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Shaved wet pussy wants to be used

shaved wet pussy


My shaved wet pussy was begging for his cock so badly. He’s my neighbor’s husband, and he looks so fucking hot outside mowing his grass or working on his old muscle car. His wife thinks I’m just a very friendly neighbor because I’m always bringing him something to drink when I see him outside sweating.

As you know I’m a pretty big deal around here in my neighborhood. I make the wives think that I’m here watching out to make sure our neighborhood is safe, but in reality, I’m just trying to see how many of their husbands I can get to fuck the shit out of me when their wives aren’t home!

It’s really not that hard to do, honestly. All you have to do is be subtle, tease them, invite them over and let them in on your secret. They never turn me down. All of them think they’re the only one. They all think I only do this with them, and that I feel really bad about even doing it.

Little do they know though, I’m fucking several of my neighbors’ husbands, and even a few of their sons! Just because I’m a bit older, doesn’t mean that I don’t crave being fucked up against a wall every now and again. I’ve perfected sucking cock, I can get any man to cum with my mouth skills. There isn’t a man that I’ve met that I haven’t been able to get him to squirt his hot load all over my face.

What I really want to eventually do, is try and get into one of the wives’ beds. Turn her husband into a little cuck and have him watch me fuck her with a big strap on. Cuckold phone sex gets me really horny. Everything makes me horny now a days. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get that sexy neighbor of mine to come over and fuck me. But for now, I’m only a phone call away, lets cum together! 

I Made an Ass Sex Porn in the ER

ass sex pornI made an ass sex porn in a hospital! Still sort of in shock about it too. But I am a horny mature woman, and I will not let a little pain stand in my way when a big dick is present. I twisted my ankle while skateboarding. Although at my age, I have zero business being on a skateboard, I was hanging out with young college boys. Back in the day, I knew my way around a skateboard. But those days appear over, and I ended up in the ER.

The PA who treated me looked so good too. Young, handsome, smart with a huge boner in his scrubs. And I told myself that boner was for me. He recognized me. I guess over 10 years ago, he was one of my students when he went to college. He was never a teacher’s pet. Likely a student who just never caught my eye or needed my extra tutelage. But a naughty teacher can correct past mistakes. And I think it was a mistake for this man to never be on my radar.

Even When in Pain, I am Scoping Out the Younger Talent

After X-rays and treatment, we reminisced. And the more we talked, the more both of us appeared aroused. So, I told him that his hard cock in my ass might be the only thing to make me feel better. I was more embarrassed than anything. A woman in her 50s never needs to be on a skateboard. However, he liked the fact that I tried it. He told me it meant I was young at heart.

And that is true. As a sexy mature woman, I do not feel my age. And I love to fuck younger men too. So, I got on top of a hospital bed and let the PA fuck my ass. Although it did not last long, it felt intensely erotic. We did not have much time since we did fuck in a hospital bed in a busy ER room, LOL. But the risk of exhibitionist sex tuns me on. A quickie appeared all either of us needed. I left the hospital with a cane, my PA’s number and his cum dripping out of my ass.

Hot Sexy Woman Next Door

Hot sexy woman


Ever had a dream about that hot sexy woman next door? Wishing you could just walk over there one day, asking her for a cup of milk or a soda, and she invites you inside. Well that’s just what kind of neighbor I am. I’m always inviting my married neighbors over for a dinner night, or a pool party. I live in the South. Summertime is my favorite time of the year.

Pool parties, frilling and hanging out. Fucking my friend’s husband in my laundry room while everyone’s outside in the pool. You know, the normal things in life. Just last week in fact, I threw a pool party to ring in the summertime warmth. All my neighbors are pretty much in their mid to late 20’s. All have great paying jobs, mostly married.

We live just outside the city maybe 15 minutes, in a well-kept suburb. I’m pretty well known around here for everything I do for our community, but little do most wives know, I’m actually screwing their husbands behind their backs. I tell all the husbands they’re the only one, they can’t tell anyone about us or their wife would find out.

I’m literally the slut next door to almost everyone on my block and none of them know! Ha! I keep it very hush hush, I’m even sleeping with 2 wives, and their husbands, and neither of them know. You’re probably thinking, this woman is well into her 40’s. Well I just get sweeter with age, my pussy is as tight as ever, and my hunger for sexy phone chat is just as big as my hunger for sex. 


Phone sex mommy Angela

phone sex mommy

My step son is lucky to have such a kinky, phone sex mommy slut right at his fingertips. His dad works long hours and is out of town a lot so it’s just us at home most of the time. He gets to listen to me talking dirty on the phone every night and hear me moaning as I play with my pretty pussy. I was up all night talking to one of my favorite callers. I was riding on a thick 10 inch dildo and getting pretty loud. I knew that my stepson was up too, jerking his young dick and listening to me talk to men on the phone and play with my pussy. I teased him for a while, saying things like how I wished I had a hard dick to suck on right then and how I would do anything to be fucked. I was hoping he would get up the courage to come to my room and let me have my way with him but he never did. Instead, I got so horny and wet that I called him into the room with me and told him to pull his dick out and jerk it for me. The look on his face when he was stroking it as fast as he could and watching me circle my clit with my fingers was so fucking hot! I asked him if he’d ever eaten pussy before and of course he hadn’t so I had to let my sweet cunt be the first one he ever tasted! I told him to work his tongue up into my pretty pink pussy and get him a good taste of my sweet box! I grabbed a handful of his hair, held on to him and grinded my juicy cunt into his mouth! I made him keep jerking his dick for me and told him if he could last until after he made me cum then I would let him fuck me. Call me so I can tell you how that turned out… 

Shaved and Wet: My Beachside Adventure

 Shaved wet pussy

Mmm, nothing like a young buck with a talented tongue. That’s right, I said it—old school, right down to the T. We all know teenage boys are horny little devils, and guess who’s their favorite treat? That’s right, a sexy mature babe like me.

So, this cutie pie and I met at the beach, and let’s just say, our paths crossed for a reason. He was legal—barely—but who cares, right? His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree when I invited him over, and that’s exactly what we did. No time for pleasantries, I wanted that young cock, and he wanted to taste my sweet, mature pussy.

We got down to business, 69ing like pros. And let me tell you, this guy—phew!—his tongue was like a magic wand, sending shivers down my spine. He went down on me like a champ, making my toes curl and my eyes roll back. Apparently, some lucky cougar taught him well, ’cause this boy knew the pussy like the back of his hand.

I had to return the favor, and boy, was it a sight to behold. His cock was thick—not huge, but damn, it felt good in my mouth. I gave him a blowjob so good, he made my pussy squirt. Yeah, that’s right, he hit the spot like no other. We ended up going at it like rabbits, and you know what? I’m so glad I met this young stud.

Naughty neighbor phone sex has me coming over a trench coat.

          Naughty neighbor phone sex has me coming over in a trench coat. You never know though what is hidden under the coat. 😉That is right I got the big bobbies, teeny tiny waist and big bubble butt. All completely bare. Saunter into the house, knowing we are cucking my husband. Grasping your cock. Mm…that is a big dick to keep encased. We should let him out to play. Save a horse ride a cowboy. Do a little reverse cowgirl. As shown above it is thrilling. Role play is a form of entertainment between neighbors.

            Feeling the dick going up into the pussy. The juices seeping down along your dick, onto your balls. You know what these Sexy breasts are good for? They are like the reins of leading. Pinch them to elicit a response. Want me to ride you faster cowboy? Give them a twist to see what way I will turn.  Naughty neighbor phone sex            Riding you, thighs that are made of solid muscle. Riding you at gallop until knees buckle, legs feel like Jell-O, still I ride you. Holding you on the brink. Going to make you pop like warm champagne and still your naughty neighbor fucks you. Do you know why I do it? Because it’s wrong. It feels so good though. Making the porn together.

            Riding you all the way until I finally allow you to cum as I gush over you. Covering you. Soaking the both of us. To be sure it is a fun ride. Deep inside. You get to feel the explosion, the pulsating. The best porn is the one you make with your naughty neighbor.

A Shaved Wet Pussy Desires a Strong, Long Tongue

shaved wet pussyHe wanted to eat my shaved wet pussy. And I could not tell him no. Why would I? A sexy mature woman loves to have her pussy eaten. Hell, all women like that. I did not know the boy.  We met at the beach. He appeared to be legal age, but likely just barely. And I think he had a thing for older women. But that is not surprising. Most teenage boys want to fuck a mature babe.

As much as I wanted to just spread my legs and let him eat my cunt on the beach, I also did not want to get arrested for public indecency. So, I asked him if he wanted to come home with me. He told me he was 19 but rode his bike to the beach because he lives nearby. He attends a different college than the one I work at. But now he wants to transfer to be my naughty teacher pet.

I told him he could still be my pet. Since he did not drive, we put his bike in the back of my SUV and drove to my place. I wanted to see his cock. Although he was not as big as I hoped, he did appear thick. And girth makes up for length inside a mature pussy. We got into the 69 position and his oral skills blew me away. Some other mature woman taught this boy how to eat pussy like a champ.

I Love a Young Buck with a Strong Tongue

My legs wrapped around his back pushing his face deeper inside my pussy. His cock went deeper in my mouth when I did that. I almost gagged. His cock felt like a coke can in my mouth. He made my pussy squirt, and few boys know how to do that. So, I owe thanks to the mature phone sex babe who gave this lad his cunt licking skills.

When we fucked, I squirted even more. He blew a huge load in my pussy leaving us both drenched and tired. I felt like such a naughty milf when I drove him home. Not sure he was in college, but we both had a great cum, so I will not worry too much about it. It was just a hot random sexual encounter. And sometimes those are the best.

Mature phone sex with yours truly

Mature phone sex

I’d love to dive into some mature phone sex and show you the experience that I’ve mastered. I love some good, naughty roleplays that you have never tried before. I’ll be the one in charge as you submit to my every intoxicating word. I know exactly what I want and how I want it done. Do you really think you can handle me?

                I want you to come into my office, but completely relaxed and ready to take in everything you hear and might feel. I sit across from you and as you stare at me, I start to unbutton my shirt, so my tits are fully exposed. I look down and see your dick bulge out through your pants, and I know you are beginning to get aroused. I’m ready to take things further.

                I start to use some neutral trigger phrases that can make any man drool when I say them, and I have you right where I want you. I stand up and go over to the couch and lay down and ask you to show me the best you got. You spread my legs open wide and pull my panties to the side. You put your thumb on my clitty and start rubbing, as you start licking my pussy lips at the same time. My legs start to shake, and my eyes roll in the back of my head. I clench my fists as the wave goes through my body.

                I moan and can’t keep my body still as cum flows out of my tight little pussy. After that, you know I’m a sexy little bitch. I know you are hooked, and I have you wrapped around my finger and you’ll be coming back for more.

Fantasy Phone Sex

Fantasy phone sex makes my pussy so wet!  I am a sexy babe with a hot wet shaved pussy.

fantasy phone sex

I have small boobs that are just right. My sexy breasts will fit in your mouth perfectly. My perky little nipples are just begging to be sucked. You know what they say about small breasts, all you need is a mouthful.  My pussy I so sweet, I will wrap my sexy legs around you while you put your dick inside me. I am a hot sexy woman with no limits or boundaries. I will try anything and do anything. I love roleplay and ageplay. I love being the helpless little one or the hot accomplice. It’s up to you, it all makes my pussy wet.

Milf phone sex slut Angela

milf phone sex

I just have my milf phone sex slut pussy drilled and filled by the hot guy next door! He came over, knocked on the door and took what he wanted. My cunt is still tingling and dripping with his jizz and I can’t think about anything other than thow good it felt when he was brutally fucking me. I’ll be sore for days after the pounding he gave me. I deserved it after the way I’ve been teasing him since he moved in a few months back. I’ve been driving him crazy every chance that I can, from flashing my tits at him when he’s mowing his lawn, to leaving my windows wide open at night. I know he’s seen me watching porn and riding a big dildo on more than one occasion. I’ve seen him jerk his cock to the sight of me fucking myself with a big dildo or fingering my cunnie while watching some kinky porn. Tonight, I guess he finally had enough of being teased through the window because he stopped watching me and came over instead. When I answered the door, he walked right in and pulled his big dick out without saying a word. I got on my knees, looked up at him while that massive, thick fuck rod dangled in my face and opened my mouth to take it. I licked and sucked the head first and then slowly made my way down, taking his shaft deep into my throat. While he was holding me by the hair and fucking my mouth, all I could do was reach up with one hand to caress his balls and reach down with my other hand to finger my wet cunt. I was so fucking wet and horny! I thought he would just bust a thick, creamy nut in my mouth and leave but instead, he told me to stand up and bend over for him. I was so wet that his cock slid right in. He grabbed a handful of my hair and started pumping into me, fucking me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before. I’m a little sore and I have big globs of his jizz leaking out of my cunnie but I’m still tempted to call him over for another round. Maybe you can make me cum and either change my mind or talk me into inviting him back over!