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Neighborhood Pussy Available For Use

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I am a mature sexy babe with a sweet hairy fuck hole ready to make you happy. I got myself all dolled up today and wore something skimpy for you. I knew you were going to be at home so I figured I can keep my window opened and sit here with my hot hole spread open. I thought maybe it would entice you enough to come knock on my door so you can get my attention. I wanted you to notice me so you can get your load off inside me. I see how busy and tired you are after work so I figured you would do well with a pretty girl like me willing to make all your stress just disappear. Come here and fuck your slut neighbor! I am so needy I have been wanting you for days.. I can’t wait until you have me spread over your cock; I will milk you dry baby!

Small dick humiliation is what a micro-dick loser deserves

Small dick humiliationSmall dick humiliation makes me giggle so hard! Especially when watching the worthless slave slut perform live for me on Skype… It never fails, guys always cup their little winky and try to hide their shrinkage… Well, that only makes it even more obvious that they’ve barely got a cock. A man with a big dick couldn’t just cover his cock with a hand and it vanish, hahaha! It must suck to be you… Especially, when you have me on the line and not even your money gets me whipping my clit. You are so pathetic that little dick of yours couldn’t please me even if you gave it your all. Little dicks like yours struggle with hitting the back walls.

Tease and denial is all you will be getting out of me, Loser!

There is no way I will even be wasting my time on your pathetic cock. You, as a worthless little dick loser should know your place! Well, if you don’t I don’t mind refreshing that memory of yours. Guys call me up with their 5 incher in hand ready to wank, lol. You might be an inch or two bigger than the last guy bud, but that dick of yours won’t be pleasing me. I always make sure to put those fuckers in chastity and have them attach a strap to their waist. Straddle me like a good boy, if you behave I might let you suck my pussy cream off of the dildo when I get through orgasming.

It must suck smelling the sweet aroma of my Shaved wet pussy and not being able to put your small cock inside of me.

 (You are not a man; you will forever be a boy… Oh hush, you aren’t a late bloomer either honey… That’s it, not even a dick enhancement pill will fix that little problem of yours.)



Plow Your Skanky Teacher

Oh fuck yes! Plow your teacher baby! I love spreading my whore legs for you on my desk after class as you pump yourself into me every day. A naughty after class session for one of my favorite students are the best. Nothing is better than feeling a throbbing hard cock slam inside my mature pussy. You know you will get an A+ on every assignment as long as you cum inside your whore of a teacher. Your favorite part of class is when you get to fuck me for a great grade and tell me how much of a fuck slut I am. So call me and let me make you cum so hard to thought of me taking your loads after class daily. You will blow over and over again as you think about my cock sleeve cunt milking you dry every single day! I will be waiting for you.
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Your Stress Relief Fuck Toy

Just a bent over slut with a hairy wet little pussy craving some cock. Come slide inside me on our lunch break while your wife is out with her friends. You know you need some of this mature pussy to satisfy your cock through the day. I am waiting to be filled with cum till it is dripping in my panties all day. Unleash yourself on me and call me so we can have some fun. I am a needy whore and ready to be used and pumped full of cock and cum all day. Think of me as your dirty little secret office slut. Just give me a ring and I will come crawl under your desk and satisfy your cock while you are stressed out. Everyone needs a little stress relief! Let me be your side piece fuck meat!Best phone sex

Lions gate portal

tease and denial

Happy Lions Gate portal to all! I hope you’re making those wishes and taking a leap. Hmmmm, it may be a magical manifesting day for all but don’t think you can have me with all your desires. A tease and denial babe like me likes to make men beg.

Overall, I enjoy having you worship me from head to toe. The Venus energy and Leo energy truly exude every part of me. Everything I want, I make it happen, all with a touch.

Now get down on all fours as I use you as my furniture. You look great at a coffee table. My hot friends and I enjoy as you rub each of our feet and submit to being our slave.

Sorry, you can’t taste me or basque in my sensual scent, but you can serve me and clean my house like a sissy maid. After all, you know, I will always be the type of girl you will want to worship for life. Dreams do come true when you service A true goddess like me.

Hot sexy woman dirty cum dump whore

Hot sexy woman

My neighbor came over tonight because he thinks I’m a Hot sexy woman, but he didn’t know I would be a filthy cum dump whore. He was coming over to help me with putting something up on the walls and cleaning behind my stove. He was wearing this shirt that showed all his muscles, and I couldn’t help biting my lip thinking about taking it off. I was so grateful for the excuse to get him into my bedroom. He was on the ladder, and I kept it steady, looking up at him with my big blue eyes and wet mouth. I was getting so turned on being next to his cock. Through his pants, I could see the outline; all I wanted to do was see it out. I pressed my face into his leg, and his cock started coming alive. For a horny cum dump like me, there isn’t much else that sates my thirst like cock on a Tuesday.

Keeping eye contact, I dropped to my knees, and he was mesmerized. He stood over me and started to undo his pants, and I helped. Taking his cock out, I grabbed the base of his hard dick and began to savor the feel of his cock against my lips. My cunt juices started to flow. He must have been able to smell because he seemed to get more excited. So what was a whore like me to do but start to suck on his man meat. Feeling his swell in my mouth, I grabbed his ass cheeks and pushed his cock further down my throat. I needed his cum in my mouth. He was so sweet and turned on my big sexy tits. Before I knew it, he gave me Cum on boobs, just like he wanted.

Latina phone sex with lots of control

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Latina phone sex is the perfect spice to your day, papi. Sit back, relax, and listen to this ideal Spanish seductress challenge you in ways you didn’t think possible. 

You may call the shots in your career or business, but when it comes to controlling your cock that’s all me. There will be no hesitation when you give me complete control. You will be giving it to me with a smile on your face. It may seem scary at first to hand over power to someone else. After all, that’s not something you’re used to, so I can’t fault you.

All in all, you will do as I say, and you will play with your cock only when I give you the green light, and you will stop when I say so, and you won’t be able to rebuttal a single thing goddess envy tells you. If I want you to stall for days, you will do so. I am the one that calls the shots, and you will be meeting a nice cage for your pathetic peepee if you don’t follow the rules.

Not so Sweet Little Beth Goes full on Dominatrix on your Ass!


Sexy dominatrix

Kicking Ass And Taking Names

I need you naked and down on your fucking knees bitch. Waiting for your Sexy dominatrix to walk in and own your pathetic sorry ass. 

I walk in  but do not dare look up. You hear the click clack of my boots as I walk up to you. I am going to treat you like the dog you are. I kick you hard in the ass pushing you on to all fours. Then I make my way to your ugly fucking face. Lifting my right foot and shove it into your face. Lick the sole fucking clean you pig.  Clean that fucking dirt off, I want them looking new. 

Look at that worthless cock getting hard while you suck on that heel. I reach down and smack you hard across the face. You have not earned satisfaction yet pig. It is time for you to clean my left sole. Once done I want you to spit shine the whole boot. 

Jerking Cock to Sister Incest and Denying Orgasm

Tease and denialI know you’ve been playing with your cock since before I walked in this room. You are very horny and need me to get you off. All you have to do is follow my instructions, and you’ll be cumming buckets in no time. I’m going to tie your hands to the chair and rub your cock myself. What story should I tell you that will keep your cock hard? I’ll tell you all about the first time I had sex with my sister. We were young teens when we started exploring each other’s bodies. First, she would touch me all over my body, from my tits all the way down to my clit. She made my nipples hard and I begged for her to lick them. Once she was licking them, I slid my hand under her skirt and —. You really are getting off to this, you nasty little pervert? You’re bucking against me, wanting me to speed up the story. I’ll come back if you become less sick or more patient. You can stay there with your cock in the air.

Foot fetishes are money makers

He paid for an in-home pedi because he has Foot fetishes and loves to see them get done up. But before they get there, he sniffs my pretty feet and licks them. After they are done he likes to worship them and have me rub my pedicured feet all over his face. I tease him by rubbing my toes on his crotch.

Foot fetishes

He begs to let me pull his hard cock out but I wink at him and tell him he knows what it takes. He hands over his wallet and I pull all his cash out of it and his card. He doesn’t wait long before he starts rubbing my sexy toes with his leaky cock. He rubs it in between my toes and I just start edging him. Right when I feel you are going to bust I stop. I am a sexy bitch and you are lucky I let you spoil me and kiss my feet. You know it because I was the hottie you always wanted but couldn’t get. Now you get to have me and I have your wallet. You start fucking my feet harder as i count the money that was in your wallet and transfer money to my account. When I show you how much I transferred your eyes get big and you explode all over my pretty feet.