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Erotic roleplaying

Erotic roleplaying


Good evening stranger. I’m so glad that I saw you from across the bar. You follow me outside and tell me that you are up for some erotic roleplaying. I’m just a mysterious stranger in the night, wearing a short red dress with a slit up the side, sheer black stockings and matching red stiletto heels. As I pass you, you catch a whiff of my perfume and find me irresistible and follow me right out the door.

                There’s a cheap motel next door to the bar and you catch me walking through one of the doors. I hear knocking on various doors, and I know that you are looking for me, so I open the door just a crack so you can find me. I hear the door creak open slowly, and my heart starts to beat faster as I anticipate your big entrance.

                You walk in and make your presence known immediately. I might be the mysterious stranger, but you know exactly what you want, you go for it and take the lead.

Edgeplay phone sex

Edgeplay phone sexTeasing your thick Luscious cock with Edgeplay phone sex makes my tight little cunny throb with excitement. Are you fucking ready to blow your load all over My Newly married body? I know exactly how to work your juicy cock rubbing it all around my lips and rolling my tongue around and around the tip of your cock.Ill take my time with your cock sliding my tongue up and down your shaft until i get to your balls. Ill take my time going from your balls up your shaft. Sliding that thick juicy cock down my throat until I gag and choke. All  want to do is drain every drop of cum out of your balls.

Instead i start jerking your cock off looking deep into your eyes as i tell you – “I know you want to cum for me” As your breath starts to speed up Ill sensually ask you – “can you cum for me Daddy? ” just before you answer I place my luscious lips on yours sliding my thick wet tongue down your throat as i continue to stroke that glorious cock of your. I enjoy being a big fucking tease. I know every trick to drive you wild!Erotic roleplaying

Sexy Hot Women Tease Your Cock: Tease and Denial Stories

sexy hot women

Sexy Hot Women Love to Tease Your Cock

You’re always surrounded by sexy hot women at the gym. If your blood wasn’t rushing everywhere else, you would be rock solid constantly. You try not to look at all the big asses and bouncing tits, but today it was almost empty. That’s when I walked out of my ballet class wearing a tight velvet leotard and head to the mats. You feel your cock giving in to the temptation. Especially when I have to stretch every inch of my body right there in front of you. I know you’re watching me touch my toes and fantasizing about how good it would feel to fuck me in that position. 

tease and denial

Mercy Tortures You with Tease and Denial Exhibitionism

I giggle to myself while I watch you staring. If I’m honest I like knowing that you’re watching me. Tease and denial of a cock like yours makes me so hot and horny. No one else can see me, so why don’t I put on a little show. Then I push the sleeves off my shoulders and pull out those big tits you’ve been staring at. I massage them while you watch. I know all the blood is rushing to your cock, but I act like it’s completely normal for me to be stripping down to nothing. 

There’s something else that needs a little bit of stretching before I leave. My leotards slide down my thighs and now I’m completely naked. You can see how wet my cunt is from across the room. My fingers slide in so easy, and I push them in deep. I’m going to make myself cum right there in front of you. You can’t do anything except watch me fuck this shaved wet pussy. I look up at you and smile. Finally giving you the green light to finally milk the solid steel in your pants. Are you going to cum with me?

Foot fetishes

Foot fetishes


Foot fetishes are by far one of my favorite fetishes. There are so many things you can do with your feet. How do you think it would feel on your hard cock? If I just put my soft, freshly lotioned feet on it, and wrap my toes around your shaft? And I’ll start out by gently moving my feet up and down. Ever have a foot job before? Well, now you are.

I’ll rub my feet up and down and get faster and harder until that cum shoots out of that cock of yours and comes down and covers my toes and runs down my feet. I love when my feet are covered in cum and I get to play in that yummy goodness.

Another way to enjoy feet is by wearing those sexy knee-high leather boots, sometimes with that six inch stiletto heel. When I pull those out, you know you’ll be on your knees, licking and sucking on the very tip of my boot.

Milf phone sex Sweets for the Sweet and naughty men!

Milf phone sex

Milf phone sex for that sweet tooth you have! Dipping your wick in a honey pot like mine will leave you with a craving you never will be rid of. The taste of me off your lips after a nice lickity Lick still remains in my mind. Our chance encounter at the Hotel bar Is now replaying in my mind. A woman like me needs to get away from her responsibilities now and again. And you just happened to be waiting on a flight back home to the wife and munchins.

One Scotch and Soda later you are telling me your wife is sick and you haven’t gotten Laid in a year.  Your hand on my thigh sneaking higher has me enticed as well as that bulge in your pants. 🍫

Milf phone sex for that sweet tooth you have!

Now the elevator dings as I climb up your body and wrap my long legs around you. Hit Stop and I will go down on your cock to get a feel of your girthiness. I do not care if the security cameras are rolling or not. Let those underpaid boys get a free show.  I want your cheating Cum on boobs so perky you will never forget them. 

Cheat with me for a sweet treat you will never forget!

Now I am being picked up and thrown on your Hotel bed. The mint bounces as you strip me naked in a frenzy of lust. As your mouth dips between my legs, I grab the mint and slip it between my legs. SLurp your Treat my married man who gets no satisfaction. Tonight we both are forgetting the ties that hold us and are lost in our own sweet forbidden sex acts.  My sweet body, and your hot creamy cum make for a delicious dessert! 

Ass fetish get your dick hard? Spread my cheeks Daddy!

Ass fetish

Ass fetish get your dick hard? Spread my cheeks Daddy! I absolutely love when my ass gets pounded hard. There’s just something about the intense, raw sensation of a hard fat cock thrusting deep into my backdoor that drives me wild. And when you take control and show me who’s boss, dominating my ass with their every move, make me cum so fucking hard!

Some may say I’m spoiled, some may judge me, but I can’t help it. The truth is, I crave it. I crave the feeling of a thick, hard cock pounding my tight little asshole and filling me up with pleasure. I’ve always been a bit of a wild child, always pushing boundaries and wanting more. And when it comes to sex, there’s no limit for me. I thrive on the thrill of exploring new and intense sexual experiences. And nothing gets me more turned on than knowing I’m being bad and indulging in my deepest fantasies.

Daddy, I know you spoil me and give me everything I want. But when it comes to sex, you know I only want the best. I want the thickest, hardest cocks to fuck my ass. I want them to stretch me out and make me beg for more. And when I say more, I mean more cum. Because that’s what I need – to feel my tight, sweet asshole pouring out cum.

You know my favorite thing is when you pass me around to your friends. I love being the center of attention, especially when it comes to their thick, hot cocks. Each one of them knows just how to make me scream with pleasure. I crave that feeling of being filled up by different men, knowing that I am their dirty little secret.

And you know what, Daddy? Let’s make some hot ass sex porn. Hit that record button while I’m being double penetrated. I want the world to see just how much of an anal slut I am. I want them to see my juicy asshole getting stretched and filled by two throbbing cocks. It may sound dirty and taboo, but that’s what turns me on the most.

So, Daddy, are you ready to give me what I want? I know you can’t resist my desires and I know that you want to see me satisfied. Let’s make my dreams a reality and show the world just how much of a hot hardcore anal slut I can be. I promise, you won’t regret it. Show me Daddy, just how you woud like to dominate my precious sweet ass, I can’t wait to get a call for hot ass Domination phone sex!

Edgeplay Phone Sex with Your Slutty Girlfriend Mercy

Save Your Cum During Edgeplay Phone Sex

Edgeplay phone sex is so much when you’re off at work. I’m at home, sexy and alone while you’re out working hard. I was making lunch and then I got an idea. Why not give you a little midday motivation? I took the thick cucumber from the fridge and set up my camera in the kitchen. I spread my legs and started teasing my cunt with the tip of that cucumber. My cunt soaked through my panties so I pulled them off. I fantasized about what you would do when you saw these slutty pictures of me.

Edgeplay phone sexSexy Women Masturbating Has You Pumping Your Cock at Work

I’ve caught you jerking off to sexy women masturbating. And I want you to see your girlfriend with her legs spread. Watch me push this cucumber into my cunt and rush to the bathroom to stroke your cock. Honestly, I don’t even want you to make it to the bathroom. I want you so horny for me that you can’t fucking take it. You just massage your cock through your pants, right there at work. Stroking hard and fast and hoping none of your coworkers notice that you’re edging your cock to me. But remember, it would be a waste of cum if you don’t come home and shoot your load inside of me. 

That’s why I’m on the kitchen counter now. That cucumber is spreading my shaved wet pussy so fucking wide. And I want you to watch me cum. Grabbing and massaging my tits while I try to push that green cock in deeper. Seeing something so much bigger than me slide into my pussy makes it so much fucking hotter. Pump that cock for me while you watch me cum. Watch me throw my head back and moan your name. Begging for you to get home and give me all the cum you’ve been storing for me.


Exhibitionist Slut Farah Loves to Show Off Her Body

exhibitionist sexI enjoy exhibitionist sex. Do you? Since I got older, I am more comfortable with my body. So, I never mind flaunting it. Sometimes, I go to the nude beach to show off and check out the men. You know what you are getting at the nude beach. Nothing gets hidden, LOL. I met Matt Sunday on my excursion. A younger man, but a hung one. We hit it off. Although the beach was full of women with boobs much bigger than mine, he seemed to only have eyes for me.

Matt had a condo he rented for the week not far from the beach, so I went home with him.  He was closer and I wanted to fuck. So, did he. I sat on his balcony showing off my tits while he made us some drinks. Matt told me he was on vacation for a week. And I told him he could stay with me the next time he was in town. I know; I made a risky statement not knowing him at all. But I saw his cock and that was all that I needed to know.

I Love Being an Exhibitionist Slut

He got to experience my great blowjobs. And he seemed impressed. He never had a balls deep blowjob before. He was in for a treat. I swallowed all his jizz. Another first he said. Because I am an exhibitionist slut, I told him he should fuck me on his balcony. And he agreed too. He had never fucked outside before. I mean he was younger than me, but not that young. Had to be in his 30s at least.

His dick pounded my pussy so hard it slipped into my ass. The rail pressed against my boobs too. He did not even realize he was in my ass until I told him to rub my pussy so I could cum with him. And that was yet another first. So, I was his first deep throat head. His first outdoor fucking and his first ass fucking too. We have fucked every day since we met. Sadly, he heads back to Arizona on Friday. But he cannot get enough of this mature phone sex babe, so I think I will see him again soon.

great blowjobs

Sexy Women Masturbating in Public Grabs Your Attention

sexy women masturbatingDo you enjoy looking at sexy women masturbating? I love to be watched. It is no secret that I enjoy being an exhibitionist slut. Yesterday, I took a break from teaching to get some sunshine. The day was beautiful. Perfect weather to enjoy some outdoor naughty antics. I found a secluded part of campus and started to rub my pussy. I could feel the warmth of the sun beating down on my body.

And I got lost in the porn fantasy I had going on in my mind. So, I did not realize I had a peeper. He stood far enough away that his shadow would not block the sun. When someone interferes with the sunshine I am basking in, I always open my eyes. However, I did not open my eyes until I felt something warm and sticky on my foot. I opened my eyes and saw a college boy with his dick out.

I am a Naughty Professor Who Likes Foot Jobs

Foot fetishes are common. But usually, I do not see that fetish in a college boy. But this lad stared more at my sexy feet than my exposed pussy. I am an educated woman. So, I knew my feet mesmerized him. I started rubbing his hot seed into my feet. And since I can cater to all sorts of fetishes, I knew what he needed to see. I put my foot to my mouth and licked his cum off each toe. Mature women are often flexible like that.

And like magic, his cock sprung back to life quickly. Since we were alone where no one could see us, I gave him a foot job. My freshly pedicured cock wrapped around his young hard cock. Exhibitionist sex is so hot to me. And this young stud clearly did not care that anyone could walk around the corner and find us. I love risky sex. He gave me a second load of cum on my feet.

He scurried off before I could get his name. Maybe he was embarrassed or late for class. But I do hope I see that lad again. His cock is perfect for my feet, my mouth, my tits, my pussy or my ass. I went back to teaching with his cum dried on my feet.

Real voyeur sex is all my sugar daddy wants

Some men love Real voyeur sex. So, they pay a hottie like me to give it to them my cuckold sugar daddy gives me a weekly allowance. First, I have to wear a sexy dress and never any panties. “When you bend over, I want to be able to see that pussy” he says as he hands me over my allowance. “Today I want you to pick up a guy at the bar” he instructs me to do.

Real voyeur sex

“Fuck him on top of the car in the parking lot, like a whore” he says to me while winking. Just like you asked went to the bar. There I found a bbc bull who was and handsome. I could see you were watching from afar, so I took his fingers and slid them under my dress. As he rubbed my cunty you watched while stroking your cock under the table.

I knew it was time to give you what you want. After whispering in his ear that I was ready for more fun, he started following me outside. “Where’s your car?” I asked. Therefore, he took me to it and opened the door. “No babe fuck me here now” I said as I bent over the hood of his car and spread my Sexy legs. I could see you standing by another car watching as he started ramming his big black cock inside me.

“Fuck me hard, use me like a sexy fuck doll” I said as I looked at you in your eyes while you joked of to me getting fucked onto of the car. Finally, my pussy started squirting and he started filling my cunt up. After he popped his dick out my dripping pussy, he asked “want to head to my place?”. “Only if my friend could come” I responded while pointing at you with your cock in hand.