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Naughty Teacher Farah Brings Home A Teacher’s Pet

naughty teacherThis naughty teacher has a short break from teaching. Although I will miss my students, one student came home with me for the Thanksgiving break. He is from the Ukraine and cannot travel home currently. The boy could stay in the dorm, but the dining halls close for the break. Since I have been fucking him for a few months, I thought he could stay with me for the break.

My family is small, so just my daughter and her boyfriend will be here tomorrow for dinner. Uri appeared thrilled to come home with me. I never want any student alone on a holiday, not even the students who lack a big cock, LOL. However, Uri does not lack a big dick. When I picked him as my pet this semester, I had not seen his cock yet. I found him cute and smart, but he needed some help mastering the English language.

So, I started tutoring him. And that lead to fucking him and the discovery that his cock is damn near a foot long. Although he was not a virgin, he had never fucked a mature phone sex woman before. I needed to teach him a few things like how to last longer and how to eat pussy. So, I taught him the English language and the language of love.

I Love My Students and Some of Them I Fuck Too

Uri is a great boy. Good in bed. Smart as a whip. And hung like a horse. He did me a favor by hanging with me for the week. I live alone now since my daughter is 30. My girl and I are super close, but she cannot move back home. She needs to spread her wings. I do fine living alone, especially when I can have young house guests occasionally.

Students like Uri keep me company. He is not the first student to play house with me for a few days. But he is the first one who could not go home on a holiday because of a war in his country. I like to think I am helping him too. He gets to eat and fuck a sexy babe. Plus, I can provide him with a nice distraction from worrying about his family. He is thankful for me, and I am thankful for him. That boy can make my pussy squirt with one thrust!

Sexy Women Masturbating Is Nothing You Can Resist

sexy women masturbatingMen love watching sexy women masturbating. My neighbor to the right of me watches me masturbate daily. Although I have more than a few lovers in my life, I still masturbate. Men do the same thing. No matter how satisfying our sex lives may be, we still enjoy self-love. However, my neighbor next door appears to never get laid. Our bedrooms face each other, and his wife never gives him sex. Not even head.

Both appear to be in their mid-30s. I find the wife sexy as fuck. But the husband’s big, neglected cock drives me to rub one out while he watches and does the same. Masturbation is something we should do for ourselves. And if you do it for your neighbor, well real voyeur sex is great too. Personally, I consider myself an exhibitionist. Although I am not a nudist or a streaker, I love an audience when I play with my cunt or fuck.

I like to show off my pussy and let a man see how to pleasure me. Although I have not yet fucked my neighbor, I think our masturbation sessions will eventually lead to that. I can only watch for so long. And my guess is the same goes for my hung neighbor. Last night, one of my college lovers came over to fuck me. He did not understand why I wanted the window open, but he saw my neighbor watching us and better understood why.

I Enjoy Being Watched While I Masturbate and Fuck

I told him that enjoy people watching me, so fuck me like a porn star and he did. However I could see my neighbor jacking off because I rode my frat boy’s cock facing the window instead of the wall. This way I could imagine it was his big dick thrusting in and out of my pussy. I came so hard on my boy toy lover’s cock too. The combination of being watched, looking at a hung man masturbate and the feel of a young cock inside me made me squirt. And it made my neighbor nut so hard that his cum hit the window.

I’m getting closer and closer to fucking my married neighbor. He will not be able to resist me much longer. Mutual masturbation stories will not cut it for us any longer.

Married Cum Loads Taste So Much Better!

Cocksucking phone sex So, John owns the grocery store down the street and has been watching me every single time I come to shop. He is a hot younger man with money and a nice car. I have noticed his stares so I make sure to always stop by the store when I know he will be there. The last few times I have seen him I have sparked up conversation to feel out the vibe before I truly move in on him. He is such a fine young stud and I just need to feel his cock in me. 

The last time I was there I found out he has a wife who works the weekends when he has off. I loved that he threw in the fact that he had off the weekends and she would be gone at her job. So, I began to plan my move and realized if I can get him to invite me over to his place on the weekend I had a good chance of getting some cock. He laughed when I told him I was single and said “I don’t know how since you are such a fine looking woman”. I smiled and thanked him and said “Well these guys out here just don’t know how to handle me I guess”.

He looked at me and grinned and said “Guys can be stupid; I am sure there are tons who would feel so honored to have you”. I smiled at him and told him I don’t have many friends so we should hangout sometime. He hopped right on the offer and told me to come by his place for beer after 6pm when he gets off work. He told me his wife had a holiday party so it would be nice to have some company while she was gone. I took the offer and told him I would see him then and winked. 

I got to his place a little after 6 and knocked on the door. I was wearing a cute tight black pencil skirt, my white tank top tucked in with my cleavage out for him. Oh, and I had on my hot black patent leather heels that really show off my hot legs. He opened up the door stunned and looked at me up and down like an animal. He told me I looked great and asked me to come on in. We sat on the couch and bullshitted for a bit while we drank some beer and took some shots of whiskey.

I was getting pretty tipsy and said “Would it be awful if I leaned in hoping you would kiss me back”. He looked at me and said “I thought you would never ask; is it bad if I told you how badly I have wanted you all night”. I laughed and said “No, it would be worse if you didn’t kiss me, take off my clothes and ask me to suck your cock dry”. He immediately got up and kissed me and tore off my clothes and his. He grabbed my hair and tits and rubbed my hairy pussy as I stroked that married cock. He was getting rock hard and I dropped to the ground. Then he said “Tell me what you want you little home wrecking slut bag”.

I smiled like a good cock craving whore and said “Please let me suck that married cock until my mouth is dripping with your cum baby”. He let me blow him as he made me rub my pussy for him. He fucked my mouth until he came and watched it drip down all over his married dick and my tits. He grabbed my chin, looked at me and said “We can absolutely make this an all the time thing”. I smiled and replied “Perfect, maybe next time you can get into this pussy of mine and really show me how you can work that married cock inside a home wrecking slut”!


Fuck Whore Teacher For Her Student

Coed phone sex Tim was a great student of mine; however he really struggled in my English class. I came over for his tutoring session and he was just miserable and not willing to learn. I asked him how he thought he would pass if he did not take any of this seriously. He looked at me with his devious eyes and said “Miss.Bridgette I have much better ways that would make you pretty happy to pass me”. I giggled in confusion and said “Tim I am sorry but your football career won’t be there if you can’t pass my class”. He looked at me up and down and said “I was not referring to football mam”. I asked him what he meant and could not believe what I was hearing .

He said “I think you know what I mean but you are acting shy and professional; you and I both know you would love to rip off that skirt and top and let me get a piece of that ass and pussy”. I was in complete shock and replied saying “Tim I think we should probably stop right there considering I am your teacher and that is completely inappropriate”. He said, “Oh, and your revealing outfits where I can see your cleavage and the outline of your pussy through your pants at school isn’t inappropriate mam”? I began to get a little hot and bothered and he knew it..

So he took his hand and put it on my thigh and said “I have always wondered what it would be like to take my slutty English teacher up to my bedroom and use her for a good grade”. Then he slid his hand under my skirt and rubbed the outside of my panties. I was soaking wet and my panties were barely covering my cunt lips so he could feel my juices all over. He laughed and grabbed me and took me up to his room. He threw me down on the bed and ripped open my shirt and bra so my tits bounced out. He looked at me and said “So, do we have a deal slut?’. I moaned and shook my head.

Then he tore my panties off, lifted my skirt up, spread my legs and slid his rock hard shaft inside me. He plowed me for quite a bit as my tits bounced in his face; I came on his cock over and over again. He laughed as he railed me and said “You are way more fun to listen to with my cock in your holes bitch”. He kept going and than pulled his cock out and said “Now I am going to blow my seed on your face and maybe then you will understand who is in charge now you fucking cum rag”. He nutted all over my face, got up, threw me my panties and said “So, a B+ will suffice for me, thanks whore”.

Erotic Roleplaying Lets Me Pretend I am a Princess

erotic roleplayingErotic roleplaying spices up any love life, even mine. Since my last marriage, I decided committed relationships were no longer for me. However, many lovers at once feels perfect. But that does not mean that I cannot spice things up with a sexy costume. My young lovers never mind seeing me dressed like a sexy maid or a fairy tale princess. Creativity in the bedroom makes any sex life better.

With Halloween right around the corner, I have been playing dress up more often. However, one of my students I am fucking this semester thinks Snow White is hot. I get it she represents innocence and virginity. Personally, I think I may be more like the evil queen. Innocence and virginity do not describe me. Not sure it ever did. I am a naughty teacher who uses her position of power to bang young studs.

And Zach appeared to be a fan of my Snow White outfit. Unlike most of my pets, he does not need any help in the bedroom. Some sexy mature women already taught him how to eat pussy and fuck. We pretended he was one of my dwarfs but with a big cock. I know it sounds silly. And it was silly, but sex should be fun. I think monogamy is boring. So I advocate for me, my pets and any couple who seeks my advice to engage in a polyamorous lifestyle.

Roleplaying in the Bedroom Spices Things Up

How can you get bored with your lover if you have many of them? Although Zach enjoyed my Snow White role play, he wanted to invite more people into our bedroom scenario. I assumed he wanted some cute coeds to join us. I like pussy too. But he wanted 6 more dwarfs so he could watch me in a kinky gang bang. Most pets never think about such sexy things as sharing my fuck holes with a bunch of college boys.

This sexy babe could entertain 7 frat boys better than a porn star. And I did too. Brought me back to my wild college days. With Halloween right around the corner, I suspect I will sport more hot outfits in the bedroom. Next up, I think, I might be Wonder Woman. What sexy role plays do you enjoy in the bedroom?

Local Cum Dump

GFE phone sex Even though I am not his wife or girlfriend I just simply can’t help but spread my legs for him whenever he gives me a call or knocks on my door. His wife leaves for work at 9am every single day and doesn’t come back until after 8pm. He works from home so it is so easy for him to take a quick break every couple hours and get his nut. 

It is so much fun being the neighbor down the street who can satisfy all his needs that his wife can’t meet. Some would say I am home wrecking bitch ruining a marriage. I say, I am helping a marriage because he won’t leave her for someone better when he has accessible holes right down the street. I am like a sex therapist for men who don’t get laid. I should be thanked by these women for saving their marriage. If I wasn’t there I bet all of their husbands would either leave or pay for sex else where.

This way is so much better because their wives can be lazy bitches who don’t please their men sexually and I can reap all the benefits by taking all the cock and cum until I am satisfied. It is not my fault that I am a nympho and can’t control myself from spreading my holes for anyone who wants me. I mean it explains why they pick me over trying to convince their wives to do anal. They know my ass hole is always ready for a load. For that, I accept the fact that I am the local cum dump haha.

Erotic Roleplaying in the Bedroom Spices Up Your Sex Life

erotic roleplayingI enjoy erotic roleplaying. I do the horny teacher student roleplays daily because I fuck some young collegiate guy daily. But every now and then, I find a man who wants to role play something other than student teacher. Now, I only role play with worthy men. I am a size queen.

At any given time, I am juggling a few lovers at once. Since I am a twice divorced woman, I decided that I enjoy being a mature slut more than a monogamous wife. Personally, I do not believe we were meant to fuck only one guy for the rest of our lives. Sex should never be boring. And monogamy equals boring to me. Role plays help spice up a sex life too.

As a phone sex therapist as well as a mature slut, I often encourage couples to role play in the bedroom. Not only does it spice things up, but it can help couples explore their fantasies. One of my current lovers always had a thing for sexy maids. Since his cock is damn near a foot long, I told him I could be his sexy maid. Even though I am a far cry from a domesticated woman, I found a sexy outfit at an adult store and went to clean his house.

I Love Roleplaying in the Bedroom

I employ a maid part time. And she would not look like I did in a sexy maid outfit. Even though I live alone, I am busy fucking, teaching and talking dirty. No time to clean. But I cleaned Terry’s house. However, I really cleaned Terry’s cock. When we first hooked up, I gagged on his cock. Now, I can deep throat him better than Linda Lovelace.

He appreciated my attempts at being his naughty maid. But he appreciated my skills in the bedroom more. According to him, I am the only woman who can deep throat his cock. I believe him too. Every man brags about my great blowjobs. We fucked like wild animals in his apartment. Fucked in every room of his place too. If your love life seems a little lackluster, role play. It might just lead to some hot ass sex.

Edgeplay Phone Sex Helps Men and Boys Last When Fucking

edgeplay phone sexI love edgeplay phone sex calls. Most men who call me do not measure up to my standards. By that I mean, most of my callers lack a big enough cock for my mature pussy. Or they possess a quick trigger. No woman wants a 30 second man. So, edge play techniques help. I blame porn. Younger men, especially, grow up with porn easily accessible on their phones. And most men never last long with porn.

Sometimes, I experience this with my young teen lovers. Boys I take under my wing each semester cum too quickly. So, I edge them. I do not pick a teacher’s pet whose cock looks too small for me. Since I am a naughty teacher with certain skills, I pick boys who need some confidence banging chicks but have big cocks. And boys who need some stamina training too. I love young boys. And I enjoy preparing them for a world of sex outside of high school.

Mature Women Make Great Sex Teachers

My current pet needs my help. Porn and high school chicks ruined him. The first time I gave him head, three licks and he popped. We both felt disappointed. So, since then I have worked with him. We practice a variety of edging techniques. I even banded him from watching porn for the duration of the summer. You should consider that too. Porn appears hot and easy. And it is both. But it can hurt you for when you fuck someone other than your hand, LOL.

My college lover responded well to my tutelage. In fact, he can rabbit fuck me for a solid 30 minutes now. Power of a mature phone sex slut. Every young boy needs a mature woman to help him in the bedroom.  Perhaps you need some help too. Well, consider class in session. This teacher and sexy mature woman can use guided masturbation and edging techniques to help you too. Remember men, no woman wants a 30 second man.

Therapy Fuck Session

Phone sex therapyYou know the best form of therapy is having your therapist’s legs pushed up against you as you slam your meat inside her. You know I love our sessions together because only my favorite clients get to have my sweet cunt wrapped around their cocks. I mean what is a better way to get your stress out? I don’t think there is anything better than this. Allowing my sweet stressed out client to have my sweet holes whenever he needs. Especially when his wife doesn’t even give it up anymore. Don’t you worry baby I can be your fuck whore therapist too when you come for your session. So why don’t you call me so I can tell you how wonderful our therapy session will go as I make you cum in every single one of my fuck holes. 

Great Blowjobs Should be Taught By a Skilled Teacher

great blowjobsFor the longest time, folks around town refer to me as the “blowjob teacher.”  And I am not ashamed about that. Great blowjobs require a mature women to pass on the skills. I do think girls may lean towards being more sexual than some other girls. But no woman starts giving head like a pro. Same with eating pussy. Some skills need a woman like me to teach. I enjoy teaching young girls and boys lessons in the art of cunnilingus. Many students come to me for advice on how to give a great blowjob or how to eat pussy. And I always help them out.

As a mature woman, I have been around the block a few times. I have seen and done it all in the bedroom. So, I think I should pay it forward and share my knowledge with the next generation. I mean I am a naughty teacher after all. One of my coeds this term sought some personal advice last week. Maggie wanted help on how to give head.  She confided in me that she feels like her blowjobs need work and she wants her boyfriend to think she is the best cock sucker ever. I can appreciate that kind of drive.

I Love Teaching Girls to Be Good Cock Sucking

When done right, a great blowjob can be a powerful weapon in a relationship. Even though I am a college professor and a mature woman, I possess the ability to make even the most inexperienced girl feel comfortable and confident giving head. So, I took Maggie under my wing and taught her the basics of giving a guy a great blowjob. From the right technique, to how to use her hands, to how to read a man’s body language, I made sure Maggie understood what all is involved in good head.

I think Maggie came away last week with a newfound confidence in her oral abilities. One of my studs lent his dick to her learning process. Maggie seemed proud of her work with Todd, my young stud of a neighbor and frequent lover. I loved seeing Maggie become more self-assured in her blowjob techniques. And I am always happy to be a part of a girl’s sexual education.