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Naughty teacher will give you extra credit

Your cock stiffs up for your Naughty teacher. “You have been falling back on your grades” I say as I lean over pushing my tits right in your face. “Don’t worry I can think of something for you to do as extra credit” I say teasingly. “I’ll do anything to pass your class” you say, winking at me. Therefore, without a word I took my panties off from under my skirt. Then I sit back on my desk. “Taste my cunty and show me how bad you want to pass the class” I demand of you seductively.

Naughty teacher

You have been hot for your teacher for a while and that is why you licked me like you were starving. “Pull your cock out and stroke it for your sexy teacher slut” I moan as you lick me hard. My pussy wetness drips from your face and it turns me on even more. “Time to do all your extra credit” I say as you grab your cock and rub it on my teacher cunt.

Then I wrapped my legs around your waist and rammed my cunt on your student cock. After I fuck you back with my wet pussy you moan out, “Teach me everything you know”.  Then I felt it, your young student’s cock started spraying inside me. “Well done you get a pass” I say as I play with the dripping sperm from my pussy. We just love some Erotic roleplaying whenever we get together. Plus, I’ll do anything for my freak mate who spoils me.

Female domination porn leads to a Submissve roleplay regular for me

Female domination pornA man watching Female domination porn leads a call from a new client!  Listening as he told me about his need to be dominated has me sensing he’s different from the others. His voice was deep and filled with a sense of longing, and she could hear the desperation in his breaths. He tells me that he had never called a phone sex operator before, but he couldn’t resist after hearing about dominatrix phone girls from a guy on a taboo submissive site.

As we talked, Gwen could sense that he was holding back, and already I knew some barriers needed broke! How was I going to help him let go and experience true submissive pleasure? Mustering up all my skills to make him feel comfortable and slowly guiding him towards his release. A soft dom spanking and some guided masturbation on my terms did the trick this time! 

Female domination porn leads to a Submissve roleplay

And when he finally let go and came, his moans were like music to my ears. After that call, the man became a femdom phone sex regular, and with each call, he opened up more and more. He shared his deepest submissive fantasies with me, Including naked man and clothed female (NMCF) and yes I fulfilled them all, making him cum harder and harder every time.

He was soon calling me almost daily, and we soon developed a strong bond. We both knew that our sessions were more than just physical pleasure, but also an emotional release for both of us. Let me take you on a wild ride and explore a submissive side you show no one!

Cum on boobs already soaked in cum, add to the fun!

Cum on boobsCum on boobs already soaked in cum, add to the fun! I am always down for some hot, steamy action. Whether it’s in a seedy motel room or in a fancy hotel, I am always ready to get down and dirty. And let me tell you, I am so good at it that you’ll be begging for more.

Now, let’s cut to the chase, shall we? I know what you’re all here for. You want to know about my sexual exploits and trust me, I have plenty to share. Being an exhibitionist, I love showing off my tight, toned body to anyone who is willing to watch. I love the feeling of being watched while I make myself cum. The thought of someone getting turned on by my moans and groans is enough to make my pussy wet.

My pussy is always ready for some action. It is constantly dripping with my juices, ready to be licked, sucked and fucked. I have long, slender fingers that are perfect for teasing and pleasing. And when I’m feeling extra naughty, I’ll add some toys to the mix. Seeing those toys disappear inside me gives me the biggest thrill. And I know you’ll get off on it too.

But my naughty adventures don’t stop there. I am also a phone sex queen. I love talking dirty and getting you off with my words alone. Tell me your deepest desires and I’ll make them come true, through the phone. And while I talk to you, I’ll be fingering my pussy, imagining it’s your cock inside me. Trust me, it’s a wild ride you don’t want to miss.

So my dear readers, are you ready to join me in my wild and kinky adventures? I promise, I’ll make it worth your while. Cum on my already soaked tits, or watch me finger my pussy until I explode. Either way, we’ll have one hell of a time. So come on, don’t be shy. Call me for dirty Fantasy phone sex! Let’s get down and dirty together. Because with a sexy whore like me, the possibilities are endless.


Ass sex porn is what my sugar daddy wants

When I get spoiled so much, I’ll do anything my sugar daddy wants to do. Like film Ass sex porn. “You know I love that perky sexy ass of yours” he says as he gives me my money bag. After I kiss him to show how lucky he is for me to be his sugar baby, I start to undress. Once I am naked, I can see his mouth watering.

Ass sex porn

“Are you hungry for me baby?” I ask as I tease you with my hot body. I know I remind you of the hottie you couldn’t have. She was too green and young or too popular. But now that you have all the money to spend you spend it on a fuck barbie like me. “I want to make a special movie with you” he says as he sets his camera up and turns it on.

“Bend over for daddy and spread that sexy ass open” you instruct me to do. After I am spread open for you, your tongue dips right into my rosebud. Since I have an Ass fetish my cunt reacts to your lapping. I start dripping down my thighs. “Get ready for this cock” you say as you start to push your dick inside my ass. I bounce my ass back on your cock as you film it.

“Your asshole looks good swallowing my cock” you moan as you film yourself fucking my ass. Finally, I feel your cock starting to pump in my ass. Then you moan out “take every drop”. My ass just dripped with your sperm as you filmed with pride. “I can’t wait until I get to rewatch you being a filthy slut” you say as we get ready to shower.

Erotic roleplaying with nurse Loretta!

I love Erotic roleplaying my favorite is playing the nurse taking care of a horny patient! Daddy came home last night and I met him at the door in my favorite slutty nurse costume. “Good evening Doctor.” With a drink for him in my hand and his bath water hot and ready for him to get in. He gets in the tub and follow right behind him and start to rub his body with soap with one hand while I stroke his cock with the other. I climbed on top of him and rubbed my pussy across his cock while I shove my tongue in his mouth and kiss him deeply.

We got out the tub and he picked me up and shoved his cock in my tight little cunny and began pounding me making me scream and moan. I love when daddy digs in my guts no holds bar making me cream and squirt all over him. He took me to the bedroom bent me over the bed and shoved his cock in my ass while he played with my clit driving me wild. He pounded and pounded until he exploded in my asshole leaving me in the bed sweaty and drained in pieces on the bed.




Shaved wet pussy loves hard cock, too bad yours is so small!

Shaved wet pussy

Shaved wet pussy loves hard cock, too bad yours is so small! I can already see that tiny excuse of a cock in your hand, struggling to get hard. But let’s be real here, sweetheart. It’s nothing but a sorry excuse for a manhood. I mean, c’mon, even a newborn baby has a bigger dick than you. But don’t worry, I love a good challenge. 

It is hilarious  imagining your tiny, limp dick trying to please me. Ha! As if that’s even possible. I’ve had bigger clits than that between my thighs. But go ahead, keep stroking it like your life depends on it. It’s just too bad you’ll never be able to satisfy a real woman like me.

My perfect pussy is yearning for a hard cock to pound it. But alas, all I have is this little shrimp in front of me. I mean, what am I supposed to do with that? It’s like trying to shove a toothpick into a watermelon. Talk about disappointment.

But hey, I won’t completely dismiss your little peepee. I mean, it does have its uses. I could use it as a toothpick, or maybe a paper clip. So don’t be too upset, I’ll find some purpose for it. Maybe I’ll even let you use it on me, if you beg and grovel enough.

I might give you one pathetic attempt to enter my tight pussy. Actually, probably not, it’s better for you to stick to licking the dirt off the bottom of my shoe, it’s probably more your speed. Even the way you jerk off that little worm is sad, just two fingers, huh?

If you’re craving more humiliation and domination from me, give me a call for some hot Domination phone sex. I’ll make sure you squirm and beg like the little bitch you are. And who knows, maybe with enough training, you’ll actually become somewhat useful to me. But for now, enjoy jerking off with that little dick of yours, loser. Ta-ta.

Foot fetishes are awesome with my perfect feet!

Foot fetishesFor as I know foot fetishes have always intoxicated a certain type of man. My own Boyfriend has always been fascinated with feet. From a young age, I have been playing with my own toes and feet.  Yes, I often spend hours admiring my perfectly pedicured feet. As I grew older, men’s fascination clued me into this full-blown fetish. Do you love the feeling of feet on your skin? I know the way they bring pleasure and arousal in ways that nothing else will! 

Foot fetishes

It’s true, I adore the attention my feet receive. The way men can not seem to get enough of them. This is for all the men who need my perfect feet to fulfill their fetish desires.

Tease and Denial

Yes I hold a power over these men, the way they worship my tootsies and beg for my touch. Often teasing them, dangling my feet in front of their faces, knowing they won’t resist. I do love a bit of Tease and denial when it comes to my pedicured Perfect Pads and toes. And when they finally give in, I let them pleasure themselves with my  feet, watching as they moan and groan, their eyes rolling back in ecstasy. 

Cum on my tootsies!

Nothing compares to the feeling of a man’s cock between my toes! MMM,  the way it throbs and pulses as I rub it against soft skin. My feet are the sexiest in the world. I will always be determined to share them with as many men as possible. That’s why I post pictures of my feet online, attracting a devoted following of foot fetishists. And each time I met a new man who shares a foot passion the hotter my feet are to me

I long for the feeling of your cum sticky between my toes!

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a man cum on my feet, knowing that I have given him the ultimate pleasure. And as I  lay in bed, feet still tingling from the last encounter, I can’t help but smile, knowing that I am a living fantasy every day.

Best phone sex means drowning in my pussy juices!

Best phone sex

Best phone sex means drowning in my pussy juices! I’ve perfected the art of seduction. My seductive voice will make your knees weak and your cock throb with anticipation. But that’s not all, my dear. My body is a temple of sin and pleasure, and I know just how to use it to make you explode with desire.

I truly enjoy what I do. I love to bring your deepest, darkest fantasies to life and make you beg for more. And trust me, I’ve heard it all. From mild to wild, I can handle anything you throw my way.

But what sets me apart from the rest is my obsession with getting you on the edge. I love to play with fire, push your boundaries and make you crave more and more. I live for those moments when I can hear the desperation in your voice as you beg me to let you cum. That’s when I know I have you right where I want you.

My pussy is always ready and dripping wet, just waiting for your call. And once you do call, I promise to make you drown in my pussy juices. As for you cumming, you will have to wait for my permission. You have to show me how dedicated you are to pleasing me. I want your face pruned by my gushing pussy. I’ll tease you, taunt you and soak your face until you can’t take it anymore. I want you to get lost in my sweet Shaved wet pussy.

Trust me, you won’t regret it. I’ll make your darkest fantasies a reality, and you’ll be left craving for more. So what are you waiting for? Your hot sophisticated whore, Lena, is waiting to take you on the most mind-blowing phone sex experience of your life.


Milf phone sex whore Angela





milf phone sex

My name is Angela but if you’ve heard of me, then you know me as the kinky, milf phone sex whore who makes men cum over and over again until they don’t have a drop left in their ball sacks. I just got home from a hot date where I had my whore cunt reamed, stretched and then packed full of gooey jizz. I’m waiting for my husband to get home so that I can sit on his face and make him clean me up. I’ll have him jerking his tiny, micro dick while he listens to me tell my callers about the fat cock that I took today. I was at lunch with my girlfriends this afternoon when I met him. He was our waiter and even though I knew he was too young for me, I couldn’t help but to check him out every time he came to the table. He kept looking down my shirt at my sexy, fake tits and winking at me when he walked by. I could tell by the way he was checking me out that he wanted this tight, hot milf cunt. I was half drunk and horny as hell and I made sure that he knew it. I kept making eye contact and eventually waved him over to me. I asked him for directions to the restroom but we both knew what that was code for. A few minutes later I was in a bathroom stall, getting my whore pussy slammed by a guy that was young enough to be my son! He had me pressed up against the wall, slamming his pole balls deep into my soaked cunt and making me cum so fucking hard! I was so fucking wet that I could feel my pussy juice dribbling down my legs. He had his hand around my mouth so that I wouldn’t moan too loud and get us caught. My eyes were rolling back in my head and I was cumming over and over again the way he was pumping my pussy with his big, thick meat stick. He blew a huge load in me and then left to get back to work. I went back to the table to finish lunch with my girlfriends but all I could focus on was my cum soaked panties.

Erotic Roleplaying Intimate and Exciting Encounters

If Erotic roleplaying with a sensual and independent woman is what you crave, look no further. Let me verbally jerk your cock off with my skills and seductive voice. 

Natually, a mature married woman like myself has needs. Of course I love my husband. However, we both love a little spice in our marriage. Needless to say that we are both very busy professionals. My husband travels alot, and therefore I am left attending to the Law office and to myself.

With this understanding my husband and I have, my needs should be fulfilled. Those needs are for flings and affairs of hot passionate sex. When we meet up and out attraction is strong, why should we resist pleasure? 

With Erotic roleplaying explicit kinks can be explored

Unquestionably indulging in the desires of an fulfilling and erotic experience fires up your lust for life and excitement. And this is that desire that we need to feed upon. As my hand brushes your stiff cock while sitting in flirtatious awkwardness, we must not resist. 

Immediately we embrace and kiss. Our hands are exploring and undressing each other. 

Soon, you slide down and start to explore my labia. Your tongue slipping between the hotness between my legs. With a moan escaping my mouth and my hands playing in your hair, you explore deeper in my cunt.

An undeniable heat has built up and the passion of your pussy licking becomes more intense. Soon my body quivers and my hands clench in your hair. “I’m cumming I moan as my warm cunt juices cascade from my throbbing and swollen cunt.

Thereafter you come up and embrace me in a deep tongue kiss. The taste of my juices all over your lips and tongue. I then kiss down your neck, chest and to your cock. 

In moments your throbbing erect penis is in my mouth. Between my lips you slide in and out of my mouth. Sucking, licking and deep throating your dick has you exploding with a pure ecstatic orgasm.

Great Blowjobs are a launch into a deeper intimacy

Consequently, this is only the beginning of a wonderful fuck. A foreplay leading to a more passionate deeper pleasure. Cumming together as we entwine our naked and lustful bodies.

Erotic roleplaying