soon!

Ill give you my time

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Needing some dick in my life! My boyfriend wont fuck me anymore. He’s been working almost 50 hours a week to pay for our bills, but he’s forgotten about my pussy.. I want someone to come make me cum! I need a big fat cock in my tight pink pussy. I cant got a day without getting off, so most of the time now I have to use my 12 inch dildo but I want a real dick in my pussy. RIGHT NOW! I just want to be getting pounded from behind, and slammed around all over the room or this couch right now. Nice, hot, dirty sex. But he wont give that to me.

Could you do it? I want a juicy cock, so if its not ill go masturbate with my long dildo.. I wish my boyfriend would fuck me, but he’s missing out because I’m about to give this pussy up to someone else! I like being a dirty little whore, and fucking really hardcore, so that’s his loss. I know you want to fuck my teen pussy.
I’m just sick of using this dildo.

Sucking that cock yes sir

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Just cant help how much I love a big hard cock in my mouth, I even love when they are small and I feel them grow in my mouth. The harder the better. Daniel loves to come over and ill suck his cock for how ever long he wants me to. Pleasing others is what I do best. Daniel is a great fuck and has plenty of dick to fill my throat up with.

Can I feel your cock with my throat? I want to play with it. When he leaves I’m left home by myself to touch my self and wish you were next to me. So I can give you the best head. I’m a dirty girl that wants you to watch me play with my self and then I have you beg for me to put my mouth around that nice dick. Come on

A Night Off

Mature Phone Sex

As a high paid escort I don’t get much free time to myself. But…when I do I like to treat myself to my most delicious cuts of meat. The is nothing more delicious than some fine dark tube steak filling my cunt, mouth and ass. That’s right I can’t get enough of that over sized cock and if I could splurge I’d have it every day. Unfortunately for me that is not always the case. But it may be a good thing because when I do have the pleasure of sucking and fucking a big black dick I am a glutton. You know what’s better than a big black cock..that’s right two big black cocks. Bend me over and shove that rod in my tight wet pussy while I wrap my mouth around another big prick that is standing in front of me. Nothing like the force of a dick ramming me shoving my mouth further down onto the meat in front of me.

After that little warm up session I am going to ride that big black cock while I invite another into my tight little asshole. Oh the site of their dicks filling both of my fuck holes at once gets my cunt dripping wet. The is nothing like the feeling of being stuffed with enormous pricks filling my tight ass and juice box at once. I swear they must meet inside if me. I can almost feel their fat purple mushroom heads bouncing  off one another inside of me.

Their big bulging nut sacks slapping off each other as they pound the shit out of me shaking up all that batter bringing themselves to a blizzard of nut inside of me. Leaving me dripping and oozing all stretched out.That to me is a more successful night than escorting one of my most wealthiest clients.

Sometimes, the Best Phone Sex Cums as a Surprise

  best phone sex WhitneyThey usually say that the best phone sex is the tantric type, where you spend the whole conversation fucking. But I have a caller, James, where we end up simply chatting the whole time, sometimes for hours, with not even a hint of flirting involved in our conversation. Okay, well, maybe a HINT. 🙂 But it was weeks of chatting, every few days, before we ever had sex.

We’d simply been chatting as usual, when suddenly it was as if a fever came over him. He interrupted me in the middle of a sentence by simply saying, “Whitney, I want you. I need you. Now. Please.” And he grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me hard, grabbing my left tit as he did. His sudden passion overcame me as well, and I grabbed him back, left hand reaching behind him to pull him to me, right hand reaching down to find his hard cock, straining in his pants, aching to burst loose.

We couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough. We tore them off, and he impaled himself into me, driving that thick shaft of his, so full of need and longing, into my throbbing, juicy pussy. We both came in almost an instant, crying out for each other and screaming each other’s names.

A total surprise. But it ranks up there among the absolute best instances of phone sex I’ve ever had.