Most of my clients just call me Doc G. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Doctor Ginger Fox, phone sex therapist. My practice covers a wide variety of issues and it is never the same day twice. But the majority of my clients are transgenders who have just had reassignment surgery.

I help them and they help me. It is an interesting and mutually beneficial arrangement.

I find it very ironic that most of my clients have cocks bigger then my husband and yet they will soon be gone and replaced by vagina’s.

You see in addition to being a sex therapist, I am a cuckolding wife. My husbands cock is so small it is laughable. He will never satisfy me with that pitiful little thing. So my huge transgendered clients Join us often for dinner and desert. We spend the entire evening laughing at his pitiful cock and preparing for a wonderful evening where I get filled with a real cock while he is made to watch and he is teased with what he will never be able to do as a real man.

He always ends up begging to watch, begging them to satisfy me because he loves me so much and I deserve to be happy. He grovels and humiliates himself knowing that he will never be half the man that these soon to be woman are.

It is a pitiful and perfect experience. And satisfies my deepest darkest desires and needs.

Call me for all of your phone sex therapy or cuckold phone sex needs!

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