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Exhibitionist Sex Slut Farah Catches Young Boys Like Moths to a Flame

exhibitionist sexA mature exhibitionist sex slut ages like fine wine. Some folks think I expose my body because I need the validation of others. However, that would be a false assumption. I just like the attention. But I am a confident sexy woman. I flash my nude body to neighbors when I feel extra horny and need some dick. And I always need dick.

Although I don’t often date men my age, I still let them admire my body. Perhaps I provide them with some jackoff material. Men my age either think that I am too old for them, or they have too many dick issues for me. So, my sweet spot is college boys. And as a naughty teacher and a naughty neighbor, I attract those young studs like moths to a flame with my naked body. College boys possess hard cocks that always work. They lack the baggage men my age possess. And they appear horny all the time. They do not want to get married. College boys just wanna have fun. And so, do I.

Mature Sexy Women Flaunt What They Got

Jared lives next door. So do his parents, but they were not home when I went outside naked yesterday. When Jared still ran around in diapers, I fucked his daddy. However, now daddy’s dick no longer works at hello. And forget a second fuck. So now, I focus my attention on junior. Although I was not positive Jared would take the bait, I did like my odds. Of course, he took my bait. I hooked him showing off my sexy tits, pussy and legs. He came over with his cock already hard. However, no matter how hard a cock appears, I can always make it harder.

Once inside my house, I went to my knees and used my terrific head skills to pump that young cock up even more. And I swear it grew another few inches because I give great head. Jared out fucked his daddy. This young stud bounced back to fuck me for more times. In less than half a day, he came 5 times. Must men my age cannot cum that much in a week. Mature phone sex babes need those young cocks. And lucky for us they need mature pussy.

A Shaved Wet Pussy on a Mature Sexy Woman Surprises Young Men

shaved wet pussyYounger men love my shaved wet pussy. They expect that I might sport a hairy beaver at my age. So, when they get to eat a smooth pussy, they act excited. Tony picked me up at my local coffee house. Although he does not go to my college, he is a college boy. Barely 19 with not much game. But his interest in me piqued my interest in him. Even though he is not one of my selected pets this semester, I still fucked him.

Younger men love me. They gravitate towards me like a moth to a flame. Perhaps it is my sexy body, or my bubbly personality, or maybe it is just my experience. Boys love a sexy milf phone sex babe. They always will too. And I never mind being Mrs. Robinson to any young man. So, when Tony hit on me, I was not surprised. In fact, I hit on him back. And I think that shocked him. Since his shift appeared to be ending, I waited for him and took him home. I only live 3 blocks from the coffee shop.

I Never Mind Being Mrs. Robinson to a Younger Guy

He admitted his month long crush on me since he started working at the coffee shop. We both knew we were going to my house to fuck. I could see the eager bulge in his pants, and I felt hopeful that he had what I needed. And boy did he. Much bigger cock than I expected. He did need some guidance, but he turned out to be a quick study. I showed him just how to finger and eat my bald pussy. And I surprised him when I wanted to suck his throbbing cock while he ate my pussy. Mature women can multitask.

We fucked for hours before he came thanks to some edgeplay phone sex techniques. But when he came, it felt like a volcano exploded inside my pussy. Watching me eat his cum out of my pussy made him hard again. Been a long time since I woke up with a sore pussy. Since Tony works at the coffee shop, I frequent every morning, I know I will see him again soon.

Erotic Roleplaying in the Bedroom Leads to Kinky Fun at Glory Holes

erotic roleplayingI love erotic roleplaying on the phone and in the bedroom. Most of my callers want fetish type calls like small cock humiliation, femboy training and cuckolding. And of course, as a professor, I get my share of dirty teacher scenarios too. However, in my personal life, I get young bucks wanting to play out all sorts of wild fantasies. And sometimes, I take the fantasy out of the bedroom and make it a reality.

Recently, I met Adam at the gym. Younger guy, post college age, not married but told me he was bi curious. Although I do not often fuck bi guys, Adam seemed special. He does not act or look gay. He does not appear to be overcompensating for anything. Big cock. And it works too. He just likes to fuck sexy chicks who can handle big dick. But he has glory hole fantasies. He likes the idea of not knowing who is sucking his big dick on the other side of the wall. So, I decided to take him to a glory hole last night.

However, Adam would not be the bottom bitch. Never the bottom. His cock appears too big for that. Now a big dick does not mean a guy will not go bottoms up, but like I mentioned, Adam acts like a dominant, confident alpha male. He just wanted to experience a tight ass and a male blowjob. The glory hole I took him too had different size holes to accommodate different cock sizes.

Sometimes I Help Guys Get Cock Too

He required the extra-large hole. Did I mention his cock appears as thick as a coke bottle too? I think he turned out to be the favorite cock at the glory hole last night. He came like 6 times in 4 hours. Mouths just kept sucking his big dick. However, he wanted to fuck a tight ass too. Although I was not confident that he could muster another orgasm, he did. He surprised me.

I knocked on the wall, and this little beta bitch boy faggot open the door and his asshole. I filmed an ass sex porn between a beta boy and my alpha male lover. Not sure if Adam got that bi curiosity out of his system, or if it made his fetish stronger after fucking a tight male ass. Either way, I am in it with him. I love watching his huge cock in action.

This Sexy Ass Pic a Student Snapped After We Fucked

sexy ass picMy lover took this sexy ass pic of me Sunday. We drove up the coast and got a Vrbo for the weekend. He is my pet this semester. I have tenure, so I do not worry too much about fucking my students. However, I still try to be discreet. No need to take unnecessary chances. So, when I want to spend a weekend with a student, I go up the coast where the chances of seeing someone I know are fewer.

Charlie does not need to be the teacher’s pet. But he wants to be. In fact, I selected another male student for the honors this semester. But Charlie came on to me. He knew my reputation as a naughty teacher. As a former valedictorian of his high school class, and twice nominated to the dean’s list at my college, he does not need my assistance or help with his grades. However, he does need my help with his big cock. He flopped it on my oak desk once during my office hours and I almost fainted.

This Sexy Teacher Loves To Fuck Her Hung Students

In that moment, I decided he should be my pet. As a mature sexy woman, I need big cock, especially big, young cock. And we fuck a lot, but nothing but quickies. So, I invited him to spend the weekend with me in Malibu. The first day, I rented us a boat. This student comes from money, so he knew his way around a boat. I joked that he could steer the boat with his cock like Tommy Lee.

Even at his age, he understood the reference. We went out far enough to fuck and swim in the ocean naked. Always a risk of sharks that far out, but we did stay in the water long. We just cooled off and got back in the boat to fuck. The last day it rained, so we stayed in the Vrbo condo and fucked. I let him take a bunch of sexy pics of me for blogs. He thinks they are for his spank bank and my memory. But I am an exhibitionist sex slut. I want you all to see my sexy body too.

I hated to return home and go back to teaching yesterday. My mature pussy needs that boy’s big hard cock all the time. I’d rather be fucking him than working any day. Of course, who among us would rather work than fuck, right?

Mature Phone Sex Babes Appreciate Young Men with Hard Cocks

mature phone sexMature phone sex women love younger men. The older I get the better appreciation I have for young hard cock. I broke a rule of mine the other night. Although I do not have many rules for my sex life, I rarely date men my age or older. Not that I do not appreciate a handsome older man with intelligence and wit, but often even the best looking older men experience dick issues.

I told myself that I would not date a man my age again after two failed marriages and several disastrous dates with men in their 40s and 50s. But Sam checked off every box. Rich, handsome, smart and fun. Plus, a huge cock. I met him at a lecture I attended at another university. He attended too. We had instant chemistry, so I agreed to go out with him. We had a wonderful date.

Mature Sexy Women Appreciate Young Studs with Hard Cocks and Great Stamina

And when we got naked, I saw an amazing cock. But what good is a big cock if it cannot hold an erection. Although I was nice about, he got mean spirited and blamed me. I give great blowjobs. So, I did not believe the problem was me. But he got even meaner when I suggested Viagra. Since I am a dominant woman, I do not let men speak to me like he did. I put my clothes back on and left.

But on the way out, I passed his son coming home. And small world. The boy attends my college and I had him in one of my classes last year. Although he was never my pet, I figured better late than never. We chit chatted and I saw the look he gave me, so I took him home with me that night. But I did not return him until today, three days after my date with his daddy.

Oh, that boy has his father’s cock size, but his cock worked. We fucked in every position conceivable. Honestly, I think we went through the entire Kama Sutra. That boy’s cock stayed stiff as a board even after he shot his wad in my pussy. This naughty teacher picked the wrong student that semester. However, I picked the right member of his family to spend the weekend in bed with.

Sexy Babe Farah Eats Pussy Too and Loves It

sexy babeThis sexy babe went out of town for the weekend. The nice thing about my phone job is that I can do it from anywhere. Sometimes a girl just needs a little time away and fresh scenery. Although I am still in California, I drove down the coast, rented a condo on the beach and decided to see what kind of trouble I could get myself into.

Plenty of fish where I am at, young and mature. But with all the hot guys around, I could not settle on just one or even two for the night, so I hooked up with a woman instead. Smart women like pussy too. As a naughty teacher, I know my way around a pussy. Even when I was a coed in the 80s, I played with my sorority sisters. If we could not find a suitable male for the evening, we ate each other’s pussies instead.

Smart Women Love to Eat Pussy Too

Sarah hit on me first. I met her when I went to a local restaurant to grab some dinner last night. She came on a trip with her boyfriend, and he dumped her. Poor girl. She looked like she was lost, but she said hi to me first. Told me I was beautiful. And the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new, right? I bought her dinner and told her to stay with me. No one wants to stay in the same space with someone who just broke up with them.

She will stay with me until I go back home tomorrow. And I will take her home too. I am a lady, after all. But this lady loves lesbian phone sex too. She has been eating my pussy all weekend long. Barely comes up for air. But neither did I. I ate her pussy a lot too. She seems to have forgotten all about her boyfriend too. Like I said, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new. And I am happy to be that new person for anyone who can eat pussy like her.

Cuckold Phone Sex Puts Tiny Dick Losers in Their Place

cuckold phone sexI love cuckold phone sex. As a size queen, I find it fun to laugh at little dicks and even deny them the right to cum. Orgasms are a privilege, not a right, Loser. Recently, I picked up a stalker. A man I work with who found out about me and one of my students. This loser thought he could blackmail me into fucking him. That’s not how I operate. If I deem you a loser with a small dick, you will never get inside my cunt. Just ask my two ex-husbands, LOL.

So, when Earl presented me with the ultimatum to fuck him or lose my job, I cuckolded him with the student he caught me with. He came over last night thinking he was finally going to fuck me. But he discovered me riding that young buck’s huge cock. At first, he went off on me. Called me every name in the book. However, my young buck would not tolerate the level of disrespect Earl tossed at his naughty teacher.

Nothing Will Stop a Horny Teacher from Fucking Her Students

So, my young buck forced his big cock in Earl’s mouth to shut him up. And I got that on film. Now, I can blackmail the blackmailer, LOL. My student is not gay or even bisexual, but he wanted to help me keep my tenure. Plus, he wants to keep on fucking me. My colleague could only taste my cunt on a young alpha dick. But he slurped on my student’s cock like he was licking off fine champagne.

The camera did not see my cunt glaze on that buck’s cock. However, the camera did capture Earl sucking a male student’s hung dick like he was trying to win some dick sucking championship. Now, I had all the power. Apparently, Earl gives some great blowjobs when a cock is coated in pussy juice. Eventually, I saw Earl’s little click stick and caged up that monstrosity of a dick.

Earl will no longer try to blackmail me into fucking him. I am smarter than him and extremely determined to keep on fucking those young, hung bucks who always have what I need.

Best Phone Sex Surprise for Me Meant Two College Cocks at Once

best phone sexGive yourself the best phone sex for Valentine’s Day. I have a theory about women like me. We take care of men better than wives or girlfriends. But I only take care of men with big cocks and stamina. Even in my personal life, I only want big cock. I married and divorced twice. First husband had a small cock. I was young and married for love. Second husband had a big cock. But as he got older that big cock became worthless to me because it could not get or stay hard enough to fuck me properly.

Now, I am single with lots of lovers to fuck. And they are all young and hung. Even though I am not married, I have had a busy week of young bucks wanting to fuck me for Valentine’s Day. However, all I need to do is schedule them. Sometimes, even a naughty teacher can encounter scheduling mishaps. So, two young frat boys showed up at my door today within minutes of each other. One had flowers. The other had chocolates. And both had stiff cocks for me too.

A Sexy MILF Always Prefers Younger Studs to Fuck

I apologized. But they did not care. Honestly, one of the reasons I like younger men. They never freak out about sharing a woman with a friend or a stranger. Coincidence. Both boys belong to the same frat. One boy is a freshman in my current Intro to Psych course. And the other is a senior in my advanced human sexuality course.  They laughed and said it would just be the first of many more girls they would share. But the freshman added that it would likely be the only time they shared a mature phone sex babe. That was likely a true statement.

But most mature women are not as liberal in the bedroom as I am. We did a coin toss to see who got my ass and pussy first. Since I fucked up the scheduling, we had plenty of time for them to bounce back and switch holes. Both boys enjoyed getting to know each other better, as a pledge and upperclassman. And I enjoyed getting pounded by two college boys at once. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

Exhibitionist Slut Farah Loves to Show Off Her Body

exhibitionist sexI enjoy exhibitionist sex. Do you? Since I got older, I am more comfortable with my body. So, I never mind flaunting it. Sometimes, I go to the nude beach to show off and check out the men. You know what you are getting at the nude beach. Nothing gets hidden, LOL. I met Matt Sunday on my excursion. A younger man, but a hung one. We hit it off. Although the beach was full of women with boobs much bigger than mine, he seemed to only have eyes for me.

Matt had a condo he rented for the week not far from the beach, so I went home with him.  He was closer and I wanted to fuck. So, did he. I sat on his balcony showing off my tits while he made us some drinks. Matt told me he was on vacation for a week. And I told him he could stay with me the next time he was in town. I know; I made a risky statement not knowing him at all. But I saw his cock and that was all that I needed to know.

I Love Being an Exhibitionist Slut

He got to experience my great blowjobs. And he seemed impressed. He never had a balls deep blowjob before. He was in for a treat. I swallowed all his jizz. Another first he said. Because I am an exhibitionist slut, I told him he should fuck me on his balcony. And he agreed too. He had never fucked outside before. I mean he was younger than me, but not that young. Had to be in his 30s at least.

His dick pounded my pussy so hard it slipped into my ass. The rail pressed against my boobs too. He did not even realize he was in my ass until I told him to rub my pussy so I could cum with him. And that was yet another first. So, I was his first deep throat head. His first outdoor fucking and his first ass fucking too. We have fucked every day since we met. Sadly, he heads back to Arizona on Friday. But he cannot get enough of this mature phone sex babe, so I think I will see him again soon.

great blowjobs

Ass Fetish Explored with a Sexy Blonde Coed

ass fetishDo you have an ass fetish? This new cute coed I met on campus does. A sexy blonde goddess who looks more like a porn star than a coed. She has the rode hard put away wet look. But I never mind a trashy little coed. Compliments this sophisticated mature teacher. I met Tamara in the student union building. She is not a current student of mine. But she can still play with me.

She hit on me for the record. Perhaps she has mommy issues. Or maybe she just likes mature sexy women like her male collegians. Either way, I did not care. It’s no secret that I am a bisexual woman. Although I lean slightly more for cock, I can eat pussy until the cows come home. And so can Tamara. So, I brought her home with me.  My first coed of this semester. Might be the only one I need if she eats pussy like this all semester long, LOL.

Men love coed phone sex. And so does this sexy MILF. Tamara is 19 with perfect tits and a heart shaped ass. I have no doubt that she was a sexy little schoolgirl fighting off all the DILFS and teachers not long ago. She pushed me against the wall as soon as we walked inside my house. Aggressive, but I made sure she knew I was in charge. Regardless of how hot I think Tamara looks, she will never dominate me. No one will ever dominate me.

You Don’t Need to be My Student to Be the Teacher’s Pet

She quickly apologized and told me she just wanted my ass that badly. I was flattered. So, few younger ones seem eager to eat ass. But it is something I enjoy. And I think any young girl or man with good ass licking skills, should eat my ass. My clothes fell to the floor quickly. And before I could take my panties off, she was pushing them to the side to get to my asshole. I loved her initiative. Her tongue wiggled right up my asshole as her fingers found their way inside my shaved wet pussy.

If she was one of my students, she would have received an A+ in ass eating and finger banging. Although as a sexy mature woman, I could have been hedonistic, I licked her ass and cunt back. Now I think she wants to switch majors so she can spend more time with me. Silly girl. She doesn’t need to be my student to be the teacher’s pet. And neither do you!