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Edgeplay phone sex

Edgeplay phone sexTeasing your thick Luscious cock with Edgeplay phone sex makes my tight little cunny throb with excitement. Are you fucking ready to blow your load all over My Newly married body? I know exactly how to work your juicy cock rubbing it all around my lips and rolling my tongue around and around the tip of your cock.Ill take my time with your cock sliding my tongue up and down your shaft until i get to your balls. Ill take my time going from your balls up your shaft. Sliding that thick juicy cock down my throat until I gag and choke. All  want to do is drain every drop of cum out of your balls.

Instead i start jerking your cock off looking deep into your eyes as i tell you – “I know you want to cum for me” As your breath starts to speed up Ill sensually ask you – “can you cum for me Daddy? ” just before you answer I place my luscious lips on yours sliding my thick wet tongue down your throat as i continue to stroke that glorious cock of your. I enjoy being a big fucking tease. I know every trick to drive you wild!Erotic roleplaying

Best Phone Sex Surprise for Me Meant Two College Cocks at Once

best phone sexGive yourself the best phone sex for Valentine’s Day. I have a theory about women like me. We take care of men better than wives or girlfriends. But I only take care of men with big cocks and stamina. Even in my personal life, I only want big cock. I married and divorced twice. First husband had a small cock. I was young and married for love. Second husband had a big cock. But as he got older that big cock became worthless to me because it could not get or stay hard enough to fuck me properly.

Now, I am single with lots of lovers to fuck. And they are all young and hung. Even though I am not married, I have had a busy week of young bucks wanting to fuck me for Valentine’s Day. However, all I need to do is schedule them. Sometimes, even a naughty teacher can encounter scheduling mishaps. So, two young frat boys showed up at my door today within minutes of each other. One had flowers. The other had chocolates. And both had stiff cocks for me too.

A Sexy MILF Always Prefers Younger Studs to Fuck

I apologized. But they did not care. Honestly, one of the reasons I like younger men. They never freak out about sharing a woman with a friend or a stranger. Coincidence. Both boys belong to the same frat. One boy is a freshman in my current Intro to Psych course. And the other is a senior in my advanced human sexuality course.  They laughed and said it would just be the first of many more girls they would share. But the freshman added that it would likely be the only time they shared a mature phone sex babe. That was likely a true statement.

But most mature women are not as liberal in the bedroom as I am. We did a coin toss to see who got my ass and pussy first. Since I fucked up the scheduling, we had plenty of time for them to bounce back and switch holes. Both boys enjoyed getting to know each other better, as a pledge and upperclassman. And I enjoyed getting pounded by two college boys at once. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

Edgeplay Phone Sex Sends Hard Cock Throbbing Back Home

Edgeplay phone sex is so fun to tease your cock. You are fuckin’ ready to blow your load all over my face. Yet, I know just how to work your cock, rubbin’ it against my cheek and making those little circles with my tongue around the head of my dick.

Edgeplay phone sexYou swear I could suck on a drain pipe and make it pulsate like crazy. Your balls are tight as fuck ’cause they know what’s comin’, but I never let you cum. I takes my time licking up and down the shaft, getting it nice and wet with your precum while I play with your full sac. Fuck yeah! That feels amazing!

Then I start jerkin’ you off while looking at you in the eyes – talk about dirty talk! “You wanna cum for me?” I ask in this sexy drawl that makes every hair on my body stand up straight. “Tell me you want it.” And before you can even answer, I slide that beautiful mouth of mine over the tip of your throbbing cock again…but only for a second before pulling back again.

I love being a fuckin’ tease. I know exactly how to drive you wild without ever letting you cum. I try not to beg, but when you start rubbin’ your cock against my cheek again and looks up at you with those seductive eyes. “Please, baby,” you groan out between clenched teeth. “Just let me cum in your mouth.”

But nope, I just smirk and keep on teasing your dick like it owe me money or somethin’. You run your tongue along the underside of the head, making sure every drop of precum gets sucked up before moving back down to lick around the base of your cock again. Fuck! It feels so good but also so frustrating as hell ’cause I know what comes next: more teasing until you are about ready to explode all over yourself.



Sensual Phone Sex Full of Temptations, an Affair and Passion

Another long day working in my Husbands office as his legal assistant turned into a sensual phone sex seduction. This client of my husbands was a rather bad man with the sexiest voice. As we were going over his case I just could not help but purr a little sultry comment.

As I just simply remarked on how terribly hot I found his voice. In seconds the two of us were starting to get a little off track on the case and more erotic. My mind was completely driven into how damned horny I was and I started to play with my pussy.

Getting wet and hot as I purred inquiring what sort of things he would do with me. In a sudden startling moment there was a buzz at the door and there he was on his cell phone still talking to me but right in front of me now.

Obviously I had no choice than to let Richard in. Upon locking the door behind him he was picking me up and taking me to my husbands office. On his leather couch he had me sprawled out as he slipped down my moist panties and started to lick my pussy.

Moaning in intense passion I was in no way going to deny myself the orgasm I was reaching. I pushed his head away and demanded he take me. I need that big fat black cock in my cunt and I needed him to pound me hard and fast.

It wasn’t but five minutes and the two of us where climaxing and collapsed in sweat and juices.

Sensual phone sex

Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sexHey there lover boy! I’m Loretta a spoiled cum thirsty house wife with a bit of a coke habit. My husband doesn’t know about my nose candy. He doesn’t do shit on his own including get his own clothes. So I keep my stash in his sock drawer. Shh it’ll be our little secret! I have plenty of dirty little secrets I keep from my husband. He has no clue that when he leaves for work his wife turns into a coke snorting cum guzzling whore. He has no clue how many boyfriends I have or that my favorite boy toy of them all is my dealer. He lets me snort coke off of his huge black cock and then shoves it hard in my ass. I have devoured his cock all over this mansion. I have my fun with my sissy boys as well. They get to watch as I fill my holes with big black cocks and once they are done with me my little cucks get a treat. To lick me clean of every drop of cum! Do you wanna be one of my many lovers or my good little sissy boy? The choice is always yours!Cuckold phone sex

Milf phone sex slut Angela

milf phone sex

Sexy, milf phone sex slut Angela wants to tell you about the kinky arrangement that I made with my pathetic cuck slut husband. If you’re a cuck whore that loves to eat big loads of salty nut cream from a freshly fucked cunnie then you’re going to love this story! My husband wanted to have a big party for the superbowl this year and watch all of the guys that work for him, pound out my sloppy, slutty fuck holes while the game played on the big screen in front of us. I agreed but only if he would wear my panties and let me feed him the cum from my swollen, cream stuffed cunt afterwards. We do shit like this all the time. He knows that his tiny, mini prick could never do anything for my tight, hot size queen cunt! Just a few minutes into the game, I was already on my hands and knees, surrounded by the fattest and thickest bbcs that you could imagine. They were dangling in front of my face, just waiting for me to start sucking on them and getting them hard. My sissy bitch husband was sitting off to the side. He was waiting for me to toss my panties over to him so that he could slide them on and rub his tiny dickie through them for me. He whimpered and watched as one of the guys slid those wet panties down and started rubbing the head of his dick up against my juicy cunnie. I could tell how thick his cock was just by how massive the head felt up against my hot pussy hole. I threw those panties over to my sissy cuck husband and told him to watch as I begged that stud to ruin my cunt with his giant, throbbing cock! I could barely catch my breath when that giant dick was pounding into me and that was just the first bbc that pumped me. I let them use me like a filthy gangbang, fuck doll but you’ll have to call me for all of the steamy details!

Edgeplay Phone Sex with Your Slutty Girlfriend Mercy

Save Your Cum During Edgeplay Phone Sex

Edgeplay phone sex is so much when you’re off at work. I’m at home, sexy and alone while you’re out working hard. I was making lunch and then I got an idea. Why not give you a little midday motivation? I took the thick cucumber from the fridge and set up my camera in the kitchen. I spread my legs and started teasing my cunt with the tip of that cucumber. My cunt soaked through my panties so I pulled them off. I fantasized about what you would do when you saw these slutty pictures of me.

Edgeplay phone sexSexy Women Masturbating Has You Pumping Your Cock at Work

I’ve caught you jerking off to sexy women masturbating. And I want you to see your girlfriend with her legs spread. Watch me push this cucumber into my cunt and rush to the bathroom to stroke your cock. Honestly, I don’t even want you to make it to the bathroom. I want you so horny for me that you can’t fucking take it. You just massage your cock through your pants, right there at work. Stroking hard and fast and hoping none of your coworkers notice that you’re edging your cock to me. But remember, it would be a waste of cum if you don’t come home and shoot your load inside of me. 

That’s why I’m on the kitchen counter now. That cucumber is spreading my shaved wet pussy so fucking wide. And I want you to watch me cum. Grabbing and massaging my tits while I try to push that green cock in deeper. Seeing something so much bigger than me slide into my pussy makes it so much fucking hotter. Pump that cock for me while you watch me cum. Watch me throw my head back and moan your name. Begging for you to get home and give me all the cum you’ve been storing for me.


Edgeplay phone sex with Cock sucking slut with Big tits Eden

Edgeplay phone sexI always have some hot edging games in mind that’ll have you ready to explode minutes into Edgeplay phone sex… of course, you won’t be allowed to cum until I say so. Provoking and Denial masturbation games are my all-time fav! Hearing you in desperation, as I make you sit on your hands after stroking your cock while continuously provoking you, is what drives me wild. Your cock belongs to me at this moment in time… Your main focus now should be making sure I orgasm before you reach climax.

The thought of my Big tits being wrapped tightly around your hard cock and me looking up at you like a naughty Cock sucking slut is always a good start. Wouldn’t you just love to oil my Sexy breasts up and feel them gliding up and down your dick while I drool all over the head of your cock? I know! Listen to my sensually sweet voice fill your ears with the most outlandish ideas. You won’t be able to hold back for too long, will you?  The sounds of my Sexy moaning noises mixed with the sloshing noises from me finger fucking my cunt will leave you feeling more desperate than ever.

My pussy is always drooling for some hot fun! Wrap the palm of your hand nice and tight around your cock and clench, don’t stroke… feel your precum ooze. I want you so worked up that you shoot the Biggest cum shot ever while we have Tease and denial phone sex.

Ass fetish – ass worship- ass eating for both of us!

Ass fetishWhen you have an intense ass fetish I’m your 911 emergency number to rid your cock of that ache. Let me tell you a little secret! I too worship at the temple of ass. Oh my, there is nothing like getting my face pressed in between some ass cheeks and using my tongue for a rim job! Men or women, it doesn’t phase me. Although a beauty with a booty such as I love to receive too!

Do you have an oral fixation on some beautiful ass cheeks and pink puckers? Imagine getting your face buried between this Goddess’s ass! All you have to do is ask.   

Ass fetish – ass worship- ass eating for both of us!

My ass squatting down over your tongue doing squats until you push me down on top of you is what I want to do right now. If you fuck with my perfect ass you might have a life-changing worship session. I know my body is a temple of pleasure and My mouth is great on the end of a cock, and I love to go and play with your booty hole too! 

I want you to worship my body like it’s your place of worship. Let’s explore each other’s tight little puckers and make each other cum from ass-eating. Let’s turn this ass fantasy into a sultry reality for me and you. You know you need a Hot sexy woman like me with a great ass to play with! 

Ass Fetish brings me to Miami

Ass fetishAss Fetish brings me to Miami for my birthday! My baby always tells me that three of my best assets are my eyes, my 1,000-watt smile, and my big tan ass. Unsurprisingly, he wants to take me to Miami Velvet for my birthday today. I know he wants to watch a big 9-inch dick of a stranger slide in and out of my ass. He thinks he is fooling me, but I know what he hungers for. He always comes back to me, because I will let him go anal crazy. 

But enough about Baby, I wonder what will make my pussy wet at Miami Velvet? Will it be the women licking each other’s clit? Will it be the strangers touching for the first time? Will it be the way I use my top two assets, my eyes, and my smile to look at a man and lick and suck the head of his beautiful cock while baby watches? To be determined………..

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