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Naughty maid phone sex : Erotism With Gwen

Naughty maid phone sex

Naughty Maid phone sex with your roleplay lover Gwen is what you need right now. How would you like me to be the newest addition to your household staff? I think your wife hired me to seduce you. She has no time for your kinky needs. She much rather be at the club hitting tennis balls with her new instructor. No, I don’t think she is fucking him just yet. But once she knows I have your attention she will go for it.

Seems as if you both have a need for some young flesh. Personally, I love fucking men in their 60’s and above. You need a woman in her twenties who is old enough to understand your fetish of being the Buffett for you. The maid who has been laid out and made into a banana split Sunday is right here! 

Let your new maid Gwen be your sweet treat!

Erotic roleplaying gets me slicker than an oil spill. Dressing up as your made and becoming a feast for your eyes and cock has me tingling. Eat your dessert right off my body and savor my sweet flavor. Your tongue has me in a tizzy and squirming with every last lick! My mouth aches to clean you up after you have slipped your cock in my chocolate sauce pussy! 

I know you are dying to add your whipped topping as a glaze all over my body after you have had your fill. Just know that I am glad to suck every last drop of your cock nectar! Every man needs a maid who is a Hot sexy woman who loves sticky sweet roleplays.

Sexy Girlfriend Porn While You’re at Work

sexy girlfriend porn

I’m such an exhibitionist slut that loves making sexy girlfriend porn for you. I love recording when you fuck my throat and shooting home made movies when you bend your slutty girlfriend over and fuck me. But you know what I love the most? Showing you how much I love you and taking hot pictures for you while you’re not here to fuck me. It’s so fun teasing you with pictures of my tits and ass while you’re trying to work. I know it’s naughty but you always come home rock solid and force your cock into my waiting cunt.

Today I need you to come home and destroy my pussy after I’ve been teasing you with a sexy ass pic of me. Well, 5 pics and 3 videos. I got dressed up in the tiniest, sluttiest bikini I could find. It barely covered my nipples and my pussy lips were peeking out of the bottoms. And then I opened the camera. I took a video showing off every inch of my smoking hot body and blowing you a kiss.

Every picture and video gets nastier. Pictures of me squeezing my perky tits and spreading my fat ass so you could see my cunt. Then a sexy upskirt shot so that you could see all of this shaved wet pussy. It’s begging to have your cock inside. Fuck. Just sending these are making my pussy so fucking wet. Come Home soon Daddy, we miss you!!!

Sexy breasts were made for jerking cocks until they explode!

Sexy breasts You can find Sexy women masturbating to your filthy thoughts all over the web but what makes me the best is without a word from you I know exactly what to say to get your cock hosing down my Big tits. I am a horny nymphomaniac who lives for pleasure, whether I am on or off the phone, I am constantly masturbating…

For me to fall asleep at night I have to have my steel plug stretching my asshole and my vibrating bullet buried inside of my cunt.

I have orgasms even in dreamland! Just this morning I had woken up from a dream of my cunt being double penetrated by two irresistibly huge black cocks. My walls were rocking from the vibration of my sex toy, it was the perfect combination. When I woke up I dug my fingers in my wet cunt and smeared all my pussy resin all over my Sexy breasts.

I love the smell of my cunt! I like to wear the scent of my pussy as if it were perfume…

I wasn’t scheduled to log on today but I couldn’t help it.. after such a dream I needed to be pleasured, waiting on a horn-ball to come over wasn’t going to cut it. I needed someone right away, lucky for me as soon as my indicator switched to available within 5 minutes I had a horny pervert on the line ready to mutually masturbate.

The best part was that he was focused on making sure I orgasm before he shot his Biggest cum shot. He directed me to tuck a pillow beneath my ass so that my pussy would be levitating. I then dug my 8-inch dildo balls deep into my Hairy wet pussy and boy was he right, within seconds I was squirting. Exactly what I needed!

Sensual phone sex with Angela

sensual phone sex

It always amazes me how soaking wet I get from my naughty, sensual phone sex calls. I just spoke to the one guy who always makes my pretty, perfect cunt squirt. I had him stroking his rod for me while we discussed me getting seduced by my stepson. I told him every detail of the way he got on top of me first thing in the morning, while I was just barely awake. He started out so soft and sweet, kissing me while he slowly striped my clothes off. I thought it was a dream at first. I rubbed my cunnie as he kissed his way down my body starting from my lips, going over my tits and all the way down to my inner thighs. The way he was running his tongue around my nipples and then kissed down my belly made me tremble all over. My nipples were hard and my pussy was getting more and more wet by the second. He kissed up and down my thighs, brushing his tongue over my clit every now and then, making me beg for more. He held my hands down by my side, leaving me no choice but to grind my hips trying to meet his mouth with my wet cunt. When he finally started suckling my clit and working his tongue around it, I thought I was going to cum instantly! My body locked up and I wrapped my legs around his face, holding him in place to fuck me with his tongue. My eyes rolled back and I came so fucking hard that I was shaking! I woke up, suddenly realizing that it wasn’t a dream and who it was that just made me cum so hard. I wish I could say that I was upset or embarrassed but honestly, I just wanted him to fuck me. There is so much more that I could say but I’ll save it for our kinky call. Talk to you soon!

Mutual masturbation stories are meant to be shared

Mutual masturbation stories

            Mutual masturbation stories are meant to be shared. The best way to share them is with a personal touch over the phone. Next, we are meant to be masturbating at the same time as the story is being told. In fact, you need to be pull out your dick and start stroking it as I use my rose. Turning it on, letting it rub over my clitoris.   

            Voice lowers, eyes closing, bringing up the memory of the last time that I had a session of an exceptionally erotic session of the three of us. Let me start at the beginning.

            With attention to detail, he was rather large. About 10 inches. Using to fingers on his cock he started to play as I slipped a finger between my labia lips. Head falling back down onto the couch. Sliding down. Legs parting some more. Opening those up. Letting him see as I took the clit between my fingers and began to roll it back and forth.

            Looking through my lashes; I could see him getting harder as my fingers became wet with my own moisture. First one finger goes up inside. Then a second one follows. Thumb stroking over my clit. Moaning, shifting.

            Now, as your phone sex therapist I suggest you keep stroking as hard as I am pushing these fingers up into my pussy. Seeing how far I am able to get my fingers in and feel the walls of my vagina.

            He is stroking as fast as I am. Now picture your cock in the place of my fingers. Delving deeper, coming in from behind. Just picturing it has one hand moving up to cup a breast. Getting cum on a nipple. Making it glisten in the light.

            Finally, we need to cum at the same time. It heightens the experience. When you play, we will cum together.

Mature phone sex slut Angela

mature phone sexOnce again, this mature phone sex whore is fantasizing about my last call and rubbing my drenched cunt. I’m so horny and wet and can’t stop dreaming about getting fucked the way I deserve. I wish you were here to pack me full of cum! I need so bad to be bent over and have my cunnie filled by your fat, pulsing fuck rod! My pretty, pink pussy is nice and tight and would feel perfect wrapped around your dick while you pump a big load in me! My last caller had me shoving four fingers deep in my juicy fuck box and rubbing my clit with my thumb but it still wasn’t enough! He stopped me every time I got close to cumming and made me suck the pussy juice off of my fingers for him. He was driving me crazy, telling me all the things he was going to do to me and all the different positions he was going to have me in when he shoved his huge dick in me. He told me about how after he was finished fucking me, he would share my hot cunt with all of his friends while he watched. He said that he would bring over a stud with a huge cock and watch as he destroyed my holes and left them a cum soaked mess for him to lick clean. More than anything, he wanted to watch my beautiful cunnie get stretched open by a giant, monster cock that would pump so much cum into me, it would bulge out my belly and leak down my legs for days after! I’ve always been a cum crazed whore so the thought of being used and then turned over to a big dick stud to be used some more, has my cunt drenched! I’m ready for a kinky call so that you can make me cum over and over! 

I Love your Foot Fetishes As Much As You Do

foot fetishes

I know there are a lot of foot fetishes that can make your pervy cock rock hard. Tonight, I want you laying on the floor edging your cock to your beautiful girlfriend and her manicured piggies. These pretty polished toes make you so horny for me don’t they? And these deep arches. If I let you, you would be on your hands and knees licking and kissing the soles of my feet. Tonight, I’m going to let you.

After all I love your foot worship. But I have a special treat for you. I’ve just come back from a long run. It was so hot today and every part of me is sweaty. From my gorgeous face to my sexy legs. My feet will be so stinky from being in my hot sneakers, and you’re going to be the one to clean them up for me. You will take my shoes off more me. And then those sweat soaked socks. Put those dirty socks in your mouth like a good boy.

Prove how much you love my feet. Now massage my sore feet. Rub them until all the pain goes away. When you’re done with that, you can take out the socks and start sucking my toes instead. I want to feel your tongue on every inch of my feet. You need to make sure you clean all of the sweat from between my toes too. If you do a good job, we can have some more foot fun. I might even let you cum all over them.

Cuckold phone sex while ride other hard cock

Cuckold phone sex

I once had someone I called a husband, but now I have a bitch because of cuckold phone sex. He was always only capable of vanilla sex, and I was only wanting to get fucked like the whore that I am. So when he caught me in our bed with another cock all he did was sit down and cry like the little pansy that he is. By the 3rd time he saw me, he asked if this was how it would always be because he couldn’t give up a piece of arm candy like me. I said his tiny bitch clit did nothing for me and that he should eat other men’s jizz out of my cunt. So that’s what he started to do that day. We took our relationship deeper by him watching men go deep in my cunt, and he could stroke his cock if I agreed, but always afterward, he could eat jizz out of my cunt.

Naughty Teacher Farah Has a New Favorite Pet

naughty teacherNaughty teacher Farah rings in every new semester with a teacher’s pet. Sometimes, I even select a few. And I did this semester. My male pet does not need any tutoring in the pussy eating department. He proved himself more than worthy in that department. However, he does need some tutoring to maintain his athletic scholarship and keep playing baseball, which I am more than willing to do. Ricky comes from inner city LA. Avoided gangs getting into baseball.

His arm appears to be as golden as his tongue. Although I will never give a student a passing grade if they do not earn it. I will help them earn it with extra tutoring outside the classroom. Ricky appears to want to learn too. I only select pets who do. His issues are not his fault either. High school teachers passed him because he brought folks to high school baseball games, and he won his school three championships in a row. However, they never told him until it was too late that he had not really passed his classes.

I Love to Tutor Boys in Sex Ed and Other Subjects

Ricky appears to have a soft spot for mature women too. He calls me mamacita, which means hot mom in Spanish. I guess the equivalent of MILF in English, LOL. I am a phone sex mommy. Why not give the boy some mothering along with the hot sex and tutoring? So, he came by last night for a tutoring session. I decided to help him with his history and English courses too.

After tutoring, I rewarded him with pussy. I motivate boys with my cunt and ass. And my great oral skills. The right motivation works wonders on a boy’s ability to focus. After two hours studying, we fucked for four hours. He can eat pussy for a solid hour with no break needed. So, I am just as lucky this semester as him. Never has a boy his age licked me that long and appeared to enjoy every second of it too. But Ricky is an all star athlete and cunt licker.

Although I showed him my great blowjobs skills for about 30 minutes, the rest of the time we fucked. His arm may need iced after a 3-hour game, but his cock bounces back better than his arm. However, today, my legs still feel like Jell-O. So, he might be my favorite pet yet.

Gfe phone sex as real as it gets

What do you know about Gfe phone sex? This stands for girlfriend experience and it’s a call I’ve grown to love as it is sensual, mature, sweet, and sexy at the same time. As a phone sex therapist, sometimes, we need our clients to learn that it’s not about having all the women you can get, it’s about fighting to have a real girlfriend that you treat with kindness, love and respect. I am that girl for you.

We do get down and dirty. I’m a sucker for sucking cock but here, we get to know each other.  I genuinely am interested in being yours. For you to treat me like you’ve wanted to be able to treat someone. We can do whatever we need to to make sure the call feels 1000% like the real thing. You are my guy and I am your girl.  We can make love back at your place then turn over and wake up and do it again.  We can netflix and chill.

Maybe we can go to the store and you can see how I forget to put panties on and when I bend over in the aisle at home depot, I give you and maybe some of the other guys a show.  However, I am going home with you baby. When we go to dinner with your parents, I may just reach over and give you a handjob just to see if I can without you letting on what I’m doing.  You may have to scold me later when we get home, but that’s OK, I kind of like that!

It can go like this or completely different. I listen to what you want and we go from there.  That’s what the girlfriend experience is all about.   If you are looking for a mature phone sex option, definitely save my number boys!gfe phone sex