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Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy Available with This Sexy Woman

cuckold phone sexCuckold phone sex I enjoy so much. Nothing more fun to a cock size queen than shaming a little dick. I know my worth. I deserve a big cock. And I only want big cock for other women too. Recently, I had to demonstrate to a client how a few inches more can make all the difference in the world to a woman’s sexual pleasure. I counseled a couple over the weekend. The husband’s cock appears average at about 5 inches. For some women that is perfect. But for his wife and me, not so perfect.

However, I attributed the problem in their marriage to the husband. In most marriages, the problem is the husband’s small dick. Small and average cocks lose their luster as women age. We crave more as mature sexy chicks. I called in a stud with 8 inches of cock meat and demonstrated what a few more inches can do for a woman. I held on to the small dick of the husband, while I sucked on the big cock of my next-door neighbor. He never minds helping women realize their true worth.

Most Women Want A Bigger Cock Than Your Cock

Although I did not stroke the husband’s cock, he came in my hand. Pathetic and telling at the same time. The husband not only possesses and average cock, but he is also a quick cummer too. And two wrongs do not make a woman cum, LOL. But the jury was out still about why he came so quickly. Was it because I touched his average pecker or was it more from being cuckolded. Perhaps he enjoyed the small dick humiliation and cuckolding. Although he denied it had anything to do with the 8-inch cock in my mouth, his wife and I knew he enjoyed watching a woman suck a bigger cock.

The real therapy began when I had my neighbor fuck the wife. The husband had no choice but to witness his wife getting more pleasure than she ever has. I made him clean up the mess between her legs too. If your cock falls short of pleasing your woman, well, you might need some cuckold therapy too.

GFE phone sex is where I find the sugar daddy I need

I use GFE phone sex because I find the perfect sugar daddies there. The ones who always wanted a hottie like me but couldn’t get her. “Now that you have money you can” I say to them. “Just make me your spoiled princess and you can have me in anyway” I tease you. “First transfer my allowance and then I will strip for you” I say with a smile.

Once I get the transfer notification, I take all my clothes off for you while I give you some naughty teasing. By this time your cock is hard and poking through your pants. After a bit of dancing on your lap I could see a pool of precum had dirty up your pants. “Your body is what I always wanted”. Since I have a fun Ass fetish, I bend over and spread my ass for you.

“Lick my rosebud sugar daddy”. Then you right away start licking me. I pull out your cock and start stroking it. “I bet you have thought about fucking a sexy woman like me for a long time, now your wallet is big enough to get me” I say while slowly sliding my cunt on your hard cock. Therefore, I will show you what your money gives you.

GFE phone sex

After every inch of your cock is in my cunt, I start fucking you hard. As my pussy bounces on your cock, you thank me for giving you a chance. You must have been such a lover in high school. Finally, your balls tighten up and you spray your cum inside my pussy. “Now I’m your sugar baby and you must take care of me” I say as I kiss you.

Lesbian Phone Sex Makes Me Squirt

Lesbian phone sexMy hottest lesbian phone sex experience was at a music festival, where the rain had just started to pour down. I found myself drawn to this gorgeous woman with long, flowing hair and an infectious smile. Her name was Lily, and she seemed just as excited about the rain as I was. We danced together under one of the few tarps that provided shelter from the storm, our bodies swaying in rhythm to the beat of nature’s drumming on top of us.

 As we got lost in each other’s eyes and movements, my heart began racing faster than ever before; it felt like electricity coursing through my veins every time our skin touched or brushed against one another lightly during those intimate moments shared between partners on a dance floor – only this wasn’t your typical partner dance! Our hands wandered lower until they reached for each other’s wet pussies through our soaked clothes…and then there were no more barriers left standing between us!

 The feeling of her fingers exploring me sent shivers up my spine while simultaneously making me hotter than hell itself – but oh god did it feel good! She knew just how to touch me, teasing my clit and rubbing circles around it until I thought I would lose my mind from pleasure. She whispered dirty words in my ear that made me blush but also turned me on even more; they were like a secret language between us only we understood.

 The rain intensified our passion as if the universe itself was blessing this momentous occasion for us both – or maybe it was simply the law of attraction at work! As she finger-fucked me harder and faster while sucking on one of nipples (making sure not miss any chance to taste her own sweet nectar), something inside began building up within me…and then suddenly released with such force that I squirted all over her hand! It felt incredible – like an orgasmic explosion mixed with pure ecstasy coursing through every fiber of being!

 But this wasn’t enough for either one of us; we kept going stronger than ever before until another wave hit, sending shockwaves throughout our bodies once again…and there went round two: another powerful gusher shot out onto Lily’s fingers which she eagerly licked clean before diving back into me again. Round after round, we kept going until I lost count – all while the rain continued to pour down around us like a symbolic representation of our unbridled passion and desire for one another.

 Finally collapsing onto each other post-coitus (or should I say post-squirting?), we shared tender kisses underneath that tarp as if nothing else mattered but this moment right here in this magical place filled with music and love…and pussy juice! We laughed together about how wild it was that nature herself had joined in on our intimate encounter; she wiped some droplets from her face only to lick them off playfully which sent shivers down my spine once more!


lesbian phone sex

Lesbian phone sex

My first lesbian was Amber J. She was five-four, around 250lbs, and had dirty blonde hair. She was 25 years old. I sometimes loved to watch her in the bathroom until one day it got hot!!! And I got caught watching her but I know she loved it as much as I did as she pulled off her blouse her tits perked up see she had 46DDD tits and I just wanted to lick and suck them until I couldn’t anymore and her Ass was big as well I do rimming well too she didn’t know what she was missing until last night I had a girl over named Jess she was around the same height and build as amber, but she wasn’t amber that night I spanked her little until it was cherry red and sucked and licked her asshole she loved it as much as I did as 12 am rolled around Jess got her things and got up to leave and I let her all I could think about was amber and how I would win her over and get into my bed I thought of a plan I could bump into her coming from the showers so the next night the plan was put into motion as she was coming from the main bathroom in our dorms I ambushed her I took her by the waist in the shower and started to kiss her neck slowly as she moaned and yelled I slipped my fingers into her wet cunt slowly edging her nub before she could cum on my fingers it was so hot to watch her moan.

Fuck Whore Teacher For Her Student

Coed phone sex Tim was a great student of mine; however he really struggled in my English class. I came over for his tutoring session and he was just miserable and not willing to learn. I asked him how he thought he would pass if he did not take any of this seriously. He looked at me with his devious eyes and said “Miss.Bridgette I have much better ways that would make you pretty happy to pass me”. I giggled in confusion and said “Tim I am sorry but your football career won’t be there if you can’t pass my class”. He looked at me up and down and said “I was not referring to football mam”. I asked him what he meant and could not believe what I was hearing .

He said “I think you know what I mean but you are acting shy and professional; you and I both know you would love to rip off that skirt and top and let me get a piece of that ass and pussy”. I was in complete shock and replied saying “Tim I think we should probably stop right there considering I am your teacher and that is completely inappropriate”. He said, “Oh, and your revealing outfits where I can see your cleavage and the outline of your pussy through your pants at school isn’t inappropriate mam”? I began to get a little hot and bothered and he knew it..

So he took his hand and put it on my thigh and said “I have always wondered what it would be like to take my slutty English teacher up to my bedroom and use her for a good grade”. Then he slid his hand under my skirt and rubbed the outside of my panties. I was soaking wet and my panties were barely covering my cunt lips so he could feel my juices all over. He laughed and grabbed me and took me up to his room. He threw me down on the bed and ripped open my shirt and bra so my tits bounced out. He looked at me and said “So, do we have a deal slut?’. I moaned and shook my head.

Then he tore my panties off, lifted my skirt up, spread my legs and slid his rock hard shaft inside me. He plowed me for quite a bit as my tits bounced in his face; I came on his cock over and over again. He laughed as he railed me and said “You are way more fun to listen to with my cock in your holes bitch”. He kept going and than pulled his cock out and said “Now I am going to blow my seed on your face and maybe then you will understand who is in charge now you fucking cum rag”. He nutted all over my face, got up, threw me my panties and said “So, a B+ will suffice for me, thanks whore”.

Sexy chicks Love fucking and fisting each other

Sexy chicks

Sexy chicks love fucking and fisting each other every day of the year. But when the candy and spooky spirits come out to play we tend to get a little more crazy. Halloween is a hall pass to get crazy for girl-on-girl fun. Now if you know me at all it’s just not other young ladies that make me crazy. But they do help and I consider threesomes to be my sexuality at times. Giving a young beauty to A man while I eat her out or ride her face is too hot to handle. 

Sexy Chicks fucking each other are perfect for multiple dicks

I have to say that my OG Sugar daddy is the one who started this all. He would have a buddy or two over to play poker and I tried my best to serve him and his friends. But one night he asks me to bring the little bitch I have been fucking. And this happens to be Halloween night. My sexy Elivira costume and her Alice in Wonderland costume make the men so horny. We are kissing each other and bouncing on the laps of men with money. Hard cocks and strip poker lead to us 69 and fisting each other before we get to take their poker winnings and cock! 

Now me and my sweet sugar have a standing Halloween night date. All because we worked it like there was no tomorrow. My sugar daddy was so impressed he flew us to Vegas the next day to meet with some high-stakes rollers. Rolling around and eating pussy while getting fucked is the best Halloween tradition for a Shaved wet pussy cumming and a cunt full of cum.  We both agree it was the best Halloween ever. Oh, and we love winning big and spending the night in the penthouse the next morning! 

Hot sexy woman

Hot sexy woman


Hot sexy woman This is the story of Mila and Kelly two girl pals who live together sleep together and work together their current job titles are risky their strippers at Milo’s gentleman’s club in New York the year is 2008 and drinks are floating along with the dollars the girls were hustlers true to the game of gold digging at night they both would dance for cash during the day they had minimum wage gigs like babysitting or walking dogs around Madison square garden’s park one night Mila spots a familiar face Lucky her main squeeze for now as he comes walking up to the bar he grabs her ass uh no not tonight but maybe later baby I’m working she says as she steps onto the stage the dollars start pouring in as she slowly moves her body she sees lucky in the front row sitting down drooling on the floor over her dancing as she finishes up her set Kelly comes onto the main stage her main squeeze Jerry is sitting in the front row as well and he hollars baby shake it!!! The secret that these girls both have is great but their bond is everything they are trans men acting as women.

Exhibitionist Sex Fiend Puts on a Show for Her Neighbor

Exhibitionist Sex Has Always Made Me Horny

I’m desperate to be bent over and fucked. I need rough, nasty exhibitionist sex with a huge thick cock. My pussy is so wet and needs to be filled. Lately, I’ve been teasing my horny older neighbor with my pretty wet pussy. I’ve noticed that he can see directly into my bedroom from his. I think the perv has been watching me, so I might as well give him something to watch. Opening my blinds wide and open the windows so that he can see me no problem. I want him to be able to see my toes curl when I cum.

I always make sure that he’s in his bedroom watching me when I spread my sexy legs wide apart and rub my clit slowly. He’s stroking his cock to me and I want to take my time and give him a show. Knowing that he’s watching me makes my pussy so fucking wet immediately. I grab the thickest dildo in my collection and press it up to my cunt. Teasing my pussy with it before I slowly push the tip in. Nine inches of cock is pressing up against my cunt and trying it’s best to stretch me out. I haven’t been fucked in so long it can barely fit in missionary.


exhibitionist sex


Fucking Myself is Better Than Real Voyeur Sex

Instead, I give him a better show. I get onto my hands and knees and show off this perfect round ass. From this angle he can see me forcing the cock past my pussy lips and into my cunt. He can see my tight cunt squeezing onto the dildo while I slowly push it in. I make sure to spread my ass so that nothing gets in the way of the sexy view. I pretend like I’m having real voyeur sex and pound my pussy hard. Even begging to be fucked harder and for my pussy to be destroyed. 

I look over my shoulder and see him stroking his cock to me. This cock is so big, I can’t take it for much longer. Force fucking myself for him while he thinks I don’t notice. I can tell he’s close so I start moaning even louder. I even pound my pussy deeper and harder so that he can cream his hands for me. Who wouldn’t cum watching hot sexy woman fucking herself.

Coed phone sex is more fun when it’s two girls, one college.

Coed phone sex        Coed phone sex is more fun when it’s two girls, one college. As your confidant, your trusted Doctor, I will highly encourage in my professional opinion that this is something that you need to do. Now the reasons for this are simple and I will explain why I feel that you should have a threesome.

        First of all, it is good for your ego. Stroking your ego, is a major plus that we must do. That is to say it is good to have two women vying over you. Fighting for you attention and with one being a hot young miss with a nice tight behind, small waist, leading up to some very nice breasts that are big and very perky. At the same time, you have me wanting your attention as well, my attributes being a big bubble butt and large boobs. So very big. Both of us wanting to have you cock. Knowing that you can please two very hot women at the same time will swell your ego and you cock at the same time.

        Second of all, it will increase your stamina. Knowing that you are going to be keeping up with the two of us will have you dripping pre-cum, but it will also have maintained control to keep up with us. If you do happen to cum before we are both done with you, you may be assured that one or both of us will lick, suck, and massage your cock and balls until you are hard once more.

        Finally, we will make you cum harder than you ever have before. In conclusion, when you have some coed sex, it will a thrilling ride ending with everyone getting off.  

Coed Phone Sex Mature Women Can Enjoy Too

coed phone sexMature women crave coed phone sex too. I am a bisexual professor. My teacher’s pets can be either sex. Although I do usually select a young, buff stuff who could benefit from some private sex education teachers, this semester I selected one of each. I need more than one student to service me all semester. This dirty professor could never be satisfied with just one anyway. Perhaps, that explains why I divorced two men. I do not know how to be monogamous.

Personally, I believe people overrate monogamy. One pussy for the rest of your life? I bet that does not sound fun to you either. So for this year, I plan to rotate between pussy and cock. Maybe one night my frat boy comes over to fuck his naughty teacher. And the next day my cute coed visits to eat the teacher’s pussy. However, last night, I mixed it up. I invited them both to dinner. I wanted a threesome. Although my cute coed seemed reluctant, but my stud wanted in.

I Enjoy Pussy and Cock Simultaneously

Cannot blame him either. A mature pussy and a young pussy simultaneously? That might be every man’s wet dream cum true, LOL. When I pulled out my young frat boy’s stiff cock and began polishing that knob, my coed got behind me and ate my pussy.  Sucking a young cock while experiencing a tongue lashing feels like heaven to this babe. I came on my coed’s face while my frat boy filled my tummy with his sperm. This mature woman swallows every drop.

My coed appeared to be coming around to the notion of a sexy threesome. However, I know she prefers to have the teacher all to herself. I like girl on girl action too. Just sometimes mature phone sex babes like me want a cock and a pussy at the same time. And I felt that way yesterday. We spent the night in bed as a throuple. Have you tried two chicks in bed or even another guy for your wife? You should. Trust me.