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Foot Fetishes Encouraged

foot fetishesFoot fetishes are common and nothing to be embarrassed about. I had a college boy in my office hours last week who needed some therapy. At first, I thought he had some esteem issues. He could not look me in the eyes. He could not even look me in the boobs. Usually for a college boy, that is the only place they look lol. I quickly realized that it was my feet he was staring at. My pretty, freshly manicured feet were the object of his affection. He followed my feet around like he was under some hypnotic spell. I sat him down in a chair and put my feet up on my desk right in front of him. Cruel I know, but it was a test. A good phone sex therapist diagnoses the problem before treating it. His eyes glazed over as he stared at my pretty feet. I saw his posture change. He started shifting around in his pants to hide the boner my feet gave him. I let a shoe drop and he stood up. He had a tent in his pants. He grabbed my foot and caressed it. That was soon followed by kisses. I ordered him to pull his cock out of his pants. He couldn’t get his dick out fast enough. We finished our session on my couch. I was laying down with my feet up in the air giving him a foot job. He came all over my feet. Thanks to yoga, I can eat the cum off my toes. My student couldn’t believe what had just happened. Turns out he came to my office hours for extra credit not therapy. He was just a student with a foot fetish he didn’t even realize he had. Now that he does, I suspect he will get hard every time he sees pretty feet. I just unleashed a foot fiend.

Stroke It Nice and Slow

edgeplay phone sex

For all of you guys out there who just jerk off and rush your orgasm – I know exactly what you need. You need some edgeplay phone sex with me so I can teach you how to slow things down and get the most out of your pleasure. If you’re not taking your time and building your orgasm slowly, let me just say that you are definitely missing out. Sure, you’ll cum if you rush things, but it won’t feel anywhere near as powerful as it could be. So that’s what you need me for. I’ll teach you how to take things to the edge over and over again. And when the time is right, you’ll get to have a really amazing orgasm.
Are you willing to lie back and give me control of your cock? I know it might not be something you’re used to, but you just have to let your guard down and trust me. I will give you one of the best orgasms of your entire life. And I am pretty sure you are going to be addicted to my style of orgasms. You’ll be calling me back over and over again. I’ll be waiting for you.

Naughty Teacher Phone Sex

Naughty TeacherHaving fantasies that a naughty teacher would give you sexy homework to do after class? That’s right, just picture a hot blonde teacher in your school. You are a student with a thing for older mature women. I just so happen to want some young handsome student. So lets role play you are in the classroom with me and I have you sit behind the desk. I start to take off my clothes and I’m just in heels and my sexy lingerie. I give you a piece of chalk and have you solve math problems on the board. If you get them right I have to take my bra and panties off. You go up to the chalk board and solve them all correctly. Now it’s time for you to get an A plus in sexual education. I get completely naked and you bend me over a desk and fuck me like the naughty teacher I am. You even spank me with a ruler. I just love being a naughty teacher.

Naughty Teacher Office Hours

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher was ready for office hours yesterday. It was a special day. Not an open door but scheduled office visits from some of my hunkiest students needing extra credit. It’s good to be the queen. If I was a male professor suggesting things like trading sex for grades, the female students would be screaming #metoo. Male students high five each other because they got to bang the hot teacher and stay on the football team. My intro to Psychology class is mandatory for graduation. That means I get a lot of jocks who have to get at least a C to continue playing. Hung, teen boys can do a lot of me. I can change a D to a C for some good cock. Yesterday was all about saving the sports teams. I have some of the top players in my class and all but one is failing my. I sat on my big oak desk naked while each failing jock earned his passing grade the old-fashioned way. Not one of them was unhappy to be there either. I am a hot sexy babe and I give great head and I take cock in all my holes. Plus, I swallow and squirt. It was a busy day of “tutoring,” and I have a “hurts so good pussy” to show for it. Are you hot for teacher? I am always looking to help a young student maximize his potential.

Teacher’s Pet Has an Ass Fetish

ass fetishOne of my students this semester is not only hot for teacher, but he also has a major ass fetish. After the first day of the new semester, he wanted to bang my erasers and lick my ass. I always need a good ass licking. Every mature woman wants a young man who will kiss her ass. Zach is a Psych major which means I will have him in more classes over his 4-year college experience.  Normally, each semester I pick a teacher’s pet. Zach picked me. He let me know almost immediately that he wanted to worship me all semester. How could this naughty teacher say no to that? I took him for a test run on the first day of the semester. He proved he had great oral skills, so I skipped my normal process and made him my first pet of 2020. Yesterday, he paid me a visit during my office hours. I had to lock my office door and put up a “Not In” sign because I was bent over my desk with a student’s tongue in my ass. Zach takes brown noser to new level. With his tongue up my ass and a finger in my cunt, he made me squirt all over my oak desk. He may be my best pet yet.

Best Phone Sex

best phone sexThe best phone sex with always be with a mature woman. Once men find out I specialize in human sexuality, they are full of questions. Usually, they are aroused and want to fuck, but after asking a bunch of sex questions first. It is true that I know more about sexuality than the average woman. For men my age that is often intimidating because they can’t use their old tired moves with me or make me think their short dick is the best thing since sliced bread. For younger men, they are attracted to me more when they discover I am a naughty teacher of human sexuality. That is because younger men want to learn. They are curious about how to make women cum. I don’t care how many Penthouse forums you read or how much porn you watch, no two women cum the same way. The best way to know how to make a woman cum is to listen to the woman. Mature sexy women like me will show you how to please us. You just must be receptive to what we are telling you. I don’t just kick short dicks to the curb. I also kick men who won’t listen to me when I tell them how to make me cum. So, not only do you need a big dick to fuck me, you need listening skills.

This Naughty Teacher is Excited to be Back on Campus

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher is glad to be back on campus. Classes start next week, but I went to my office this morning to set up my grade books and look over my class roster. I was surprised that a student knocked on my door, because most students won’t return to campus until the weekend. When the student entered my office, I was happy to see a good looking stud. Tall, blonde, muscular blue-eyed hunk. He looked like something out of an Abercrombie and Finch magazine. In my college years, he would have been a preppy. I licked my lips and felt my panties get wet when he walked up to my desk. He wanted to introduce himself before class started. After the first couple weeks of class, I pick a teacher’s pet for the semester. I decided right then and there I was picking a pet before I checked out the other contenders. This boy was smoking hot. He was flirting with me too. I got up from behind my oak desk, walked to my door and locked it. I tuned around and started unbuttoning my blouse. He stood up, took his shirt off and came closer too me. It was actually kind of romantic. He picked me up, sat me on my desk and kissed me passionately. My legs wrapped around his waist as my right hand unzipped his pants and pulled out his big cock. I was pleasantly surprised. I guided him into my pussy, and we started to fuck. My favorite student and class had not even started yet. He had stamina too. He managed to find my clit with his finger, massaging me to an orgasm on his cock. We came together, which rarely happens with lovers. Fucking my student before the semester on my desk felt like erotic roleplaying, but this was all real. Damn, this may be the best semester ever.

erotic roleplaying

Great Blowjobs for Great Cocks

great blowjobsI give great blowjobs, but I only give them to great cocks. School is back in session in another week, which has put a damper in my sex life. On campus, I have access to all sorts of young studs with hard cocks. When school is out, I am forced to make some effort to find young studs. The mall, the gym, Starbucks and Barnes and Noble have been great hunting grounds for this cougar. Men my age rarely can get hard and stay hard to keep up with me in the bedroom. College boys, however, never have that issue. I was feeling very oral last night. It was 9 pm and I was not sure where to go, so I went to Starbucks. They close at 11 pm. I met a hunky barista name Beau. He flirted with me. He put “Sexy MILF Farah,” on my latte. I told him to come over after his shift. He was so excited to fuck this mature sexy babe, he left sick. I guess a raging boner qualifies as a sickness, right? He was knocking on my door not ten minutes after I returned. I could see the bulge in his pants. I knew he had a big cock. I unzipped his pants seductively, licking my lips in eager anticipation. I swallowed his rod better than an army of coeds. I deep throated him balls deep. He had a cock worthy my cock sucking skills. He came in my mouth. I swallowed and chased his jizz with my latte. Not long after, he was hard again and ready to fuck me properly.

Sweet Young Sexy Legs In Nylons For You

sexy legs

My sexy Legs tend to fuck a man’s head up and make his cock hard for me. I enjoy being a young slut that can get whatever she wants out of a man with my pretty nylons and toes. I often sit on my Teachers’ desk and help him grade papers as my stocking feet give him a foot job. I was really horny before winter break though and I wanted to fuck him and give him my juicy tight young snatch to lap! I waited for him as he went to get coffee. I stripped down to my pretty black underclothes and waited. I didn’t mean to make him drop his coffee but I needed to be fucked. I guess I should have been playing with my bald little snatch as he opened the door! I spread my legs even further so he could slide right between my legs as I hurriedly unleashed his dick. Fuck me now! I wrapped my legs around him and he felt so good inside me finally. It was dark outside before I went home. My pretty pussy was cleaned up and I was barely able to walk! I did enjoy the text I got as he found that I had made sexy girlfriend porn of our time together for him to jerk off too over winter break!

Give Yourself the Best Phone Sex

best phone sexThe best phone sex is what you deserve for the holidays. I have been a phone sex slut for decades. I started doing it when I was in grad school. Once I completed my Ph.D. I switched to part-time because I love phone sex. I won’t go back to teaching until mid-January, which means you will find me around a lot more than usual. I will even be here on Christmas for a few hours. My family is small. My daughter will come to visit, but she knows what I do. She loves the idea of me making extra money talking dirty and giving men some much needed phone sex therapy. Holidays are ripe for phone sex counseling too. I understand. Seeing your family again; seeing your ex-wife again can stir up old fetishes and feelings. I am here for you. Maybe you wore panties or nylons as a younger boy. Perhaps your ex-wife left you for a hung man and that hung stud is now your son or daughter’s step daddy. Maybe being around your family means you must hide who you have become. I am not here to judge you. I am open-minded. I think you should wear the panties and buy the dress. I think you should be the cuckold or sissy you want to be. This phone therapist is always here for you.

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