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Forced Crossdressing Cuckold

I had a date with this guy, he was pretty hot and fit, long hair and a great smile. I enjoyed looking at him, mostly. When we went back to my place for a night cap as they call it, things really took a turn for the hilarious. We were getting pretty heavy making out and when it came to that point and he took his pants off… well… I was far from impressed! I was completely disgusted he had the smallest cock ever! I was mortified then laughed at him and I could not stop. I told him I’m not up to lesbian sex tonight and that he really needed to start dressing the part as he has a clit, not a dick. I made him put on some panties and a pretty slip. I called one of my stud neighbors over and showed him a real man. Made him feel what a real cock feels like and hold it while I forced him to suck it. That’s what he gets for thinking he’s such hot shit it doesn’t matter that his cock was to pathetic to even consider as being pleasing to me. He was a joke of a man and I made him my bitch.

Forced crossdressing


Bedroom Tease

Sensual phone sexImagine walking into my room while I’m laying on my bed in my favorite white short-shorts and lavender bra doing it’s best to hold my tits in. Of course, at this point, you’re excited getting ready to crawl into my bed, but I hold up my hand to stop you. I instruct you to take off your pants, let me see your cock. I watch your pants fall to the floor and get up enough to lean over off my bed a little bit to inspect your cock. Not bad with you sporting a semi-hard at 6 inches at the moment, but I want to see if fully erect. Go on and stroke it for me. Licking my lips as you start to stroke up and down, eyes glued to me. Ooh, 8 whole inches that may actually be fun. I lean over blowing hot breath onto your cock. Of course, you are hardly paying attention to my words and only thinking about what it would be like to stick your cock between my tits. Am I right? Actually don’t answer that just keep stroking, I’ll just slip off my shorts and get a little more comfortable. Oh, you are dripping, but you can’t stop can you?

Two New Neighbors to Fuck

Naughty Neighbor Phone SexAs you know I have been scouring the neighborhood for some dick to ride until this town opens again. On my morning walk I saw a U-Haul unloading in front of a house down the street. I watched throughout the day to see if any women or children arrived and they never did. So, I cleaned up and headed down to give them a neighborly welcome. I rang the bell and they invited me in. They were nice and we talked a bit before they offered to take me on a tour of their house. When we got to one of the bedrooms I sat down on the bed, as they told me about the new mattress. I talked it up and soon they were sitting beside me. I then decided if I wanted any cock that I needed to make my move. I put my hand on one of their crotches and started rubbing it at the same time I turned to the other and drew him in for a passionate kiss. We continued kissing and rubbing as we removed our clothes and started fucking. We christened that new bed many times, but my favorite was when I was blowing the big fat cock of one of the guys while the other fucked my juicy pussy hole from behind. It was a great few hour of fucking and I thanked them for being great hosts as I winked and walked home, feeling the cum running out of my pussy and puddling in my panties with every step.

Mixing Buisness With Pleasure

     domination porn   Is it cool to fuck on my lunch break? I decided that I deserved a little more credit for what I was doing at the office. I’m just a secretary but I’ve heard some rumors that one of our ladies is banging the boss. That’s why she got to move up in management so quickly. As an attractive blond I’m sure that I could work my charms on the boss as well so after work one evening I went into his office. I had a low-cut shirt on and my titties were popping out of it. I closed the door behind me and I said mister Parker. What’s a girl gotta do to get a raise around here.  He turned around in his swivel chair and looked me up and down. ‘For starters you could take off your clothes’ he said the smile. I stripped down naked and one thing led to another. He had me bent over the desk in the office and I was moaning while he penetrated me with his large cock. Looks like I know how to fuck my way to the top.

Sexy Women Masturbating Under Quarantine

sexy women masturbatingSexy women masturbating for you on the phone is as good as it gets right now. I am off school indefinitely, so I am working the phones more than usual. I am also masturbating more than normal too. Most women diddle their kitties, but we usually prefer cock. When I can fuck a nice cock, I might only masturbate a couple times a day. Now, I masturbate just about every damn hour I am awake. I can’t get much dick. My town is a ghost town like I assume your town is too. My neighbor and I have been social distancing through our bedroom windows with some mutual masturbation. He jacks off for me and I rub my pussy. He is married. I am sure he wants to kill his wife by now. I can’t stand to be in a room with her for 5 minutes and he is stuck with her for several weeks. Can you relate?  Last night, I said fuck this social distancing crap. I needed dick. My neighbor has an above average cock, but it is no monster cock. When it has been a few weeks since my pussy had cock, I will settle for above average. My pussy felt like a virgin pussy again anyway lol. He snuck out after his wife went to bed and we had a quick, dirty fuck. OMG. It was amazing. It didn’t last long, but it felt good. I would never settle for a shrimp dick no matter how long I go without cock, but 7 inches is not small. Just average for me. And after a few weeks with no dick average did the trick. I came so hard.  I am hoping this quarantine shit is over soon because my pussy needs a big dick. I bet you need pussy too. If we going to be on lockdown, at least we can do it together and create some hot mutual masturbation stories.

Bust Down Tanisha

domination porn
I could fuck all night off some pills. One of my favorite wealthy clients decided to take me on his boat for a weekend getaway. He invited some of his friends and at first I thought it was just going to be a classy affair, but he had other plans. Once we were very far from the store out on the boat. Away from the mainland. The guests provided some drugs I had never seen before. Everyone took a pill. I didn’t want to seem like I wasn’t game so I obliged to take part in the drug party. It was a strong hallucigen which made my legs feel like Jell-O. Before I knew it I was on the bottom of the the boat. What happened next I’m not quite sure. I think I could remember vaguely three or more men climbing on top of me and some hard pressure down on my vagina. Once I came to, I realized that they ran a train on me and I had been drugged. I guess I was the main course that night.

Fantasy phone sex

Fantasy phone sexMy absolute favorite calls that get my pussy purring like a V8 engine are those Fantasy phone sex calls. They tell me what they want to hear for them to cum. I hear the kinkiest taboo fantasies Things that I would not even think would be a turn on I hear from these men’s lips and once they start speaking in my hear I can feel it deep in my pussy. I get so turned and wet by how rock hard their cock gets. That is just when I drop to my knees my eye begging for your big rod and my mouth wide open. I know you can not resist a slut like me no man can under my spell.

Teaching Great Blowjobs During a Pandemic

great blowjobsI can’t teach psychology right now, so I might as well teach great blowjobs. My college is out indefinitely. I am avoiding crowds, but one of my students texted me for some advice. She is still living local in hopes that the dorms open back up. I told her that I think it is unlikely school is returning. She is lonely. She tried to get some Tinder dates. She found a few, but they both told her she gives lousy head. She wanted cock sucking help. I thought to myself she must be awful for a guy to complain during a pandemic. I mean most men should feel lucky to even get head, bad or good right now. I told her to come over. I called up a young fuck buddy. He has a great cock and since he is a college boy, he is around now too. The guidelines for my community are no more than 5 people in a room. I just wanted a threesome. Me and two horny students. Marc is the teacher’s pet this semester, which was cut too early. I made sure he knew he could still fuck me until he went back home for the summer. Alex is my female student. She is a pretty girl but extremely shy. She was a nerd in high school. She never dated before college. I gave her a make over the first month of school and she blossomed. Boys love her. The problem is she lacks sexual skills. Since I am not teaching for a while, I thought I could do some home tutoring. Alex and Marc came over, and I showed her some cock sucking skills. She just needed to relax and watch. Marc was enjoying being the test subject. This naughty teacher got so turned on, I suggested a threesome. I mean we all three have lots of time on our hands. Fucking is a great way to pass the time. I suspect others agree. I predict my female student is going to become a great whore in two weeks, and that in 9 months we will see a baby boom.

Phone sex Mommy

phone sex mommy

Basketball practice has been cancelled for my step son. That means he is practicing at home a lot more than usual. I have been watching him practice every day. He takes his shirt off and I get to watch the sweat roll down his young ripped body. I know he has noticed me staring at him. He walks around without a shirt on to tease me. Every day, I will stand next to the window and watch him play as my panties start to get wet. I slide my hand up my skirt and start to rub my clit as I watch him. I will finger fuck my juicy milf cunt until I am soaked. Then I call him inside and tell him that I need help with something upstairs. He knows this means I’m going to suck his cock and let him fuck my brains out. Today, I let him bend me over the bathroom sink and fuck me hard from behind. He pulled my hair and stroked fast and deep. He made me cum all over his hard throbbing cock. He filled me with his hot creamy load. When his dad came home later I made him lick his sons cum out of my wet cunt.

His dick was worthless

best phone sexI met a new guy and I was so excited because he was a very wealthy man, good looking and loved to spoil me. But when I finally got him naked his dick was just too small for me to fuck at all. I was so upset! Here is this guy that could have been the total package and he has a dick barely the size of my thumb. He saw the disappointment in my face, clearly that was not the first time he had disappointed a woman. He made up for it tho, he said that he still wanted me to be his girlfriend and that I could fuck anyone I wanted as long as he could watch and clean up my pussy after. He was still going to spoil me rotten and I get to fuck any stud I wanted? I was in heaven! This is really the man of my dreams and I am going to have so much fun!

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