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Hairy Pussy Makes The Cock Throb Harder!

Hairy wet pussyThe best thing about having a sweet hairy pussy is that it looks so pretty with a cum load sprayed all over it. This is why my good friend here cannot stay away from fucking me when he is on his way home from work. This is David and we used to work together a few years back; he lived like 5 mins away from me back then so we fucked 24/7. Now, he is about an hour away so we only get to play once in a blue moon. When we do meet up though it is always such a fun fucking time. 

When he is on his way home from work he will occasionally make a pit stop to get in a quickie. His wife is out late sometimes so we try to do this at least once a week. David has such a fetish for my pretty hairy cunt because he loves how it looks after he busts a fat load on it. He also is a huge fat of my pretty perky tits bouncing in his face when he fucks me. We used to get wild everyday back then and he has always been such a great fuck. When I moved I knew I needed his cock still; I am so glad we made this arrangement. 

He came over and I was on my back already naked for him; I knew we had crunched time so I wanted to be ready. Once he walked in the room he dropped his clothes off and came right over and began making out with me. We were fondling with one another and he told me how much he missed fucking my hot holes. I told him there is no cock better than his and that we need fuck more often because once every couple weeks wasn’t enough. He agreed and said he would make it happen because he needs my holes to cum.

It was so good to hear him tell me how much better my holes feel over his wives. I got so wet as he slapped that cock up and down my warm slit. He rubbed my cunt hair and told me how much he loved my hair hole since his wife always waxes. A natural pussy with some pretty hair to catch a load is what makes a woman. He loves a real natural woman who will do anything for him. We are so sexually connected and sensual with one another. I hope one day he realizes I am the one he needs. 

I am the one who milks him dry and he comes back to me. He tells me how much better I treat him too; one day I will make him mine. We fantasize about a life together as he pumps his cock into me telling me I am the sexiest woman alive. We discussed running away together so it is just me and him and the hot sex we love so much. Until he and I can be together publicly; he knows where to find me. I will always be right on my back in this bed waiting for his cock and cum every day!

Mutual masturbation stories tell me yours; I’ll tell mine.

       Mutual masturbation stories tell me yours; I’ll tell mine. First thing I like to do is strip down to my birthday suit. Second, I get comfortable. The bed is good because I have a wall of mirrors so that I may watch myself. Next, I make sure that my partner is comfortable too. It must be remembered that since I have the wall of mirrors and my partner right alongside of me. We will be ready to begin.

       Mutual masturbation stories It’s important to remember that being able to see one another and comfortable will make the orgasm that much better. Now, I like to start playing with my super large boobs. Rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Palming them. Moving a hand down to my pussy. Finger sliding between the folds. Separating them. Opening them so that he may see the clitoris and hold all exposed.

        Looking in the mirror I am able to see that his cock is getting harder. As he strokes his length. Gives it a little shake. Tugging up on it. Groaning. I insert a finger up inside of me. Thumb stroking over the clit. Pressing in on it hard.

        At the same time as he gets harder, I get wetter.

        Removing my fingers from my vagina I rub some of the juices over my nipples. Cupping the breasts. Finger flexing around them. Pushing them together. Before returning to my pussy and administering to the wetness and pressure that is building up.

        Right beside me I feel and hear my partner groaning. Getting close. A second finger joins the first, pumping in harder. The pressure is building, and you know there is nothing better than watching a hot sexy woman in the throes of orgasm, eyes wild, mouth open, body convulsing.

        Partner orgasming at the exact same time.

Mutual masturbation stories


Mutual masturbation stories bethMutual Masturbation stories: have you ever been so fucking horny you can’t wait to go home. How do you handle that? Well, I can’t always get home soon enough so I take care of myself wherever I am. That means wherever, in my car if there’s traffic, at work if I can’t get off early or if I’m in a restaurant I go to the bathroom get myself off. Let me tell you about a time I went to this fancy restaurant for a date. The guy was devilishly hot, and I could even see the print of his cock on his pants. Yummy!!  I’ve been horny all fucking day and I thought we could help each other out. I start playing footsies with his dick under the table. I know he likes it because he has the biggest grin ever. I suggest he sit next to me on my side of the booth. The booth is big enough to give us some cover.  We start masturbating each other and trying to chat at the same time, so things seem normal to any onlookers. He has his fingers so far up my pussy that I moan hard and here comes the waiter, “mam, are you ok? I say, Yes, yes, this salad is fucking delicious.” Minutes later we both cum just in time for the main course. I lick my lips and whisper, “I want dessert, your cock in my pussy.”


Sexy Women Masturbating Is Nothing You Can Resist

sexy women masturbatingMen love watching sexy women masturbating. My neighbor to the right of me watches me masturbate daily. Although I have more than a few lovers in my life, I still masturbate. Men do the same thing. No matter how satisfying our sex lives may be, we still enjoy self-love. However, my neighbor next door appears to never get laid. Our bedrooms face each other, and his wife never gives him sex. Not even head.

Both appear to be in their mid-30s. I find the wife sexy as fuck. But the husband’s big, neglected cock drives me to rub one out while he watches and does the same. Masturbation is something we should do for ourselves. And if you do it for your neighbor, well real voyeur sex is great too. Personally, I consider myself an exhibitionist. Although I am not a nudist or a streaker, I love an audience when I play with my cunt or fuck.

I like to show off my pussy and let a man see how to pleasure me. Although I have not yet fucked my neighbor, I think our masturbation sessions will eventually lead to that. I can only watch for so long. And my guess is the same goes for my hung neighbor. Last night, one of my college lovers came over to fuck me. He did not understand why I wanted the window open, but he saw my neighbor watching us and better understood why.

I Enjoy Being Watched While I Masturbate and Fuck

I told him that enjoy people watching me, so fuck me like a porn star and he did. However I could see my neighbor jacking off because I rode my frat boy’s cock facing the window instead of the wall. This way I could imagine it was his big dick thrusting in and out of my pussy. I came so hard on my boy toy lover’s cock too. The combination of being watched, looking at a hung man masturbate and the feel of a young cock inside me made me squirt. And it made my neighbor nut so hard that his cum hit the window.

I’m getting closer and closer to fucking my married neighbor. He will not be able to resist me much longer. Mutual masturbation stories will not cut it for us any longer.

Phone Sex Therapy For Foot Fetishes

As she started massaging my calves, your hands down in between your legs, and looked over at me and winked. Out of nowhere, her mouth begins putting a toe at a time in and bobbing up and down as if she was sucking a cock.

We go into a back room to finish up. This was new to me but willing to see what this room was about. She has you sit foot fetisheson the big, long massage table lowering it to the ground. She tells me to put my toes over you in your mouth. At the same time, she starts unzipping your pants. Before I could process any of it, your hard cock was down her throat. I started teasing you with my feet. You licked in between my toes, I smacked you around with my feet, knowing you love that. “Lick my feet!” I bolted out not realizing how turned on I was getting by this Coc sucking special we were getting.  Her spit was now running down to your balls as I kept teasing you with my feet. When she started tasting pre-cum, she called me over and told me to shoot it onto my feet. You blew the biggest load I had ever seen. That was the start of me knowing how big your foot fetish really was.

Offered My Holes To My Pervy Boss!

Hot sexy womanHow could my boss possibly say no to an amazing blow job by his favorite office assistant? It is simply impossible considering his wife doesn’t even touch him anymore. Plus, being easily accessible for him like a proper set of holes will get me whatever I want. He is a sucker for a nice wet hairy pussy too; so I made sure to grow it out for him. When I wear my tight little pencil skirts I make sure to have a skimpy thong on. So when I am sitting I can spread my legs so he can see my little pussy lips and pubes popping out on the side. I have this whole plan down to a fucking T; there is no way I don’t get what I want.

So, I really need to take some paid time off so I can go away. I knew my boss would say no because he is a cheap fuck. However, I also knew I could convince him to cough up some extra cash if I offered my sweet holes up to him. So i made sure my cunt , my sweet ass hole and warm wet mouth was ready to be put to use. I walked into that office and locked the door behind me and immediately got to business. I had on a tight sexy skirt and skimpy button up top(you could see my nipples). I sat on the corner of his desk and stared at him. He knew exactly what I wanted so he smirked and unbuckled his pants and belt. 

I knew I had him right where I wanted him. Next think I knew I was totally naked with his cock in my throat as usual. I looked up at him and said “So if I give you my other 2 holes can I be paid for a week off Sir”? He laughed and said “Let’s see how good that ass hole feels and how fast you can make me blow a load bitch”. I moaned and shook my head as he continued to fuck my throat hole!

Great Blowjobs Reward Great Cocks and Good Deeds

great blowjobsMy great blowjobs, I reserve for great cocks or great deeds. I lucked out yesterday with a stranger I picked up at Target. He had a great cock and he did me a solid that deserved rewarding. I hate shopping, especially now that Christmas begins so much earlier. When I was a schoolgirl, I never saw Christmas displays or ads until after Thanksgiving.

To psych myself up for a crowded store, I decided to masturbate in the parking lot. I needed to park way in the back, so no one could really see me. Or so I thought. I started rubbing my pussy watching some porn on my phone. I may be in my 50s, but my pussy still gets super wet. Since I am an exhibitionist sex slut, I like the idea of a handsome stranger catching me masturbating.

A knock on my window scared the crap out of me. I was lost in pleasuring my pussy. This handsome younger man asked me if I wanted some help. I rolled down the window and he slipped his arm inside looking for my wet pussy. His fingers explored my cunt. A few fingers popped inside my cunt, and one strummed my clit. I no longer needed porn to help me cum because I had a handsome stranger lending a hand. This is the exact scene I play out in my head when I masturbate in public.

I Love Random Sexual Encounters with Handsome Men

He made me cum twice. The first time I just came on his fingers. The second time I squirted on his hand and forearm. I amazed him and myself. I rarely squirt. But I think it was a combination of his help and my surroundings. I mean I came in my car in the crowded parking lot of a Target. I invited the guy home. And he did not hesitate to follow me home.

Back in my house, we created magic. His cock appeared to be about the size of his forearm. I enjoyed sucking his cock. But I enjoyed fucking him more. My pussy never felt so wet before. And after he came inside me, all this mature sexy babe wanted to do was play with the cum in her cunt. Random encounters with men are so fucking hot.

Sexy chicks Love fucking and fisting each other

Sexy chicks

Sexy chicks love fucking and fisting each other every day of the year. But when the candy and spooky spirits come out to play we tend to get a little more crazy. Halloween is a hall pass to get crazy for girl-on-girl fun. Now if you know me at all it’s just not other young ladies that make me crazy. But they do help and I consider threesomes to be my sexuality at times. Giving a young beauty to A man while I eat her out or ride her face is too hot to handle. 

Sexy Chicks fucking each other are perfect for multiple dicks

I have to say that my OG Sugar daddy is the one who started this all. He would have a buddy or two over to play poker and I tried my best to serve him and his friends. But one night he asks me to bring the little bitch I have been fucking. And this happens to be Halloween night. My sexy Elivira costume and her Alice in Wonderland costume make the men so horny. We are kissing each other and bouncing on the laps of men with money. Hard cocks and strip poker lead to us 69 and fisting each other before we get to take their poker winnings and cock! 

Now me and my sweet sugar have a standing Halloween night date. All because we worked it like there was no tomorrow. My sugar daddy was so impressed he flew us to Vegas the next day to meet with some high-stakes rollers. Rolling around and eating pussy while getting fucked is the best Halloween tradition for a Shaved wet pussy cumming and a cunt full of cum.  We both agree it was the best Halloween ever. Oh, and we love winning big and spending the night in the penthouse the next morning! 

Local Cum Dump

GFE phone sex Even though I am not his wife or girlfriend I just simply can’t help but spread my legs for him whenever he gives me a call or knocks on my door. His wife leaves for work at 9am every single day and doesn’t come back until after 8pm. He works from home so it is so easy for him to take a quick break every couple hours and get his nut. 

It is so much fun being the neighbor down the street who can satisfy all his needs that his wife can’t meet. Some would say I am home wrecking bitch ruining a marriage. I say, I am helping a marriage because he won’t leave her for someone better when he has accessible holes right down the street. I am like a sex therapist for men who don’t get laid. I should be thanked by these women for saving their marriage. If I wasn’t there I bet all of their husbands would either leave or pay for sex else where.

This way is so much better because their wives can be lazy bitches who don’t please their men sexually and I can reap all the benefits by taking all the cock and cum until I am satisfied. It is not my fault that I am a nympho and can’t control myself from spreading my holes for anyone who wants me. I mean it explains why they pick me over trying to convince their wives to do anal. They know my ass hole is always ready for a load. For that, I accept the fact that I am the local cum dump haha.

Nympho visits FL for Exhibitionist sex

Exhibitionist sex

Since I lost my v card, I have always been adventurous in the bedroom, but recently, I’ve been craving more Exhibitionist sex. With winter coming, I figure, why not head to FL where gloryholes are plenty, and cum is flowing.

However, there are many more places in Tampa than just the gloryholes. I figure parks after dark are a great place to have sex in public. Of course, I brought one of my playboys along to escort me.

When they arrived at the park, we found a secluded spot and began to get to fucking. My partner was excited but a bit nervous. My pussy was all for it, though. My sissy partner had to make sure to keep an eye out for anyone who might be passing by.

Once we were both naked, the fucking proceeded. I couldn’t help but feel both exhilarated and scared, but the thrill was undeniable. My partner was just as into it as I was after we started, and the onlookers heightened the arousal of the situation.

When we noticed a crowd of park men gathering around, my cunt began to drip. Once 15 men surrounded us, I blacked out into that state only nymphos experience when sex is all there is. I felt like I had ultimately let go. I had become a bitch in heat, and my partner was the dog mounting me. The ecstasy of the experience still makes me touch myself.