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Exhibitionist Slut Farah Flaunts Her Body To Teen Boys

exhibitionist slutI am an exhibitionist slut. Maybe you wished I was your neighbor. My neighbor’s son returned from college last month. And this sexy milf greeted him properly. We play games when he comes home. I ring his doorbell and just put my tits up to the Ring so he can see my nice boobs. He’s a tit man. But he thinks my boobs look perfect. Not too small and not too big.  Just right.

And I think his cock fits perfectly between my breasts and inside my cunt. Anytime I want to fuck him, I simply flash him outside and either he comes over to fuck me or I fuck him at his place. His parents seem to rarely be around. Not a problem for me. Gives me more access to junior.

I Love Showing My Sexy Body to Younger Men

He came over last night and did not leave until this morning. We started with him titty fucking my sexy breasts. He enjoys giving me an old-fashioned pearl necklace. I let him come quickly the first time because his rebound time seems impressive even for a young stud. When you fuck younger men, the key is to let them cum quickly the first time. They last forever on round two. Adam fucked me in all sorts of positions. Because I do yoga daily, I can get into quite a few positions.

We even ass fucked. I love a hard cock in my ass. And I have for years. But Adam’s cock fits me perfectly. Although I am not submissive, I do let him fuck me hard. At my age, I can handle a hardcore ass fuck. I am not even sore today. But Adam told me his cock appears a little raw. That’s because my ass feels that tight on a dick. And we did fuck so long I felt like an ass sex porn star. Going to be a great summer with Adam right next door to me.

Naughty Teacher Fucks a Student All Weekend While Watching the Olympics

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher got wrapped up in the Summer Olympics. One of my former students is on the gymnastics team this year, and I am excited for her. We’ve stayed in touch since she graduated and became an Olympian athlete.  Since I needed to travel for a destination wedding this past weekend, I took one of my current summer school students. Pete loves fucking his hot teacher. And I figured out of town we could fuck our brains out and be seen out in public together without the risk of a colleague seeing me.

When I checked into our hotel, I found out the wedding got postponed last minute because the groom caught Covid. But I told my frat boy lover we should stay, watch the Olympics and fuck all weekend long. And he agreed. I mean this naughty teacher could go out with her boy toy lover and not care about being seen. My colleagues do not need to know about my pets. So, this provided me with the perfect opportunity not to worry.

If Fucking Becomes an Olympic Sport, Count Me In

However, we got so caught up fucking and watching the Olympics that we never left the hotel. Room service and Uber Eats kept us eating. And I brought some booze with me. Our hotel room was great too. I never get to spend the night often with one of my students, but I spent three days in bed with Pete last weekend. Since we could not fuck 24/7, we watched the Olympics from our hotel room while we fueled up for the next round. He wanted to watch too because a few folks competing graduated from or still attend our university.

But I really enjoyed sucking his cock while watching Team USA compete against different countries. Provided us with all the entertainment we needed besides each other. I rode him reverse cowgirl during the gymnastic portion of the Olympics. I think the Olympics inspired this naughty teacher to fuck better. But I mean I showed off my best movies. Even broke out moves I did not know I had.

If fucking ever becomes an Olympic sport, I think I might win. I got my body in all sorts of contorted poses to fuck my young buck. He could not believe some of my moves. I drained his balls more in three days he said then all the girls he has fucked since he lost his virginity combined. We enjoyed a wonderful long weekend in bed. And the Olympics provided inspiration.

naughty teacher

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy Saves Marriages

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex therapy helps you navigate your relationship and can often save marriages. In my private practice, I see cuckolds almost every day. And I do not see it as a sexual dysfunction. But then I am not a traditional therapist. I am a sex therapist. I specialize in what my clinical profession dubs sexual dysfunction. However, the way I see it, I do not believe anything in the bedroom is dysfunctional if it works for you and your partner.

And many men understand that they sport useless cocks, and their wives need sexual pleasure the older they get. A smart man steps aside and lets his wife take lovers. And a smart man calls me for phone sex therapy too. I want to help you save your marriage. If you visit me in my home office, or you call me, you have made the first step. You understand that your marriage seems problematic, and you want help to save it.

But not all men come to me for help. At least not the help I think they need. Ted and Eileen have been married 30 years. That’s a long time by today’s standards. My two marriages combined never lasted that long. But then my husbands did not want to be cuckolds. And neither does Ted. However, his wife of 30 years seems extremely unhappy. I asked her about the last time her husband gave her an orgasm. And she admitted never. His face turned beat red when he realized his wife never came. That can be a hard pill to swallow for some men.

Let Cuckold Therapy Save Your Marriage

Now part of the blame falls on Eileen for faking it. However, she should have told her husband how to make her cum. But sadly, many women do not even know how to make themselves cum. Both needed me as their phone sex therapist. So, I ate her pussy in front of her husband to make her cum. I knew I could too. But I also used a large strapon to fuck her with and she came again. Ted realized his cock underwhelms his wife. And he admitted how turned on he was seeing me pleasure his wife. Baby steps.

On their next visit, I will have surrogate lover fuck Eileen. This way, Ted sees what a young lover can do for his sexy wife. But all wives deserve orgasms. And if you cannot make your wife cum, let someone else step in and do it for you.

MILF Phone Sex Sluts Teach Young Men How to Be Good Lovers

milf phone sexMILF phone sex sluts score easily with younger men. All I need to do is smile at a young man and his cock gets hard. As a mature woman, I fuck younger men almost exclusively. And I sometimes need to beat the young lads off with a stick. Yes, many young boys feel compelled to fuck me. They become attracted to my experience and confidence. My days of living as an inexperienced woman all about pleasing others have ended. Now, I am all about you pleasuring me.

Sometimes, I need to be a dominant woman with you a young stud. James and hooked up after a community party on my block. His parents live on my block. So, he grew up in front of my eyes. However, I never paid him much attention until recently. But I guess he grew up in all the right places. Since he leaves for college in August, I decided to make him my summer project. He needs a mature sexy babe to teach him.

Young Men Need Mature Women

The first time we fucked, he barely knew what went where. And he had no concept of foreplay. Even though my pussy gets wet when a cute boy smiles at me, foreplay you should never skip. But foreplay helps you enjoy the main course longer and better. So, when he came back for more pussy, I denied him. Made him beg for my mature cunt and ass. But before I would suck his cock, I ordered him to eat my pussy. And he needed my direction. He had no clue how to pleasure a woman.

But I enjoy helping young men become good lovers for mature women. And every young lad needs to know his way around a shaved wet pussy. I take pride in turning boys into the kind of men women want. And I saw potential in James. A strapping lad with a big cock will get nowhere with women if he cannot make them cum. But I accomplished my goal with James.  He now knows how to eat pussy. So, all I have left to work on is his stamina. And we have all summer to whip him into shape.


Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks Only

great blowjobsGreat blowjobs require a great cock. And I will say that until I am blue in the face. It’s true. Mature sexy women do not blow small dicks. Nothing goes in my mouth unless it’s at least 8-inches. So, I pick my playmates and my teacher’s pets wisely. And there are clues to tell if a man possesses a big cock. In my experience, the more boisterous a man is, the smaller his dick. Jack asses who brag about a big dick and all the possessions they have usually have the smallest cocks.

I like my guys shy, maybe inexperienced. Not virgins necessarily, but boys who have only banged teenage girls. Those are the guys who need me most. Mature phone sex women can teach them things. Important things too like stamina and making a woman cum. Both important life skills. As a naughty professor, I enrich their minds, and service their great cocks. My type? A young man with a big brain and a bigger cock.

Being Hot for Teacher Cums with Perks

Sam fits the bill too. A socially awkward boy who is hot for teacher. The first time I blew his 10-inch cock he spewed his seed down my throat in 30 seconds or less. And he felt embarrassed. However, I helped him last. We still fuck, but the first few weeks I needed to edge him and teach him mind control. Our minds are very powerful. So, we can train our cocks with our minds. But it takes patience and dedication.

Sam wants to last with me. He wants to last with his cock in my pussy, mouth and ass. Now, thanks to my tutelage, he can. In fact, he can fuck me for hours with only a few weeks of my expertise. Sam appeared eager to please this naughty teacher, so I took him under my wing. One of the perks of summer school is all the young socially awkward boys I need to train. Perhaps, I can edge you and shape you into a good lay too.

Ass Sex Porn Makes Young Men Want to Fuck Mature Women in the Ass

ass sex pornDo you like ass sex porn? I love watching it and making it. Younger men all love anal sex. Perhaps, that is because most of the porn today includes hardcore anal clips. I never even tried anal sex until I was in my 20s. It happened accidentally. We had too much to drink and he had the wrong hole, LOL. But I have been an anal whore ever since.

One of my boys of summer loves anal sex videos. However, he never fucked a girl in the ass before. So, I told him that he could fuck my ass. I love teaching boys more than just psychology. Sex Education needs taught to young guys too. It is how they learn to please mature women like me as they get older.

Since this student harbors a strong ass fetish, I figure no body better to teach him the joys of ass sex than me. When I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass last night he got so excited. Perhaps, in his mind he thought he won the lottery. And I guess to a young man obsessed with anal sex, he did win the lottery. Schoolgirls and coeds do not think the same way about anal sex as mature women.

This Dirty Teacher Loves Hot Ass Sex

I sucked his young cock first to get it hard, but I really did not need to give him head. When I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass, he just got super hard. After I slobbered on his hard dick, I oiled it up and asked him if he had thought about a position. He wanted me on top. The boy had put thought into it. And I made his ass sex fantasies a reality.

Since I am his naughty teacher too, I instructed him how to pleasure my pussy as he fucked my ass. We both came so hard. And he left me with a huge anal creampie. But I suspect we will ass fuck a lot more. My ass hurts so good now.

Hot Sexy Woman Farah Enjoys Being a Three-Hole Whore

hot sexy womanWhen you are a hot sexy woman, you have your pick of younger guys. Older me do not ever ask me out. But men half my age, love me. And since I am teaching summer school this year, I have a selection of horny boys hot for teacher. I passed on teaching last summer. Why I am not sure. I think I wanted zero responsibility, but summer school gives me an entire class of horny boys to fuck. So, I am juggling lots of balls. And I do not mean metaphorical balls either. Young cum filled balls.

And last night I had three college boys over. I did not schedule properly, and they all ended up arriving close together. But they did not mind sharing their naughty teacher. I apologized but they did not seem to care. They knew each other from class. Now, they know each other better, LOL. Young men take direction very well. In fact, I think they want a mature sexy woman to guide them and take control. So, we played a game of musical holes.

I Enjoy Being a Three Hole Whore

I am a multi-talented woman. A triple threat too. Brains, beauty and sexual prowess. I took turns blowing the boys. All three nicely hung too. Well-groomed men. Young guys manscape so that makes giving head much better. All three young lads commented on how well I could deep throat. Never met a cock that I could not take balls deep. Since I wanted to show off for the boys, I tried to cram all three of their cocks in my mouth at once. Perhaps, I bit off more than I could chew doing that.

But they seemed to appreciate me even attempting it. But when it came time to fuck, I felt like a sexy girlfriend porn star with a cock in each hole. They all came together, making me look like a porn star too. Turned out my scheduling snafu worked out for us all. Been a long time since I had three cocks in me at once. But I will not let too much time slip by before doing it again. I am a natural three-hole whore.

Naughty Teacher Farah Turns Boys into Good Cunt Slaves

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher decided to teach summer school this year. Every other summer I usually take some summer school classes. Not only does it pay well to teach summer school, but it exposes me to new young studs. The class size is smaller too, so I can really get to know my students well if I want to.

This class has 12 boys and 7 girls, and I like that ratio. Perhaps, boys have heard rumors about the hot mature teacher who likes to seduce her students, or there are just more boys who need summer school than girls. I do not care what the reason is because I have 12 young studs to get to know over the next month and a half.

Zach is my first pet of the summer school class. He plays football for my college and needs a lot of extra help to get his GPA up so he can play in the fall. He needs an A or B in my class. And I plan on helping him. But he needs to help this sexy mature phone sex babe too. And so far, he has proven he is a better cunt licker than a student. Zach has ADHD. However, when he eats pussy, he stays focused. His oral skills impress me. But I will work on his schoolwork too.

A Sexy Mature Babe Loves to Turn Boys into Good Pussy Eaters

When I take on a teacher’s pet, not only do I fine tune their sex skills, but I also help expand their minds too. No student passes my class just because they can eat pussy. Although I appreciate a good pussy eater, all boys, even the athletes, need to learn also. But my pussy and sexy body present young minds with the incentive they need to learn. So, this summer, I will teach Zach how to be a good lover. But I will also teach him how to be an A student too. This sexy babe enjoys enriching minds and creating good lovers for other women.

I Made an Ass Sex Porn in the ER

ass sex pornI made an ass sex porn in a hospital! Still sort of in shock about it too. But I am a horny mature woman, and I will not let a little pain stand in my way when a big dick is present. I twisted my ankle while skateboarding. Although at my age, I have zero business being on a skateboard, I was hanging out with young college boys. Back in the day, I knew my way around a skateboard. But those days appear over, and I ended up in the ER.

The PA who treated me looked so good too. Young, handsome, smart with a huge boner in his scrubs. And I told myself that boner was for me. He recognized me. I guess over 10 years ago, he was one of my students when he went to college. He was never a teacher’s pet. Likely a student who just never caught my eye or needed my extra tutelage. But a naughty teacher can correct past mistakes. And I think it was a mistake for this man to never be on my radar.

Even When in Pain, I am Scoping Out the Younger Talent

After X-rays and treatment, we reminisced. And the more we talked, the more both of us appeared aroused. So, I told him that his hard cock in my ass might be the only thing to make me feel better. I was more embarrassed than anything. A woman in her 50s never needs to be on a skateboard. However, he liked the fact that I tried it. He told me it meant I was young at heart.

And that is true. As a sexy mature woman, I do not feel my age. And I love to fuck younger men too. So, I got on top of a hospital bed and let the PA fuck my ass. Although it did not last long, it felt intensely erotic. We did not have much time since we did fuck in a hospital bed in a busy ER room, LOL. But the risk of exhibitionist sex tuns me on. A quickie appeared all either of us needed. I left the hospital with a cane, my PA’s number and his cum dripping out of my ass.

A Shaved Wet Pussy Desires a Strong, Long Tongue

shaved wet pussyHe wanted to eat my shaved wet pussy. And I could not tell him no. Why would I? A sexy mature woman loves to have her pussy eaten. Hell, all women like that. I did not know the boy.  We met at the beach. He appeared to be legal age, but likely just barely. And I think he had a thing for older women. But that is not surprising. Most teenage boys want to fuck a mature babe.

As much as I wanted to just spread my legs and let him eat my cunt on the beach, I also did not want to get arrested for public indecency. So, I asked him if he wanted to come home with me. He told me he was 19 but rode his bike to the beach because he lives nearby. He attends a different college than the one I work at. But now he wants to transfer to be my naughty teacher pet.

I told him he could still be my pet. Since he did not drive, we put his bike in the back of my SUV and drove to my place. I wanted to see his cock. Although he was not as big as I hoped, he did appear thick. And girth makes up for length inside a mature pussy. We got into the 69 position and his oral skills blew me away. Some other mature woman taught this boy how to eat pussy like a champ.

I Love a Young Buck with a Strong Tongue

My legs wrapped around his back pushing his face deeper inside my pussy. His cock went deeper in my mouth when I did that. I almost gagged. His cock felt like a coke can in my mouth. He made my pussy squirt, and few boys know how to do that. So, I owe thanks to the mature phone sex babe who gave this lad his cunt licking skills.

When we fucked, I squirted even more. He blew a huge load in my pussy leaving us both drenched and tired. I felt like such a naughty milf when I drove him home. Not sure he was in college, but we both had a great cum, so I will not worry too much about it. It was just a hot random sexual encounter. And sometimes those are the best.