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Hairy wet pussy licked by the best office assistant!

Hairy wet pussyAfter a long weekend I love ending it with an employee on his knees right between my legs. It’s the best and most satisfying way for a new week to begin. The men I work with sure do know how to treat a Hairy wet pussy; I mean they at least know how to treat mine real well. It could be because they know I am their boss and if they don’t do it right maybe they won’t have a job later.

I would never use it against them but I expect a good pussy licker for the days I am stressed out. I need to be able to cum hard and make a mess on a dudes face. All the men I hire to work under me as an assistant is sexy and young. I do that specifically so they are always horny and ready to fuck and please. It’s been such a pleasure to wake up and know this cunt will be satisfied and filled with cock and cum daily. I’ve good a different boy for every day of the week; it almost makes me never want to go home. I could just snap my fingers and one of them will be right out with their tongues out ready to lap me up. It’s so much fun being in charge!

You should call me so we can have some fun Tease and denial sessions together. I bet I can convince you to be my little office oral slave too. If you show me you are a good boy I might let you fuck my pussy too.

Hot sexy woman gets the blood pumping to the cock.

Hot sexy woman            Hot sexy woman gets the blood pumping to the cock. Hot and hard. Sexy ass vixen. Knows where it’s at. Obviously, I know I am all of the above. Like big booties. Look at my plump one. Sophisticated doesn’t always mean ladylike. At least not all the time. After all, a girl got to have some fun in her life. When you sizzle in red. The pink panties, so hot that steam is rolling off in tidal waves.

            Once if not more than thrice a day drool drips down as you behold plump succulent large breasts of a woman that you can only dream about having as teen. You always wanted to have the hottest of the hot in high school. Now that you are an adult what makes you think that you can get one as hot as me? To be sure you can. You just have to know how.

            As soon as you see a woman with Sexy breasts like mine; that cock of yours does a little jump. Come a little closer and he is going to come to life a little more. The breasts of mine are not only sexy they are large and in charge. Drool a little over them. Let your gaze travel the length of this body of mine. Right down to my long legs. Perfect calves. Muscular thighs. Made to grip a man around the waist riding him hands just holding that firm ass. Feel how tight it is.

            Perfectly shaped feet and toes. Manicured nails to rake down your back. Ever part of this Sexy ass body is made for pleasure. Give me a spin and see for yourself.

Milf phone sex is a place to fix all your cock aches and ills

Milf phone sexLooking for the milf phone sex slut that will help you get the biggest nut? I work with every size of penis and sensitive topics. Topics such as premature Ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. 

Never would I judge a man who comes fast as lighting. You were born with a very sensitive cock is all, baby! But there are a variety of ways to increase your stamina. Edging with a sexy voice who can hear if you’re getting close and following her directions can help increase your time by tenfold. I have other ways of helping you if you just implement them in your life. Diet, exercises, and mental stimulation are all key for the man who wants to last longer in bed. Do you need a sultry woman to help you feel more like a man? 

Milf phone sex slut

Now When dealing with a cock that can get up and stay awake is a bigger and much more sensitive topic. What you will get from me is a talk about medical appointments, and how to talk to your doctor. And you might not know that many couples enjoy sex and have a strong connection without full penetrative sex.

Plus I have a large library of information that can help supplement your sex life. Toys and props and fantasy play are a must. And I know for a fact you still can enjoy stroking while we talk about the sexiest things. I can teach you how to get past mental blocks with erotic meditation. One thing is for sure,I bet you can eat the hell out of a pussy and use your tongue and fingers in ways that would make other men feel emasculated. Can I be your Phone sex therapist tonight? 

Hairy wet pussy holds in the flavor for you to lick.

Hairy wet pussy            Hairy wet pussy holds in the flavor for you to lick. Women especially hot women loved to have that pussy licked. All around. Delving the tongue in. Not shaving and keeping it hairy will add to the flavor being sealed in. No wasteful dripping. Having a woman-on-woman action is sure to gain the attention of that cock of yours just watching as we sixty-nine one another. Hairy pussies dripping and soaking our own juices.

            As soon as we get them nice a wet watch as one hair pussy bumps and grinds into another. Legs wrapped around. Moving against. Nipple’s puckering. The tingling. Two wet hairy cunts rubbing and grinding. At the same time, you are sitting there watching as we kiss. Run hands all over. Two Sexy hot women enjoying one another’s pleasures.

            Join us. Taste the sweetness of our nectar trapped in the hairs of our pussies. Delving tongue deep at the same time you are fingering the other. Now we are going to be sucking and licking on your cock and balls. Licking around your cock. Kissing around your cock. Feel us kissing. Tongues melding. Until your finally cum all over the two of us and we squirt and gush over you.

Great blowjobs are an art form learned it young.

Great blowjobs

          Great blowjobs are an art form learned it young. Now there is a story behind learning how to suck, lick, and take an entire cock down my throat. To begin with I was a teen. Just that I was a teen. Even young when I first learned how to kiss. Ny neighbor thought I needed to learn the art of kissing and to give him pleasure. Hence the lessons in giving a very good blowjob. You would even say excellent.

          As soon as I became a teen it was even my birthday, in fact. He was visiting my older brother with his best friend. Who was my next-door neighbor. I wanted his attention, but I was just a pest to him. He even said to me, “When I want your attention, I will grab your hair and stick your face on my dick for you to suck. Until then go away.”

          Bad boy he is and naughty neighbor phone sex it became. I was his trainee. I did exactly as I was told. I was bold, sassy, a fighter, among many others oh so naughty things. It was when I would call him.

Most of my training happened in person. His teaching me how to open my throat and not gag on that huge dick of his. Running my tongue along. Looking up at him with eyes wide open. Dick resting on the tip of my tongue. At the same time, he gave me anatomy lessons. Where every taste bud was and that once you hit the salt at the back of the throat then you could not taste the cum if the head went down the throat.

Great blowjobs are an art form learned it young.

As soon as school let out, I would race to his truck. Jump in and practice my skills he taught me every day until I finally got to the next step in my training. That was how to incorporate the blowjob into making men beg for it. Plead for it. Now I must admit that as much as I loved being sassy and naughty it was a lot of fun learning how to make men come to me. Call me whore and I would walk away.

After all I am the one that held all the power. I have a great talent and men love blowjobs. Now they come to me and if they ask nicely, I comply. In my profession I am all things. Being a tease is not normally one of them. You never know you may be getting trained and not even know it.

Cuckold phone sex with a Hot sexy woman

Cuckold phone sex

There is something about Cuckold Phone sex that drives me wild! As a size queen, I find it to be incredibly fun to cackle at little dicks and even deny them the privilege of releasing their load. Losers don’t deserve the right to Orgasm Especially if they have a little baby dickie! I currently have a little cuck watching me outside of my window at night. This loser thinks he can pressure me into letting him taste this sweet little fuckbox! Ha…Little does he know that is not how I function. If I identify you as a baby dick loser You wont even get a whiff of my sweet little Cunny. 

When Jeffery came to me giving me an ultimatum to give him my sweet little pussy or He will tell my husband about what I do when he leaves for work. I cuckolded him with my drug dealer he saw me deepthroat in my garage. He came knocking on my car door while I was getting my throat pounded in the front seat. He tried to join in and I told him to sit down and watch this man dig my guts out! As i rode my dealers cock I taunted him with every stroke. He watched me cream all over my dealers massive cock he even creamed on hisself a few time while he watched. 

Jeffery Is now my Favorite little Cuckold and he cleans my little cunny after every session! I want to add to my roster. Are you willing Baby?

Edgeplay phone sex

Edgeplay phone sexTeasing your thick Luscious cock with Edgeplay phone sex makes my tight little cunny throb with excitement. Are you fucking ready to blow your load all over My Newly married body? I know exactly how to work your juicy cock rubbing it all around my lips and rolling my tongue around and around the tip of your cock.Ill take my time with your cock sliding my tongue up and down your shaft until i get to your balls. Ill take my time going from your balls up your shaft. Sliding that thick juicy cock down my throat until I gag and choke. All  want to do is drain every drop of cum out of your balls.

Instead i start jerking your cock off looking deep into your eyes as i tell you – “I know you want to cum for me” As your breath starts to speed up Ill sensually ask you – “can you cum for me Daddy? ” just before you answer I place my luscious lips on yours sliding my thick wet tongue down your throat as i continue to stroke that glorious cock of your. I enjoy being a big fucking tease. I know every trick to drive you wild!Erotic roleplaying

Sexy Hot Women Tease Your Cock: Tease and Denial Stories

sexy hot women

Sexy Hot Women Love to Tease Your Cock

You’re always surrounded by sexy hot women at the gym. If your blood wasn’t rushing everywhere else, you would be rock solid constantly. You try not to look at all the big asses and bouncing tits, but today it was almost empty. That’s when I walked out of my ballet class wearing a tight velvet leotard and head to the mats. You feel your cock giving in to the temptation. Especially when I have to stretch every inch of my body right there in front of you. I know you’re watching me touch my toes and fantasizing about how good it would feel to fuck me in that position. 

tease and denial

Mercy Tortures You with Tease and Denial Exhibitionism

I giggle to myself while I watch you staring. If I’m honest I like knowing that you’re watching me. Tease and denial of a cock like yours makes me so hot and horny. No one else can see me, so why don’t I put on a little show. Then I push the sleeves off my shoulders and pull out those big tits you’ve been staring at. I massage them while you watch. I know all the blood is rushing to your cock, but I act like it’s completely normal for me to be stripping down to nothing. 

There’s something else that needs a little bit of stretching before I leave. My leotards slide down my thighs and now I’m completely naked. You can see how wet my cunt is from across the room. My fingers slide in so easy, and I push them in deep. I’m going to make myself cum right there in front of you. You can’t do anything except watch me fuck this shaved wet pussy. I look up at you and smile. Finally giving you the green light to finally milk the solid steel in your pants. Are you going to cum with me?

Edgeplay Phone Sex Sends Hard Cock Throbbing Back Home

Edgeplay phone sex is so fun to tease your cock. You are fuckin’ ready to blow your load all over my face. Yet, I know just how to work your cock, rubbin’ it against my cheek and making those little circles with my tongue around the head of my dick.

Edgeplay phone sexYou swear I could suck on a drain pipe and make it pulsate like crazy. Your balls are tight as fuck ’cause they know what’s comin’, but I never let you cum. I takes my time licking up and down the shaft, getting it nice and wet with your precum while I play with your full sac. Fuck yeah! That feels amazing!

Then I start jerkin’ you off while looking at you in the eyes – talk about dirty talk! “You wanna cum for me?” I ask in this sexy drawl that makes every hair on my body stand up straight. “Tell me you want it.” And before you can even answer, I slide that beautiful mouth of mine over the tip of your throbbing cock again…but only for a second before pulling back again.

I love being a fuckin’ tease. I know exactly how to drive you wild without ever letting you cum. I try not to beg, but when you start rubbin’ your cock against my cheek again and looks up at you with those seductive eyes. “Please, baby,” you groan out between clenched teeth. “Just let me cum in your mouth.”

But nope, I just smirk and keep on teasing your dick like it owe me money or somethin’. You run your tongue along the underside of the head, making sure every drop of precum gets sucked up before moving back down to lick around the base of your cock again. Fuck! It feels so good but also so frustrating as hell ’cause I know what comes next: more teasing until you are about ready to explode all over yourself.



Forced feminization leaves you open to being pegged in heels.

        Forced feminization leaves you open to being pegged in heels. You deserve to be in heels. Mini Skirt. Little panties. Teaching you how to walk and talk. The first thing you will be made to do is get the proper attire. Next you will be taught how to be feminine in clothing. You will of course be humiliated into doing it properly.

          First the shopping. Now you are not nearly as beautiful as real woman. You are only a sissy in training and a bad one at that. Thinking you learn from very bad movies that you think talking like a little tyke is sexy. It is the opposite. Men real men not you, like women. Grown strong women who look like a woman. Hence the clothes. Some lower cut of course. Some nice tight dresses. Stocking in all colors and when in the mood for sassy and naughty you will of course have the slut stocking.

          It must be remembered you will never be a woman. Not in the least. You have a penis. Sissy humiliation on being laughed at for thinking you could ever be a woman is the closest that you will ever get to be. You want to talk like a little tyke. Next, we will put a brace on your back to straighten your posture. Stick those little tits of yours out. Head up. Shoulders back. One foot directly in front of the other.

          Now it must be remembered you don’t have hips, so you are going to really need to sway your hips. You may have to cross over slightly the foot as you step forward to give the appearance of hops. Once we have this part done, we will move onto the next step. Trust me.

Forced feminization