Hi there my sweet erotic friends! Let me introduce myself. My name is Ramona, and I am always ready for action! Some of my closest friends like to call me “Ready Ramona” , because I am just that! Ready, willing and able! I am a wild party animal willing to take on whatever dirty game you want to play. Just let me warn you, this game has a price, and I am not cheap! But for the right price, I am whatever you want me to be. That’s right, I am a high paid escort.. but I am more than your average GFE. Have you seen my delicious tits? They are definitely not average! There is nothing average about this sexy babe!
What would you like to do tonight, lover boy? Some tease and denial? Let my words and sexy voice wrap around your cock like an invisible hand– guiding you to complete and utter release. But you don’t want to release too quick do you? Let me slap you back to reality with some light CBT and than bring you right back to this edge of delight.
If that is too tame, then we have so many other games we could play. If that is too risque, then we will chat the night away as I pump up that ego of yours, along with your stiff cock.. if you know what I mean! Bottom line is, you own me tonight. I am yours to do whatever you wish. That is the life of “Ready Ramona” your kinky little escort! And do not fret my freaky friend! I am easy to get a hold of, just pick up that phone and schedule your night with me, or email me and we can plan a very fun erotic roleplaying night together!
~ Ramona ~


    • Norm on December 17, 2016 at 6:51 pm
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    I can’t wait to phone fuck you again!!!

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