Finger Blasting

Fantasy phone sexYou always say a slutty milf finger blasting herself is a piece of artwork. You love to watch me masturbate and I love performing for you. I squirt harder knowing you are watching me. I make myself a sloppy slippery mess before your dick even slides in. Our last fuck session was amazing that new trick you did with your tongue and the 9volt battery. You know I love the way you tongue my clit when I am blasting my pussy but zapping me with that 9 volts just as I was about to squirt again was out of this world I squirted so hard my piss shot out with my cum. You keep zapping my clit and I keep cumming. When you finally did shove your dick in, my pussy was so sensitive to your dick and I still couldn’t stop cumming.


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  1. troy

    So hot! Squirt all over my face, making me drink all of your juices!

  2. Frank

    I fucking love doing calls with you baby!

  3. Larry

    I love a slut you can finger blast and cum all over.

  4. pussy likr

    Squirt for me sexy mommy

  5. jj

    i want to finger blast you bitch

  6. eduardo

    i love dirty milf sluts

  7. sam

    damn u hot baby

  8. Malcome

    I want a cunt whore like you today.

  9. Brad

    What a hot pussy you have

  10. Ken

    I want to watch you play with that bald pussy.

  11. steve

    i love that delicious cunt

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