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Naughty maid phone sex

Naughty maid phone sexEveryone has that Naughty maid phone sex fantasy, and very few get to have it with me. Tonight though? Tonight I am ready. I have the whole outfit and all! I know you can see it now, my black pumps, my knee-high stockings pressed against my smooth and flawless legs, my short frilly skirt with pushed together tits that are practically falling out. You love it, you want this, you need me just like this. You never imagined I could look so good, but here I am. I am bent over, I even have a little duster as I am cleaning or at least pretending to. I make sure to perk my ass up perfectly, it is bare in the light and you can see my peachy pussy lips. This makes your cock throb, as it should. I look back at you teasingly and play the part “Is there anything, in particular, you would like me to pay special attention to, Sir?” I walk up to him and start to unzip your pants and pull down everything exposing that rock hard dick. I start to kiss your cock slowly and sensually, right before you bend me over and rail my already wet and creamy pussy.

Cheapest phone sex

cheapest phone sexSomething I can never get enough of is money and attention and there seems to be no shortage when I’m around. I even picked up a side job to see what kind of trouble I could stir up and to make a little extra money for my upcoming birthday. The job I got was boring, in accounting if you can believe it. Eventually, I was able to set my eyes on the most talked-about man in the building. He was a sexy guy, and his dad apparently was a big-wig in the company. I started with subtle things, like bringing his coffee and donuts and asking him if he wanted to go to lunch together. He was always complimenting me and talking about how I was the hottest woman in the whole company which obviously is true. One day he finally made his first move, we were taking the stairs and he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me and feeling all over my body. I moaned against him wanting nothing more than to take it to the next level. Suddenly we were busted by a coworker, and we awkwardly separated. I wasn’t worried about my job though, a normal girl would be fired and so would he. But not this one, his Daddy has all the power and I have him wrapped around my finger.

Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy womanBeing submissive for my Dom boyfriend is my favorite thing to do. I love to feel his touch on me and I love it when he gives me the pain that I crave from his touch, and he loves having a Hot sexy woman. I get really freaky for my man because it’s what he wants and satisfying him gets me off. He loves to stick his big fat cock in my tight little asshole. And then as he’s ramming away he’ll spank my ass over and over, harder and harder, leaving big red handprints on my ass cheeks. Then he turns me around for missionary and keeps his dick in my ass as he chokes me and slaps me in the face. Just from feeling him in my ass I shudder in pleasure over and over again, orgasming from all the feelings he gives me. He starts to pound a little faster and I get close, and then all of a sudden he pulls out. He takes me by my hair and shoves my mouth onto his cock and starts to fuck my face, almost harder than he was fucking my asshole. His dick jerks and spurts as he cums down my throat, and I swallow it all for my man like a sexy and hot woman would.

Roleplay phone sex

Roleplay phone sex“Ready Ramona, I would just love to enjoy Roleplay phone sex with you tonight.” He purred over the phone, I was intrigued by what he had in mind and told him to tell me more about what he wanted to talk about, what he wanted to roleplay. He continued “I was really thinking that you could be my best friend’s hot sexy wife, and you catch me wanking off hard one day to a pair of your purple lacy panties and you confront me about it.” He trailed off waiting to hear what I had to say. “I would love that! Perhaps you stayed the night because y’all were drinking the night before and now he’s been called into work.” He was so excited to continue the fantasy, we went into detail describing the panties and everything. Now it was time for my confrontation! “What in the hell do you think you’re doing with my panties?!” I exclaim as he holds my dirty panties up to his face sniffing hard. “I just have always had a thing for you, I get so turned on by your smell, I want to just make you cum like this.” What do you think happens next? It’s up to you. Call me and tell me the next step.

Sexy Babe

Sexy babeI have always been a Sexy babe. The kind of woman that you want to bring home to your Mother. The beautiful stunning girlfriend you’ve always dreamed of having. Sensual, sweet, and dominant when needed. The true fucking package. I am the ultimate GFE. I always will be the best of the best. My pussy is the three P’s Prime, Premium, Perfect and I will always have a man coming back for more. I drive men crazy, they become addicted to me. But can they spoil me the right way? Can they keep up with a girl like me? I am very high maintenance and always get my way. Nothing turns me on more than a man that can match my dreams and my passion. I love a cuckold every now and again too. It just depends on my mood and how big his wallet is! Am I a size queen? Duh. Obviously a woman as sexy as I am deserves a perfect, premium, and prime cock to match this quality pussy.

Princess phone sex

Princess phone sexSometimes I want nothing more than to have some Princess phone sex. I love it because I get to be the girlfriend in charge, a spoiled brat as some may say. Nevertheless, being the queen I am is one of my biggest turn-ons. Who wouldn’t love to be spoiled? Being as hot as I am, it’s not hard to find a weak man while a small useless cock to take care of me. And I don’t mean he is taking care of me with that pathetic dick, no that’s for a real man to do. He will wait on me hand and foot, taking me on endless shopping sprees. I will come with him to his company events. The hotwife that they thought he could never land. Well, he hasn’t landed me actually I have just planted myself into his wallet till it dries up. After all of our events, he will maybe be lucky enough to help me pick a man to fuck me. Maybe I will let him watch, but since I am the princess he will have to pay me.

Small dick Humiliation

Small dick humiliationOmg ewwwwww! Look at that tiny little peepee! Did you for real think that I was gonna actually touch that ugly little thing? Umm, no fucking way! You got the wrong bitch right here cucky, there is no way I would ever want to fuck that thing! No, you have to go sit in the corner and watch me Fuck a real man, a man with a big cock, a cock that will actually satisfy me! Your itty bitty little clitty could never satisfy me. For real I doubt I would even feel it if I let you put it inside me! I bet that no girl that has ever seen you naked was able to look at that lil thing without laughing! I know I sure couldn’t! You are a pathetic little cucky boy and you will never, ever be anything else and we both know it! So quit pretending you’re a real man when clearly you are not!

GFE phone sex with Ready Ramona

GFE phone sexI can always go for some GFE phone sex. I need a man that needs a girlfriend like me. Nothing is probably any easier nor comes more naturally than being myself & getting paid for it. These kinds of guys that call me need someone trustworthy they can vent to. They want someone interesting and chatty like I am, they’re usually pretty lonely. They want a freak like me they wanna hear all about my adventures. I am happy to help, they soon will know everything about me. The way we speak is as if we’ve known each other for years. And just like any good girlfriend, I will always make sure to help you cum. Sometimes that’s not what is wanted or needed but most of the time I include it into my day of being the ultimate girlfriend. A perfect girl like me, gorgeous, hardworking, an amazing listener, a hot body, over the top blowjobs and an even better dirty mind to match. What more could my boyfriend ask for?

Domination phone sex

Domination phone sex“Please, my queen… goddess I beg you.” His whining was useless, in fact, it only made me feel more vicious as I used my high heels to carve my initials into his skin. It’s required to be cut by my heels for branding or have my true brand burned onto them. I have to keep them in line, no one will ever leave me. I make him cry and scream but somehow he is still hard, which amuses me. I bring him to the back where I start giving him a few things to distract him from this pain. First I put on 2 lb weights on his balls. He is moaning and moaning now. I put his face in front of the machine that’s got a cock on one end, it just fucks your mouth and throat exactly how a real dick would. He’s getting overwhelmed, the pressure is building. The only real question is will he cum, will he cry or maybe even both?

Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sexEvery now and again I will catch some loser obsessing over my panties. He will call me while my panties are in his hands, the panties that I sold to him. He can smell my juices, and it is crusted with cum from the real men I fucked. They always become addicted, they love getting off to hearing what I did with these panties to get them this way. I always make sure to get them nice and soaking before sending them off, always overnighting the panties so they arrive just as juicy as they left. I always masturbate with them and get them nice and creamy with my own juices. I follow that with getting fucked raw with a huge monster cock. He will leave me full of cum, and my pussy gaping and dripping. The panties will catch every last drop of his warm sticky treat mixed with my creamy horny cum of my own. My my my, it looks like I have another pair of panties to send out!

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