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Sexy Girlfriend Porn While You’re at Work

sexy girlfriend porn

I’m such an exhibitionist slut that loves making sexy girlfriend porn for you. I love recording when you fuck my throat and shooting home made movies when you bend your slutty girlfriend over and fuck me. But you know what I love the most? Showing you how much I love you and taking hot pictures for you while you’re not here to fuck me. It’s so fun teasing you with pictures of my tits and ass while you’re trying to work. I know it’s naughty but you always come home rock solid and force your cock into my waiting cunt.

Today I need you to come home and destroy my pussy after I’ve been teasing you with a sexy ass pic of me. Well, 5 pics and 3 videos. I got dressed up in the tiniest, sluttiest bikini I could find. It barely covered my nipples and my pussy lips were peeking out of the bottoms. And then I opened the camera. I took a video showing off every inch of my smoking hot body and blowing you a kiss.

Every picture and video gets nastier. Pictures of me squeezing my perky tits and spreading my fat ass so you could see my cunt. Then a sexy upskirt shot so that you could see all of this shaved wet pussy. It’s begging to have your cock inside. Fuck. Just sending these are making my pussy so fucking wet. Come Home soon Daddy, we miss you!!!

I crave Cum on boobs dripping down the sides making a sticky mess

You know, most women who marry don’t like giving head, but I love it so I can get cum on my boobs and other sticky messes all over me. I’ve always prided myself on providing excellent head. When I was a cheerleader, I notoriously sat at the back of the bus to have intimate visits with all the football players.

In those days with the quick young guys, I learned how to send a man over the top with my mouth. The guys would sit all around me. I was never in the very back, but always a few rows forward so there could be someone watching from behind and someone else on my right and my left, and then I usually would have someone sitting underneath me, stroking a hard cock inside me while rubbing my tits.

I don’t know if I was a nympho during this time, but I know I could never say no to a young dick. By the time I hit purberty properly I had lost count of how many men had cum with me. Seeing the power I had over men by making their cocks hard has never ceased to make my mouth wet and my cunt drip.

Cuckold phone sex while ride other hard cock

Cuckold phone sex

I once had someone I called a husband, but now I have a bitch because of cuckold phone sex. He was always only capable of vanilla sex, and I was only wanting to get fucked like the whore that I am. So when he caught me in our bed with another cock all he did was sit down and cry like the little pansy that he is. By the 3rd time he saw me, he asked if this was how it would always be because he couldn’t give up a piece of arm candy like me. I said his tiny bitch clit did nothing for me and that he should eat other men’s jizz out of my cunt. So that’s what he started to do that day. We took our relationship deeper by him watching men go deep in my cunt, and he could stroke his cock if I agreed, but always afterward, he could eat jizz out of my cunt.

Cocksucking phone sex: when your therapist gets you off.

Cocksucking phone sex            Cocksucking phone sex: when your therapist gets you off. As soon as you set the appointment, I will be sure to give my patient a blow job that you will be sure to remember. First, you need to relax back on the couch. I need you to completely relax. Tell me what you fantasize about.

            Besides of course the blow job. Would you like to take me from behind? I know you would like it. On my knees between your legs perhaps looking up at you as I suck on your cock.

            Otherwise, I could crawl across the couch and have my tits brushing on your thigh as I am taking your cock deep down into my throat. Running my tongue down your length. Pulling your balls into my mouth. At the same time, I am stroking your cock with my hand. My saliva covering your cock, hand applying pressure. Squeezing around your cock. Tongue running up the length.

            Coming to the top of your mushroom head. Sucking out your pre-cum. Letting it sit on the tip of my tongue. Finally, the only answer you need to give is do you want to cum on my boobs or have me swallow all your cum down my throat.

Best phone sex getting you off after getting your cock hard.

Best phone sex

            Best phone sex getting you off after getting your cock hard. As can be seen I am big into public sex. Then again being in charge and dominating over you is something you and I both can get into. By all means, I want you to stroke your cock.

            Have some public sex with me. Have me dominating over you. Let’s get erotic. You know you are going to want to cum all over the place. Between my tits, pressing around your cock. Feel you throbbing. Licking down the length of your shaft. Pre-cum on my tits. Lifting them up and licking it off.

            Showing everyone what we are doing right in a restaurant or perhaps on a public beach. A point often overlooked is that when you are being dominated by me in public is very erotic. Feeling your cock up inside of my pussy. Legs wrapping around you. At the same time pressing your face into my breasts, commanding you to suck on them.

            Letting everyone see your cock getting covered in my juices. As the run down along your balls. Moving up and down slowly on your cock. Gripping your hard and tightly. Thighs tightening. Heels digging into your behind.

            Urging you to fill me up with your cum. Finally, we orgasm together. Shouting out our ecstasy so that everyone will know how we have fulfilled one another.  

Ass fetish? Say less… Yes Please

Ass fetish

I’ve always had an Ass fetish. I guess it started when I was young, watching my mom’s ass as she got out of the shower. My mom had one sexy ass. I think she knew just how sexy it was because she didn’t bat an eye when I started to come on to her. Mommy and I had our bi-sexual fun, but I was always the submissive, just there for her pleasure.

It wasn’t until Mommy introduced me to her boyfriends that I opened up to the sexual pleasure of my ass being fucked and fondled. The first time I had a full-ass session was with her boyfriend when she was at work. He was just over double my age but still younger than her. He knew I was sexually progressive for my age and would do anything to see him cum. So when I was on my knees sucking him off, it didn’t seem odd that he asked me to stand up and turn around and sit on his cock. Of course, I agreed. He fucked me for a few minutes and then asked if I’d ever been fucked in my ass. I had only been fucked in my ass with mommy’s strap-on. So he said he could pop my cherry with a man anally fucking me. Hell yeah! That first hard cock in my ass pushed me into a pleasure zone that I still remember to this very day. I just can’t seem to get that out of my head with every cock I take splitting open my ass; my cunt squirts with that initial push always.

Exhibitionist sex, Mila can’t get enough of being watched

Exhibitionist sex


Hot Exhibitionist sex, Mila can’t get enough of being watched while she sluts herself out for you. Anywhere or anytime Mila is down to get it on, she loves to be watched and observed while pleasing or receiving pleasure. sexual pleasure from the act of exposing their genitals or engaging in sexual acts in front of others can have legal and social consequences but Mila doesn’t fucking care. Her Small boobs don’t stop her from taking her top off instantly when she has an audience. Getting banged from the back over a public railing while construction workers watch is so exhilarating Mila came twice. It’s such a thrill getting off and being watched while you do it. 

Real Voyeur Sex A Problem or Not

rael voyeur sex

Real Voyeur sex, what can you say? Who doesn’t secretly love watching people secretly get it on or undress without them knowing it? We all have some of those tendencies I’d say.

I use to watch my mom and dad from the hallway as my dad undressed my mom.  I could see her big tits in the moonlight and her glistening pussy dripping with juices even from my view.  I saw my dads monster hard cock and loved watching it enter my mom’s tight wet pussy.  It is what made me start obsessing about sex from a young age.

So when a client recently came in and told me how he installed cameras to watch the people at his local retail store get it on, he had my intrigued.  I asked him to bring the videos in to go over. We spent the next few sessions watching his patrons undress in the dressing rooms.  He was fixated when they took their bottoms off the most.  I observed how he would come in after they tried on the panties and take any of them that didn’t get bought.

The things we saw on these tapes were pretty wild.  Watching a blonde bombshell spend an hour in the dressing room with her vibrator and huge dildo.  Trying on lingerie and fucking her wet pussy. I could tell he was watching this in real time as he zoomed and got a close up of her soaked pussy as it got fucked by the huge dildo she brought in.

Another time we watched as a couple went in and spent the next few hours having wild sex in this small space.  Cum shooting up the mirror a few times.  Ass licking and a blowjob that would impress Jenna Jamison.  I could see why this guys dick was rock hard.  I had to know what he was watching firsthand to come up with a treatment plan for him.

This one took me a bit longer because I too was intrigued and wet watching the same thing.  Maybe I’m a voyeur at heart too.  Really, who doesn’t love watching sex?

Porn Addicts love Phone humiliation

Phone humiliation

The other day, I went on a date with this guy who said he was a pervert, so I suggested Phone humiliation to put him in his place. His perversions stretched as far as some almost illegal born and edgeplay to the extreme. Watching a grown man cry from humiliation has been one of the highlights of this year. I’ve always been a little twisted, but if I can make a mature man cry, it will make my pussy cum so hard.

So when he told me he was open to the dirtiest filth, I was open to Erotic roleplay beyond what generally comes to mind. I needed him to empty his addiction into my cunt and allow me to open until we had explored his deepest kink and he had exhausted his cock cumming. This form of therapy will open his soul, and that’s precisely what he did. When he had divulged the darkness of his soul, I couldn’t help but drop to my knees and hold him up as his knees gave way and his cock unloaded in my mouth. There is nothing better than getting it all out.

Small boobs – Tight Pussy – Perfect ass

Small Boobs

Small Boobs are so sexy. More than a mouthful is really such a waste. My girlfriend Candy has the perfect little A cups. She shares my nudist qualities and that makes for a great outside fuck. Her nipples are so sensitive as soon as I start nibbling them she moans loudly. In five seconds flat she is out of her swimsuit and spreads her legs wide. That perfect pussy tastes amazing and sucks my fingers in hungrily. I see her boyfriend peeping out of the sliding glass windows.

I smile at him and push in harder to his woman. Her moans echo off the sides of the pool deck. I do not invite him to play. I shake my head and hold a hand up. He better stay right where he is and watch. I know a little secret about him. And I laugh as I bend down and begin to eat his woman out right in front of him. I love how her little ass tastes as I rim her between sucking her clit.

Small boobs for femdom Sapphism

I pick up the wine bottle and use it to pour wine all over her sweet little pussy. I know he wants to cum outside to play. But This sexy bitch is not letting him near us. I make a jerk off motion with my hand but he shakes his head no. Oh my god,  how I can’t help myself by teasing him by fucking her. Against my better judgment, I’m yelling for him to get naked.

Man, Candy is right his coc is much too small to make her happy. “Go ahead jerk that shrimp dick bitch!’ I command. I know his woman deserves the best Lesbian phone sex I can give her. I know my strap-cock makes her scream and moan so fucking good. She is my fucking woman now mother fucker!