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Cleaning Naked Leads To More Fun

naughty maid phone sex

One day when I was walking down the hallway of a hotel, I saw the maid cart and of course it made me think of something sexual. I was thinking about how many naughty maid phone sex fantasies I could make come true for all of the horny guys in the hotel. So many men are away on business trips without their wives and girlfriends and that can be really lonely. You KNOW they are always thinking really dirty things about the maids. Wouldn’t it be really amazing to be able to make those fantasies come true?
I have always thought about what it would be like to walk into a hotel room and catch a guy jerking off. He didn’t know he forgot to lock the door so it really catches him off guard. While standing next to the bed, I just take my panties off, push his hand away from his cock and climb on top of him. I’ll lower my wet pussy onto his cock and grind all over his big cock. I will even ask him if he wants me to be a full service maid – that means he can cum inside me if he wants.
What would you do if I came into your room as a naughty maid? Call me and tell me so we can play!

Jacking Off My Neighbor

Fantasy Phone SexSo, I went to one of my friend’s book shows at her house. A dress up event with fancy drinks and fancy food. I was mingling when I saw my neighbor sitting in an off room covered with a blanket. I sat next to him and asked if everything was ok. He laughed and said he had dropped his glass of wine and it spilt all over his pants. The host had offered to put his pants and boxers in the dryer and that is why he was sitting on the couch covered. I laughed and told him I thought I might give him a quick neighborly hand job while we wait. He turned pink and said no because his wife was in the other room. Never deterred I reached my hand under the blanket and started stroking his cock. Surprising it was a rather nice size too. He was stammering and stuttering and a deep shade of red as I continued to stroke his cock. A few other passed by and chatted but I just kept on rubbing his cock. I could feel his body start to tense up and his dick start to jerk. I knew he was close, so I started jacking him off faster and harder. He unloaded all over my hand, the blanket and his shirt. I wiped my hand on the blanket and smiled at him as I got up just as his wife entered the room with his dry clothes. I laughed with her and said I think he spilled something all over his shirt too and she just giggled and said something like he is a little clumsy. I just winked at him and walked out.

Sexy Dominatrix Therapy Sessions

Sexy Dominatrix

You like a sexy broad that smokes and spreads her legs while talking to you? I’m a sexy dominatrix that loves to entice and make my slaves beg for my attention. They lap at my pussy while I give sessions over the phone. I love to use your fucked and gaped ass as an ashtray while you clean cum off of my feet. The thought of you being in full servitude to me is a wonderful thing. It’s a win / win situation my dear. You pay me to serve me and for my approval and kindness to you. I get taken care of in every way that I desire inclusive of financially. You follow me? You pay for the chance to be in my control, you pay to sniff and lick my pussy, you pay for me to humiliate you, and you pay me to tell you how pathetic you are.

GFE phone sex

GFE phone sex

” Bitch get on your knees! “, I do what I am told. My hairy cunt gets so moist and juicy when you talk to me that way. Every once in a while I do not mind being dominated by you. After all, you are my professor. I hang onto your every word during your lectors. Now it is time for me to hang onto you every word as you demand I put that hard white cock into my mouth. I deep throat that stiff wood like no other bitch has ever done before. I see your eyes roll to the back of your head. Next thing I knew a load of your hot sticky cum dripped down my slippery wet throat. I can drink your cum every day. It taste just like buttery cream. I find myself in your office every day after class. You ask me to be your girlfriend. It caught me by surprise. After all you fuck  me and eat my black wet pussy as if I am all yours. I want all of your cum inside of  me is I am to be yours and only yours is what I tell you. You agree with no hesitation.

Naughty Exhibitionist Sex with My Neighbor

exhibitionist sexI have a dirty confession. I enjoy exhibitionist sex. Being watched masturbating makes my pussy wet.  This morning, it was unseasonably warm for this time of year. I have a handsome neighbor. He is married but his wife is not hot. Now, I know some men marry for other things, but my neighbor and his wife never fuck. I can see into their bedroom. Never do they close the blinds. I would say they are exhibitionists, but they never do anything worth watching. They don’t even go to bed at the same time. I figured he was undersexed and would enjoy my show. His wife is not much to look at but I am. No man has looked away when I am playing with my pussy. I sat on my back patio, naked, with my legs spread wide, rubbing my cunt until I caught his eye. Once I did, he couldn’t disengage from me. His eyes were locked on my cunt. Mine were locked on his cock once he pulled it out and started stroking. I had no clue he was packing a big cock. His wife must be a lesbian not to want that cock. I was trying to signal him over to make a homemade naughty neighbor porn, but he just wanted to stroke his cock for me. We both came. It was a hot encounter, but I want more. I want his cock and I will get it.

Don’t You Want A Taste?

shaved wet pussy

I know what men like to do to women like me. You love to get right down between my legs and lick my shaved wet pussy. I get told all the time that men love being able to see everything and know just where to stick your warm tongue. I know you also love seeing my puffy pussy lips and sucking on them. Sometimes when I am shaving, I think about all the things you are going to do to my pussy and I start getting wet. That’s why I had to stop getting waxed – I would get so wet that the wax wouldn’t stick. The lady who waxed me would get the giggles when it happened. Hey, I can’t help that I get horny really easily.
Getting fucked also feels so much better when my pussy is shaved. I love looking down and seeing how your cock looks going in and out of my wet hole. Don’t ever let a woman tell you she doesn’t want to shave her pussy. Just tell her you absolutely know that it will feel so much better if she just shaves. Maybe you can even offer to do it for her. Then you can go down on her and show her how good it feels.

Mutual Masturbation Stories Shared

There are definitely going to be some sexy mutual masturbation stories you need to share. I love to get off with my guys and we have some of the hottest mm together discussing a naughty taboo fantasy of yours that gets me all excited. Like my caller the other day wanting to pump into his pocket pussy as I slid my nice yummy big dildo in my pussy. He told me about his naughty desires and I found it pretty hot and played off that to give us both such satisfaction. Sometimes I have a caller that will sit with me for a good hour and watch pornhub together sharing what turns us on. I love watching that girl on girl on guy action. The scenes with two girls making out and getting all kinky and stripping each other is hot. I love when the guy comes in on them making out and starts to stroke his big raging hard cock. He gets closer and the girls reach for that nice big fuck meat and start licking on it together. Then next thing you know they are all fucking and sucking each other is a hot juicy little threesome. That gets this kinky therapist of a sexy dominatrix so tingly and wet. What really turns you on to masturbate too?

Mutual Masturbation Stories

Swapping Mutual Masturbation Stories

I really enjoy swapping some sexy mutual masturbation stories with my lovers. You get me so turned on as you tell me about how you and your friend started to masturbate together. Shared with me how it turned into your friend stroking your young cock while you stroked his bigger hard dick. You watched each other stroking then would take turns stroking on another off. You both came so much and giggled about it. That was hot, but I found it even hotter how things got naughtier and you started to suck your friend’s dick. You were captivated by how it grew and how good it felt to stroke. It didn’t take much persuasion from your friend to get you to suck it, now did it? I loved the way it progressed even into you taking your friend’s cock in your ass. You let your friend fuck you anally and you loved it. You became a little dick faggot at the desires two friends grew to have for their sexual exploration or even exploitation if you wish. I find it exciting, I find the stories about this kind of sex just as exciting. I love our sexuality.

mutual masturbation stories

Mature phone sex

mature phone sex

I got a new toy that I can’t wait to try out. I will most likely sit at home and take calls so that I can find the perfect person to use it with. My mature phone sex calls are always exciting and I always make sure that we both cum. I love to hear all of the wild and dirty things that you could do to me. I especially love hot and thick creampies in my perfect shaved kitty and hearing baout how much you want to give me one. Tell me all about how you would pump your massive load into my throbbing cunnie as I fuck myself silly with this new dildo of mine. I love to tease my pussy as I listen to you stroke your cock for me and tell me how bad you want to fuck me. Everyone knows how kinky I am and how much I love to cum. I’m going to make myself cum over and over again for you. I can’t wait to hear from you baby!

The Art Of Seduction

erotic roleplaying

I love the art of seduction. So many people have let that fall to the wayside and I just don’t understand that at all. I know that these days, people just want instant gratification. That’s just so sad. Letting the excitement and anticipation build is one of the hottest things in the world when it comes to sexual things. The longing, the throbbing, the desperation…it’s all just such a beautiful thing. And when you call me, that’s what you’ll get. It’s not going to be instant pleasure for you, so you can just forget that. I’m going to tease you and draw things out so that when you finally do get to have an orgasm, it’s going to be so good that you might see stars.
Do you want to hear about some of the times I’ve seduced other men? I have some really good stories that I could tell you. I know you will be wishing so much that you’re the man in the story. But if you just close your eyes and imagine it, you can be. Let me tell you all of the things I’d do to you to draw out your pleasure. Just lie back and let yourself feel it. I promise it will be amazing.

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