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Sexy girlfriend porn

sexy girlfriend porn

I made the hottest video ever. I got a big fat cock and took it in all my holes. I was getting really stretched out and I even took a bunch of cum in the video also. I am dating this new guy who is obsessed with me. I decide to leave the video somewhere he may see it. He goes ahead and finds it and plays it, just like I had planned. He sees me on the big screen tv on my hands and knees sucking that cock in and out of my mouth.

His cock is swelling up while he watches me take a fat cock inside of me. He can not believe that his girlfriend is such a cock jerker. He took out his cock and started stroking it up and down while he watched my pussy was getting stretched wide open. I love teasing him and making him horny while I take as much cock in my holes as I want.

Naughty neighbor phone sex

naughty neighbor phone sex

I love getting the wrong mail! I think my mail man does it so that he can hear the gossip around the neighborhood of how I went and gave someone their mail and ended up fucking them. The mail mans cock is always throbbing hard for my holes. Well, anyways I went ahead and received some mail for three different neighbors. I started with the one closest to me first. I knocked on his door, lucky for me his wife is not home. I went inside and gave him his mail and of course we got to talking and then, there was actually not so much talking at all.

I got naked and laid on the ground and told him to come dangle his cock into my mouth. I spread my lips open and wrapped my tongue and cheeks around his cock. He starts fucking my face, while his balls beat against my chin. I pinched my nipples and rubbed my already soaked pussy. That sloppy cock was finally ready to fill me up and penetrate me. I spread my thighs and guided that cock into my pussy. I took him all the way in me. I wrapped my legs around me as he beat his cock inside of me.

I am going to get that hot cum to shoot all over my face and tits once he is done. I am so excited cause I have two more hot fucks to go do after. Maybe I should be a mail woman and I get all the hard dicks I want. I could make them sign for a package and then give them every single one of my holes to fuck deep and hard.

Edgeplay phone sex

edgeplay phone sex

I  love being a naughty tease that can make a guy want to pop his nut in a matter of minutes, fuck even seconds. However, I think it is extremely naughty to push those cocks to keep building up with as much cum as they can and not letting it out for a long time. I have this big cocked friend that has been wanting to fuck. I am inviting him over tonight and I am going to wear nothing but heals. I invite him to come inside and we start in the kitchen. He sits at the table and I start straddling his lap letting him feel my soaking wet pussy leaking through his pants.

I get off and help him take them off. I sit right on his cock and grind my wet pussy against his shaft. I can feel it building it up with cum as I tease him. I get on my hands and knees and suck his cock in my mouth. I keep stopping every moment I feel it twitching and flexing about to shoot out a hot load of cum. I am making those cum filled balls blue. I even start fucking his cock in my hand, he is leaking so much pre cum. I get to rub it all over his cock.

I have made his cock swell up now for hours. He is begging for me to just let him bust. I finally give in to his begging and slide that cock in between my tits. I suck on his cock head and in a matter of seconds. Yes, seconds. He finally squirts out the biggest load ever from his balls right onto my face. It drips down to my tits. That is how you empty a cock out.

Great blowjobs

great blowjobsOne of the reasons woman suck at keeping men, is that they do not suck enough cock into their throats. I love having the neighbors come up while their wife’s are not home. I always start off giving the best head. I get on my hands and knees and fuck that big fat cock down my throat to where I have saliva running down my tits.

They take turns beating of that cum load that has been stored in their balls and unload it right into my mouth. I love sucking all the cum down my mouth and throat and getting ready to shortly after, take it up my pussy. I spread my thighs and show them my pink pussy and tell them to fuck me deep and hard.

When they are about to cum again, I am going to put my sloppy wet mouth back around that cock and let them nut in my pretty little mouth.

Phone sex therapy

phone sex therapySometimes helping people can really help you out. I have this guy friend that was expressing to me all the problems him and his girl had. She was always not in the “mood”. I got really horny talking about how his cock was always so full of jizz. I guess he could tell, because when I looked down I saw his shaft growing super huge in his pants.

I leaned over to him and grabbed his cock out of his pants. I needed to feel his cock in my mouth. He swelled up so big after I got it soaking wet. I know a way to fix all of his problems. I straddled his cock and shoved him right inside my wet pussy. I bounced up and down his cock, grinding my pussy really hard into that cock. I am going to take some of that build up away from him.

Sexy phone sex

sexy phone sex

I am setting up a little event tonight at a hotel. I am really excited! I have invited my tiny dicked friends and their smoking wife’s, and a bunch of really well hung men. We all gather into the hotel room and start to strip out of our clothes. I am asking that the married men sit this one out and just watch. The well hung guys each grab a girls tight hole of their choice. It is so hot to see how these girls are so hungry for these cocks. They each forget about the men they all go home with each  night and start being filthy. I help connect each of those cocks and holes on each girl. We are going to have a hot orgy while those men watch us girls get what we want. I look around to see that those cocks are stretching those pussy, ass, and mouth holes. We all want that boiling hot cum. The first cum load rushes into a hot girls mouth. I kiss her and suck the cum out of her mouth and pass it on to the next girl, then she does the same. I know we have a bunch more cum to get out of these fat

Sexy women masturbating

sexy women masturbatingI am hanging out with a girlfriend of mine. Her small dick boyfriend is in another room and he can hear the fun we are having. We invite him into my room to watch. We start talking about big dicks and how they make us so wet. We get on top of one another and start fucking one another’s pussies. She is so soaked, knowing that his tiny cock is not going to go inside of her.

He takes out his cock and starts stroking it up and down. We ignore him since he is acting more as a door mat. I fuck her pussy with a dildo twice the size of his cock. We are going to make each other cum over and over with a fat dildo. Soon we are going to have to call my big cock friends over to join us!

Sexy babe

sexy babeI love being a naughty girl that provokes a big hard cock to want to fuck me. I have this boss and he is so super hot. I can tell he has a huge cock. Today he asked me to stay late after everyone left. He told me that he knew some secrets about me. He told me that he knew I was unhappy with the guy I was with cause he had a tiny dick.

He said he would spread it around to everyone if I did not fuck his cock. I guess he must not know that I would take his big fat cock any day. I got on my hands and knees and took his dick out. His cock head was so swollen and perfect. It dripped pre cum as I slid him into my mouth. I fucked him all the way down my throat.

I am going to make it sticky so he can fuck my pussy right open. I am going to milk that hot cum load from him.

Lesbian phone sex

lesbian phone sexI am counseling a new couple that is absolutely in a sexless marriage. His wife wants bigger and fatter cocks, and he feels betrayed. So I suggested that they keep a very open mind and a very open door for them both to be happy. I asked them to try something new. I asked the husband to sit and watch.

I walked over to his wife and started to make out with her. I undid her blouse and slid my hands on to her tits. I played with them as my mouth sucked on her nipples. I felt her pussy and she was soaking wet through her panties. I played wither her until it was time to incorporate something bigger for the both of us.

I grabbed a big fat dildo and shoved it into her pussy, while her husband started jerking off watching me fuck his wife. Both of them are going to cum at the same time. See, anything can work? Maybe he can sit there and watch her get fucked by a real fat cock next time for the next session!

Mutual masturbation stories

mutual  masturbation stories

My boyfriends best friend has the biggest cock I have ever seen. I want his dick inside me so badly. We are all hanging out at the house and I decided to go to my bedroom and lay on my bed while everyone is distracted. That friend of his has had his eye on me all night! I know it is a matter of time before he comes in here with his big fat cock.

I have my legs spread and I am rubbing away at my soaking wet pussy. I look over to my door way and see him standing there just like I had planned. He takes his cock out and stares at me. He starts stroking it while watching me rub harder and faster. I am about to squirt all down my thighs. He is nutting at the same time that I am cumming. His cum shoots across the room and lands on me.

He has really good aim. I hope to get that fat cock in one of my holes next time. Hopefully all of them.

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